Let the Bed Bug Bite

By Lazuli

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This story contains gay sex and minor kinkyness between a human who may be underage and a weird insectoid alien Digimon thing. If this is not to your taste, you are under no obligation to read it. Consider yourself warned.


Tentomon knocked on the door to Koshiro’s room, then reached up to turn the doorknob and pushed the door open, he stepped into the room. He was pulling a rather large cardboard box behind him. “Koshiro-han, I have a surprise for you! I think you’re going to like it!”

Koshiro turned around from his computer, and eyed Tentomon as he entered the room, he noticed the insect Digimon’s antennae were twitching nervously. Tentomon’s face wasn’t capable of making expressions, but the two had been together so long that the teen could pretty accurately read his partner’s emotions, and he knew right now, that if he could blush, his face would be bright red. “Let me guess” the teen said, smirking, his face slowly reddening, pretty embarrassed himself. “It’s the sex stuff you ordered online recently.”

“Wh-what? Koshiro-han, how did you know?” he exclaimed loudly, his antennae pointing straight up in the air, taken aback by his partner’s forwardness. “It was supposed to be a surprise!”

With a giggle, Koshiro stood up. He grabbed a pocket knife from one of his desk drawers, and walked over to Tentomon. “Next time you order something online and want it to be a surprise, Don’t use my debit card, and delete your browsing history.” He unfolded the knife and offered it to Tentomon. “Now, would you like to do the honours?”


Koshiro had been having strange feelings about Tentomon recently. Sure, he loved him, all the Chosen Children loved their Digimon, and he was no different, but as he was getting older, he had started to see Tentomon differently. He would often catch himself staring at the insect when he thought he couldn’t see, and he would nearly always get hard when they slept together or took baths together, as it was not uncommon for people and their Digimon partners to do. His mind often wandered to thoughts of himself and Tentomon, and the kind of things they could do together, and then there was the dreams… They had started to have them more often, and they nearly always ended the same way, and that usually resulted in him having to get up and find fresh clothes while trying not to wake his Digimon.

He thought he could never tell Tentomon. He didn’t know how the Digimon would react. What if he thought he was a pervert for even suggesting it? What if he didn’t want to be his Digimon anymore? What if he was functionally asexual and had no idea what he was talking about? No, he thought he should just go on, and try to ignore the feelings he had for his Digimon partner.

Until one day, that all changed.

Tentomon knew. Of course he did. His field of vision was much wider than Koshiro’s, having the compound eyes on an insect, he often saw the teen staring at him in a way he hadn’t before.. In the past, when Koshiro was younger and they would take baths together, he had no problem with helping to wash Tentomon, and having Tentomon wash him. He thought nothing of it. More recently though, Koshiro had become much quieter at bath time, preferring to clean himself, and avoiding touching the insect, with a raging erection the whole time. At night, Koshiro getting up would wake the insect, he knew why. He had a very strong sense of smell, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to embarrass his partner. Tentomon wasn’t stupid, he knew about puberty, and he knew what was up. Tentomon had decided to do something about it.

What could he do? He didn’t want Koshiro to go on like this, he wanted his partner to be happy. After thinking about it long and hard, he decided to just go for it. He knew that the teen would enjoy it, and it would bring them closer together. They had been growing more distant recently,

A few weeks ago, when Tentomon got into bed with Koshiro, as they normally did, he had began to cuddle up. Koshiro thought it was too good to be true, his Digimon had never been this affectionate before. That night, Tentomon told Koshiro that he knew everything. It wasn’t easy at all, and it was very embarrassing for both of them, but as soon as everything was out in the open, they both felt much better for it. After that, they decided to do something about their feelings, and that night, some of Koshiro’s dreams and fantasies about Tentomon came true. In the days and weeks after, they had experimented in different ways, and Koshiro had confided in Tentomon some of his secret desires and kinks. He normally would never have told anyone things like this, but he had grown to trust his Digimon partner deeply and completely.


Tentomon used the knife to slit open the tape on top of the box and pulled it open. Inside, it was full of packing peanuts. The insect reached in with all four of his arms, and started to rummage around. The first thing he pulled out was a bottle of lube. He set it on Koshiro’s desk.

“You mean… You want to do it in the butt?” he asked the Digimon, his face slowly becoming even redder..

“Well, yes, isn’t that what you said you wanted Koshiro-han?” said Tentomon as he pulled out a small cardboard box and handed it to Koshiro. The teen opened the box, and his eyes widened as he pulled out a pair of high quality leather cuffs, and there was another pair at the bottom of the box

“Do you think… Do you think we could use these tonight?” asked Koshiro, his face bright red, his heart fluttering, and his boxers considerably tighter than normal.

“Sure, Koshiro-han, anything for you” replied Tentomon, the tone of his voice made it clear to the teen that he was smiling. “Lets just unpack the rest of this stuff first.”


That evening, all the contents of the package were packed away neatly in a nice, wooden “toy” box that Tentomon had ordered along with the toys, and stashed under Koshiro’s bed. They had taken the box the toys had been delivered in out of the apartment building and put it by the bins. Koshiro was very glad his parents had been out at work so he didn’t have to make up any false pretense about the packages contents, even if it was addressed to Tentomon.

After Koshiro was certain both of his parents were in bed, and reasonably sure they were asleep, he stood up from his computer and sat down next to Tentomon, who was sitting on his bed. He placed a hand on the back of the insects hard shell and rubbed. “Well, shall we do… You know…  the thing?”

Tentomon nodded, and without a word, hopped down off the bed and pulled the ornate wooden box out from underneath. Out of the box he pulled the four cuffs, an assortment of straps, and the bottle of lube, leaving several other items in the box. “Just sit back and relax, Koshiro-Han, let me do all the work.”

Koshiro’s heart almost skipped a beat, he loved it when Tentomon took charge and told him what to do, he was about to turn over control of his body to the insect, letting him take charge even more than normal. He pulled off his shirt and trousers, leaving his boxers on which by now were a tight tent. He sat back on his bed. Tentomon fluttered up, and stood in front of him. “Put your hands out” he ordered. Koshiro obeyed and presented his arms to the Digimon.

Tentomon strapped the velcro cuffs tightly around Koshiro’s wrists. He then grabbed the teen’s boxers, and slowly started to pull them down. Koshiro, remained motionless, except a slight lift of his hips to ease the removal of his underwear. He gave a short gasp as Tentomon grabbed his penis, and moved it out of the way so he could properly lower his boxers, and threw them to the floor.

“Now, lie down, Koshiro-han” said Tentomon, getting into the dominant role as much as possible. Koshiro obeyed, and lay back, with his hands behind his head. He had a fair idea of what the Digimon was planning, after all, he had requested it. Tentomon fluttered forward, and landed on Koshiro’s chest, straddling him, his crotch almost in Koshiro’s face. The teen eyed the slit between the insects legs. He wanted to reach in there and touch what was contained within, but his hands were currently under Tentomon’s control. The Digimon had fastened a strap to each side of Koshiro’s bedframe, and he was in the process of fastening the other end of each strap to the cuffs on Koshiro’s arms, and pulling them tight, pulling his arms up behind his head. Koshiro felt exposed. He knew Tentomon could do whatever he wanted to him, and he loved the thought, squirming in anticipation of what was yet to come.

The insect looked up at his trainer. “Well, lets get you warmed up, shall we?” He was fully aware, of course, that Koshiro was already completely aroused, his dick was rock hard and at it’s full length, sticking upwards from his crotch. The teen giggled nervously “Y- Yeah… Lets do it!” He thought he had a pretty good idea of exactly what Tentomon was planning, considering how helpless he was.

Tentomon moved upwards, and lay down on top of Koshiro, pressing their crotches together, Koshiro gasped as he felt his penis press against Tentomon’s slit, but forgot about that sensation entirely and gasped harder as his partner started rubbing at his chest with his four arms. “Ahh.. Tentomon..” he gasped. “That... tickles… hehehe”. Koshiro was quite sensitive. Any time Tentomon would start touching him, he would start laughing and try to protect himself with his arms so it wouldn’t get too intense for him. Now, however, he had no way to protect himself, and he started to giggle.

“N-not so much, Tentomon, you’re going to wake my parents!” he managed to get out between guffaws. Tentomon paid no attention to his comment, and started to run a weak electrical current through his hands, making Koshiro’s skin tingle. He separated his mandibles, and stick out his wide, rubbery tongue, and started to give long licks up Koshiro’s chest, teasing his nipples a little. He pushed his crotch forward, rubbing his slit against his partner’s erect cock, which caused Tentomon’s own length to start to grow and slide out. He thrust his hips back and forth, rubbing their lengths together, Tentomon’s slimy pre covering his partner’s crotch.  All the while, the insect was running a pair of hands over Koshiro’s stomach, and another pair sneaked their way down to the teen’s sides.

The teen liked to be touched by his Digimon, and he even liked electrostimulation a bit, he loved the feeling of the hard rubbery hands, running their way all over his body, there was a certain softness in the touch, however once the electricity started, he panted and gasped as the prickling tingling sensation ran through his skin. When the insect started licking, he whimpered “T-Tentomon.. Ahh.. It’s too much” he gave loud moans and squirmed around, trying to escape the tortuous ministrations of his partner. As Tentomon’s hands snuck their way down to his sides, and shocked him there, he started to let out a scream, the feeling was just too intense for him. He bucked around and tried to get away, but before he could escape, his screaming was muffled by Tentomon’s tongue sliding it’s way into his mouth.

The wide, wet, slimy appendage pushed its way passed his lips, and started to explore his mouth. This wasn’t the first time they had kissed, of course, but it still felt just as intense and just as alien to have Tentomon’s tongue, which was much bigger than a human’s explore his mouth. Koshiro had never kissed a human before, but he imagined it must be entirely different to this. Thankfully, the kissing had caused Tentomon to mostly forget about tickle torture he was subjecting his tamer to, but he did electrify his tongue slightly, which made kissing him have a strange sensation for Koshiro, feeling almost like popping candy. The teen closed his eyes and moaned deeply as the insect kissed him roughly and sloppily, he felt the sides of Tentomon’s hard mandibles scraping at his cheek. He sometimes liked to imagine that Tentomon was like an alien, in a way he was, and that his large mouth was somehow trying to eat his whole face. That thought just served to turn him on even more. He had no idea why, now was not the time to question it.

After some time, Tentomon broke the kiss, and moved back to straddle his partner, rubbing their crotches together ones more. Koshiro lay there, panting, his face and neck covered in the insects thick, slimy drool. “Looks like I’ve made quite a mess. Here, let me clear that up for you, Koshiro-han.” The insect leaned down once more and started to lick all over Koshiro’s face, the teen shut his eyes and grimaced as the sloppy drool was licked up, leaving him just slightly damp. Tentomon then moved lower, and started to lick at his neck. This never failed to get Koshiro going, he felt a pleasant tingling sensation in his neck, and it started to spread, moving to his chest, then to his arms and legs, making his body tingle all over. Tentomon must have been using the electricity again. “Ahh… Tento-sama, don’t stop! Please!” Tentomon was a bit taken aback by the honorific, Koshiro had never called him his master before, the boy was being really submissive. Tentomon kind of liked it!

He redoubled his efforts, moving to the other side of his partners neck. He clamped down with his mandibles to pinch the skin, and upped the voltage in his tongue a bit, meanwhile he placed two of his hands on Koshiro’s nipples, and started to shock them with a bit more static electricity. All this was too much for Koshiro, it was like a sensory overload, if they kept this up much longer, he felt he might pass out.

“Ahh… AHH!” he started to scream. “Tento-Sama, please, stop! I can’t take anymore!” Tentomon reluctantly pulled away. “Ok, Koshiro-han.” He was a little disappointed, but he had to respect his partner’s wishes. He lay on top of the human and hugged him tightly and let him get his breath back. After a few minutes, Koshiro spoke. “I think… I think I’m ready for you to do me in the butt now. I’ve been waiting for it for so long, just promise to be slow and careful, ok Tento-Sama?” he asked, playing right into the submissive role. He had first said “-sama” by accident, but Tentomon didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so he had decided to roll with it. He did find it hot addressing his partner that way.

“Ok Koshiro-han” said Tentomon as he fluttered off the bed. He walked over to Koshiro’s computer chair and grabbed the cushions off it, and walked over to the bed again. “Please raise your hips”. Koshiro did as he was asked, and Tentomon pushed the cushions under his hips. The cushions raised his hips just high enough to bring them in line with Tentomon’s crotch when he was standing up. He jumped back onto the bed. “Now raise your legs.” he demanded. Again, Koshiro did as he was told. His dick and anus were now completely exposed. His penis was covered in pre, though most of it was probably Tentomon’s. He noticed the insect’s cock had escaped from it’s slit. It was nearly completely hard, and about five inches in length. It was grey in colour, and had a bulged shape. It got a bit thicker as it went up, but then tapered off to nearly a point at the tip.

Tentomon picked up the bottle of lube that had been absentmindedly placed on the bed earlier. He squirted a generous amount onto one of his hands. With two of his hands, he spread Koshiro’s butt cheeks and looked at the boy’s puckered hole. Although he wouldn’t admit it, he had been looking forward to this as much as Koshiro had. He reached down and carefully placed his lube covered fingers against Koshiro’s hole. “Ahh! Be careful! It’s cold!” Koshiro whimpered. Tentomon slowed down, gently rubbing the outside of the muscular ring, waiting for his partner to relax. He dropped the bottle he had been holding and reached up to grab Koshiro’s dick and started to pump his hand up and down, hoping this would help the teen to relax. He slowly peeled back the foreskin, to reveal the head, which was covered in pre from their previous activities. Tentomon opened his mandibles once more, and started to lick the head of his partner’s cock. Koshiro whimpered at the sudden intense sensation, and as Tentomon licked, he pushed one of his thick, claw like fingers into Koshiro’s rear.

 This elected a loud moan from the teen. He couldn’t believe how good it felt. He had tried fingering himself before, but he had nothing to use as lube so he didn’t have much luck. He wouldn’t let Tentomon anywhere near his butt without proper preparation and lubrication! Trying it with his own fingers had hurt enough, he didn’t want to imagine what going dry with Tentomon would be like. Before now, Koshiro and his Digimon had tried several different activities, like kissing, touching each other, and on their more adventurous evenings, even oral. Koshiro didn’t much care for the taste of internal digi-cock, but Tentomon would happily suck on his partner until he would cum. Koshiro adored the sensation, and now was no different, the feeling of his partner’s tongue on his cock, and his finger filling up his tight, virgin ass, it was indescribable. It felt more intimate than anything they had tried before now. Tentomon’s finger pushed deeper and deeper, stretching him rather wide. Tentomon’s finger was shorter than that of a human, but much thicker. It hurt slightly, but the pleasure was so intense that he soon stopped caring about the pain.

“Ahh, yes, Tento-sama, deeper, harder” gasped Koshiro as he pumped his hips up, trying to push his cock deeper into the insects wide mouth. Tentomon sucked and licked around his partner’s glans, tasting precum. He suddenly felt the teen’s cock twitch slightly and shoot out more pre, clearly he was on the verge of cumming. “Not yet!” thought Tentomon. “We’ve hardly even started yet”. Tentomon pulled his mouth off Koshiro’s glans, and rolled Koshiro’s foreskin back up. He pulled his finger out of the teen’s ass, leaving him streched slightly looser than before. Hopefully it would be enough.

“Ahh.. Tentomon… Why’d you stop?” asked Koshiro. “Well, we still haven't ‘done it in the butt’ yet. Isn’t that what you said you wanted Koshiro-han?” he stated matter-of-factly, looking up between the teen’s legs to meet his gaze. “Are you ready, ” Koshiro had hardly heard him,  still focused on all the new feelings he had experienced under the insects ministrations. He soon came back to his senses and managed to reply. “Uhh… Yeah… Go ahead” he said quietly.

Tentomon grabbed the bottle of lube once again and squirted a generous amount onto his hands. There was plenty already, but you really never can have enough.  He reached down, and grabbed his now completely erect shaft and started to rub the lube all over it. Koshiro took this time to get his breath back, and anticipate what was yet to come. Tentomon used his two lower hands to stroke himself, until he was dripping with lube. He leaned forward, and used his lower two arms to spread Koshiro’s ass once more and pushed his five and a half inch shaft between the cheeks, and started to hump, rubbing up and down the outside of the hole.

“Ahhh… T-Tento...” moaned Koshiro, getting lost in the heat of the moment once again as he felt the insect’s cock press on the outside of his asshole, and suddenly gasped as he felt one of the insects fingers slip inside him just as it had before. It didn’t stretch him nearly as much this time, but he still had to bite his lip to stop himself from moaning too loudly. Tentomon had his finger in up to the knuckle, if he had knuckles at all, neither of them were really sure, His hands were not easily comparable to that of a human. He grabbed his cock with the other hand and lined it up with the finger that was still buried in the teen, and slowly pulled the finger out as he pushed his cock forward. As his finger slid out, his cock slowly slid in, pushing past the muscular ring, inch by inch.

Koshiro grimaced as he felt Tentomon’s cock push into him, it hurt, but his partner was being very slow and considerate, taking  the utmost care not to hurt the human. The Digimon pushed his hips all the way forward, hilting his shaft inside the teen’s ass.

Gently, he drew his hips back, and then pushed forward again, slightly increasing his speed. “Is this ok, Koshiro-han?” he asked, the concern evident in his voice. Koshiro’s eyes were closed, overwhelmed at the sensation of Tentomon’s length filling him up and stretching him out. Tentomon’s cock was much bigger than either the human’s or the insect’s fingers, and while it may have been considered average size by human standards, it was plenty big enough for Koshiro. Once he got used to the overwhelming sensation of being penetrated for the first time,  he managed to give a reply.

“Yes… Yes, it’s perfect Tento-sama. Please go faster” the teen was practically begging at this point, and he was trying  to talk dirty, no doubt emulating certain videos he and Tentomon had spent nights watching together. The Digimon was happy to oblige and started to pump his hips  faster, thrusting his slick cock in and out of the teen’s butt.

As he moved his hips back and forth, and used his lower pair of arms to spread his partner’s butt, he noticed Koshiro’s cock standing straight up and practically begging for attention. Using is upper pair of arms, he grabbed the teen’s cock, and slowly started to pump his hands up and down the shaft in time with his thrusts. This caused Koshiro to let out a moan, and try to squirm against his restraints. The insect pumped a little faster, feeling his cock twitch slightly in Koshiro’s ass as his climax approached.

Determined to make their orgasams simultaneous, Tentomon pulled back Koshiro’s foreskin, and placed his mouth over the teen’s cock once more. The insect  had a rather large mouth, much larger than a human’s, so he managed to fit the teen’s whole cock inside. Koshiro gasped, the feeling of the insects slimy tongue sliding all over his cock and licking up his pre, combined with the rhythmic thrusts slowly increasing speed in his no longer sore ass was sending shivers and waves of pleasure all over his body. No amount of fooling around with Tentomon before now could even come close to what he was feeling right now.

Tentomon was thrusting as fast as he could, but he thought he could do better. He opened his shell, and started to quickly flap his wings, pushing himself forward and backward past the muscular ring of Koshiro’s anus even faster now, and causing the Digimon’s whole body to vibrate. He felt the muscles of Koshiro’s anus start to contract around his dick, and the teen’s penis start to throb slightly in his mouth, shooting out more pre which the insect diligently licked up.

“Ahh.. Tento-sama, I’m so close… could you..” Koshiro’s whimpered words were cut short, as Tentomon pulled his mouth off the teen’s shaft, and grabbed it  with two of his hands. Even though his mouth was no longer pleasuring his partner’s cock, the vibrations running through his hands were no less strong. Tentomon started sending more small jolts of static electricity through his four hands, onto Koshiro’s penis and buttcheeks. He would have used his cock to shock the teen’s prostate too, but for some reason, his electrical power didn’t spread to his penis. He could probably have his partner look over his code later to try and remedy that, and who knows what other modifications could be made!

Koshiro screamed and gasped as the prickly sensation of the static electricity stimulated his most sensitive zones, and the tingling from them was quickly spreading all over his body. Tentomon suddenly felt the teen’s ass contract around his length, and his partner’s rock hard cock, still in his hands, began pulsing as Koshiro reached his climax, cum covering his stomach and chest. The teen shut his eyes and bit his lip,trying to keep himself quiet, he still didn’t want to wake his parents, but for all he knew it was already too late. The pulsing in his partner’s ass was too much for Tentomon. His thrusts became erratic, and he forgot all about flapping his wings and shocking his partner as he reached his climax. He thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock all the way in as it shot wave after wave of his seed inside his partner’s ass. The warm, slick feeling of being filled up by his partner’s hot cum felt wonderful, like nothing the teen had ever experienced before. As both their orgasams subsided, they lay there, relaxing after the wonderful new experience as feeling Tentomon’s cock begin to soften inside Koshiro.

After the insect had got his breath back, he slowly pulled his cock out of his partner, the feeling still causing the sensitive teen to gasp a little, leaving his now loosened hole leaking out a little bit of the Tentomon’s cum. He looked up at his partner, whose stomach was covered in his own cum with some of it going even as high as his chest. “Did you enjoy that, Koshiro-han? Was it good?” the insect asked, genuinely hoping his partner had enjoyed the experience.

Koshiro opened his eyes and looked at the insect, and gave a smile. “Yeah, Tentomon. I loved it. You were wonderful.” Tentomon smiled using his antennae, glad his partner had enjoyed it as much as he did. ”Oh by the way, I think I’m ready to be untied now.” added Koshiro. Tentomon hovered off the bed. Grabbing a towel from the radiator, he used it to wipe any remaining lube and cum off his hands and cock. He then fluttered back to the bed, bringing the towel with him. He unclipped the straps which had been restraining his partner from the cuffs around teen’s wrists. Koshiro probably could have done it himself, they weren't exactly the tightest or most secure, but he still liked letting Tentomon do it, still giving him control.

Koshiro sat up, and pulled the cuffs off his wrists. Tentomon handed him the towel, and he used it to wipe the cum off his chest and any mess that remained between his buttcheeks. He threw the towel onto the floor, to be picked up and washed tomorrow. He pulled back his blanket, and got into bed, not even bothering to put on pajamas. He held the covers back, inviting Tentomon in.

Tentomon slipped under the blanket with Koshiro. They lay in a spooning position, with the teen behind the Digimon. The spikes on Tentomon’s shell weren't particularly pointy, so spooning him from behind wasn’t that uncomfortable. If it got uncomfortable they could always stick a pillow in the middle. Koshiro hugged the little insect close, and gave him a kiss on the top of the head. “Mmm… Tentomon” he whispered. “I love you.” This caused both of their hearts to flutter, no matter how many times either of them said it, it still felt special. It would never stop being special. “I love you too, Koshiro-han” replied Tentomon quietly. Nothing more needed to be said. Koshiro hugged Tentomon closely as drifted off to sleep together.