Gomamon's Treat

By Lazuli

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Warning: This story contains gay sex between a human and a non human character. It also contains foodplay, oral, anal, and Gomamon.


Gomamon lay in Joe's room, waiting. He lay on his back in the little doggy bed that he slept in, staring at the ceiling, waiting for his partner to return. Joe's end of year exams were coming up soon, and as if Joe wasn't busy enough with medical school at the best of times, it was even worse now, with Joe needing to study every waking hour. He had hardly been paying any attention to Gomamon at all. The little seal was incredibly bored. Why couldn't Joe have left him off at one of the other former Chosen Children's houses to spend time with another Digimon like he sometimes did?

Worse still, Gomamon was horny.  The small seal like Digimon did sometimes have some trouble keeping his sex drive in check. His pouch was pulled back to reveal his swollen sheath, the tip of his tapered cock poking it's way out. He reached down and groped himself, fondling his white furred sheath. He could masturbate, he thought to himself, but with hands as big and floppy as his, that was always a chore. He would love to be able to hook up with another Digimon, but there were none visiting, and he couldn't travel on his own, so he couldn't go and visit the house of another former Chosen Child unless Joe took him, and Joe probably wouldn't have time to take him that day anyway.

Gomamon's thoughts turned to his partner. He loved Joe, but with all of his exams, he felt like they had been drifting further and further apart lately. It was a shame, he really wanted to spend all the time he could with his tamer, but the human's schedule simply wouldn't allow it. Suddenly, Gomamon had a thought. It was a notion he had entertained before, but never really taken seriously, but Joe was getting older...  

Maybe it was all the sex hormones swimming through his body like he would swim through the sea, combined with the fact he missed Joe so much, but it felt like a good idea. He glanced at the clock, Joe would be home soon. He knew his partner was attracted to him, when you took baths together as regularly as they did, it was a hard thing to hide. Gomamon was bored, lonely, and horny, and if things went the way they normally went after Joe got home, none of those would be changing anytime soon. Gomamon had decided. He needed release, he wanted to be closer to his partner, and Joe needed some relaxation and stress relief.

The little seal tucked his sheath back into his pouch and rolled over onto his front, and waited for Joe. Before long, he heard the front door open and his partner step into the apartment. Gomamon opened his eyes, and turned to face the door, making an effort to make himself look as cute as possible. Joe stepped into the bedroom, and set down his heavy looking book bag. Gomamon noticed the human was holding something in his hand, and eyed it curiously.

"Hi, Gomamon!" said Joe, as he walked over and sat down on his bed. Gomamon was blushing slightly, he was feeling butterflies in his stomach, he felt practically giddy as thoughts of what he was about to do ran through his mind.

"Hi, Joe!" said Gomamon, as he turned and tried to climb onto the bed, which was slightly too high for him. "What's that you've got?" Joe leaned down, and placed his hands on Gomamon's sides, lifting the seal like Digimon up and placing him on the bed next to him. Gomamon got a better look at the item Joe was carrying, and his face lit up as he saw that it was a plastic container that contained a generous amount of Sushi, one of Gomamon's favorite treats.

"Well, I know I've been busy studying lately, and I have not been spending any time with you, so to say sorry for that, I thought I'd get you a treat." He pulled the top off the plastic box, to reveal a selection of fancy sushi, most of which was fish based. Gomamon's eyes went wide. He couldn't believe his luck. This was just too perfect. Joe pushed the box of food towards Gomamon, and made a move to get up.

"Wait, Joe!" said Gomamon, putting all of his effort he could into looking cute for his partner. "Could you feed them to me?" he requested, trying his best to make adorable baby seal eyes. He knew it was a pretty strange request, and he wasn't sure how his partner would react. Joe wasn't sure how to react either. Gomamon had never been asked to be fed  before, but they had hardly been spending any time together, and Joe figured that Gomamon was using it as an excuse to have some quality time with him. In a way, he was right. After all, how could he say no to such a cute Digimon?

"Okay, sure!" said Joe, sitting back down and turning to face his Digimon. "I'll feed them to you!" He reached down and gave Gomamon a pat on the head. Gomamon blushed harder and felt even more giddy than before. Usually, being touched by Joe was no big deal, but now he had made his plan, every touch from his partner made him more and more excited. Joe picked up a prawn giri from the plastic container, and held it in front of Gomamon. Gomamon opened his mouth and lunged forward, snaffling the sushi from between Joe's fingers. It was delicious, but Gomamon wanted more. He didn't bother waiting for Joe to pick up another, instead he started to lick the fingers that had been holding it, tasting the remnants of the prawn, mixed with the taste of Joe's own skin.

"Hehe, stop Gomamon, that tickles!" giggled Joe, pulling his fingers away from the Seal's mouth. "You must be really hungry" he commented as he picked up a sushi roll from the box and offered it to Gomamon. The seal like Digimon took the sushi in his mouth, and then some. He suckled on Joe's finger, trying to do it as erotically as possible, running his tongue all over it, imagining it was something else. Joe blushed, Gomamon had never done anything like this before, he wondered what was different about him today, as he gently drew his finger out of his Digimon's mouth.

"Mmm... Delicious..." said Gomamon. The Digimon wasn't sure himself whether he meant the food, or Joe's finger, probably a combination of both. Gomamon glanced down, and eyed the front of Joe's trousers. Licking his partner's hands had clearly worked, now for the next stage in the seal's plan. "These are really good, you have to try one!" said Gomamon.

"Okay!" said Joe. He did enjoy sushi! He picked up a clump of rice, topped with smoked salmon, and popped it into his mouth. It was nice! As he chewed it, Gomamon crawled onto his lap. He looked down, slightly surprised. His Digimon sat on his lap, and turned to face him. Gomamon nuzzled Joe's chest and belly. Joe blushed, not just from his Digimon being so affectionate, but Gomamon's hand was right on his crotch, and he had been hard ever since Gomamon had sucked his finger. Surely, the Digimon didn't know what he was doing, but it did feel like he was rubbing quite deliberately.

"Why not try another one?" said Gomamon, looking up into his partner's eyes. "One of the prawn ones! Those are really nice!"

"Umm... Are you sure you wouldn't like some more?" asked Joe. "I did get them for you after all." Gomamon shook his head.

"No, I want you to enjoy them. Besides, there's plenty there for me." said Gomamon. Joe picked up a prawn giri, and put it in his mouth, but before he could even start chewing, something he never could have expected even in his wildest dreams, happened. Gomamon reared up on his tiny hind legs, and pounced on Joe. He placed his large flippers on Joe's shoulders, and pressed his mouth against the human's.

Gomamon did not weigh much, but he weighed enough that a surprise attack like that would knock Joe over. The human was forced down onto his back, and before he could resist, he felt Gomamon's cool, wet tongue invade his mouth. As soon as the seal's tongue found it's target, it pulled the prawn out of Joe's mouth and into his own. Gomamon chewed on the shrimp and swallowed happily. It was even more delicious than the one he had eaten just moments before. Gomamon pressed his mouth against Joe's once again, and stuck his tongue inside, licking and sucking to try and get all the rice out of his partner's mouth. Joe was overwhelmed by the seal's sudden, forceful kiss, and lay there, dazed, until Gomamon broke their lips apart. Almost all the rice had been sucked out of Joe's mouth.

"G-Gomamon... What's gotten into you?" gasped Joe, looking up at the Digimon that had him pinned. He was understandably flustered. Gomamon had never ever done anything like this before!

"Hehe... Nothing, yet!" chuckled Gomamon with a devious grin. "But you've been so stressed lately, and I've been so lonely, a little quality time will be good for both of us."

"Well... I... Uh...." stammered Joe. He really wasn't sure what to say. Sure, he had always thought of Gomamon as cute, but he had never thought of his Digimon as a sexial being before. Right now, it was hard not to. Gomamon's tiny back flippers were rubbing against his cock.

"Oh come on....." whined Gomamon. "I know you want to do it! You're hard! I can feel it!" Gomamon was incredibly excited. This was actually happening, and Joe was into it! He just needed a little more encouragement. Gomamon leaned down and pressed his lips against Joe's once more, and slipped his small tongue into his partner's mouth. Gomamon closed his eyes as he kissed Joe deeply, relishing the sensation of the human's hot, wet mouth. Gomamon's body temperature was quite a bit lower than that of a human so he could stay comfortable in the sea.

Joe's mind could hardly process what was happening. His Digimon was lying on top of him, and kissing him somewhat forcefully, but for some reason, he didn't feel like resisting. Far from it in fact. He had been very stressed lately thanks to his exams, but Gomamon's small, warm, furry body lying on top of him, and the seal like Digimon's tongue invading and exploring his mouth was causing his stress to melt away. Maybe Gomamon was right, and this would be good for them. Gomamon's feet, which were now trying to push their way past Joe's belt and into the front of his trousers, without much luck, were making it clear what the seal wanted. Joe used his hand to push Gomamon's head away from his, and broke the kiss. They both panted and looked into each others eyes.

"Fine..." said Joe. "Let's do it... You're right, it seems we both need it." The human's trousers were now uncomfortably tight, and he could feel something hard on Gomamon's underside poking into his belly. He knew about Gomamon's pouch, the little seal would often unashamedly pull his sheath out to wash himself when they took baths together. Joe had been curious at first, but Gomamon had explained how it wouldn't be very comfortable dragging his sheath along the ground all the time.

"Great!" said Gomamon, his eyes practically sparkling. "Oooh, I have a really good idea, let's play a game! You take off your clothes, then you put some sushi anywhere on your body, and I'll eat it off you, and make sure to lick all around where you put it, and I do mean, anywhere!" he reassured his partner with a wink. Joe blushed at the suggestion, but he couldn't deny, he was incredibly horny, and Gomamon's idea sounded very interesting right now. He never really had much time to masturbate at the best of times, but with all the studying and cramming for tests he had been doing recently, he had even less time to enjoy his own company than he normally did. Gomamon must have noticed.

"Sounds like fun!" said Joe, with an apprehensive grin. He put his hands on Gomamon's back, and sat up, holding the Digimon against his chest for a few seconds, before loosening his grip, causing Gomamon to slip down onto his lap. Gomamon shut his eyes and sat on Joe's lap, feeling his partner's erection pressing against him through his trousers.

"Are you gonna let me get up?" asked Joe, looking down at the white furred Digimon on his knee. Gomamon opened his eyes, and slid off Joe's lap, and lay on the bed next to him.

"Hehe... Feels like you're excited!" said Gomamon, with a small laugh. Joe blushed as he stood up. He was excited. Having Gomamon lick his hands had felt really good, and the thought of the seal licking other... more sensitive parts of his body made him shiver with anticipation. Joe pulled off his blazer and through it across his chair. He loosened his tie and pulled it off over his head, and started to unbutton his shirt.

"Wow, my very own private strip tease!" chirped Gomamon, as he looked up at Joe with a huge smile in his face. "Yeah, take it all off!". Joe couldn't help but laugh at Gomamon's comments. He undid the last button of his shirt, and pulled it off, revealing his skinny, somewhat lanky figure.

"You want it? You got it!" quipped Joe. He threw his white shirt at Gomamon, which covered the seal like Digimon completely.

"Hey!" said Gomamon, as he fought to escape from the white shirt that was trapping him. "What did you do that for?" Once he had escaped, he looked at Joe, who had removed his trousers as Gomamon had been trapped. Joe stood in front of Gomamon in nothing but his underwear, under which his arousal was evident. Nudity was normally a non issue between Joe and his Digimon, but now something felt different, the way Gomamon was looking at him felt strange, it was as if the lustful little seal was undressing him with his eyes, if he hadn't been already undressed that is. Joe sat down on the bed next to his Digimon, giving a small laugh at his comment.

"Hey! The pants too!" said Gomamon. "It's no fun unless you're completely nude!" Joe grabbed the waistband of his boxers, and began to lower them. He pulled his cock out of his pants as he took them off, Gomamon stared with wide eyes, as if he was seeing it for the first time. Joe's member was around seven inches long and his foreskin only just covered his glans when it was fully erect. His dick was curved upwards from his crotch like a banana, so when he was standing up it pointed almost straight up. Gomamon had often thought how perfect that shape would be for penetrating him if he lay on top of his partner, but until recently, Gomamon had thought Joe hadn't been old enough for that sort of thing, and he was more than satisfied with the company of the other Digimon.

"How do you know it's not fun? Is this a game they play in the Digital World?" quipped Joe. "They don't even really wear clothes there!" Gomamon didn't reply. He was almost entranced by the sight of Joe's erection. Joe sat opposite Gomamon on the bed with his legs crossed. He picked up a small piece of rolled sushi, and held it flat on his hand, and offered it to Gomamon, wanting to start slowly and test the waters, as it were. Gomamon was snapped out of his trance by the smell of the food, and scooched himself forward and picked up the sushi off of Joe's hand. Once he had swallowed it, he proceeded to lick at his partner's palm enthusiastically.

"Hehe.. slow down, that tickles!" said Joe as his Digimon's tongue lapped it's way over his palm and between his fingers. Gomamon reluctantly stopped licking.

"Sorry, you just taste so nice! Just as nice as the sushi!" said Gomamon. Joe had showered that morning, so his skin did not really taste like much of anything, but there was just the slightest hint of sweat on him, probably from sitting in a hot classroom all day. Gomamon loved the taste. Joe smiled at Gomamon's flattery, not sure whether he really meant it or not. "More sushi!" said Gomamon, practically jumping up and down with excitement. "Put it on your body this time!"

Not wanting to keep his partner waiting, Joe lay back on the bed, with his head on the pillow. He picked up three pieces of sushi from the now nearly empty box, and placed them on his torso. The first one, he put on his chest, right over where his sternum was. The second, he placed lower, just below his ribs, and the third, which was also the biggest and tastiest one in the box, he placed just below his belly button, and just above the tip of his cock, secretly hoping that Gomamon would continue in the same direction once he ate it. He put his hands down by his sides, and looked down at Gomamon. No sooner had he placed the sushi, Gomamon made his way to the top of the bed.

The Seal like Digimon wasted no time. He put his front flippers on Joe's chest, and pulled himself up. Joe moved his arm out from under Gomamon, and placed it gently on the seal's back. He could feel the soft fur of Gomamon's hands on his chest, the rough pads pressing against him, and the hard, dull claws pressing ever so gently into his chest. Suddenly, Joe gasped. He felt Gomamon's tongue running across his chest, the Digimon clearly intended to tease him as much as possible. Gomamon moved his head from side to side, running his tongue in a zigzag pattern across his partner's skin. He heard Joe give a shaky gasp, and the hand on his back tighten. He knew he was doing a good job.

Once Gomamon's wandering tongue reached the tasty snack sitting in the middle of Joe's chest, he closed his lips around it. He paused for a second to chew and swallow, but once he had eaten the sushi, he got back to work. Gomamon pressed his lips against the spot where the Sushi had been, and gave a few quick kisses, before starting to lick again, lapping up a few grains of rice that were left on Joe's chest. Gomamon's attention was causing Joe to moan and sigh in pleasure.

"Mmm... Enjoying yourself?" asked Joe between moans. He had a somewhat dazed looking expression on his face, but also a huge smile. He was clearly lost in all the sensations Gomamon was giving him.

"I really am!" said Gomamon between licks. He had turned now, and was facing away from Joe's face, and towards his cock, which was already leaking pre. Gomamon couldn't wait to get to it, but he had to show at least some self control, and there was still the delicious sushi to eat first. Gomamon gave a line of wet, slobbery kisses down Joe's chest. Every time he pressed his lips against the human, he felt the hand on his back grip a little tighter, a clear indication he was doing something right. He ate the second piece of sushi off the center of Joe's torso, and wrapped his lips around where it had been. Gomamon sucked slightly, and moved his tongue around in little circles. He could feel his fangs pricking Joe's skin slightly, and clearly Joe could feel it too

"Ahh... Gomamonnnn..." moaned Joe, his eyes closed and his back arched. Gomamon stopped sucking, and looked down, admiring the slobbery patch that was now slightly redder than the rest of Joe's body. Gomamon grabbed the human's sides, and pulled himself forward, allowing himself easy access to the last piece of sushi, and everything that surrounded it. At the same time, he used his small back flippers to climb all the way up onto Joe, so he now lay on top of the human's torso.

Joe felt the movement and opened his eyes. He was greeted with the sight of Gomamon's butt, right in front of his face. Gomamon's tail was usually raised, but right now it was like it was raised more than normal, the Digimon's puckered hole in full view. Meanwhile, Gomamon was licking the area around the last piece of sushi. He reached Joe's belly button, and suddenly stuck his tongue inside, catching the human off guard, which caused him to laugh, and jerk around a bit. The sudden movement caused the sushi to start to slide off his body. Quick as a flash, Gomamon darted his head forward, and caught it in his mouth. He was glad Joe had saved the best for last, it contained several different kinds of well seasoned fish, and tasted absolutely divine.

That particular piece of sushi had been slightly greasy, so Gomamon licked at the trail of grease it had left across Joe's belly, causing him to laugh a bit more. Gomamon never knew he was this ticklish until now! Suddenly, the wet trail Gomamon was licking felt and tasted different, and he felt something poking against his nose. He hadn't really been paying attention to where he was going, and at some point, he had stopped licking the flavour of the sushi, and started licking Joe's pre, and now his tamer's cock was resting against his nose. The pre didn't taste nearly as good as the sushi, of course, but it was Joe's, and Gomamon wanted it.

Gomamon took the head of Joe's cock in his mouth and sucked. The tip of his partner's member was practically dripping with pre, which Gomamon diligently licked up. Joe had expected Gomamon to move on to that part of his anatomy once he had finished the sushi, and was glad the seal had, because it felt incredible. The seal's small, nimble tongue poked its way under his foreskin and started to lick around underneath, causing Joe to shiver.

Joe reached down, and put a hand on the shaft of his cock. Gomamon's mouth wasn't very big, so plenty of it was left exposed, even though Gomamon had taken as much into his mouth as he could. Joe gently moved his hand up and down, stroking his dick as Gomamon sucked on the head. Joe moved his hand back, peeling back his foreskin and fully exposing the head of his cock. Gomamon excitedly lapped his tongue around Joe's glans, sending shivers up the human's spine.

"Ahh... That feels amazing! Don't stop!" gasped Joe, as he ran his hands over his Digimon's back "Anything I can do to return the favour?" he asked the small seal that lay on top of him.

"Mmmm..." said Gomamon, his mouth too full of Joe's cock to answer properly. He spat out Joe's member, and spoke again. "Well, you could lick me down there if you wanted!" said the seal, before giving a lick from the base of Joe's shaft all the way up to the head. He took the head in his mouth once more, giving gentle sucks while swirling his tongue around the tip.

Joe observed the white furred seal butt in front of him. He had never really noticed before, but Gomamon had a really cute butt. His tail, which normally stuck straight up, was now so far forward it was almost flat against Gomamon's back, his usually discreetly hidden asshole now on full display. Joe placed a hand on each side of Gomamon's rump. Due to the seal's lack of powerful back legs, he didn't really have much in the way of butt cheeks, so there was nothing much for Joe to squeeze. Joe leaned forward, using his hands to spread Gomamon's butt, before pressing his lips up under the seal's tail.

As Joe's tongue began teasing the entrance, Gomamon's tail started to twitch, just like how Joe shivered when Gomamon licked him. As Joe licked his tongue in circles around the seal's puckered entrance, he felt his Digimon slow down, not putting as much effort into sucking his cock as he had been. Gomamon was giving small whimpers from the pleasure of having his ass lickled like this, he always loved being rimmed. Gomamon gasped as Joe pushed forward with his tongue, slipping it inside. He stretched out in relaxation, Joe's cock now completely forgotten, as the human's tongue pushed past his muscular ring.

Gomamon's tail stretched out straight, and wagged from side to side slightly as Joe's tongue pushed deeper into him, knocking Joe's glasses askew. He took a hand off of Gomamon's butt, and used it to remove his glasses and place them on the bedside table. Instead of groping his Digimon's butt again, he reached in underneath his chin, sliding it in between him and Gomamon, lifting the seal's rear slightly, and groping his pouch, feeling his hard cock inside. He searched around until he found the slit, and tried to slide his fingers inside. Gomamon got the message, and relaxed his pouch, letting Joe pull it down to reveal his hard, cock, now completely free from its sheath.

"Ahh... Deeper..." murmured Gomamon, as Joe wrapped his hand around the seals tapered cock, which was pressed between Gomamon's body and Joe's chest. Joe redoubled his efforts with the rimming, pushing his tongue inside as deep as possible before pulling it out most of the way and pushing it inside again. Gomamon could only moan as he lay on top of his partner, his eyes closed tight so he could focus on the sensations. This was exactly what he had wanted. He knew Joe would treat him right if he made the first move.

"Okay! St... Stop!" stammered Gomamon. Joe wasn't stroking his cock particularly well, it was hard when it was pressed between the two of them, but his partner's rimming felt so good it was like he could cum there and then from it, but he didn't want to yet, there was plenty more he wanted to do.

"What's the matter Gomamon?" said Joe, after pulling his tongue from the seal's rear. He was reasonably sure he hadn't done anything wrong, what did the Digimon want now?

"Well," said Gomamon, feeling just as giddy and excited as before at what he was about to suggest. "You seem pretty hard, wanna stick it in me?" chirped the seal, wiggling his butt in Joe's face seductively, or in a way he thought was seductively anyway. Joe felt a twinge of excitement, but was also slightly taken aback by the forward comment. It's not that he hadn't expected it, all the foreplay had gotten him really hot, and there was nothing more he wanted right now than to fuck his Digimon.

"Yeah! I'd love to! I mean. Well... I could! I guess!" stammered Joe, tripping over his words somewhat. "I mean, saliva won't be enough, I don't know how..."

"There's a bottle of lube under the bed" stated Gomamon, matter-of-factly.

"Huh? Really?" said Joe. He picked up Gomamon, and placed him down on the bed next to him, then stood up, and bent down to look under the bed.

"Wow!" said Gomamon, craning his neck up.

"What?" asked Joe, looking up to the seal.

"Look at your ass! That is amazing!" said Gomamon with a cheeky smirk. Joe chuckled and bent down again, being sure to turn his butt towards Gomamon, and scanned around under the bed until he found a small bottle. He picked it up, and sat down on the bed again next to his Digimon.

"This is half empty... What have you been up to?" asked Joe, looking down at Gomamon, whose face was bright pink from his blush mixing with his white fur.

"Umm... I'll explain later?" said Gomamon, slightly nervously. He certainly didn't want to ruin the moment by discussing his other sexual misadventures right now.

"All right all right." said Joe. "Now shall we get to the, what was it you said, 'Sticking it in you'?" Gomamon gave a chuckle, and rolled over onto his back, his small tapered cock sticking up in the air.

"All right, now lube your cock, and my butt, and don't be afraid to give me a good fingering while you're at it!" said Gomamon.

"I know I know..." said Joe. "It may be my first time, but I know how to have sex." Joe squirted some lube onto his hands, and rubbed them together, coating them both in the slippery gel. With his left hand, he grabbed his dick and rubbed up and down slowly, coating it in the slick lubricant. With his right hand, he reached out to touch Gomamon's saliva covered anus, and rubbed the lube on the outside. Moving both of his hands in different ways like this was kind of confusing! Once Gomamon's butt was sufficiently lubricated, he pushed his fingers forward.

"Oooh!" said Gomamon as he felt Joe's fingers slide inside him. The human's fingers pushed deeper than his tongue could, stretching the seal's anus slightly. Joe felt Gomamon clenching around his fingers. He figured this was probably good practice for giving prostate exams one day, if he was going to be a general practitioner, that was probably one of his duties. As he fingered Gomamon, Joe wondered if his partner had a prostate. He didn't appear to have balls, so Joe didn't know

Joe twisted his hand around so his palm was facing upwards, and made a hook shape with his fingers. He moved his hand back and forth, stroking upwards. Suddenly, he felt something hard, and Gomamon shivered, his butt clenched, and his cock twitched, squirting a few spurts of pre onto his chest. Looks like Gomamon had a prostate after all. Joe pressed his fingers against it and relaxed them a few times, a bit more pre dribbled from Gomamon's cock each time he pressed against it.

"Wow, how are you... Ahh!" The seal was cut off as Joe pressed against his prostate once more, causing more pre to squirt from his cock. "How are you doing that?" asked Gomamon.

"Oh, it's just a little trick I know." said Joe. "I wanted to see if it worked on you." He stimulated the gland a bit more, causing more pre to drip out onto Gomamon's now soaked cock and belly.

"It works! Now stop!" said Gomamon with a wince, the pleasure was almost too intense for him to handle.  "I think I'm ready now!" Joe slowly pulled his fingers out of Gomamon's now loosened ass.

"All right, I'll stop. You just look so cute when you're haveing your prostate played with!" said Joe. He had been idly stroking his own cock while he had fingered Gomamon, so he was now lubed up, and ready to go.  "So, how do you wanna do this?"

"Let's start with me on my back like this" said Gomamon, not moving from the position he was in. "We can change up then if you want to."

"Okay!" said Joe. He knelt in front of Gomamon, with his legs apart, and his cock in one hand. He pressed the tip of his dick against Gomamon's anus, and pressed it against the entrance. Joe leaned down, putting his hand on the bed next to Gomamon to support himself, until he lay almost completely on top of Gomamon, and finally, his dick was at the right angle to enter the Digimon, at which point it slipped in almost effortlessly. Gomamon was clearly no stranger to anal.

Joe gasped as his dick slid into his partner. The warm, tight tunnel squeezing down on his dick felt incredible. Gomamon moaned lustfully as Joe's seven inch cock pushed its way into him. By Child-Level Digimon standards, Joe was enormous, the biggest Gomamon had ever taken. Once Joe had pushed his cock as far in as their position would allow, he started to pump his hips, thrusting his cock in and out, sliding it back and forth inside Gomamon's ass. Thanks to the angle of Joe's cock, when he pushed it in, it pressed right up against Gomamon's prostate, causing the seal to whine.

"Ahhh... Joeeee..." moaned Gomamon as he was fucked. "Harder...." Joe thrust his hips a bit faster, but this position made it difficult. Suddenly, he had an idea. He stopped his thrusting, and put his hands under Gomamon's back. Without pulling his cock out of the Digimon, he lifted him up, and hugged him against his body. Gomamon didn't question what he was doing, he just closed his eyes and enjoyed the heat, both the heat of Joe's chest as he was pressed against it, and the heat of Joe's cock buried inside him.

Joe adjusted himself so he was sitting, not kneeling. He reclined back, and lay down on the bed. He lay with Gomamon against his chest for a few seconds, before grabbing the Digimon's sides to hold him in place, and beginning his thrusting once again. He pulled Gomamon back slightly as he thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock inside as deep as it could go, and locking their hips together, causing Gomamon to give a loud squeak that was almost a squeal. Joe gave rhythmic, regular thrusts, his cock practically impaling Gomamon with each pump of his hips, the angle was still perfect to stimulate the seal's prostate, and Joe could feel his partner's twitching cock rubbing against his tummy, spurting pre with every thrust.

"Joe... I'm gonna..." whispered Gomamon, he seemed to be a bit dazed from the hard fucking Joe was giving him. Joe got the message, he was getting close himself. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he glimpsed the sushi box, with one last nori roll in it, which gave him an idea. He grabbed the piece of sushi, and put it in his mouth, holding it between his teeth, and poked Gomamon on the head to make him open his eyes. Gomamon lunged his head forward and pressed his lips against Joe's, biting off half of the piece of sushi. Gomamon felt Joe's tongue press it's way into his mouth, fighting his own and running it's way across his teeth as they both swallowed the fish and rice.

Suddenly, Gomamon felt Joe's hard cock twitching inside him. Joe's thrusting got faster and more erratic, kissing Gomamon was enough to drive him over the edge. Joe gasped as he felt his cock pulsate strongly, before shooting hot cum inside Gomamon's asshole, spurting again and again as more and more of his cum shot into his Digimon partner. Gomamon squealed and panted, the throbbing of Joe's member in his butt combined with rubbing his slick, pre covered cock on Joe's belly had set him off himself. His butt clenched around Joe's penis as his own cum spurted out of his cock and painted Joe's belly. Gomamon's front rubbing against Joe's caused the warm cum to squish between them. Gomamon lay on top of his partner, panting, baithing in the afterglow as their orgasams subsided and their cocks grew soft.

"That was... Delicious..." said Gomamon, once he had got his breath back. "The sex wasn't bad either..." Joe couldn't help but laugh at this comment, and gave Gomamon a kiss on the nose.

"I'm glad you enjoyed your treat, take this as an apology for not spending any time with you recently If you're ever feeling neglected, just let me know and we can spend some quality time." said Joe, before sitting up and pulling his half hard cock out of his Digimon. Gomamon lay on his back, cradled in Joe's lap, looking up at his beloved partner.

"I will!" said Gomamon. "I’m usually after some quality time four or five times a week!" said Gomamon, smiling up at Joe.

"Well, we'll see about that." said Joe, chuckling. "Anyway, we are kinda filthy. I think we could use a bath to wash off all this mess." Gomamon nodded in agreement. Joe picked up his Digimon, and without even bothering to get dressed, made his way to the bathroom.