Shorty: Agumon's Hypnosis

By Lazuli

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Warning: This story contains hypnosis and masturbation.


A group of Digimon sat in an empty classroom at the school of the former Chosen Children. It was the school's Digimon club. All twelve of the familiar Chosen Digimon were there, as well as several others that had found human partners and come to the human world since the defeat of Vamdemon. The Digimon would often come here to spend time with their own kind while their human partners were studying. They would eat, play, talk, socialize, and sometimes even fight for training purposes, there was often an awful lot of bragging.

"And that's why no one could ever best me in a fight!" bragged Tailmon to several of the other Digimon. "Not only am I an Adult Level, but my move, Cats Eye Hypnotism can make any Digimon stop dead in their tracks before the fight even begins!" The other Digimon looked on in awe, most of them did not have the focus required to stay in their adult level form all the time, but one Digimon was not impressed.

"Oh yeah?" said V-mon. "Even if you are an Adult Level, without your holy ring you're not even as strong as an Armour Level! I could kick your ass, hypnotism or no!" the blue dragon like Digimon challenged.

"Wanna bet on it?" asked Tailmon, cockily. "In fact, I don't need to bet! I could hypnotise you into doing anything I want!"

"Just try it!" said V-mon. "I can take anything you can throw at me!" Digimon needed to fight to be able to evolve, so small scuffles were common, but it was all in good fun, and they hardly got hurt at all.

"Cats Eye Hypnosis!" cried Tailmon, staring into V-mon's eyes. The little dragon laughed.

"Is that it?" said V-mon. He clearly wasn't impressed. "I can feel my brain turning into mushy jelly as we speak." he continued, sarcastically. Little did the cat like Digimon know, Agumon had been walking behind V-mon and had caught her eye at the exact moment she had tried to hypnotise the dragon. Agumon was now standing still, with a glazed look in his eyes.

"Hmm, I wonder why it didn't work? Maybe it's because Cats Eye Hypnotism brings hidden desires to the surface, and you don't have any hidden desires. You're just like Daisuke, about as deep as a puddle and thick as a fucking brick!" laughed Tailmon. Veemon turned away from Tailmon, feeling somewhat hurt by the cat Digimon's insult, he walked away and sat down next to Wormmon. Nothing like some time with his boyfriend to really cheer him up.

Suddenly, Agumon started to move, something about what Tailmon had said must have triggered something in his brain. The orange dinosaur like Digimon sat down on the floor, and spread his legs, his eyes still glazed and distant, Agumon reached down with his hand and started to rub his crotch.

"Oh Taichi..." murmured the dinosaur, slipping his hand into the pouch that protected his genitals, and pulling out his penis. "Oh Taichi you're so big! Harder! Deeper!" moaned Agumon, slightly louder this time, causing some heads to turn. Agumon moved his hand rather quickly up and down his shaft, pulling his foreskin back and forth, and stroking his humanoid penis.

"Fuck me harder Taichi, fuck me!" moaned Agumon as he sat in the middle of the room, masturbating furiously. "Cum inside me Taichi, make me your little Agu-Bitch!". Tentomon fluttered over to Agumon, and looked into his eyes.

"Agumon, what's gotten into you?" said the bug like Digimon, concern evident in his voice. Tentomon looked around the room, and spotted Tailmon. "Tailmon, did you do this?" asked the bug. Tailmon was well aware of what was going on, and as just as horrified as the rest of the Digimon in the room, who were now all staring at the exposed dinosaur.

"Umm.. I might have... I tried to hypnotise V-mon just now, I might have got Agumon by accident" said Tailmon, sheepishly.

"Well hurry up and snap him out of it before he makes a mess!" cried Tentomon, an urgent tone in his voice.

"Okay, I'll try!" said Tailmon. She stood in front of Agumon, and looked him in his glazed eyes. "Agumon, when I flick you with my tail, you will no longer be hypnotised." As soon as she had finished speaking, she moved her tail around and poked Agumon on the nose. The dinosaur like Digimon went limp, and then looked around, his hard cock still on display.

"Uuh... What was I just doing?" said Agumon, looking around at all the shocked and horrified Digimon's faces.

"Agumon! Cover yourself!" said Tentomon. Agumon looked down, and saw he was exposed. He quickly scrambled to tuck his dick away in his pouch once more.

"What the hell, Tailmon?" cried Agumon, indignantly. "You owe me big for this! Who knows when I will be able to show my face here again?"

Tailmon could only laugh, and was soon joined by all the other Digimon in the room. Not even Agumon could help it after a few seconds, and laughed with them. If he thought about it, what happened had been pretty funny.