Survival of the Fittest: Snuff Version

By Lazuli

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This story is the true version of Survival of the Fittest. It was co-written by the commissioner and is designed specifically to appeal to him and his specific kinks. Warning: This story contains foot focus, violence, and death, played for laughs. If you love Renamon as much as the characters in the story, you may want to read the OTHER version of this story, in which Renamon gets out relatively unharmed. We know the subject matters in this story are not for everyone, and that is why the alternate version exists.


In the vast wasteland  that was the Physical Layer, the highest level of the Digital World, a Renamon hunted. This particular Renamon was unlike other Renamon, because as well as wearing her purple arm wraps, she also wore purple leg wraps, that connected to sandals she wore to protect her feet from the hot, rough sand of the desert. The sandals were seen as somewhat of a status symbol among Renamons, setting those that wore them apart from the others.. Renamon ran across the desert, not heading in any direction in particular, until she spotted her next victim, a Gazimon was wandering aimlessly across the desert. That would do.

Renamon changed the direction she was running, and started to close in on the Gazimon. It hadn't seen her yet. Perfect. The yellow, fox like Digimon ran towards the small, grey mammalian Digimon. Gazimon turned around to see Renamon running towards it, but by the time it saw her, it was too late. Renamon gave an almighty kick, and her foot connected squarely with the Gazimon's chin, knocking it high into the air. It slammed back down onto the soft sand in front of Renamon. Its head was in agony and its teeth were rattled hard from the kick, but it was still able to talk...

"Why..." gasped the Gazimon, feebly, looking up at the Renamon that stood over it.

"Nothing personal..." said Renamon, showing no emotion whatsoever in her voice. "Digimon load other Digimon to survive and grow stronger. It's survival of the fittest." Without another word, she gave another kick, her foot connecting with Gazimon's face so hard, it destabilized its data, as well as knocking loose a few teeth.

Gazimon's form flickered and corrupted, and suddenly, it was no more. Its data, now reduced to its most basic form, floated in the air around Renamon. She shut her eyes and concentrated, causing the data to flow into her, and be added to her own. The Gazimon had become part of her. Suddenly, she heard a voice.

"Wow, that was so cool!" spoke the voice. Renamon looked around to see who had spoken. The wasteland had been completely deserted just moments before, if there had been any Digimon around she would have seen them.

"You're Renamon right? I've heard so much about Renamon, they are so cool, I never thought I'd meet one!" spoke the voice. Renamon suddenly saw where it had been coming from. A Palmon was running towards her, smiling happily.

"Ummm... Thanks..." said Renamon. She thought she might have found a new piece of prey, but there was something about this Palmon that seemed nice, trustworthy even. Maybe it was the compliments. Renamon didn't know, but she didn't feel like attacking the green, plant-like Digimon.

"Wow, Renamon, that was amazing, the way you just like... Pow!" As the Palmon spoke, it made motions with its hands, obviously trying to reenact how Renamon had just finished Gazimon. "You're just such a cool Digimon, Renamon, I have to shake your hand." The Palmon extended it's wide, green hand, holding it up to the taller Digimon. Renamon reached her hand down, and took the Palmon's hand. Palmon shook Renamon's hand vigorously. "I wish I could be as strong as you Renamon, we're both Child Level, but you must be like a hundred times stronger than me! Please, permit me to examine you!"

"Examine me?" asked Renamon, somewhat taken aback. She wasn't really sure what Palmon meant, the only answer she could give was a confused "Huh?" The handshake was overstaying its welcome, Palmon wouldn't let go of the yellow Digimon's hand. The plant Digimon's fingers had started to grow into vines and were snaking their way up Renamon's arm. This alarmed Renamon, and she tried to pull her hand out of the Palmon's grasp, but the small Digimon was strong. Renamon put her sandal clad foot on Palmon's head and pushed back. She wrenched her hand out of the plant like Digimon's grasp, causing her to fall backwards, landing on her back side.

"Wow, you have such powerful legs!" exclaimed Palmon, seemingly not deterred at all by being practically kicked in the face. "I bet your feet are amazing under those tacky sandals!" Without even waiting for Renamon to respond, the plant like Digimon stepped forward and picked up both of Renamon's feet, one in each hand. Renamon was taken aback, and not sure how to react. She was not used to having her personal space invaded like this. Palmon's soft, vine like fingers snaked their way into Renamon's sandals, trying to pull them off. Renamon wore sandals everywhere, she only took them off when she slept, and she didn't much like the idea of having Palmon taking her shoes.

"I... I'd really like it if you could stop that" stammered Renamon as Palmon's vines worked their way into her footwear and pulled. The Palmon gave no reply as the vines snuck their way into Renamon's ankle wraps and started to pull them down, using other vines to pull the wooden sandals off of her feet.

"No! Wait! Stop!" cried Renamon, her face showing red through her yellow fur, she squirmed and kicked her legs around, but she was unable to shake free of Palmon's grip. Once the plant like Digimon had pulled the leg wraps down, it removed Renamon's sandals one at a time and tossed them to the side. Renamon usually never took her sandals off during the day, the warm desert air blew over the now exposed backs of her feet and her pawpads. It would have felt liberating if they weren't being constricted by Palmon, but it was still so embarrassing she felt the need to cover her face with her hands.

"Wow, you've got really nice feet Renamon" said the Palmon "Why would you want to go hiding them away in such ugly shoes?" Renamon was somewhat offended by Palmon's rude comment, who was this Digimon to comment on the style of Renamon's shoes? She couldn't concentrate on being offended for too long as she shut her eyes and tried to stop herself from laughing any harder than she already was as the Palmon continued her treatment of her feet, its vines curling their way between the vixen's toes, around her ankles, and up her legs, snaking their way into every crease and wrinkle.

"Please, Let go! Stop touching me! My feet are among the softest in the Digital World!" said Renamon, practically pleading with the plant like Digimon to stop. "No, no! Not between the toes!" squealed Renamon, covering her face in embarrassment and shame, really hoping the Palmon would leave her alone soon. Although Renamon was probably capable of taking the Plant Digimon in a fight, fighting was the last thing on her mind right now, she was overwhelmed by Palmon's vines rubbing her sensitive feet and paw pads.

Palmon's vines squeezed Renamon's paws and ankles a little tighter, and moved back and forth. The vines felt soft, and even though they appeared to be covered in thorns, they were not sharp at all. The soft bumps on the vines running their way between Renamon's toes was too much, it was like the Palmon was trying to tickle her. Renamon could no longer help herself, and let out a laugh. Palmon squeezed and rubbed Renamon's feet harder. Renamon had no idea what was going on, or why the Palmon was so obsessed with her feet, but she couldn't help laughing out loud.

"St-Stop it!" said Renamon, panting through her guffaws. "If you keep this up, you'll make my feet so soft I won't be able to kick anyone anymore!" The Palmon did not let off, continuing to harass Renamon's feet.

"I can't stop! You have really lovely feet, Renamon, and a really lovely laugh!" said Palmon. "It almost makes me sorry..." The ticklish sensation in Renamon's feet was too much for her to bear, she had hardly heard the Palmon's comment.

"W-Wait..." gasped Renamon as the soft rubbery thorns dug into her sensitive feet and rubbed the sides of her toes. "Sorry for what?" Palmon's eyes widened and its face fell, it had realised it had said something it shouldn't have. Well, it was now or never. Suddenly, the Palmon's soft vines had become hard, the thorns were now sharp and prickly and were digging painfully into Renamon's feet, toes and ankles. It was unlike anything the poor fox had ever felt before, her eyes welling up with tears from the pain. Renamon tried to pull herself away, but the Palmon's grip was too strong.

"For this!" yelled the Palmon. "Now! Do it!" Renamon looked around, trying to see who Palmon had been addressing, but before she saw any Digimon, she heard a cry from behind her of a Digimon calling its attack.

"Bullet Hammer!" yelled the Puppetmon that had snuck up behind her without her even noticing, she had been far too preoccupied by the Palmon's harassment. Puppetmon's hammer, which was shaped like the barrel of a revolver, slammed down onto Renamon's head, knocking her flat on her back. Puppetmon lifted the hammer up and held it over his shoulder, confident that Renamon wouldn't be able to recover after that. Renamon lay on the sand dazed and in pain, looking up into the Real World Sphere, where suddenly she heard a new voice. She managed to turn her head just enough to see a Tanemon standing beside her.

"Thanks a lot guy!" said the Tanemon. "That was a great hunt. Such a powerful Digimon as well." The Tanemon smiled smugly, Palmon gave a laugh, it's vines still wrapped around Renamon's feet, which were now splayed in pain.

"Wh... Why...?" gasped Renamon weakly. She could feel her data destabilizing, she knew she was not long for this world.

"Sorry, it's nothing personal" said the Tanemon, "It's just... Your data... If I can load a Digimon as powerful as you, I can finally evolve and be like Palmon. I have nothing against you Renamon, I think you're a wonderful Digimon, and I want to be as strong as you, so now you're going to be part of me forever. It's survival of the fittest." The Tanemon laughed as the Puppetmon raised its hammer to deliver the final blow, but the Tanemon raised one of it's tiny legs, and Puppetmon held its hammer in place, the revolver barrel hovering menacingly above Renamon's head.

"Any last requests?" said the Tanemon, just to let Renamon know it really was nothing personal and there were no hard feelings.

"My..." gasped Renamon, weakly. "My sandals..." she managed to get out on what was practically her last breath. Tanemon was confused, until Palmon pointed them out with a viney finger.

"Those ugly things?" snorted the Baby level Digimon, "Why would you want those?"

" I can at least die with dign-" started Renamon, but before she could finish she was cut off by Palmon.

"I have no idea! I don't know why she'd want to hide these lovely feet" said Palmon, running its hands over Renamon's limp paws one last time, adding insult to injury and causing Renamon to wince. She mustered just enough energy to futility curl her toes in defense, but Palmon's vines found their target "They are so pretty, Are you sure we can't keep her around? It will be a shame to destroy such beautiful feet!"

Tanemon shook its head, or more appropriately, shook its whole body, most Baby Level Digimon were only heads, and looked towards Puppetmon. Renamon could only stare in disbelief. She had been denied her last chance at dignity. Her trembling face looked up at overhanging hammer, and with nothing else left to comfort her, she tried focus on the desert's warmth flowing into her achiching paws. This warmth was the last thing Renamon felt before Puppetmon's hammer slammed down, the metal revolver barrel smashed onto her head and upper body, the bullets inside exploding as it hit.

Only her lower legs and feet were left outside the radius of the hammer blow, which splayed and stretched in agony, much to Palmon's delight. It was the last anyone ever saw of the vixen, as before Puppetmon could even lift his hammer, Renamon's body destabilized, and her poor abused feet vanished into pure data. The data hung in the air for a few seconds before flowing into Tanemon. As soon as Tanemon had absorbed the last of Renamon's data, it glowed with the light of evolution, and its shape morphed. When the light of evolution subsided, a Floramon stood in its place.

"Hey, you evolved! Awesome!" said Palmon, shaking the hand of its friends new body.

"Wow, I'm a Floramon!" said the Digimon that until now had been Tanemon. "Awesome! But you and me still have some way to go before we can be as powerful as Puppetmon." continued Floramon, turning to its Palmon friend.

"Well, let's keep hunting!" said Palmon, cheerfully. "You never know, we might become so powerful we can make it to the Real World someday!" Floramon, Palmon, and Puppetmon, walked off into the desert, discussing how incredible it would be when they finally got to the real world, leaving no evidence of what had transpired except a disturbance in the sand and a pair of empty sandals.