Starting on a High Note

By Lazuli

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This story contains explicit sexual acts between a human and a non-human character, both of which are male. It’s also super lovey dovey and romantic and mushy and sweet. If any of these are not your thing, you have no one to blame but yourself if you choose to continue. Otherwise, enjoy!


Gabumon waited in Yamato's bedroom. He'd gotten there at around 5:30 in the afternoon. Yamato would usually have been in at this time, but some days his band would have jam sessions that lasted an hour longer than they should have. The Digimon sat on the bed, kicking his legs a little. Getting in wasn't a problem, since Yamato's father was incredibly welcoming to the fur-pelt clad digimon, after all he'd been hanging around with Yamato openly for close to a few years, ever since they'd saved the digital world. It was nice for the digimon, not having to hide in back alleys and sneak around in the dead of night with Yamato just to meet up with Taichi and the others anymore...

Gabumon was incredibly patient, especially for Yamato, but the clock ticking away was starting to get a little unsettling after so long. His feet idly kicked off the side of the bed as he waited. Yamato's father had left about 20 minutes after Gabumon had arrived, leaving the digimon to his own devices, but not before reminding him there was food in the fridge in case he got hungry. He had decided to relax in Yamato's room instead of wandering around the apartment. His eyes gazed around at all the thing's Yamato kept on his walls. Yamato's harmonica sat on the bedside stand. Gabumon's eyes widened as he took notice and realized what it was. His hand slowly brushed over it, hesitant to touch the memory-filled mouth harp.  He looked it over, a sigh leaving him as he reminisced back to when he and Yamato had first met. Taking a deep breath, Gabumon held the mouth-harp up to his lips, and gave a soft blow. It sounded so pretty to him, he remembered the melody Yamato used to play, sometimes in private, just for him.

Gabumon took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He blew into the harmonica, trying to play the melody that reminded him of Yamato. The reptilian digimon managed to get most of the way through before making a mistake. He tried again, and again. He improved little by little each time, until eventually he'd mastered it. A smile crossed his lips as he pulled the instrument away from his mouth, seeing the sheen of his saliva coating his partners beloved harmonica. He suddenly began to panic, and wiped it off on his pelt, then looked over it closely to make sure it was completely clean

"I didn't think you'd remember that off the top of your head" spoke a voice, Gabumon's heart almost skipped a beat. His head snapped around to glance at the door. Yamato stood in the doorway, wearing his green coat and still carrying his guitar case in one hand. Gabumon's eyes widened as he placed the harmonica down exactly where he'd found it. Gabumon looked down, almost worriedly. "Yamato…"

"I don't remember teaching you to play the harmonica, That was impressive, all things considered."quipped Yamato with a smirk. He stepped into his room and set his bass down where he'd always leave it after getting home. Yamato walked to his bed and sat down at Gabumon's side with a smile. Gabumon twiddled his thumbs, his cheeks a little rosy.

"Sorry for playing it without your permission…" he muttered as he hung his head, but was instantly propped up by a hug from his partner. Gabumon smiled and hugged back, as Yamato patted his back "I barely even play it these days. It's nice that someone's playing it, so I should thank you." he murmured back, the hug outstaying its welcome as they sat there on the bed. When Yamato finally released Gabumon, he smiled up at his partner as they made conversation about things like what time Gabumon had arrived, and how Yamato's practice had gone. The sun slowly sank in the sky as they chatted away, and eventually they decided to move into the living room after making some food…

After about an hour of chatting and enjoying each other's company they'd ended up snuggling on the sofa with the TV on. Yamato sat with Gabumon on his lap like a big teddybear,occasionally shifting about to get more comfortable. Gabumon was just the right height for Yamato to rest his chin on the headpiece of the thick fur pelt, which made the pelt-covered reptile blush, his tail wagging awkwardly against Yamato's belly, eliciting a little giggle from him "Comfy?" asked Yamato.  All Gabumon could do was nod his head slightly, grunting out "mhmm.." as he cleared his throat. Yamato rubbed his hands over the strange pattern on his Digimon's belly, not even paying attention to the TV anymore. Yamato dug his fingertips in, Gabumon's belly was so firm under his hands,. Yamato's actions left Gabumon flustered, he squirmed a little, and moaned. "Yamato…". Yamato would tease his digimon like this every now and then, but he hadn't gone too far with it yet, and would always end up just petting him and keeping him close.

Yamato's hands eventually ended up on the small paws that hung off the back of the Digimon's pelt. Gabumon couldn't keep quiet, his breath was hard and shaky as his partner's hands teased his legs apart. Gabumon's mind wandered back to when he had seen Tentomon and Koushiro doing something similar to this in the digital world. He hadn't kept watching out of fear of being caught, but the memory rung vividly in his head as his own partner touched him. Yamato's hand's split up their efforts, one rubbed Gabumon's belly, while the other was gently rubbing his thigh.

"Is this okay?" asked Yamato softly, giving the Digimon a kiss on the top of his head. Gabumon moaned, and leaned back against the teen, Yamato's heart raced from the excitement of going this far with his Digimon… He'd heard the other Chosen Children talking about doing this sort of thing, and it wasn't so much that he was curious but more of a confirmation that they felt that kind of affection as well.. Yamato adored Gabumon, and he wanted to make completely sure the Digimon knew. They had even kissed each other before, but only on the cheek.  What they were doing now was pushing everything far beyond that level.

Gabumon was tense, He curled up tighter in Yamato's lap, keeping his head far enough forward  so that his horn wouldn't be a threat. The digimon groaning and rocking his hips. Yamato's hand gently rubbed at his groin, feeling the pouch that hid and protected his privates relax, exposing them. Yamato slouched back on the sofa as he teased Gabumon,  leaning in close to the Digimon's ear.

 "My, sensitive aren't you? Well if you think it's too much, I can stop." He finished, he whispered, and gave Gabumon a pat on his belly, his fingers brushing along the tip of his twitching cock. It was incredibly warm compared to the rest of the Digimon's body, sans everything under the pelt, of course.

Gabumon's shaft was the same colour as his skin, and similar in anatomy to that of a human. Yamato was making him feel very exposed. The teen rubbed his thumb around the tip of the Digimon's cock as his shaft grew stiffer, until Gabumon was as hard as he'd ever been. There was something intense about having someone else touching him like this, he felt like his head was spinning.  Yamato gripped his Digimon partner's cock, and slowly slid his hand up and down the length, just as he would his own. The teen nibbled on the long ear of Gabumon's fur coat. "Y-Yamato!" moaned Gabumon with a shudder, he'd never felt anything like this before."You better be careful with that horn" whispered Yamato with a smile as the Digimon wiggled about against his teasing gropes. Gabumon spread his legs as Yamato quickened his strokes, the digimon's tail was awkwardly pressed between them.

"Hnnn- Y-Yamato… I-
I… something's!" Is all the Gabumon could manage to say before he felt a powerful wave of energy come over him, stronger even than when he warp evolved to MetalGarurumon, his mouth hung open as he reached his climax his hips rocked as he softly repeated Yamato's name over and over again through his painting, the Digimon's legs spasmed as he humped into his partner's hand. Yamato slowed his stroking, his lips pressing into Gabumon's neck. The human nudged the pelt out of the way with his chin as he continued stroking Gabumon's cock, the Digimon's hot, sticky seed leaving a messy trail across his fingers,the sofa, and the floor.

After a few moments Gabumon had calmed down. He panted heavily as Yamato squeezed his cock, gently milking a few more drops of cum from him, while he moved his other hand, the hand covered in the Digimon's own cum up to his mouth. "Clean it off." he said to Gabumon, who followed the order without even thinking. His tongue lapped away at his partner's fingers, this felt incredible, so intense he could barely keep his eyes open.

Gabumon closed his eyes, and sucked on Yamato's fingers hungrily cleaning them of the mess he'd made, as the teen's other hand stroked and caressed at his belly. Yamato hadn't even gotten undressed yet, but he was still savouring every moment, the nuanced groans from his shy Digimon, the way his hips rocked and his tail swayed about, it was wonderful. After Yamato had felt that Gabumon had done a good job cleaning his hand, he pulled it away, and gently stroked the reptiles chin. He rubbing his hands down to his Digimon's chest, trailing saliva the whole way, leaving a bit on a sheen along Gabumon's front.

Yamato stood up, leaving the Digimon lying on his side on the sofa, and started to undress. Gabumon lay back on the sofa with his legs spread, eyes closed, and his cock still twitching. Soon enough, Gabumon opened his eyes and saw Yamato standing over him, completely naked with his rock hard cock in his hand, which was already leaking pre. Gabumon started. He wasn't sure what to think. He'd seen Yamato in the nude before plenty of times, and he didn't consider it a problem. When Yamato was younger they would frequently baithe together, but they had never touched each other like this. Now was different. Seeing his partner exposed like this suddenly gave Gabumon the overwhelming urge to remove his own pelt. He reached up to undo whatever mechanism held it on him, but was stopped as his partner placed a hand on his cheek.

"You don't have to do that for me, Gabumon, you can leave it on if you want." said Yamato softly, knowing how much the Digimon disliked removing his pelt, he wouldn't even do it in the bath! Gabumon smiled, and brought his hands down, perfectly content with not removing his pelt. He gave a sigh of relief which quickly turned into a gasp as Yamato pressed his cock against the Digimon's cheek. Gabumon's face was red and burning hot, and that wasn't just because he was covered in his pelt. Yamato adjusted his hips a little, so the tip of his cock was pressed right up against Gabumon's lips.

"Well, you know what to do, right?" said Yamato, looking down and meeting Gabumon's gaze. The Digimon gave a nod, and opened his mouth. He gently dragged his tongue across Yamato's shaft, making the teen grit his teeth and give a sharp moan. Gabumon couldn't believe it. This was happening. His mouth was on Yamato's cock. Yamato's hand rested on top of Gabumon's head. He wrapped his thumb around Gabumon's horn to keep his head in place as he sucked, and used his fingers to tease the Digimon's ear. Gabumon's wide, wet tongue lapped the sensitive head of his cock.

"Ahh, Just like that" hissed Yamato through his gritted teeth. Yamato had never been intimate like this with anyone before, he'd only seen it in porn. Right now, there was no one in the world he'd rather do it with than his Gabumon, and knowing his Digimon was into it just as much as he was made it all the sweeter. Yamato started to rock his hips, slowly moving his cock back and forward, in and out of Gabumon's mouth. The Digimon bobbed his head back and forth in time with his partner's thrusts, keeping his lips wrapped tightly around the throbbing shaft in his mouth. Having Yamato's cock in his mouth was making him salivate hard, and he didn't want to start drooling, that would be embarrassing. He couldn't help it, there was something about making Yamato feel this good that made him feel good, feel special, better even than when Yamato had been masturbating him.

Gabumon's head was spinning, the feel of Yamato's cock throbbing slightly against his tongue, feeling it twitch as it leaked more pre into his mouth, it was overwhelming. He found the taste of Yamato's pre to be far better than his own cum, the taste of which was still fresh in his mouth.The Digimon looked up at Yamato, whose eyes were closed tightly as he stroked Gabumon's head. Gabumon's cheeks felt hot. He felt hot all over. He could barely control himself as he reached forward with one of his human like hands and fondled his partner's balls, as Yamato continued to pump his hips and thrust his cock into his partner's warm, wanting mouth.

Yamato gripped a bit tighter on Gabumon's head, his hips thrusting faster and faster. He rammed his cock into Gabumon's mouth quite roughly, taking no consideration for his Digimon partner. Gabumon's mouth was starting to hurt a bit from being roughly fucked and held open for this long, but he didn't mind. He'd do anything for his beloved Yamato. Gabumon yelped as his head was squeezed even tighter than before, giving him just enough time to prepare for Yamato to push his cock deep inside his large mouth, almost to the back of his throat as he reached his climax.

Yamato's hot cum shot into Gabumon's mouth, coating the back of his throat. Gabumon struggled a little against his partner, but once he'd gotten over the initial shock he was all too happy to lap his tongue around the still twitching head, and swallow down every drop of his partner's cum, which Gabumon thought tasted far better than his own. By the time Yamato's climax had subsided, Gabumon was still suckling on his cock and lapping eagerly for more.

Once Gabumon had got his fill, and was absolutely sure there was no more cum to milk from his partner, Yamato gently pulled his now soft cock out of his partner's mouth and sat down next to the Digimon. The still naked teen put his arm around Gabumon, pulled him close, and gently rubbed his neck and ears.

"Are you feeling okay, Gabumon? If I got too rough for you, I'm sorry" murmured Yamato. Gabumon turned around, and looked into his partner's eyes.

"I'm fine, Yamato. It was fun!" said Gabumon with a smile, not at all upset at his partner's earlier roughness. He looked around, and saw the mess they had made. "Umm… Yamato? I think we should clean the sofa and floor. Right now they seem a bit… sticky..."

Yamato didn't reply, he just pulled Gabumon closer and kissed him on the cheek. Gabumon blushed and nuzzled his partner's neck, they sat in silence for several minutes, Yamato relaxing in the afterglow with his hands behind his head, and Gabumon cuddling into him.

"Yamato?" said Gabumon, breaking the silence

"Hmm?" replied Yamato, looking in his partner's direction.

"Does this mean I'm allowed to say 'I Love You' now?" asked the Digimon with a blush, as he nuzzled into the teen's neck.

Yamato was slightly taken aback by this, he had no idea his Digimon felt this deeply for him "Yes, you can, but for now only in private please." he murmured softly, taking a deep breath and petting Gabumon's ear, which made him giggle a little.

"Good, because I love you Yamato" finished gabumon, his heart fluttering as the words left his mouth.

"I love you too Gabumon" replied Yamato, pulling his partner close and rubbing his belly. It was several minutes before either of them spoke again.

"Think we should clean up soon?" asked Gabumon once more, unsure of when Yamato's father would return  

"Yeah, we should, and I should get dressed. It's cold being in the nude"  replied Yamato.

The Digimon and the human stood up, and got to work fixing the room back up to how it had looked before they had fooled around.