Shout Out Loud

By Lazuli

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Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of sex between a human and a non human digimon thing. Taiki and Shoutmon to be specific. It contains lots of yummy things like lots of kissing, and oral and anal sex. If this is your thing, then please enjoy it!


Taiki Kudo and his partner Shoutmon crept through a dark corridor in NeoVamdemon's castle in Vampire Land. They had infiltrated the Death General's castle in search of some kidnapped Lopmon from the nearby town, but so far they had had no luck in finding them. They had managed to get into the castle by disguising themselves, but now they were inside, and once they had dropped their disguises they had no idea where to go. Taiki and Nene had split up to cover more ground.

"Shh..." said Shoutmon, sticking his hand out in front of Taiki to stop him in his tracks. "Do you hear something?" Taiki stopped and listened for the sound, it wasn't very clear, it was so low it was barely audible for the human ear...

"I do... I can, just barely. I just hope its nothing bad." said Taiki. Hopefully it was something that wouldn't endanger his teammates What was that sound anyways? Whatever it was, it probably wasn't a good thing, and that made the General be a bit worried.

Shoutmon listened for a few seconds, and then gave a sigh. The sound had stopped. He didn't know what it had been, but it didn't really matter anymore. It didn't sound like captured Lopmons. He continued forward. The hallway was poorly lit, he could hardly see the floor he was walking on. The dark hallway was making Taiki worry even more, they didn't even have a flashlight. He just hoped that there was no ambush lying in wait, but it was so poorly lit it would have been hard for an attacker to even see them. After a few more steps, he heard the grinding noise of stone against stone under his foot. He had stepped on a pressure plate. Taiki heard the crunch and immediately pulled his Xros Loader out from his pocket.

"Oh sh-" was all Shoutmon could manage to get out before the floor below himself and Taiki opened up, and they fell down into the darkness below.Taiki instinctively let go of his Xros Loader and took hold of Shoutmon as they fell. The Xros Loader landed on the floor in the corridor next to the trap door as it closed behind them. Taiki braced for impact. He knew it was going to hurt.

Shoutmon landed hard on the stone floor below. Thanks to his tough scales and the metal armour he wore, it didn't hurt him very much. The drop hadn't been that high. It was probably a good thing Taiki had landed on top of him. Taiki... Suddenly, Shoutmon realised the position they were in.  Taiki was lying on top of him. His arms were wrapped around Shoutmon, hugging him tightly. Shoutmon hand landed on Taiki's hands. They weren't broken or sprained, but they hurt. Their faces were pressed together in the sense of a kiss, an accidental one at that. Taiki's soft lips were pressing against Shoutmon's mouth. Shoutmon felt a blush begin to rise in his face. Shoutmon sat up, holding Taiki's shoulders in his hands, pulling him upright.

"Taiki, Taiki are you okay?" Shoutmon asked urgently, real concern in his voice. His eyes had not yet adjusted to the near total darkness of their new surroundings. He leaned in close, peering at Taiki's face to assess his condition.

"I'm fine Shoutmon, I just hurt my hands from the impact... that's all." He reassured Shoutmon to relieve his worries. Though it was hard to see Shoutmon, he could hear him just fine. As long as he could hear Shoutmon, he would be alright.

Shoutmon gave a sigh of relief. He sometimes worried for Taiki. If Shoutmon got hurt, Cutemon could fix him up no problem, or he could just hop inside Taiki's Xros Loader, and his wounds would be healed. Not Taiki though, if he got hurt in the Digital World, he had to heal the old fashioned way. Hearing that sigh of relief was good for Taiki, If Shoutmon could be calm in this situation, so could he. Panic wouldn't solve anything.

"Good to see you're okay." said Shoutmon. His heart was racing and his cheeks were so bright red they were almost glowing in the darkness, not that they weren't always red, but the blood rushing to his face made them appear even redder than normal. He didn't want to allude to their accidental kiss. Shoutmon stood up and looked around their dungeon. There didn't seem to be any way out. It was just a small, solid stone room.

"Taiki, we can't get out without your Xros Loader. I doubt I could break the walls myself. We need to get help" said Shoutmon once he had finished feeling around the walls for any sign of a secret exit. Taiki sighed, feeling the spot where his Xros Loader normally was. He could see well enough through the gloom that he could tell the Xros Loader was not anywhere in the room. He had to tell Shoutmon the bad news.

"Shoutmon... I-I hate to tell you this, but I dropped the Xros Loader as we fell. Its at the top of the hole." He nervously chuckled, blushing pink in embarrassment. He knew Shoutmon's reaction wouldn't be pretty.

"WHAT?" gasped Shoutmon in horror, slapping a hand to his forehead. Taiki gulped at his sudden outburst. "Oh no!" Shoutmon knew as well as Taiki that panicking wasn't going to help, so he took a deep breath to calm himself. Taiki was glad Shoutmon didn't start panicking. "Okay okay. We can still get out of this. Maybe we could call Sparrowmon and he could fly us out? Wait, no. The're still sneaking around. It could blow their cover. Maybe we could call Kiriha and he could break in and get us out using Greymon. Your Xros Loader is still nearby, he could track us on his!"

"Yeah, I'll do that. Let him know we are in need of help." said Taiki. He spoke into the communicator he wore on his wrist. "Hey, Kiriha, Taiki here. We triggered a trap and have fallen into a hole. I dropped my Xros Loader. We can't get out on our own and could really use your help. Please respond when you are ready." he finished, hoping they got the message.

"I hear you Taiki, I have your signal on my Xros Loader" replied Kiriha's voice, badly muffled from the poor signal on the Wrister. "Could be a while though. Watch out!"

"Giga Destroyer!" came the roar of Metal Greymon through the communicator, followed by a loud explosion.

"I kind of have some problems of my own here. Just sit tight, and I'll get to you as soon as I can." Kiriha finished. The signal cut out, leaving them in silence. At least Taiki had been able to hear his voice just well enough to understand what he was saying. Whatever fight Kiriha was in, it sounded tough and it was going to be a while before they could be rescued. They sat looking at each other for several awkward seconds, until Shoutmon decided to break the silence.

"So... What do you wanna do until he gets here? Wanna... Talk about stuff?" asked the Digimon. It occurred to him that he and Taiki hardly ever got any time alone together. It was a shame, he did enjoy the company of his general, sometimes he thought he enjoyed it a little too much...

"I think we could talk about stuff yeah, I mean, It's probably going to be a while before they'll  come and rescue us. The fight sounded like it was pretty tough and they're going to need all the time they can get." replied Taiki. Of course he wanted to talk. Nothing was better than getting to know your Digimon partner better than anyone else.

"Well..." Shoutmon began. He wasn't sure what to say. He felt strange. His heart was beating so fast he could feel it in his ears under his headphones he normally wore. He gazed at Taiki, looking into his eyes, but then he quickly away. It felt awkward. His mind wandered to the kiss they had shared, and how it had made him feel, but he quickly drove those thoughts out of his mind, and focused more on the task at hand.

As Taiki waited for Shoutmon's topic, something else was running through his mind. He didn't dare reveal it, if he did, then everything would go straight to the awkward side, but despite his best efforts,  he couldn't clear it out of his mind.

"I wonder how Nene and Sparrowmon are doing? Do you think they found the Lopmons yet? I hope NeoVamdemon didn't catch them. In fact, that could have been NeoVamdemon Kiriha was fighting!" Shoutmon continued talking, trying to keep the subject away from himself and Taiki being alone together.

"I don't know Shoutmon, I just hope they haven't been caught." replied Taiki, as he fought off an awkward smile. This was getting way out of control. Eventually, the pressure built up and Taiki couldn't take it anymore. "S-Shoutmon...?" He was very nervous and didn't know what he was saying. This could either be the best thing ever or the worst thing ever.

"Yeah?" asked Shoutmon, fidgeting awkwardly and averting his eyes. The sexual tension was so thick you couldn't have bored through it with one of Dorulumon drills. Taiki gulped nervously. He wasn't used to seeing Shoutmon acting this way. What would Shoutmon have to say? He took a deep breath and spoke.

"I-I kinda liked the accidental kiss we had when we landed..." Taiki nervously confessed. Shoutmon was going to make fun of him or be weirded out by him wasn't he? But wait, he had been acting so differently to how he usually did. Could it be?

Shoutmon felt a surge of emotion well up in his chest. He felt embarrassed, excited, thrilled, and apprehensive, all at the same time. He couldn't believe that Taiki felt the same way as he did. He reached down, and tentatively took Taiki's hand in his, being careful not to hurt him. His hands were probably still sore and tender after the fall.

"Taiki..." said Shoutmon quietly. "I liked it too..." Taiki was glad he liked it. He was feeling a mix of emotions ranging from cheerfulness, awkwardness to shock. Taiki's hands wern't sore anymore, so he squeezed Shoutmon's hand back, although he was wearing his cold metal gauntlets.  Shoutmon couldn't control himself any longer. He lunged forward , and grabbed Taiki. He stood in front of the human, and pulled him into a tight hug, wrapping his arms around Taiki, pulling the human's chest against his metal chest plate, and pressing his mouth against Taiki's lips.

Taiki was taken by surprise as Shoutmon pressed his lips against his, but after a few seconds he relaxed and eased his way into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Shoutmon and holding him close.

Once Shoutmon was sure Taiki was into it, he opened his mouth. The kiss was so wonderful, Taiki couldn't get enough of it. Shoutmon's lips were warm and Taiki didn't want it to end. Shoutmon slipped out his large, wet tongue, past his sharp teeth and pointy lips, and licked at Taiki's lips. Once Taiki's mouth opened to let his tongue inside, he kissed his general passionately. Taiki's body temperature was warmer than Shoutmon's, so to Shoutmon, the human's mouth felt as hot as a furnace. Shoutmon briefly broke the kiss, to lean forward and whisper in Taiki's ear.

"I love you so much Taiki, I have ever since you became my general."

"I love you so much too Shoutmon..." Taiki whispered back.

 As they kissed, Shoutmon removed his metal gauntlets, revealing his soft hands that were usually well protected. Taiki had never seen Shoutmon's ungloved hands before, so when he looked down he thought they looked cute, not to mention sexy. Shoutmon ran his hands up and down Taiki's back, it felt wonderful. Shoutmon moved his hand all the way to to Taiki's butt, then slipping it under his shirt, lifting it up and feeling the warmth of his bare back against his hand. Shoutmon rarely took off his gauntlets, and it applied to him that this might be the first time touching Taiki with his bare hands. Taiki felt so warm and soft, touching him felt wonderful to Shoutmon.

As Shoutmon rubbed his hands over Taiki's back, he lifted his general's red and blue shirt higher and higher. Soon enough, he broke the kiss, and started to remove Taiki's shirt. He pulled it off over his head, and Taiki moved his hands into position to make it easier for him. Once he had pulled it over Taiki's head, Shoutmon dropped Taiki's shirt to the floor, then reached up to remove his own square shoulder pads. They dropped to the floor with a clatter.

Shoutmon removed his chest plate, and dropped them on top of his shoulder pads. While he was at it, he reached back and removed his shoes too. Shoutmon was now completely naked. Taiki drooled slightly over how sexy he was without the metal parts. He hugged Taiki once more. Now that all of his metal parts were removed, only his warm, scaly skin pressed against Taiki's bare chest. Boy was it amazing, Taiki's heart rate was racing as the now completely naked Shoutmon hugged against his body. Shoutmon pressed his lips against Taiki's once more, and gave him a deep, passionate kiss, reveling in the feeling of the human's body heat against his chest and belly. Their body heat was combining and it felt wonderful.

Shoutmon held Taiki as closely as he could. He never wanted to let his general go. As they weren't in sync enough, they leaned back exactly in unison as if they were following instincts. Taiki lay on his back, and Shoutmon lay on top of him. Shoutmon may have had short legs, but his torso was almost the same length as Taiki's. Shoutmon's crotch rubbed against the front of Taiki's shorts, he could feel that Taiki was already hard. Shoutmon may not be hard yet but it was something Taiki had never experienced before and he loved it. Shoutmon broke the kiss once more and buried his face in Taiki's neck. He stuck out his powerful tongue and gave a long, slow, wet lick over his neck. He licked a few more times, finding himself unable to help but smile as Taiki squirmed underneath him. The slow, long and wet licks made Taiki squirm from the feeling, it felt amazing though and was enjoying the moment as much as he possibly could.

As much as Shoutmon loved kissing Taiki, his tongue was getting tired. He was sweating all over, despite the cool temperature of their cell. Shoutmon rolled off Taiki and lay next to him on the cold stone ground, panting. He couldn't believe what they had just done. It was incredible. Shoutmon hadn't had a lover in a long time, and even then, it had not felt as deep, as passionate, as intense, as kissing Taiki. He lay, getting his breath back, gazing into his partner's eyes. Taiki had never even had a crush on anyone before, yet alone loved them, but now he had realised he loved Shoutmon, he felt amazing. It was like his relationship with Shoutmon had started anew, and it was so much more wonderful than it had been before.

"So..." asked Shoutmon. "Wanna... Do other stuff?" The little dragon lay there, his white chest and belly gently moving up and down in time with his breathing.

"Yeah... Let's do more." replied Taiki. He got on top of Shoutmon and started to kiss his chest and belly, very passionately and slowly. He wanted more just as much as Shoutmon did. It was like the greed and lust were building up inside him.

Shoutmon lay back, looking up at Taiki. He was practically pinned to the floor by the human. He had never been in a position like this before, not really. Since he was the center of the DigiXros, and he was going to be the Digimon King someday, he would always put up a tough front so his army had someone to rally behind, someone to look up to, someone to believe in. Right now though, as he looked up at Taiki, he felt so small, so vulnerable. Deep down, Shoutmon was a gentle, sensitive guy, and he had it so rough, with all the fighting he always had to do against the Bugra army, he had been neglecting that side of himself.

"Just, be gentle, okay?" Shoutmon said earnestly, as he gazed up at Taiki.

"I'll be gentle Shoutmon, don't worry." said Taiki. He started to kiss him all over his chest, his lips being really warm..

Shoutmon closed his eyes and gave a contented sigh as Taiki kissed him. It felt so nice, Taiki's lips brushing over his sensitive skin sent tingles and shivers all over his body.  No one had treated him like this in a long time, no one had given him this much special attention. This felt far more intimate even than digixrossing with his best friends!

Taiki decided to move lower, and kiss Shoutmon's soft belly as well. He kissed Shoutmon slowly and lovingly, planting each kiss a few centimeters away from the last one, moving around Shoutmon's chest and belly

Once Taiki moved onto his belly, Shoutmon started to giggle. He was ticklish there, and Taiki's light kisses caused him to giggle and squirm, As Taiki kissed his front all over, he could no longer contain himself and his cock started to slide out of its slit. Normally, Shoutmon had very good self control, and never got erections when it was inappropriate, but now it was completely appropriate. His dick was about six inches long, which was impressive by Digimon standards. It was red, much like his body, and was bulged at the base and tapered at the tip.

Taiki stopped kissing Shoutmon when he noticed his hard cock poking him. It was almost grinded against the front of Taiki's shorts and it felt amazing. Taiki got off of Shoutmon and started touch his dick.

"Ahhhh..." moaned Shoutmon as Taiki touched him. He hardly ever had time to masturbate what with the war going on, so he was pretty pent up, he felt like he was going to cum straight away, but he held off. Even Taiki's breath on his dick sent what felt like jolts of electricity up his spine. The tip was already slightly wet with pre.

At first, Taiki was touching Shoutmon out of curiosity. He had never touched anyone like this before, but he was enjoying it. Then, a strange desire came over him. He started to lick Shoutmon's cock like a lollipop. He even enjoyed the flavour, as weird as that was!

Taiki gave a lick from the base of the cock right up to the tip, licking up the pre. Shoutmon moaned loudly. It felt so good. As Taiki increased his pace, Shoutmon grew even more flustered than before. His cock leaked more pre into Taiki's mouth, throbbing and twitching as the human licked it.

Once Taiki reached the tip he increased his pace. The pre tasted wonderful. Suddenly, Taiki had an urge to do something else. He took Shoutmon's dick into his mouth and started to slowly bob his head up and down in a slow but yet, passionate pace.

As soon as Taiki took Shoutmon's dick in his mouth, the Digimon let out a long, low moan. Taiki bobbed his head up and down, his slick tongue licking side to side along Shoutmon's shaft. It felt warm, wet, and incredible. Shoutmon's back arched, he used his hands to brace himself against the ground. His eyes rolled back in his head, and his legs trembled. He could hardly move, he could hardly think, all he could concentrate on was Taiki's mouth suckling on his shaft and licking up his pre. Thanks to Taiki's slowness, he could feel his tongue caressing every millimeter of his dick, his soft lips scraping up and down the shaft. With every bob of Taiki's head, Shoutmon's dick pulsed and spurted out a little more pre.

Taiki increased his pace, while still making sure he was passionate and mindful about the motions of his head, tongue and lips. He hoped Shoutmon was enjoying it as much as he did, and this was only the beginning.

As Taiki increased his speed, the intensity of what Shoutmon was feeling increased along with it. The waves and jolts of pleasure emanating from his crotch increased significantly. It was almost like being tickled, but it felt oh, so much better. Shoutmon felt his arms and legs twitching. Taiki's mouth engulfing his cock was almost too much for him. Taiki sped up even more, and Shoutmon suddenly let out a loud, involuntary moan, almost a scream. As much as Taiki was enjoying this and Shoutmon was loving it, Taiki's mouth and tongue were getting tired. He pulled his mouth out of his dick and sat down, breathing hard.

"D-Did you... like that?" He said weakly, trying to catch his breath from sucking him off. That was tiring for him, even doing it slowly. It was too much for him to go on at this point.

"I loved it" said Shoutmon, still overcome with pleasure "In fact. I think I'm going to return the favour right now." As soon as he regained his composure, he sat up, leaned forward, and gave Taiki a kiss on his bare chest. He kissed a few times, then stopped at Taiki's nipple, poking out his tongue and giving a lick, which caused Taiki to moan. He didn't want to tease Taiki too much, so he quickly moved lower. Taiki leaned back to accommodate him. Now, Shoutmon was on top of Taiki, just as Taiki had been on top of him earlier. Now Shoutmon was on top, the fun could begin once again.

Shoutmon ran his soft hands over Taiki's belly, and around to his sides. Shoutmon wondered if Taiki would be ticklish as he stroked him, and at the same time started to kiss his belly. Shoutmon planted long, slow, wet kisses around Taiki's belly which made him shiver, before running his hands down to his crotch, and beginning to fiddle with his zipper. Shoutmon did not wear trousers, and was not entirely sure how the zipper worked. Even still, he didn't stop his kissing as he struggled with it. Taiki smiled as Shoutmon tampered with his zipper, it was pretty funny to see.

Shoutmon finally got the zipper down, and once he had dealt with the confusing button that held Taiki's shorts closed, he pulled them down, along with Taiki's underwear, revealing his cock, which was already hard. It had been for a while.

"Wow" breathed Shoutmon, looking up into Taiki's eyes. Taiki smiled. Without wasting another second, he grabbed Taiki's cock, and gently stroked its length with his soft hands. He slowly peeled back his foreskin and examined the head. Taiki let out a quiet moan from the feeling of Shoutmon stroking him. Shoutmon had never been with a Digimon with a foreskin before, so he took interest in it. He poked out his tongue, and gave Taiki's glans a tentative lick, pushing the tip of his tongue under the foreskin and sliding it around the head of Taiki's cock. Taiki grimaced. His foreskin was pretty tight around the head of his cock, and Shoutmon poking his tongue under it was quite painful, and caused Taiki to gasp.

Once Shoutmon sensed that Taiki didn't like him licking under his foreskin, he desisted.

"Sorry," he said, looking up at Taiki. "It's just... I've never... You know..." He didn't want this awkwardness to last much longer, so he took the waistband of Taiki's shorts, and pulled them down to his ankles. He sat between Taiki's legs, and bent down, taking the human's cock in his mouth. Shoutmon had a pretty big mouth for such a small guy, and he managed to fit Taiki's entire dick inside. He licked the head and shaft in circles with his wide tongue, while bobbing his head back and forth ever so slightly. He made special care to use his lips to protect Taiki's cock from his sharp, dragonoid teeth.

"It's fine Shoutmon... I understand." said Taiki before starting to softly moan, feeling Shoutmon's wet tongue and warm mouth. It felt good; unlike anything he had ever felt before. He put his hand onto Shoutmon's head, and stroked gently, seemingly out of instinct.

Shoutmon took the hand on his head as a signal to keep going, and increased the speed of his bobbing. Every time he pushed his head down, so his nose pressed up against Taiki's pubic bone, he gave a suck, and licked his tongue up and down the base of Taiki's cock. He was in a pretty good rhythm. His hands, which until this point had been holding onto Taiki's hips, began to wander. With one hand he cupped Taiki's balls, and with the other he moved lower. He figured Taiki probably hadn't had sex before, and didn't know how the boy would react, but he figured it was worth a try. He reached down to Taiki's butt, and placed a finger against his puckered asshole. He stopped his sucking, and looked up at Taiki.

"Do you like this?" asked Shoutmon, putting a little bit of pressure against Taiki's anus with his finger. Taiki gave a gasp as the pressure was applied to his butt.

"Yeah..." Taiki breathed. He had never tried anything anal before, and once he had gotten over the surprise of Shoutmon touching him in such an intimate place, he realised it felt nice. Shoutmon moved back.

"Roll onto your front for me, Taiki" asked Shoutmon. Taiki did as he was told. He lay on his front, facing away from Shoutmon. He wondered what Shoutmon was going to do to him. He didn't really care what it was, he was ready to let Shoutmon do whatever he pleased with his body at this point. Shoutmon placed his hands on Taiki's butt, spread his cheeks apart, and dived forward, burying his face in Taiki's ass. This caused Taiki to jump, it took him by surprise. The feeling of Shoutmon's wet tongue against his ass felt slimy and weird, but it also felt tickley, and he couldn't deny it felt good.

"Ahh... What are you doing?" asked Taiki, somewhat taken aback by Shoutmon's eagerness to lick somewhere that Taiki thought could be dirty.

"This is what you need to do before having proper sex" explained Shoutmon, momentarily stopping his licking. "You do wanna have proper sex, right?" Taiki did want to have sex. Of all the people in his world or the Digital World he could lose his virginity with, he was glad it could be Shoutmon.

"Yeah!" Taiki exclaimed. "I do!"

This was all the confirmation Shoutmon needed. He gave a long lick up the length of Taiki's buttcrack, before focusing on his anus, swirling his tongue around in circles, slowly increasing the pressure. Taiki started to giggle, but his laugh soon gave way to a deep moan of pleasure. As Shoutmon licked and sucked at Taiki's ass, he used his hands to grope and spread Taiki's buttcheeks. Shoutmon pushed his tongue deeper and deeper. Taiki's ass was tight, but the more Shoutmon licked him, the more he relaxed. Taiki trusted Shoutmon, and knew that whatever he would do would feel good.

Suddenly, Shoutmon stopped licking. He positioned his tongue right at the entrance to Taiki's anus, and pushed. Taiki gasped as Shoutmon's thick tongue pressed past his anus. The Digimon's thick, viscous saliva provided plenty of lubrication, so his tongue hardly hurt Taiki at all. Shoutmon tentatively started to move his tongue left and right, and in little circles. He didn't want to stretch Taiki too much, lest he hurt him, but he did want to get him ready for what he had planned.

Taiki's head was spinning. He couldn't think straight. In this moment, he didn't care that they were imprisoned, he didn't care that they were fighting a war, to him, all that existed was himself and Shoutmon. Shoutmon's tongue inside his ass was completely overwhelming. He had never felt anything like this before. He loved the sensation. He loved Shoutmon. All the pain in his ass was gone, and it had given way to pleasure. As Shoutmon's tongue stretched his anus, he squeezed back, contracting the muscular ring around the Digimon's tongue. With every motion or wiggle of Shoutmon's tongue, Taiki's cock twitched and spurted more pre onto the floor below. It was too much.

"Ahhh... Shoutmon!" cried Taiki with a shaky moan, so loud that anyone in the corridor above would certainly have been able to hear it. Shoutmon withdrew his tongue, and gave Taiki a few kisses on his butt for good measure.

"I think you're ready, now wanna roll over onto your back again?" Shoutmon suggested. As Taiki turned so he faced upwards, Shoutmon gave his own hand a lick, and rubbed the saliva onto his still hard cock. Taiki drew his knees up, and separated his legs, exposing his ass to Shoutmon. Shoutmon knelt between Taiki's legs and placed a finger against his anus, just as he had done before.

"Ready?" asked Shoutmon, gazing down into Taiki's eyes.

"Ready." replied Taiki, giving a weak yet mischievous smile. Shoutmon smiled back.

"I'm gonna make you shout out loud Taiki" Shoutmon said as he pushed his finger into Taiki's ass. Taiki gasped. Shoutmon's finger felt a lot different from his tongue. It was smaller, and less slimy. It also tickled less. Shoutmon felt Taiki's ass clenching down on his finger. Taiki had his eyes closed and his brow furrowed, a clear sign he was enjoying the intense sensation. Shoutmon began to slowly move his finger in and out of Taiki's ass, which caused him to give slight whimpers. Shoutmon could only imagine what it felt like. He would need to get Taiki to finger him next time they were alone together.

Once he felt Taiki's anus relax a bit more, Shoutmon was sure he was ready. He moved forward a bit more, keeping his finger inside Taiki. He took his dick in his other hand, and started to rub the tip of his member between Taiki's buttcheeks. Rubbing the tip of his cock against Taiki's ass felt good enough in its own right, but that was just a warmup. Shoutmon positioned his cock so that it was parallel with his finger, right against Taiki's asshole, and pushed forward, pulling his finger out at the same time. As he fully withdrew his finger, his cock slipped inside, causing Taiki to moan loudly.

"You okay?" Shoutmon asked, looking at Taiki with some concern.

"Yeah, it's amazing" moaned Taiki with a nod, a look of utter euphoria on his face. Shoutmon leaned forward to get himself into a better position. He put his feet on the ground to brace himself. As he shifted his position around, his cock was pushed in and out of Taiki, causing him to gasp and moan. This caused Shoutmon to smile, they had hardly even started and Taiki was already loving it. He put his hands on Taiki's sides, and leaned forward. Suddenly, his foot slipped on the stone floor, and he fell down, landing on top of Taiki in a reversal of the position they had landed in when they fell into the cell.

Shoutmon regained his composure. He was slightly embarrassed at the slip up, but Taiki didn't seem to mind. Thanks to his short stature, Shoutmon's head was now pressed against Taiki's chest. He could feel his heart beating. It was fast, Taiki must have been really excited. Shoutmon braced his feet against the ground once more, and held Taiki's sides with his arms. Taiki wrapped his arms around Shoutmon, pulling him into a tight hug. Now that Shoutmon was sure he wasn't going to slip again, he pulled his hips back, and thrust them forward, driving his cock into Taiki's ass as deep as it could go.

Taiki gasped so loud it was practically a shout.The feeling of Shoutmon's cock driving into him, stretching his ass wider than it had ever been stretched before, sent a strong wave of pleasure throughout his body. Shoutmon withdrew his cock almost all the way out, and pushed it forward once more. This time, it felt less uncomfortable than the first time, but no less pleasurable and no less intense. As Shoutmon continued his slow, rhythmic thrusting, he kissed Taiki's chest. At first, he only gave a few long, slow kisses, but then began to speed up.

The feeling of Taiki's ass, squeezing Shoutmon's dick as he thrust his hips back and forth, driving his dick in and out of the human's butt felt so good Shoutmon couldn't help himself. He increased his speed, thrusting his hips faster, causing his tail to swing around wildly. At the same time, he peppered kisses all over Taiki's chest as fast as he could. Shoutmon was thrusting so fast that the pleasure in Taiki's butt was less a series of steady waves and now a constant stream. Every time Shoutmon thrust his hips forward, slapping his crotch against Taiki's butt, Taiki felt Shoutmon's cock scrape against his prostate. At the same time, Shoutmon's kisses all over his chest and nipples sent shivers all over his body, down his arms, spine, and even all the way down to his legs.

Both of these sensations combined was too much for Taiki to stand. His moans grew louder until you could hardly call them moans anymore. Shoutmon had certainly fulfilled his promise about making Taiki shout. He didn't even care if anyone heard him now. Kiriha, Nene, NeoVamdemon or even Bugramon himself could have been right above them, and he wouldn't have cared. Shoutmon was amazed he had been able to last this long. He was so pent up he felt like if he had masturbated, he wouldn't have been able to last five minutes, but somehow he had lasted all this time. He didn't feel like he would last very long now though. His cock was twitching, spurting pre into Taiki's ass, and if the wet patch he could feel on his belly was any indication, Taiki was just as close as he was.

Shoutmon eased up on the quick kisses he was planting on Taiki's chest. He looked up, and met Taiki's gaze. Shoutmon then stretched his back, getting as close to Taiki's face as he could. He reached out and put his hand on the back of Taiki's head, pulling him close. Shoutmon slowed his thrusting down as their lips met. Taiki lustfully pushed his tongue into Shoutmon's mouth. He kind of expected it to taste gross after Shoutmon had licked his butt, but to his surprise, it didn't. Taiki ran his tongue all around the inside of Shoutmon's mouth, feeling his sharp pointy teeth. It felt to alien to Taiki, so different to his own teeth. Shoutmon only fought back weakly with his own tongue, letting Taiki explore his mouth just as he had explored Taiki's before.

Shoutmon suddenly realised his thrusting had grown weak. He couldn't stop, not now they were both so close. He redoubled his efforts, thrusting faster than he had before. Taiki's hands ran up Shoutmon's back, holding the back of his head, kissing him as deeply and passionately as he could. Being held in place like this, having his mouth explored by Taiki's tongue, it made Shoutmon feel almost helpless, even though he was the one in control here. He liked the feeling. He would definitely have to experiment with Taiki in the future, but now was no time for planning, he was so close, he could feel his cock twitching.

Shoutmon gave one last hard thrust, as deep into Taiki as he could go. That was enough to push him over the edge. He moaned into Taiki's mouth as his cock twitched and spurted load after load of hot, slick cum into Taiki's ass. Shoutmon couldn't think straight, all he could feel was Taiki's tongue still exploring his mouth, and the pulses, the waves of pleasure emanating from his cock across his whole body. No orgasam he had ever had up to now had been powerful enough that he could feel it all over his body.

Feeling Shoutmon's cock twitching inside him and the Digimon's cum filling his ass was all Taiki needed to reach his own climax, although his dick rubbing between his and Shoutmon's bellies didn't hinder it. After only a few seconds of feeling Shoutmon's dick twitching inside him, Taiki came. He broke the kiss and let out what could only be described as a cross between a shaky gasp and a scream as his cock shot his cum all over his and Shoutmon's bellies. Shoutmon was still moving his hips back and forth, causing the cum to squish between them. As his cock twitched, so too did his butt contract and clench, squeezing Shoutmon's dick and milking out the last few drops of his cum

As both their climaxes subsided, Shoutmon lay on top of Taiki, his energy spent. Taiki held Shoutmon close. They didn't care about the cum that was squished between, they just lay there in each other's embrace as Shoutmon's dick grew soft and slipped out of Taiki. Neither of them spoke. They didn't need to. They just lay there, in each other's company, alone together. Some time passed. Neither of them were sure how long. Suddenly, they heard a noise from the discarded Wrister.

"Taiki? Taiki, can you hear me? I've found your Xros Loader." It was Kiriha. Presumably he had completed his battle and had gone to look for them, and had finally found where they had fallen. Taiki and Shoutmon immediately jumped up and started to search for their clothes.

"Roger that," Taiki spoke into the Wrister as he pulled up his shorts. "We need to get out of the way of the trapdoor. Wait for my word." He quickly pulled on his shirt, as Shoutmon picked up his armour and reattached it. Once the mad scramble was over, and they were both dressed, they huddled in the corner.

"Okay Kiriha, blast it open!" said Taiki into the Wrister. No sooner as he spoke, the ceiling above them fell down with an almighty crash. Greymon must have hit it pretty hard. Sparrowmon flew down after the rubble, and landed next to them. Nene stood on his back.

"Good to see you're okay!" said Nene, holding out her hand to Taiki, who was still huddled in the corner, holding Shoutmon in his arms. Taiki stood up and took Nene's hand, stepping onto Sparrowmon. He then pulled Shoutmon on after him. Nene handed Taiki his Xros Loader.

"Man, am I ever glad to get out of there!" said Taiki.

"Let's go find those Lopmons!" said Shoutmon, putting on his usual persona of bravado once more. Sparrowmon flew out of the dungeon and landed in the hall. Nene, Taiki, and Shoutmon hopped off Sparrowmon, and they continued down the hall of NeoVamdemon's castle, along with Kiriha and Greymon. Shoutmon and Taiki brought up the rear, walking together and holding hands tightly.