My first released fic from my favorite Digimon pairing. Title credits go to Aerosmith. Sweet Emotions (Tai/Kari) "Done!" I cried out, throwing my pencil onto the desk. "Good for you, Mr. Kamiya," Mr. Mastudo said in his usual drone, lifeless voice. Honestly, this guy sucked the happiness out of me whenever he talked. I refrained from doing a little dance as I picked up my bag. I caught Sora snickering in the corner as I waltzed out of the room. I didn't care what Mastudo said anymore, it was summer! I kept waltzing all the way to the bus stop, catching a good share of stares. Davis and Kari were at the bus stop when I arrived. "Hey Tai, maybe you should quit soccer and take dancing!" Davis said, chuckling uneasily at his bad joke. Looking to Kari, he didn't like that she wasn't laughing. Davis was the type you just wanted to hit sometimes. Especially when he spends all his time hitting on your sister. If Sora had a siser, I wouldn't hit on her right in front of him. I made a note that I had to win the first soccer game of the summer. "So, Tai, now that it's summer time, are you gonna ask Sora out?" Kari asked teasingly, doing her job as a little sister. "Maybe. First I wanna kick Davis' ass in soccer," I grinned, knowing I'd get him riled up. "You wanna try me? Let's go, right now!" He half-screamed, ripping his bag open for a soccer ball. ***** Kari and me rushed down the hall, trying to get to the door first. Some things never change, and we played the same games we did when we were kids. We were always close, and after what we did in the Digital World, we realized that things can change quickly, and that we should enjoy the time we have. So, we spent the past five years just enjoying what we had. I turned the corner, just a couple more meters, when I trip over a toolbox left right on the other end of the wall. I fell headfirst into the floor, rolling into the wall as Kari zipped by me and flung the door open. I limped in soon after. I think my ankle hit a wrench. "Alright, what kind of sandwich do you want?" she asked, puling out pickles, mayonnaise, bread, and three types of meat. "Salami, bologna, or pepperoni?" "Salami and pepperoni." "Alright," Kari said, quickly slipping on the food. I was always surprised how fast she made sandwiches. She was like those cooks on TV who whip up an entire meal and dessert 30 minutes. By the time I'd picked up the remote, Kari was on the couch with my and her sandwiches. "I got here first, I choose the show," she chuckled, trading my sandwich for the remote. She flicked through the channels, scoffing as she found nothing decent. That was always the problem with summer, there was never anything good on. Turning off the TV, we just sat there and ate our sandwiches. Matt was at band practice, Sora was with her friends, Davis was probably looking at his stash of porno, and I was bored as hell, sitting on the couch with Kari. The pools wouldn't open until tomorrow, I had no homework to do, no cramming for tests, and the air conditioning wouldn't be put in until Dad got home. "Hey Tai, have you ever fantasized about anyone?" Kari asked. I literally choked on a pickle as I tried to understand her. My 13 year-old sister is asking me a sex question. At that moment, I'd rather have Matt hit on me. She was just so innocent, and I never knew she even thought about it. "Yeah, sometimes," I said evasively, hoping she'd stop there. "Anyone in particular?" I was really getting uneasy now. "Sometimes Sora, other girls from school, actresses occasionally." "Do you think sex is okay for people who are close to do for fun? Not out of love or anything, just for fun." Dear God, make it stop! "I guess, sometimes. It depends on the person." "Okay," Kari said, getting up. "You're doing the dishes!" she said as she withdrew to her room. I sat there, dazed. First the shock of the questions, and then I started thinking she was hinting to something. The whole thing just left me very confused. ***** Later that night, I lay in my bed, rolling the ball on the floor as I watched TV. I'd pushed the Kari incident out of my mind, and I was set on figuring out a winning strategy for soccer tomorrow. The first game usually determined the winner of the summer tournaments, so I had to beat Davis. I just had to. Then I remembered my playbook, where I sketched up some quick strategies. I hid it in Kari's room when Davis was over, and it would definitely come in handy. Getting up, I opened my door and slid silently to Kari's room, intending on jumping out at her. But when I got to her door I didn't hear music like I usually did, but rather short, rapid gasps. I opened the door a crack, curious about what she was doing, and I saw Kari with a pillow between her legs, rubbing her small nipples as her moans sped up. I wanted to get my book, but I didn't want to look like a perv, or interrupt her. Plus, I was mesmerized as she sat up and began riding the pillow, its corner rubbing against her womanhood. Her head thrown back, she didn't see me, so I slid away from the door and rushed silently as I could to my room. My pants dropping, I fell onto my bed. My hand was already busy when I hit the mattress. ***** Ten minutes later, I lay on my bed, as guilty as I'd ever felt. I'd just jacked off thinking about my sister. A pool of my cum lay on the bed sheet, and despite having had on of the best jack-offs of my life, it was inspired by my sister. It wasn't the age difference that bothered me; it was the fact the girl I grew up with. We were closer than siblings; we were almost joined at the hip. But at the same time, Kari hinted earlier towards thinking sex was just for fun. Maybe she wanted us to be closer, to strengthen our bond. Besides, she was attractive for her age. Her small, growing breasts were pretty perky, and her figure was toned and slim. And what about her ass? Whenever we went swimming, her bikini bottom would just cling to her ass, and though I tried to avoid it, it was right there, and it was glorious. And as my dick rose again, I decided I had to at least try. I gathered up every ounce of courage I could find and got up, pulling my pants up as I walked back to Kari's room. Opening her door, I saw she was still at the pillow, only this time she was staring right at me. "I thought you'd come back," she moaned, dismounting the pillow as she motioned for me to sit. "How, how did you-" "I saw you peeking, and then I heard your bed creak. Just a guess," she smiled, putting her hand on my leg. I wanted to move back, but her hand was so warm and small. Her fingers kept a light grip, and they felt nimble even as they stood still. "Tai, I want to go further too. I was just afraid Sora was the only girl you'd-" "Kari," I interrupted, "Sora's a crush, yes, but nothing will come between us. And if doing this will bring us closer, then I'm willing to do it." "Alright. But Tai, we have to keep this a big secret from everyone. If anyone finds out, especially Mom or Dad, we'll-" "I know, Kari. Let's just do this before Mom gets home." "Okay," Kari said, sliding her dextrous hand up my leg and opening my boxers. My dick sprung out, and her eyes lit up. With her other hand she gently pushed me back as she slowly pumped my meat, unsure if she was doing it right. I had a feeling she'd be nervous, so I nudged her to lie down the same way, and turning onto my side, I circled her nipple closest to me and massaged her thigh. I think I put her at ease, because her shoulders relaxed, her thigh thinned out, and her breath slowed. My light moans gave her confidence as her hand sped up, nimbly pleasing me as her ring and index fingers began a kind of drumming motion, each tap increasing my moans. I moved my hand deeper in, massaging above her clit as she lost control. I guess she hadn't hit her orgasm on the pillow, and she felt wetter as I withdrew my hand, taking my hand to my mouth as I licked her sweet juices off it. My hand continued to circle her nipple, as I began bucking my hips. My eyes closed as I felt her body slide away, but her hand still jacking me off without any change in speed. Then it stopped. I opened my eyes to see Kari standing over me, making her cutesy eyes as she got onto her knees. I think she got the confidence she needed as her tongue ran up my dick, making me shiver as she stopped at my head, looking as cute as possible for me. She opened her mouth and took it in, careful not to let her teeth or tongue touch my dick as she just kept breathing, keeping me on the edge. I don't know where she got this sudden burst of confidence, but I liked it. I just lay there, enjoying her warm, moist breath run down my dick. She sat there for a good minute, I guess trying to psych herself up. Then, before I knew it, she closed her mouth and started moving up and down, her tongue running wild as she did so. The whole time, she kept a fixed glance on me, her puppy dog eyes alone making me want to blow my load. Then it happened. I tried to warn her so she could stop, but I was too late. I cried out as my dick gushed, Kari withdrawing in time for my cum to cover her face. "Oh, crap, I'm sorry!" I cried, sitting up as I looked frantically for some Kleenex. But Kari, calm, took a little cum off her cheek, put it to her mouth, and smiled. "It's alright Tai, it's great. In fact, next time I want a sandwich, I'll use your "mayonnaise". "Just so long as I can be the squeeze bottle." We both laughed a minute, then Kari lay down next to me. We were both naked, sweaty, and Kari had my cum all over her face. "You're asking Sora out tomorrow," she said, her hand over my chest. "Why?" "It would be selfish to share you. Now you should get out, mom should be home soon and I have to get cleaned up." "Alright", I said, picking up my shirt and getting out. "Oh, and Tai?" "Yeah?" 'Tomorrow, can we try actual sex?" "Kari, we can do that for the rest of our lives." And I walked out of that room with a new view on life...and the concept of "love".