Here's a quickie that takes place sometime after Season 1, where Gatomon goes exploring. Title credits go to Black Sabbath. ********** Heaven and Hell (Tentacles/Gatomon Angewomon/Ladydevimon Gatomon's foot touched the cold, stone stair, a short surge of pain shooting through her. Just being back was painful, but feeling the ground where she'd been beaten and raped by Myotismon daily brought back dark memories. Just a few inches away, the blood from when Myotismon broke her hymen still lay hardened in the stone. She walked up the stairs that had been neglected for decades, each step bringing back another fearful memory as she slipped further into the darkness. Being lashed, being thrown, Myotismon shoving his dick into her mouth; it all came back, gripping in her a vice of despair. Even the shadows had stayed still as she delved deeper into the hall of bad memories. The sun rarely reached, and the bleak torches were the only source of light. Why were the torches still burning? Myotismon had been vanquished years ago. Unless...She gasped, turning around as she ran down the stairs. Myotismon had another Gatomon in his service, one who worked from the shadows. She was wilfully evil, and rather than raping her, treated her like a queen. She didn't come with Myotismon to the real world, and she probably remained in the castle. "Gatomon, my friend" cackled a voice as the shadows reached out to grab her. "So nice of you to come back." The shadows bound her like rope and dragged her back up the stairs quickly, managing to keep her in the exact middle of the spiral staircase. She tried to scream, but it filled her mouth as she fell limp and unconscious. "I'm so glad you could make it," called a voice coldly as Gatomon returned o consciousness. Before her stood a Ladydevimon, clad in red lingerie. "I'm surprised how little you've changed. Oh well," she said, turning around to give Gatomon a view of her pale, jiggling ass. "I can change that." "What do you mean?!" cried Gatomon, struggling to move as the shadowy tentacles gripped her tightly. "Our old master left these shadows to keep me company, and I soon found that unbearable sexual pleasure can force one to digivolve. Of course, I've permanently reached it from decades of sex, but you'll take some time. But, at least I won't be lonely..." "What?!" shrieked Gatomon as another tentacle came out of nowhere, circling around her pussy lips. "You're staying, Gatomon. We're going to have lots of fun together, and you're never going to leave." She cackled insanely. The decades of silence had driven her insane, and now that someone had wandered in, she wasn't about to let her go. The tentacle slid into Gatomon's pussy, conforming perfectly to her shape. She cried out as the shadow fit her so tightly it was almost painful. But still, there was something about it that turned her on. As the shadow slid in and out of her, it seemed to vibrate, but there was something else...Myotismon's magic made the shadows induce more powerful orgasms, and she felt one coming on. As she began to scream, another slid into her ass hole, also fitting to her size. Her pussy moistened as her climax built up, but as soon as the tentacle slid into her ass, she went off, screaming in agonizing pleasure as her pussy juices dripped onto the ground. But the tentacles didn't stop, and they continued to ravage her, pushing her further and further into painful bliss. Orgasm after orgasm riddled through her, her cries not stopping the darkness from violating her insides as she threw her headbang and began to seize. A great light overtook the stale darkness, inducing a mild hiss as the shadows withdrew from her pussy and ass, but held tightly on her arms and legs. Within the blinding radiance, Gatomon began to change. She became taller, her breasts grew, her fur faded, her ears shrunk, luminous blond hair grew, and a helmet appeared on her head. She became Angewomon, but she had no clothes. Ladydevimon neared, her blood-red finger lingering near Angewomon's bared bosom. "As perfect as I'd expect," she said as she dropped to her knees. "But I must taste you..." She moved closer, planting a kiss on the angel's pussy lips as she dove her tongue in. Feeling no pain from the tentacles violating her, she felt an odd pleasure as the demon's cold, pale tongue licked her insides. Mind you, she still struggled, but better Ladydevimon than those tentacles. Ladydevimon drank thirstily from the angel's sweet, honey-tasting pussy, her decade-long thirst seemingly unquenchable as she tasted the sweet nectar, her tongue circling, shaking, and diving. Angewomon moaned as she felt another climax build up, her torso involuntarily thrusting onto the devil's face as waves of satisfaction crashed against her. She threw back her hair as her sweet honey poured out. Ladydevimon rose, satisfied. "Now, we can both have some fun." She pointed downward and the angel's shadowy bindings pulled her to the ground, stretching out her arms and legs. She laughed as she straddled Angewomon, her pale, colorless pussy lips grinding against Angewomon's golden clit. She struggled as hard as she could, but the orgasm had drained her of the vital energy to throw the devil off, leaving her as nothing more than a prize steed for her to abuse, though not in a way she didn't mind. Angewomon were supposed to be pure, yes, but she was completely lost in a daze of orgasms. Ladydevimon continued to buck her hips as her red fingers slid across Angewomon's thick, juicy tits. She knelt down to suck one, greeted by honey-flavoured milk. She continued to thrust her pale pelvis against her partner's golden snatch as she continued to struggle weakly. Angewomon cried out for help, but then another orgasm shut her up as she screamed out in pleasure once again, her golden juices meeting Ladydevimon's liquor-flavoured fluids. "And that's only the beginning, my friend" Ladydevimon smiled, seeing clearly her captive's struggles became less and less. "Not quite!" echoed a voice. "Magical game!" The devil flied back as a blue lightning bolt struck at the binding shadows. "What is this sorcery?" A Wizardmon appeared from the staircase. "Your captive did a great thing for my brother one time, and I'm repaying the favour! Thunder ball!" The demon screeched as she retreated into the darkness. "Angewomon, are you okay?" the Wizardmon asked, crouching by her. "Yeah, I should be fine soon. I just need to walk it off." "Alright, let's go." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------