Ken’s Remorse

By Lazuli

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Warning: This story contains sex and kinkyness between a human teenager and an insect. The kinkyness is consensual, but it gets intense. It’s like sadomasochism and stuff. If that’s not your thing, you have been warned! But don’t worry, the rest of the story is super cute.


Ken Ichijouji stepped into his apartment. He was tired out after a long day of school. He opened the door of his bedroom, and saw his Digimon Partner sitting on his desk. “Hi Wormmon.” said Ken, walking over to greet him. Wormmon turned around and his eyes lit up.

“Ken-chan!” he exclaimed, jumping up at the human. Not taken by surprise at all by his partner’s sudden glomp, Ken reached out and caught the caterpillar. He looked down at the insect in his arms, and gave him a hug.

“Did you miss me?” asked Ken.

“Of course I did, Ken-chan!” replied Wormmon. “But you’re back now, and thats all that matters” said the insect, nuzzling into his partner’s chest. Ken sat down at his desk, and placed Wormmon back on it.

“You don’t need to stay in my room all day anymore you know! Digimon are becoming more common, you can’t walk down the street without seeing one!” said Ken. This was true, in the several years since their adventures in the Digital World, more and more children were receiving digimon. By now, the Digital World’s existence was common knowledge, and it was well known that once a child received a digivice, they would then make a trip to the Digital World to find their partner.

“Lots of people bring their Digimon to school. Sure, they’re not allowed in the classes, but the’re allowed to hang out in the yard,” Ken continued. “When was the last time you spent time with another Digimon?” Wormmon pondered this question. It sure had been a while, most of his life had been spending time with Ken recently. It would be nice to spend more time with his own kind.

“Maybe, Ken-chan...” replied the caterpillar. “I’d like to try it. Can you take me with you tomorrow?” Ken smiled and patted Wormmon on the head. “Of course, Wormmon, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to go back.”

Ken slouched back in his chair and gave a stretch. His muscles were stiff and sore. Once he lost his Dark Seed, his physical and intellectual prowess and decreased significantly. He didn’t mind though, he’d rather be himself, be kind, than be the person he had been back then. Even though he was now not as fit or as smart as he once was, he hadn’t given up. He had continued to study diligently in school, getting mostly straight A’s, and he had also continued his soccer training, and he would run to and from school every day. He had to be in top physical and intellectual condition if he was going to become a police officer some day. That day, his school’s team had played a soccer match against Daisuke’s school. Ken had always admired Daisuke, they were Jogress partners after all. He had considered him his rival on the football field since they first met. The game had been intense, but Ken had managed to score the winning goal in the final minutes. The match had left Ken covered in sweat, dirt, and grass stains, and aching all over. He had to do something about that.

“Hey, Wormmon” said Ken, sitting up and looking at his partner once more. “I’m gonna take a shower and a bath. I need to wash and relax. You interested?” The digimon practically jumped at the offer. “Of course, Ken-chan. I’d love to!”

Ken scooped up his Digimon, and made his way to the bathroom with Wormmon nestled in his arms. It was a japanese style wet room, as was not uncommon in Tokyo apartments. It contained an open shower with a chair made of teak wood, and a large, tiled bath tub. Ken pulled the shower stool out from the wall, and placed Wormmon upon it. The teenager pulled off his shirt, exposing his lithe, skinny, and slightly toned body. The digimon eyed his partner, and started to blush. Being naked in front of Wormmon was a non issue to Ken, so he pulled off his shorts without any hesitation or embarrassment and tossed his clothes in the laundry basket.

Wormmon’s blush intensified, his eyes were fixed on Ken’s flaccid cock, but his gaze was soon broken as Ken kneeled down in front of the caterpillars perch, and placed a hand on his back. “Let’s get you cleaned up first, shall we?” said Ken with a smile. Wormmon nodded, his green face reddening further, and he had lips, he would have a wide smile on them right now. Ken grabbed the shower head, a bar of soap, and a sponge. He laid the sponge and soap on the chair next to the worm, and turned on the shower. He faced it away from them at first, but as soon as it warmed up, he turned it on Wormmon, spraying the insect’s back.

Wormmon sighed and relaxed as the hot water washed it’s way over his body, and ran down his sides. Ken picked up the soap and started to rub it along his partner’s back, running it up and down the worm’s segmented, rubbery skin. “Mmm… Ken-chan, that feels wonderful” whispered Wormmon quietly. Once the human had finished soaping the Digimon, he laid the shower head down, and picked up the sponge, starting to scrub the insect, starting on his head and moving down to his body, removing any grime. Once he had reached the end of his partner’s tail, he spoke again “Ok, now roll over onto your back so I can wash your underside.”

Wormmon did as he was told, rolling onto his back and exposing his belly to his partner. Ken picked up the soap, and started to rub it on the insect once again. “Hehe, Ken-chan, that tickles!” he giggled, his tiny legs waving around in the air. His belly was much more sensitive than his back. Ken slowed down, not wanting to make this too unpleasant for his partner. He soaped all the way down, and even rubbed on Wormmon’s slit a little, causing the insect to blush once again. Ken grabbed the sponge, and scrubbed the insect some more, holding the shower head his other hand, directing it straight at the little bug to wash away any suds and dirt.

Ken rubbed the sponge all over his partner, rubbing his belly and his tiny legs, which wiggled under the touch, even more ticklish than his tummy. “Ahh… Ken-chan, stop!” said the Digimon, his laughs intensifying. “Oh come on” said Ken as he smiled. “It’s not that bad, I’m nearly done.”. Wormmon shut his eyes and tried to stand the tickling as Ken moved lower. Suddenly, he gasped, Ken had grabbed his now hard cock, which must have escaped from it’s slit without him noticing. Wormmon opened his eyes and looked up at his partner through the steam, seeing Ken leaning over him with a smile. “We’ve got to wash everywhere!” said Ken, giving a playful laugh.

The teen set down the shower head once again, and picked up the sponge. He used it to gently rub up and down Wormmon’s penis, which was rather small but had an unusual shape, with several ridges and bumps. Ken stroked the worm’s cock as he cleaned it, causing Wormmon to moan a little, his eyes shut and his head back, clearly enjoying being pleasured by his partner. All too soon the stroking ended, and Wormmon opened his eyes “Why’d you stop, Ken-chan?” he asked, his rock hard cock still sticking straight up. Ken picked up the shower head and started to spray the Digimon with it, rinsing off the last of the soap suds.

“Well, because you’re clean now!” said Ken as he picked up his digimon and placed him on the floor. “Anyway, it’s my turn now!” he said as stepped over to the bathtub and turned on the hot tap so it’d be ready for them. He sat down on the stool that until now had been occupied by Wormmon.

“B-But Ken-chan” said Wormmon as he was placed on the bathroom floor. “You can’t just tease me like that!”

“Don’t worry” said Ken, “I’ll take care of it later, ok? I’ll even let you wash me there if you want, would that be fair?”. Ken smiled as he saw Wormmon’s face light up, he knew that’d get the caterpillar excited. “But before that, will you help with my feet?” He handed the sponge to Wormmon, and lifted up his foot. Taking the shower head and the bar of soap, Ken started to clean his arms and upper body, scrubbing at anywhere he had sustained grass or dirt stains during the football game, and letting the water wash away any sweat.

Meanwhile, Wormmon picked up the sponge. It wasn’t easy holding things in his tiny legs, but he was well practiced, so most things weren't a problem, provided they weren't too heavy. He started to scrub the the sole of Ken’s foot, but soon enough he decided to get back at the human for teasing him. He poked out his narrow tongue and started to lick between his tamer’s toes. “Hehe, Wormmon, stop it!” said Ken, pausing his cleaning and looking down at his partner. The bug did not stop. Instead, he moved on to the human’s other foot. Ken started to laugh uncontrollably as the insect’s tongue darted between his toes.

“Ok, Wormmon, I know why you’re doing this. Here.” said Ken. He turned the shower off, stood up, pushed his chair away, and sat down on the floor, with Wormmon between his legs. “Only one last place to wash now!” The Digimon looked up at his partner, then scuttled forward, pulling the sponge with him.  Ken leaned back, placing his hands on the floor behind him for support, letting Wormmon do whatever he pleased with him.

Wormmon picked up the sponge, used it to rub Ken’s already half hard penis. The human’s shaft started to grow harder as the worm caressed it with the sponge. “Hehe, that feels nice,” said Ken as the caterpillar rubbed him. The teenager was almost fully hard now, he used one of his hands to grab his dick and slowly stroke up and down the shaft. He retracted his foreskin, exposing his darker coloured glans to let Wormmon clean it. The Digimon raised himself up a bit more, and ran the sponge over the head of his partner’s cock. Ken gasped and bit his lip.

“Careful Wormmon, sensitive!” he said quietly as the insect continued to clean his cock.

“Hehe, I know!” said Wormmon gleefully, working the head a bit harder, sending shivers up his partner’s spine.. Ken groaned loudly.

“W-Wormmon… Stop… Too rough...” he gasped as the worm rubbed and squeezed his cock hard, but the teen made no attempt to stop the Digimon. He only closed his eyes and winced.

“Ok, Ken-chan, I’ll stop.” came the voice of his partner as the pressure on his cock was released. Ken gave a sigh of relief and looked down to Wormmon, who had dropped the sponge.

“You naughty bug” he said jokingly as he stood up and scooped up the insect once more. “Anyway, our bath is ready.” Ken stepped over to the bathtub, which was now full of hot, steaming water. He climbed into the tub, and lay down. He closed his eyes, and clutched his Digimon to his chest as the heat from the water soaked into him, relieving his aching muscles.

Wormmon lay on his partner’s chest, half submerged in the hot water. Being cold blooded, the heat affected him a lot more than it did the human. The Digimon closed his eyes and relaxed, his head against his partner’s chest. Wormmon lay still and listened to Ken’s heartbeat as he was hugged close. Soon enough, the teen’s hand started to rub up and down the caterpillars back.

Ken opened his eyes and looked down at Wormmon lying flat on his chest. The human was now completely relaxed. Any aches or tension from the football match that afternoon had left his body completely. He placed a hand on either side of Wormmon and pulled him close. The insect opened his eyes as he was picked up, just in time to see his tamer move in for a kiss. Ken pressed his lips against Wormmon’s hard mandibles, and wrapped his arm around the bug, hugging him close. The Digimon blushed, kissing his partner never failed to give him chills. He opened his jaw and licked Ken’s lips with his thin tongue. Ken opened his mouth, pushing his own tongue forward to meet Wormmon’s. He pulled his partner closer and pushed his tongue into the caterpillar’s mouth, which was small enough that the human could wrap his lips all the way around the insect’s mandibles as he explored his mouth.  

“Mmm… Ken-chan” moaned Wormmon into his partner’s mouth as he was hugged and kissed. Ken could feel his partner’s cock pressing against his stomach, and the insect could feel Ken’s cock rubbing against the base of his body, what could probably be considered his tail. Ken broke the kiss and looked into his partner’s eyes.

“Hey, Wormmon”

“Yeah, Ken-chan?”

“Wanna do role playing tonight?”

 “Umm… Yeah, Ken-chan, I’d like that!” gasped Wormmon, starting to feel excited already.

“Good!” said Ken, giving Wormmon kiss on the forehead, and moving lower to give the bug another kiss on his mandibles.


Some time later, Ken drained the bath and stepped out, holding Wormmon under his arm. He grabbed two towels, wrapping one around his Digimon, and the other around his own waist. Their time in the bath had been pretty hot, but was nothing compared to what was yet to come. Ken walked back to his room, carrying Wormmon with him. Once they arrived, he locked the door behind them and loosened his towel. He climbed the ladder that led to his bed, which was raised up off the floor, about as high as the top bunk of a bunk bed to save space in his small bedroom. He placed Wormmon on the bed, where the insect wiggled free of the towel he was tightly wrapped in, and started to dry himself off.

Ken opened his closet, and knelt down to pick up a box that had been stashed away in the back, which he picked up and set on his desk. He opened his desk drawer, inside was his black D-3 model Digivice. He picked it up, and placed it on his bed, within easy reach. They might be needing it later. Out of the box, the teen pulled a paddle, a whip, and Wormmon’s costume, which he placed on his bed next to the Digimon. He climbed up the ladder and sat on his bed next to Wormmon, who was already putting on his accessories, a pair of yellow framed purple lensed sunglasses, and a small, yellow trimmed purple cape, divided into two tails.

“Are you ready, Ken-chan?” asked the bug? “Yep, I’m ready, Wormmon” replied Ken.  Wormmon picked up the whip that had been laid out for him, and cracked it, hitting it against Ken’s leg with a sting.

“What did you call me?” asked the Digimon, in a commanding, harsh voice, very different from his usual soft spoken tone.

“Ahh I’m sorry” said Ken, wincing as the whip hit his leg. “I’m sorry Digimon Kaiser-sama”.

At first, Wormmon had been reluctant to the idea of role playing like this. He loved his partner, and had long forgiven him for those days. Ken hadn’t been himself back then. However, the boy still felt guilty for what he’d done, all the Digimon he had captured, controlled, beaten, tortured… Wormmon knew Ken would never truely be able to forgive himself for what he’d done, maybe, the Digimon figured, this made Ken feel better about himself, made him feel he was atoning for his sins as the Digimon Kaiser. Once Wormmon had gotten used to the idea of causing pain to his tamer, he had begun to enjoy it on a certain level. He had forgiven Ken for the things he had done back then, but maybe, part of him hadn’t, and he still wanted to get back at him, and his partner had to enjoyed it on some level, so he figured it must be ok.

Wormmon snapped back to reality. He looked at Ken cowering slightly in front of him. “ All right, you insect” said Wormmon, “Turn around, you deserve to be punished”. Being commanded like this sent a chill up Kens spine, he turned around and got on all fours, his pert rear facing the Digimon. “Y-Yes, Digimon Kaiser.” he said, his voice shaking with excitement and apprehension. Wormmon raised the whip high, quite a difficult task considering his small stature and brought it down, cracking it against Ken’s back, causing the teen to let out a loud gasp. “Quiet worm, you’ll speak when spoken to. Is that clear?” barked the insect. Ken gave a whimper, which caused Wormmon to crack the whip along his back once more, leaving a red mark.  “I said, Is that clear?”

“Y-Yes, it’s clear, Digimon Kaiser-sama” moaned Ken. Wormmon dropped the whip, and picked up the paddle. He scurried up to Ken, holding the paddle in his front legs, and placed it against the teen’s bottom. “Beg for it, you worthless piece of buggy data” hissed the Digimon.

“Please…” moaned Ken.

“Please what?” asked Wormmon

“Please, Digimon Kaiser-sama, punish me. I deserve it” said Ken, his eyes starting to well up with tears.

Wormmon pulled the paddle back, and brought it down hard on the human’s ass. Ken bit his lip at the sharp sting and the dull ache it left behind. The Digimon brought the paddle down once more, harder this time, with a loud smack. Determined not to cry yet, Ken closed his eyes and bit his lip harder. As Wormmon hit him again, the insect spoke, with venom in his voice.

“You’re… An… Insect… You’re… A… Worm… You’re… Not… Even.. Real… You’re… Just... My… Play… Thing.” hissed the Digimon, bringing the paddle down hard on the teen’s ass with each and every word he spoke, trying to hit as hard as his limited strength would allow. The words Wormmon spoke cut deep. Ken knew he had said such hurtful things to his partner, and many other Digimon in the past, and combined with the pain in his bottom, which was now red raw, it was too much for him. He started to cry.

“Please stop, Digimon Kaiser-sama, I can’t take it anymore. Stop!” he sobbed as his ass was paddled hard by Wormmon, each hit bringing a fiery pain back to the dull ache. Wormmon paused for a second, but he hadn’t heard Ken say the safeword, so he hit him once more. By now, the teen was sporting quite the erection, increased blood flow to the thighs would do that. Wormmon eyed the hard cock dangling between his partner’s legs. He dropped the paddle, and backed up. “All right worm” said the caterpillar, “Turn to face me and sit down. If you try to resist, or say even one word, they’ll be a worse punishment for you later.”

Ken panted and sobbed a little, tears still streaming down his face from both the pain of being spanked, and the intense emotions that their role play sessions always seemed to bring to the surface. He turned over, wincing as he sat down, the pain from the spanking made worse when he sat. He couldn’t take his weight off his butt though, his master had demanded he had to sit, so he endured the pain, still sobbing. Wormmon scurried forward and grabbed Ken’s cock. He looked up and met the teen’s tear filled eyes. “You’re my plaything, and I’m going to get what I want.”

Wormmon opened his jaw, and took his partner’s hard cock in his mouth. He moved his head forward, taking the shaft deeper, making sure to scrape his mandibles down the side, which caused Ken to whimper. The Digimon took as much of the human’s cock as he could fit in his mouth, and slipped his narrow tongue under Ken’s foreskin to lick his glans. The teen shut his eyes and grimaced, the worm’s tiny tongue tickling the head of his cock sent shivers up his spine. He wanted to tell the Digimon to stop, but he gritted his teeth and endured it.

Determined to get a reaction out of Ken, Wormmon tried tightening his mandibles slightly, the hard, slightly pointy jaws grazing the shaft of his cock made Ken gasp and moan, but he still didn’t speak. Ken was being tough, he wasn’t giving into the caterpillar, but Wormmon knew there was one thing Ken couldn’t keep quiet through. Wormmon swirled his tongue around the head of the teen’s cock, until he reached his urethra, and started to slowly push his tongue inside.

Ken groaned in pain as his cock was penetrated. Wormmon had never tried something like this before, and it was the last place the teen wanted anything inserted into. “Ahh.. Please stop Digimon Kaiser, please!” he moaned through his tears,still flowing freely from the pain in his cock and butt, although he still didn’t break character or use the safeword. He could take it, for now.  Wormmon pulled his mouth off of the teen’s cock, and his eyes went narrow in what would certainly be a maniacal smile, had he the anatomy required to make one.

“I told you not to talk!” said the Digimon said harshly, “And you didn’t even add -sama to the end of my name! You’re going to pay for this, worm!”. Wormmon scurried to the edge of the bed, and got ready to jump off.

“Please, Kaiser-sama, I didn’t mean to, have mercy, have mercy!” pleaded Ken through his sobs.

“No, you don’t deserve mercy. You can take it, it’s not like you have real feelings!” said Wormmon. He looked off the and down at the floor far below him. “Umm… Ken-chan” he murmured quietly, breaking character for a moment. Ken looked around, “Oh, yeah...” he quietly muttered. He grabbed his Digivice. Wormmon jumped off the bed, and a brilliant light shone through their room.

Stingmon stood up, the green Insect Digimon towered over Ken. He was easily three to for times the teen’s height. Ken’s bed may have been raised high off the ground, but Stingmon was still taller. He had to stoop to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling. Wormmon’s acessories had fallen off as he had evolved and the now lay on the floor. Stingmon looked down at Ken sitting on the bed, and picked up the whip. “Alright, Insect” said the Adult Level Digimon in his deeper and far more commanding voice, “Turn around.”

Ken gasped as he looked up at his huge partner. It wasn’t often he got to play with Stingmon, but he imagined this is what it must have been like for Wormmon. Compared to Stingmon, Ken was the same size as the Child Level was to him. “Y-Yes, Digimon Kaiser-sama”. Ken turned over and lay on his front, exposing his back and still red ass. Stingmon looked down, and raised the whip high. “You’re going to get it now, worm.”.

Stingmon brought the whip down, cracking it against Ken’s back and leaving a red welt, Ken shut his tear filled eyes and whimpered. Stingmon cracked the whip cross his back once more, quickly following it up with a third strike. “This is what you get for disobeying me!” barked the large Digimon. Ken buried his face in his pillow and sobbed quietly, giving out gasps every time the whip struck his back, until Stingmon decided he’d had enough.

Stingmon put the whip down on Ken’s bed, and placed his hands on the human. He pulled the boy up to a sitting position, and grabbed Ken’s chin, forcing him to look deep into his compound eyes. “Have you learned your lesson about disobeying me?” asked the Digimon.

“Yes, Digimon Kaiser-Sama” said Ken as he looked into his partner’s eyes. The whipping had hurt, but he had probably inflicted worse on Wormmon in the past, so it was only fair. Stingmon placed his hands on either side of Kens torso, and lifted him up off the bed. The Digimon sat down on the floor, with Ken in his lap.

”Good, Insects should know their place.” said Stingmon. With this, he picked up Ken once again, and placed him face down over his knees, the teen’s his red rear raised high in the air. He placed one hand firmly on Ken’s back to keep him in place, the pressure on the red welts left by the whipping causing the boy to wince a bit. Stingmon picked up the paddle in his other hand. “Now, I think I’ll play with you some more, just to make sure you don’t forget.”

Stingmon brought the paddle down hard on Ken’s already sore ass, far harder than he possibly could have when he was Wormmon. Ken tried to pull away, but was held in place, made almost immobile by his Digimon’s firm grip. He screamed. “Digimon Kaiser-Sama, please stop! It hurts so much!” he begged through his sobs. Stingmon paused for a second, but he still hadn’t heard the safeword, so he swatted the teen’s ass once more. He had a lot more control of his arms than he had as Wormmon, so he could spank Ken much harder and at a much faster pace, which he did. The human gasped with every hit, but had stopped screaming. He was just gritting his teeth and enduring the pain. Soon enough, he felt Stingmon’s erection poking him in the tummy.

The Digimon noticed this too, he stopped spanking the human and dropped the paddle. He took his hand off of Ken’s back, but the teen still remained motionless. Stingmon lifted Ken off his lap and placed the teen in front of him, and spread his legs wide, exposing his cock furtner. “Kneel.” he said to his partner. Ken obeyed, and knelt in front of Stingmon, looking up at him. Stingmon was huge, and had a huge cock to match. It was similar to Wormmon’s, with his bumps and ridges, but was well over a foot long. Ken had never measured it, but he guessed it could be as long as fifteen inches. Stingmon got up onto his knees, and leaned forward, pushing his cock straight into Ken’s face

The human instinctively tried to pull away, but was stopped by a strong hand on the back of his head. “Suck it” commanded the voice of his master. Since he had no hope of fitting Stingmon’s huge length into his mouth, he instead started to lick and kiss at the shaft, while running his hands up and down it. Stingmon moaned. Having a cock this huge and having Ken play with it like this felt wonderful. He didn’t want to break character yet though. Ken moved up and tried to fit his mouth over Stingmon’s. He licked his tongue around the top of his partner’s cock, as Wormmon had done for him not too long before.

Stingmon closed his eyes and moaned loudly. “Ahh… Yeah… uhh… insect...” he moaned, now having to try hard to stay in character. “Please your…. master….”. Stingmon couldn’t handle it any longer, He reached down and grabbed his cock, and started to pump his hand up and down. This was a feeling he wasn’t used to, masturbating as Wormmon usually proved to be quite difficult, so if he wanted to cum in that form, he usually had to rely on Ken. Not now though, something as simple as being able to pleasure himself felt amazing.

Ken gagged slightly as his partner’s cock was forced deeper into his mouth. It was almost hitting the back of his throat, even though it wasn’t even in past the head. Stingmon’s hand was still on the back of Ken’s head, holding him firmly in place. Suddenly, Ken felt Stingmon’s huge cock start to throb. The teen’s eyes widened, knowing what was coming and trying to pull away, but his Digimon’s grip was far too strong for him. Stingmon moaned loudly as he came. His hot cum shot deep into Ken’s mouth. The human almost gagged on the taste, there was no way he could swallow it. Stingmon’s load was huge, far bigger than that of any human. Ken coughed and spluttered, his mouth now completely full, the insect’s seed started to spill out of his mouth and down onto his chest.

Stingmon panted as his climax subsided. His energy completely spent, the Digimon started to glow, and soon enough, Wormmon lay on the ground in front of Ken. “Mmmm… That was amazing, Ken-Chan.” he whispered, his guise as the Digimon Kaiser now completely forgotten. Ken spat out the rest of the cum that filled his mouth, and now completely coated his chest and stomach. “It sure was Wormmon, I loved it.” he panted.

Ken grabbed his discarded towel, which still lay on the floor from their earlier bath, and started to wipe up the excessive amounts of cum that still coated him. “Since when have you been able to cum like that?” he asked the still recovering caterpillar.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I guess” said Wormmon. “When I’m Stingmon I’m pretty big, and I guess cum loads match up with body size.” By now, Ken had wiped himself clean of the semen. He picked up Wormmon, and climbed back onto the bed. Ken sat with the insect in his lap, his still hard cock rubbed against the Digimon’s rubbery skin. “Looks like you’re still hard, Ken-chan!” said Wormmon, already completely recovered from his orgasam and ready to go once again. Digimon needed little recovery time. “Want me to help with that?”

The teen giggled, he’d now stopped crying completely. “Ok then, Wormmon, I have a good idea!” said Ken, giving a kiss on his Digimon’s forehead. Ken put Wormmon down and climbed down off his bed again, taking the paddle and whip with him. He picked up Wormmon’s Kaiser costume off the floor, and stashed everything away in the box they had came from. Out of the same box, he pulled a bottle of lube. Climbing back up onto the bed, he picked up his digimon and placed him on his lap once more. “Ok Wormmon, you ready?”

“Yeah, Ken-chan. You deserve a treat after what I put you through” the insect said with a small laugh. He had long stopped feeling guilty about hurting Ken like that, as long as it was all consensual. Ken squirted some lube on his fingers, and reached down to Wormmon’s half hard cock. He teased the bottom of the insect’s genital slit, pushing his finger inside and feeling around. He rubbed inside Wormmon’s slit until he found what he was looking for, the insect’s tight hole, and started to pushing against it, causing Wormmon to close his eyes and moan. “Ahh… Ken-chan...” Ken slipped his finger inside his Digimon’s tight passage, and moved it in and out slowly, loosening him up. Wormmon was small, and it had taken some practice for Ken to even fit his fingers inside the insect’s asshole comfortably, yet alone his dick. He still felt pretty tight.

“Here, this should help you relax” said Ken, leaning back so Wormmon lay on his chest. He kissed the insect on the mandibles, and gave a lick. Wormmon got the message, and opened his mouth to let the teen’s tongue inside. Ken pushed his tongue in deep, and licked all around inside the caterpillar’s mouth, sharing with him the taste of his own cum. Wormmon shut his eyes and moaned, the kiss indeed helped him relax, allowing Ken to push his finger all the way in to the knuckle. He put his other hand on the back of the insect’s head, pulling him close, just like Stingmon had done to him not too long before. Wormmon shivered slightly from the pleasure of both kissing his beloved partner, and having the human’s finger deeply probing his most intimate area. Wormmon gasped into Ken’s mouth as he felt the tip of the teen’s middle finger slide inside him to join the first, stretching him even more.

Ken pushed his middle finger deeper inside his partner, while he continued to invade the worm’s mouth with his tongue. Wormmon’s tongue wasn’t very strong, so the insect’s efforts to push Ken’s tongue back into his own mouth were in vain. Ken stepped up the pace, and pushed the Digimon’s head forward harder, kissing him quite forcefully now. His second finger was all the way in, along with the first. If Wormmon could comfortably take two fingers, he could comfortably take Ken’s dick. Ken started to turn his hand, twisting his fingers around inside Wormmon’s tight passage, stretching him further. “Ahhh Ken-chaaaaaan” moaned Wormmon into his partner’s mouth, having his ass stretched like this felt amazing, and the twisting only made it feel better. Ken broke the kiss, and looked deep into his Digimon’s eyes. “You ready?” asked the teen.

“Yeah,” replied Wormmon. “Yeah I’m ready.” Ken withdrew his fingers, causing Wormmon to moan and shudder even more. Ken squirted some extra lube on his hand, and rubbed it on his still rock hard cock. Wormmon was already stretched and lubed, but you never could have too much lubricant. As he applied the lube, he masturbated himself a little. He was so worked up from the spanking earlier that he almost came there and then. He stopped stroking, and positioned his cock against the base of Wormmon’s slit, He gently moved it up and down, rubbing his glans inside the insect’s cloaca until he found Wormmon’s loosened hole. He grabbed the base of Wormmon’s body and started to gently lower him. At the same time, he pushed his hips up to practically impale the Digimon on his hard shaft.

Wormmon moaned as he felt Ken’s cock push inside him. Much bigger than his tamer’s fingers, it filled him up completely. Wormmon began thrusting his hips himself, helping Ken along with his humping, The movement also served to rub his cock against the teen’s crotch. Wormmon got incredibly worked up from anything being in his butt, so he felt he could cum from rubbing his cock on his partner alone. Ken hugged Wormmon close as he thrust in and out of the bug’s slit. The tightness and the warmness of his partner’s body felt incredible. Ken knew he wasn’t going to last long, that was for sure. His endurance wasn’t great at the best of times, but now he was so worked up from their role play that he didn’t stand a chance.

Ken thrust harder and harder, grunting with each pump of his hips. Wormmon could only whimper at the intense pleasure he felt from Ken’s hard rod being driven into his ass again and again. The insect felt Ken’s cock start to twitch inside him. Ken pushed his cock in one last time, hilting it deep inside the caterpillar. He squeezed Wormmon close, ensuring he couldn’t escape, but of course the Digimon didn’t want to, as his orgasam overtook him. His whole body began to shiver and his muscles involuntarily jerked as the waves of pleasure ran through his cock, and spread out into the rest of his body, pumping his hot cum deep inside his partner. Wormmon squealed as he felt Ken’s cock pulse inside him and the teen’s hot cum fill him up. The insect thrust his own hips, against Ken, rubbing his hard cock against Ken’s body until he reached his own climax, his asshole contracting around Ken’s now softening shaft as he coated the teen’s stomach in his own seed.

Ken lay back as his penis softened inside Wormmon. He pulled his cock out, a little bit of his cum leaking out of Wormmon’s cloaca after it. He sat up, and placed Wormmon on the bed next to him. “Wow, you got excited, huh Wormmon?” he said, looking at the cum on his stomach. It was practically nothing compared to Stingmon’s earlier load.

“That was just… That was amazing Ken-chan. I love you.” said Wormmon, looking up at his partner.

“It was. I loved it.” said Ken. “The shower, the role play, wow. The role play was amazing. You’re getting better at being the Kaiser, I must say, and the sex was fantastic. You’re so amazing, Wormmon, I could never ask for a better partner.” Ken grabbed the towel again and cleaned himself off, and handed it to Wormmon who proceeded to do the same, Ken climbed down the ladder off his bed, and started to look for pair of fresh clothes.

“Oh, by the way, Wormmon,” he said as he pulled on a shirt. “I love you too.” The Digimon’s eyes lit up, and he blushed slightly. “Anyway, I’m starving. We should probably go and get dinner started.”