Shorty: Guilmon’s Snack

By Lazuli

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Warning: This story features masturbation, and involves a non human character. It also has foodplay. It's a thing!


Guilmon sat alone in Takato's room. His partner was at school, or maybe he was out researching at Hypnos. Guilmon didn't really know where he was, but he always found ways to amuse himself when he was left alone. He did kind of lament the fact he was unable to dig in Takato's house, but it was much nicer than the old hut in the park he used to sleep in. Guilmon was getting hungry, so he went downstairs to the bakery, and stepped into the kitchen where he was greeted by Takato's parents.

"Guilmon is hungry" said the red, lizard like Digimon. "Guilmon wants bread!" he continued, smiling and wagging his slithery tail.

"Okay Guilmon, here you go!" said Takato's father with a smile, and handed the Digimon two warm, fresh loaves of bread.

"Yay! Thank you!" said Guilmon happily. The Digimon walked to the fridge, and opened it, looking inside.

"Isn't the bread enough for you?" said Takato's mother to her son's Digimon with a chuckle. She had always thought Guilmon to be adorable.

"Guilmon wants this!" said the Digimon, grabbing two carrots out of the fridge and closing the door with his tail.

"Okay Guilmon, you can have those." said Takato's father. "Now can you go upstairs again? We wouldn't want you getting in the way and getting covered in flour and dough! Again..."

"Okay, Bye bye!" said Guilmon, waving with the hand that held the carrots. The Digimon left the kitchen, and walked back up the stairs to Takato's room. The Digimon sat down on the floor, and laid out his food in front of him. First, he picked up a carrot, and crunched it between his teeth. It didn't take him long to finished off the carrot, tip and all. Once he had swallowed it, he picked up one of the loaves of bread.

Guilmon bit the end off of the loaf of bread, and swallowed it. It must have just been removed from the oven, as it was still warm, soft, and delicious. He reached his hand into the loaf, and pulled out some of the white fluffy bread from inside, and popped it into his mouth. It was even nicer than the crust! Guilmon continued to pull the bread out of the loaf and eat it until the outer crust of the bread was nothing but an empty shell. Guilmon bit into the shell, and started to eat it. It didn't take him long to finish the whole rest of the loaf.

The Digimon picked up the other carrot, and instead of stuffing it in his mouth, he examined it. It was pretty long, and felt hard. It gave Guilmon an idea. Takato had recently taught Guilmon about playing with himself, and advised him to try it sometime when his tamer was away. Guilmon thought this might be a good way to try, because his claws were not very conducive to masturbation. However Guilmon knew carrots might be dirty, and it was not a good idea to put anything dirty down there. Guilmon set down the carrot, and stood up. He opened the top drawer of Takato's bedside table, and pushed some items aside to reveal a box of condoms, and a bottle of lube that him and Takato would use when they played special games together. Guilmon picked up a condom and the lubricant, and sat down in the middle of the room again.

Guilmon carefully tore open the condom's wrapper. He had watched Takato do it plenty of times, so he knew what he was doing. He pulled the condom out, and slid it down the carrot, covering the orange vegetable in a thin layer of rubber. The Digimon then picked up the bottle of lubricant, and squirted some onto the carrot. He set down the bottle again, and started to stroke the carrot with his hand. Takato had told him many times how important lubrication was, and Takato always knew best. The carrot was hard and unyielding, it wasn't very fun to stroke, but Guilmon just closed his eyes and imagined he was playing with Takato instead. As soon as the carrot was sufficiently lubricated, Guilmon lay down on his back with his legs up in the air, his slit and rump clearly exposed, and placed the carrot against his anus, and started to rub.

It felt nice, not as nice as when Takato rubbed him there, but Guilmon still liked it. He slid the carrot forward so it pushed its way past the entrance to his muscular ring, causing him to gasp slightly. Guilmon made little moaning and whimpering sounds as he slid the carrot deeper. It was a pretty big carrot, bigger even than Takato, so it was stretching Guilmon's butt a little more than he was used to. Once he had gotten it in as deep as he could think he could take it, the Digimon grabbed it with his claws, and started to pump it in and out. It was not as good as when Takato would fuck him, but it did have a certain appeal. Guilmon used the hand that wasn't pumping the carrot in and out to rub his slit.

Thanks to the stimulation in his butt, he was pretty turned on already, so it didn't take much for his tapered, reptilian cock to emerge from his sheath. Guilmon rubbed his cock with the palm of his hand as it hardened, but he couldn't get a good grip without wrapping his claws around his dick, and his claws were sharp, so he couldn't get a good grip without hurting himself slightly. Suddenly, Guilmon remembered just how warm and soft the bread he had just eaten was. He let go of the carrot, leaving it poking half way out of his butt, and reached over to grab the other loaf of bread.

Without moving from the position he was in, he bit the end off of the loaf of bread, and swallowed it, revealing the still warm fluffy innards. He stuck his hand that wasn't covered in lube into the bread, and pulled some of it out, creating a tunnel in the middle of the loaf. After he had eaten the bread he had pulled out, he took his cock in his hand, and with the other hand, stuck the loaf of bread onto his erect dick. He had not made the hole as wide as his cock was thick, so he felt the bread get pushed out of the way as he stuck his dick in it. It felt good, better than using his own hands. He started to pump his hand up and down, stroking himself with the bread.

Guilmon started to give little moans as he stroked his cock. The pleasure caused his butt to clench, and the carrot to slide out, so with his other hand, he pushed it back in and started to pump it once more. He worked the bread and the carrot in rhythm, drawing the bread up and the carrot out, then pushing the bread down and the carrot in at the same rate. It felt amazing, the carrot stretching him wide and the bread embracing his cock. Guilmon closed his eyes, and imagined that he was playing with his beloved tamer. He imagined that the carrot was Takato's dick, and that the bread was Takato's butt, and that he was pleasuring his partner in both ways at once, something which in reality would have been physically impossible. Guilmon felt the familiar sensation of pleasure building in his cock, and it was only accentuated by the feeling of the slick carrot sliding in and out of his rear.

"Ahhhh..... Takato...." moaned Guilmon quietly. He could feel his penis starting to throb, and his butt starting to clench around the carrot, stimulating himself in both ways like this was too much for the digimon to handle. His dick shot spurts of his hot cum into the now flattened bread, making it soggy. Guilmon could only moan as he felt his cock twitch and throb and his his anus rhythmically contract. It felt almost as good as when Takato would make him cum.

Guilmon lay there, the bread still covering his cock, and the carrot still sticking a little way into his anus. Guilmon sat up, which caused the carrot to slip out the rest of the way. The Digimon pulled the bread off his cock, which was now getting soft again. His dick was pretty messy, it was covered in cum and breadcrumbs. Guilmon was still a bit hungry, and he had swallowed Takato's cum before, a bit of his own was no big deal, why let the bread go to waste? He took a bite out of the now slightly soggy bread that had a rather large hole punched down the middle of it. It was not nearly as good as the fresh bread he had eaten shortly before, but it was still bread, and Guilmon liked it. It didn't take him long to finish off the whole cum filled loaf.

Guilmon could still feel the carrot he was sitting on poking at his butt. He reached down, picked it up, and removed the lube covered condom, which he set on the floor next to him. Guilmon saw no reason why he shouldn't eat it, he had used a condom so it wasn't dirty! He took a bite out if it. While the other carrot had been cool from being in the fridge, this one had been brought up to Guilmon's body heat. He thought it was nicer than the cool one.

Guilmon finished off the carrot, put the lube away, and put the condom and its wrapper in the bin. He tucked his now flaccid dick away in his slit, and looked around the room for something else to do.