Gabumon's Digiflu Treatment

By Lazuli

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Warning: This story is about Digimon and as a result contains non human characters. It also contains Medical Fetish, Enemas, Rectal temperature taking, and toilet use. It contains some pretty esoteric stuff compared to my other stories, so I wouldn't blame you at all for skipping it.


Gabumon lay in bed. The Digimon felt absolutely wretched. He hadn't been this sick since the time he had taken his pelt off to keep Yamato, his trainer and partner, warm during a snowstorm on File Island. About a week ago, he had begun coughing and sneezing far more than was normal, the next day, he had a fever, and Yamato insisted that he stay in bed, and he had been bedridden ever since. After a day of doing nothing but staring at the ceiling, Yamato had noticed how bored the Digimon was. He had loaned his Digimon partner his laptop until he he better, and taught him the joys of online video.

Gabumon had never really enjoyed watching TV very much before, but there was never anything good on normal channels. Yamato had plenty of shows already downloaded, everything a Digimon could want. Cheesy sitcoms, thought provoking Sci-Fis, exciting Fantasies, and silly yet entertaining animes. It was also nice being able to use the internet, Gabumon had never really surfed the web before, he had only visited it to fight Diablomon several years before. He had to admit, it was convenient having anything you wanted only a few clicks away. Being sick wasn't so bad really, thought Gabumon, as he lay back in bed watching an episode of an over the top anime that went off the air ten years ago.

Yamato knocked on the door to his own bedroom, and opened it to see his Gabumon partner sitting up in bed with the laptop on his knees. Yamato carried Gabumon's lunch on a tray. The sick Digimon didn't have much of an apatite, and his sore throat didn't allow him to eat anything with a rough texture so his lunch today was soup. Yamato was happy to take care of his Digimon partner, who had protected him more times than he could count. He closed the door behind him, and sat down on the bed.

"So how you feeling now, Gabumon?" inquired Yamato, setting the tray down on the bedside table. Gabumon paused the show playing on the laptop.

"Not well, Yamato" replied the Digimon. "No better than yesterday, and on top of that, my tummy really hurts today, worse than before." He pushed the laptop down off his lap, and Yamato put the tray in it's place. Gabumon picked up the spoon and started to slurp at the soup.

"Hmm, you've been sick for a while" stated Yamato. He knew it wasn't a serious illness, but he had a good idea that could possibly help his partner recover. "I know, maybe I should call Joe! He must have at least a year of medical school under his belt by now, and I think he said he was doing his PhD on Digimon medicine, he's gonna become the world's first doctor that treats Digimon as well as humans!" Gabumon considered this. He had never seen a doctor before. He didn't really know what a doctor did.

"Yeah, that could be a good idea!" agreed Gabumon as he finished off his soup and picked up the glass of water from the tray and started to chug it. He knew he had to keep his fluids up, Yamato had told him so. He set the glass down, and Yamato picked up the tray and stood up.

"All right," said the human, "I'll phone him up now, see if he's free this afternoon" Gabumon nodded as Yamato left the room, closing the door behind him. Gabumon pulled the laptop onto his knee again, and resumed the video. He heard a muffled voice coming from the other room. He couldn't hear everything that was being said, but could make out certain key phrases like "Yeah, Gabumon's sick..."  "...about a week now..." "like flu, coughing, sneezing, headache, tummy ache..." and "...alright, see you then!..." Yamato opened the bedroom door once more.

"Hey Gabumon, good news! Joe says he can come over this afternoon, and he says it sounds like a cold, so it's not serious, but he may be able to do something to help you get better quicker." said Yamato. Gabumon paused his show, and beckoned for Yamato to come sit with him, which he did. As he sat down on the bed, the human noticed the image on the screen. "Oh hey, I remember that episode, it's a good one."

"Yamato..." said Gabumon to his partner, his voice shaking, he felt pretty nervous. "Could you tell me what a doctor does?" Yamato nodded, and reached out to pet Gabumon on the head.

"Sure thing Gabumon" he replied, "Basically, when you see a doctor, they look at you to see what's wrong, and you talk to them and tell them how you're feeling, and then they tell you how you can get better,if you need to take medicine or something." Gabumon nodded, discussing it did put his mind at ease somewhat, and it was better it be Joe than some stranger he didn't even know, Gabumon was very uncomfortable around strangers, and rarely talked to anyone outside of the Chosen Children.

Yamato smiled, and lay back on the bed, putting his feet up and sat up next to his Gabumon, wrapping an arm around him. Gabumon snuggled in, comfortable in his partners embrace. Having Yamato close made him feel better than any amount of TV shows.

"Let's finish this episode, shall we?" said Yamato, pulling the laptop between them and pressing play. "Gotta do something to pass the time until Joe gets here!" Gabumon smiled, and wrapped an arm around Yamato's back, being sick did have it's advantages! He got to cuddle with his beloved partner and watch things together. They had to do this more once he was better.


Some time later, the doorbell rang, causing Gabumon to jolt awake. The Digimon had been lightly snoozing. The last thing he remembered was snuggling with Yamato and watching the show. He looked around the room, and saw the laptop sitting closed on the bedside table. He figured he must have fallen asleep as they were watching, and Yamato had put the computer away and left him in peace.

Yamato gently opened the bedroom door, and peered inside. Once he saw Gabumon was already awake, he opened it wide and strolled in, followed by Joe. Joe carried two bags, one in his hand and one slung around his shoulders, out of which stuck Gomamon's white head, with his long ears and tuft of orange hair.

"Hey Gabumon! Good to see you're already awake!" said Yamato as Joe walked past him and sat down on the side of the bed, placing the bag in his hand on the floor, and the bag across his shoulder on the bed, unzipping it to release Gomamon.

"Hi, Good to see you, Gabumon!" said Joe with a smile, "It's been a while! But I've been so busy with school and everything, so let's talk for a bit. How are you feeling?"

"I'm an Orderly!" chirped Gomamon, looking up at the larger Digimon sitting in front of him. "Here to help!" Joe gave a chuckle and patted the small seal like Digimon on the head.

"Yep, Gomamon's here to help me, but let's talk about you Gabumon, what are your symptoms?" asked the medical student.

"Well, I started having a fever about a week ago" said Gabumon, thinking back over the course of his illness, "...after that, Yamato made me stay in bed, and after that, I started coughing and sneezing, got a sore throat, headache, and most recently, bellyache." Joe nodded in response.

"Well, it seems like it's just a common cold, nothing to worry about" said Joe "I think I should take your temperature though, see how that's doing."

"Well, I guess I'll leave you guys to it," said Yamato as turned and headed to the door.

"Wait, Yamato, Stop!" said Gabumon, causing Yamato to turn around to face his Digimon. "Please, stay with me." requested the yellow, lizard like Digimon. Yamato couldn't say no to his Digimon. He turned back, and walked around the bed, sitting on the opposite side to Joe. Gabumon scooched closer to Yamato, and took his hand.

"All right, I'll stay" said Yamato, he could tell Gabumon was nervous of Joe, and wanted to support him as best he could. Meanwhile, Joe had been rummaging around in his bag. Once he'd found what he was looking for, he pulled out a glass thermometer and showed it to Gabumon.

"Okay, so just put this in your mouth for a few minutes, and then it'll measure your temperature." said Joe, not sure whether or not Gabumon was familiar with the concept of thermometers. "Open up!" Gabumon obediently opened his mouth, and Joe placed the thermometer on his tongue. Gabumon closed his mouth. "Alright, now just stay like that." said the medical student.

"Okay" replied Gabumon, but as soon as he had opened his mouth to speak, the thermometer slipped out and landed on the bed. Joe picked it up and dusted it off, and held it back up to Gabumon's mouth, the Digimon took the glass thermometer in his mouth once more.

"All right, try not to talk this time!" said Joe. Gabumon nodded, and tried to best he could to hold it, but having something in his mouth like this was strange to the Digimon, without really thinking about it he started to chew on the glass. "Please don't chew it" requested Joe. Gabumon hadn't even noticed he had been chewing, and when he did, he blushed.

"I'll try" murmured Gabumon, but no sooner than he spoke, the thermometer slipped out of his mouth once more, electing a smirk from Yamato and a small chuckle from Gomamon, who was quickly silenced by a glare from Joe. "I'm sorry, I'll try to hold it better next time" said Gabumon, feeling somewhat self conscious. Joe placed it in Gabumon's mouth once more.

"It's okay Gabumon, If you can't do it like this then there are other ways" said Joe reassuringly, as Gabumon chewed on the thermometer. Joe noticed the clicking sound of the glass against Gabumon's teeth, and looked the Digimon in the eye.

"I'm sorry Joe" said Gabumon as soon as he realised what he was doing, the thermometer dropping out of his mouth once again. Yamato chuckled. Gabumon blushed, feeling really embarrassed at this point, and tried to pick it up. Joe took the thermometer out of Gabumon's hand, and smiled at the Digimon, trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

"It's okay, never mind. You don't like having it in your mouth, that's fine. Shall we try the other way?" asked Joe, handing the thermometer to Gomamon who wiped it off and stashed it away back in the bag. Gabumon was relieved. Whatever the other way was, it couldn't be worse than that. Yamato was smirking, he had a fair idea of what Joe had meant by 'Other Way'.

"Yeah, I think I'd like to try the other way" said the sick Digimon, "How do you do it?

"Well, there's not really an easy way to say this," said Joe, "But the thermometer has to go in your butt." Yamato stifled a laugh and the rest of the colour drained from Gabumon's already pale face.

"In… In my butt?" said Gabumon in disbelief, having it in his mouth was bad enough, and Gomamon would see! His heart raced, nervous of Joe's proposal, but he was calmed almost immediately when Yamato put his arm around him.

"Don't worry, it won't be so bad, I'll be right here with you. Okay Gabumon?" said Yamato. Gabumon's pounding heart was put to rest by Yamato's comment,  he felt he could face anything as long as he had Yamato, and if it was to help him get better, he'd be able to do it.

"Okay..." murmured Gabumon, "Let's take my temperature the other way" he continued, speaking slightly louder than before.

"You're a very good patient, Gabumon" said Joe "Very cooperative. Don't worry, it'll be fine." He turned to his Digimon partner. "Gomamon, could you get the rectal thermometer, some gloves, and some lubricant please?" Joe turned back to Gabumon. "Now let's get you into a better position, can you lie on your belly please?"

"Okay" said Gabumon, now feeling much better about the whole thing. Yamato stood up to give Gabumon some more space. The reptilian Digimon rolled over, and lay on his belly, still covered by his blanket. Gomamon, who was sitting on top of the blanket at the opposite end of the bed, pulled a tube of gel out of the bag and set it down next to a box of disposable gloves and a slightly differently shaped thermometer he had extracted from the depths of the bag already.

Yamato sat down next to Gabumon once more, and placed a hand on the back of his fur pelt reassuringly, gently rubbing up and down, hoping a massage might help relax the Digimon. Joe took a pair of gloves out of the box and put them on, and grabbed the blanket, slowly drawing it down to expose Gabumon's rear, which was still covered by his tail.

"Lift your tail for me please, Gabumon" said Joe. Gabumon felt exposed, but Yamato's hand on his back helped to relax him. He lifted his tail up, and exposed his anus, his face burning bright red. Gomamon craned his head up to get a better look, a redness creeping up under the white fur of his cheeks, seeing his friend exposed like this wasn't the kind of thing he got to see every day. Joe unscrewed the cap off the tube of lubricant, and squeezed some onto his gloved finger.

"All right Gabumon, this might be a bit cold, but only for a second, and it won't hurt." Joe reassured the Digimon. He placed a hand on Gabumon's rump, pulling his cheek to the side to expose his anus, and placed his lubed finger on the outside of the hole and started to rub.

"Ahh… Yamato... " gasped Gabumon as he was touched in that very intimate and personal area. Yamato took Gabumon's hand in his and kept rubbing his other hand up and down his partner's back.

"Shh, it's okay Gabumon, I'm here" said Yamato. He felt his Digimon squeezing his hand hard as Joe spread the lube over him. Once the cold gel started to warm up, Gabumon was feeling better about the situation. It was even starting to feel nice to the Digimon.

"Get ready Gabumon," said Joe, "I need to put some lube on the inside too, just bear down as I push my finger in."

"B-Bear down? What does that mean?" asked Gabumon, stammering slightly, Joe's finger still resting against his asshole.

"Well, this may sound dirty, but it just means try to push out, like you are pushing out poop, makes it easier for my finger to get in." said the medical student. Gabumon was nervous, he didn't much like the idea of Joe's finger going inside him, but he did as he was told, bearing down as Joe had instructed him, and giving a whimper as he felt the human's finger slide a short distance into him. Joe didn't want to leave his finger inside for longer than necessary, so he promptly got to work twisting his finger around, lubing Gabumon's ass. Once had done a satisfactory job, he pulled his finger out.

Gabumon was shivering, having his butt fingered like this was one thing, but having it done by Joe in front of Gomamon was quite another. At least the human had been gentle. Gabumon didn't have much time to relax, he gave a small yelp as he felt a small, cold glass tube slide into his rear. Thanks to Joe's efforts with the lube, it didn't hurt at all but the Digimon still felt embarrassed.

"It just needs to stay in for a few minutes," said Joe, holding the thermometer in place. "It's not so bad, is it?" he asked Gabumon who currently had his face buried in his pillow. The Digimon didn't reply, he only squeezed Yamato's hand and waited for it to be over. The seconds felt like minutes, and the minutes felt like hours. After what felt like an eternity, Joe withdrew the thermometer, and replaced the blanket, covering Gabumon up. The Digimon rolled onto his front while Joe held the thermometer up to the light.

"You've got quite the fever here Gabumon" said Joe, as Gomamon handed him a wet wipe and he cleaned any excess lube off of the thermometer. "We'll have to do something about that before I leave." Gabumon wondered what he meant when he had said he would 'do something about it', what would bringing his fever down entail?

"Say, Gabumon, when did you last go to the bathroom?" asked Joe. The Digimon, blushed once more, not used to such personal questions.

"Umm… This morning..." said Gabumon.

"Okay, let me put it another way. When was the last time you pooped?" asked Joe. Gabumon thought, it sure had been a while, had it really been that long?

"Hmm… It must have been back before I was sick" admitted the Digimon. He hadn't really thought about it, but he hadn't gone in over a week.

"Well, that would explain the tummy ache. You're constipated, Gabumon" said Joe. Gomamon smirked once more.

"Constipated, What's that?" asked Gabumon, not recognising the word.

"Basically, it means you can't poop for some reason." said Joe, "Probably because you're sick, it's nothing to worry about."

"So what do you prescribe, Doc?" asked Yamato, "More fiber? Prunes?"

"Well, I think the quickest and easiest course of action would be to give Gabumon an enema or two. If that's okay with you guys of course." said Joe.

"Enema? What's that?" asked Gabumon.

"Beats me, I've never heard of it." said Yamato with a shrug. "What is it, Joe?"

"Here, let me explain" said Joe. He picked up his doctor's bag, and out of it he pulled a red rubber bag that looked similar to a hot water bottle. The red bag was connected to a length of rubber tubing with a plastic nozzle at the end. "This is an Enema bag. What we do is, we fill it with water, then we put this nozzle in your butt, and the water goes in your butt to help you poop."

Gabumon looked at the bag with curiosity. The idea of an "Enema" sounded weird to him, but his belly really did hurt. "You're saying this will get rid of my tummy ache?" asked the Digimon,

"Yeah" said Joe, cheerfully. "It might even help you get better faster, once we get everything in there moving again." Gabumon gave a sigh, and looked towards Yamato, who smiled and gave a nod. The Digimon plucked up all of his courage, and spoke.

"All right, I'll do it." said Gabumon.

"Okay," said Joe, "I'll go prepare the enema. Bathroom is next door on the left, right Yamato?" Yamato gave a nod, and Joe stood up and walked out of the room, Gomamon following closely behind him, leaving Yamato and Gabumon alone. Yamato had his arm wrapped around Gabumon and his hand was gently stroking his Digimon partner's head.

"You're being really brave, you know" said Yamato to his Gabumon, "If Joe came in here and suggested I have an enema, I don't know what I'd say! No, probably!" Gabumon smiled,  and snuggled into his partner.

"I can do anything as long as you're right here by my side" said the shy Digimon to his human partner. Before long, Joe entered the room, carrying the now wet and bulging enema bag. It smelled faintly of soap. Gomamon crawled in behind him, carrying several towels.

"Okay, we're going to start with a warm, soapy enema, this should stimulate your bowels and make you go. Could you two stand up for a second?" Yamato did as he was told, and took Gabumon's hand and helped him up too. Gabumon stood rather shakily, he probably wouldn't be able to stand for very long or go very far with his condition. Joe took the towels from Gomamon, and laid them out, covering the entire bed. "Could you lie down again on your left side, facing away from me and towards Yamato?" requested Joe once the towels were in place.

Gabumon did as he was told, happy to get the weight off of his feet. He still wasn't in any condition to be walking around. Joe picked up the bag, and began talking him through the procedure.

"First, I'm going to lubricate your anus again, then I'm going to put the nozzle in and start the water. If it begins to hurt at all, just tell me and I'll stop the flow until it doesn't hurt anymore. It'll be best if you can take the whole bag. Once you do, I'll remove the nozzle, and you have to keep your butt clenched so it stays in, then you can go to the bathroom and expel it. Understand Gabumon?" The Digimon nodded in response as Joe finished his explanation, he was so nervous he was shaking slightly. "Oh yeah, Yamato, could you rub his belly for me? It'll help keep him calm, and help with cramps if he gets any." said the medical student. Gabumon felt quite indignant at being talked over as if he wasn't there, but he soon stopped caring as Yamato sat down next to him and placed a hand on his plump belly, rubbing around in a circle. Gabumon hated to admit it, but it did help to calm him down.

Joe squeezed some lubricant onto his still gloved hand, and placed his other hand on Gabumon's tail. "Okay Gabumon, raise your tail, I'm going to lubricate you now." Gabumon did as he was told, he closed his eyes and tried to focus on Yamato's touch as he felt the familiar cold, slimy sensation of Joe's finger rubbing under his tail. Before long, the lube had warmed from Gabumon's own body heat so it was a little more pleasant.

"I need to do your insides now, could you bear down for me?" said Joe to Gabumon, who did as he was told, and gave a slight whimper as he was penetrated by Joe's gloved finger for the second time that afternoon. Joe pushed deeper than he had before, his finger going in all the way up to the knuckle, spreading the lube with it. Gomamon looked on in fascination, he'd never seen anyone do something like this to a Digimon before. "Wow, you feel really impacted back here, this enema can't come soon enough!" said Joe as slowly removed his gloved finger from Gabumon's anus, and wiped it clean with towel.

"Okay, I'm putting the nozzle in now" said Joe, going through the procedure step by step so as not to catch Gabumon off guard. He placed the thin, plastic nozzle against the Digimon's anus, and inserted it. The nozzle slid into Gabumon without any difficulty, Joe had done a good job applying the lube. It was so thin, Gabumon hardly felt it. "I'm starting the water now, brace yourself!" said Joe. He held the bag in one hand, there was no place to hang it, and flicked the switch on the rubber tube with the other hand.

Gabumon opened his eyes and gave a gasp as the warm, soapy water flowed into him. He could feel a warmth, spreading from his butt and into his belly. It felt good. It wasn't how Gabumon had expected it, he couldn't actually feel the water inside him, just a warmth and a fullness as it flowed into his bowels. Yamato's rubbing must have helped it flow deeper, because the human's hand running over his plump tummy just made it feel all the better. Suddenly, he felt a cramp in his belly and gave a sharp gasp.

"You okay Gabumon?" asked Yamato, with some concern in his voice.

"Ahh... Stop..." gasped Gabumon. Joe got the message and flicked the switch, ceasing the flow of water into Gabumon's butt.

"Try taking deep breaths" said Joe, "I'll start the water again when you're ready. Yamato, could you gently rub his belly where he says it hurts?" Yamato did as he was told, feeling his hand around Gabumon's round tummy until the Digimon told him to stop, and started to rub in small circles around the affected area as Gabumon took deep breaths as instructed.

"Hey, Joe, is there anything I can do to help?" asked Gomamon, looking up at his partner from the floor.

"No, I think we're fine, Gomamon" said Joe. The small, seal like Digimon let out a sigh. He was secretly quite disappointed, he thought Gabumon was incredibly cute, especially with all his panting and moaning, he would have loved to help. Not satisfied with sitting on the floor doing nothing, the seal jumped up onto the bed, and sat near Gabumon's feet.

"Okay, I'll just wait here until you need me again" said Gomamon, craning his neck slightly to look at Gabumon's cute butt with the nozzle and hose sticking out of it, trying his best to look without looking like he was looking.

"Think you're ready for more water, Gabumon?" asked Joe, patiently holding the bag.

"Yeah.. I think so" said Gabumon, his cramps had subsided pretty quickly, Yamato's massage to his belly had really helped. Joe nodded, and flicked the switch on the hose once again, causing the flow of the still warm, soapy water into Gabumon to resume.

Gabumon moaned. The soap in the water was making him feel like he really had to go, but he clenched his butt cheeks, holding it in as best he could, still taking deep breaths as Joe had instructed him to. Yamato kept stroking his belly, which was now slightly bigger than normal, distended by the water that was filling the Digimon up.

"You feeling okay Gabumon?" asked Joe, "You've taken over half the bag now!" the human encouraged him. "You're doing so well!"

Gabumon nodded. He had to admit, getting an enema did feel pretty good, his tummy was hurting less already, and the warm water filling him was unlike any sensation he had ever experienced before.

By now the red bag in Joe's hand was nearly empty, and the human was squeezing it to push the last water out of the bag and into Gabumon, who was still lying on his side with his eyes closed. Joe put the now empty bag down, and closed the valve on the hose.

"There, you're done! That wasn't so bad now, was it?" said Joe. Gabumon opened his eyes and looked up at him.

"No, it wasn't" said Gabumon meekly. "I actually kind of enjoyed it!" he admitted, blushing harder than ever from both being so exposed and admitting something like that.

"Alright, I'm going to remove the nozzle now. Be sure to clench your butt tightly when I do, we wouldn't want you to have an accident" said Joe. Gabumon did as he was instructed, clenching his butt as tightly as he could. Joe gently drew the nozzle out of the Digimon's anus, and placed it down.

"Yamato, could you take him to the bathroom please? Just let him sit on the toilet and expel the enema. After he thinks it's all out, come back here for the second one. I'll prepare it in the kitchen." said Joe, picking up the empty enema bag.

"Sure thing" said Yamato. "Gabumon, think you can walk like that?"

"Yeah, I think so Yamato" said Gabumon, as he sat up. He felt like he really had to go now, a feeling he hadn't experienced since before he had gotten sick, and he felt so full that any shock or sudden movement might cause him to release, and he certainly didn't want that. The Digimon sat up, and slipped off the bed and onto the floor. He took Yamato's hand in his, and walked slowly and gingerly around the bed and out of the room, Yamato leading the way. Gabumon was so full of water it made him walk with a waddle.

By the time they reached the bathroom, Gabumon felt like he was about to explode. Without even bothering to close the door, he released Yamato's hand and waddled over to the toilet, where he sat down and released straight away, an almighty cascade of water pouring from him into the toilet bowl, bringing a good amount of solid mass with it. Yamato blushed hard, unable to look away from Gabumon. He was not used to seeing his Digimon on the toilet, they usually had pretty clear boundaries about privacy.

"Umm... Do you want me to wait outside?" said Yamato once the sound of the water had stopped, stammering a little.

"I'd rather you stay, if it's okay with you, could you rub my belly some more to help me go?" asked Gabumon. It was a pretty strange request, but Yamato couldn't say no to his Digimon partner when he was in such an embarrassing and vulnerable position.

"Okay Gabumon, for you, I'll stay" said Yamato. He sat down on the side of the bathtub, right next to his Gabumon, and placed one hand on the Digimon's back and one hand on his belly, moving both in small circles. He noticed Gabumon's belly felt a lot softer than it had just moments previously. Neither of them spoke as Gabumon pushed out the rest of his enema into the toilet, a large amount of water pouring into the bowl, taking the solid contents of his backed up bowels with it.

Joe knocked on the half opened bathroom door, and peered his head in, holding the enema bag in his hand, now full once more.  "You okay in there Gabumon?" he asked.

"Yeah" said Gabumon, as a few squirts of water escaped from his butt without him even pushing. "It feels a lot better."

"I'm glad!" said Joe, "But you still need another enema, a clear, cool water enema to clean any remaining poop and the soap from the last one out of you." He turned to Yamato. "Just bring him back to the bedroom when he think's he's ready"

Gomamon lay on the floor behind Joe, He crawled forward and tried to look between his partner's legs at the other Digimon sitting on the toilet. Just as Joe finished speaking, the seal spoke to his partner softly, so Yamato and Gabumon wouldn't hear.

"Hey, let me in! I wanna see!" requested Gomamon. Joe turned around, and closed the door behind him. He leaned down, and picked up the small Digimon with the arm that wasn't holding the enema bag.

"Don't be rude, Gomamon, give them some privacy." said Joe. Gomamon hung his head disappointedly. He bet Gabumon looked so cute, grunting and straining to try and push out the enema. Oh well, the seal supposed seeing the enema administered would have to be enough.

Meanwhile, Gabumon pushed out what he thought was the last of the water, and contents of his constipated bowels. He felt much emptier and lighter than he had before. His tummy ache was all but gone, he felt so much better after having been cleaned out, however his butt was feeling slightly irritated from the soap, but he had faith the second enama would take care of that. He reached for the toilet paper and cleaned himself off. Yamato stopped his rubbing.

"Think you're empty, Gabumon?" asked the human, the Digimon nodded in response. "All right, let's get you back to Joe for that second enema." Gabumon stood up, flushed the toilet and went to the sink to wash his hands.  Yamato opened the door and headed back to the bedroom, and Gabumon followed. He felt like he could even walk more easily after the enema, for the first time since he'd gotten sick he felt like he was on the mend.

Back in the bedroom, Gabumon lay down on the bed in the same position as before. Gomamon was sitting on the bed already, and as Gabumon lay down Gomamon crawled around him, stopping in front of his face.

"Fun, wasn't it?" chirped the seal, but he was promptly hushed by Joe, so he slinked back down to the foot of the bed.

"This enema should be pretty much the same as the first one, it'll be colder to bring your fever down, but it shouldn't be too cold. Since you're already empty you shouldn't even get cramps this time, but if theres anything still in there this enema should get it out. Any questions?" explained Joe. Gabumon had no questions, but before he could state that Joe's explanation was satisfactory, he was cut off.

"Should I rub his belly again?" asked Yamato, he knew Gabumon was much calmer now, but he still wanted to help in any way he could.

"Please do!" said Gabumon, "It feels so good and it really helps." This was all Yamato needed to hear, he sat down on the bed once more and placed his hand on Gabumon's belly, rubbing in circles once again. Gabumon started slightly but soon relaxed as Joe's lube covered gloved finger explored the area under his tail for the third time that day, but he was already loose down there so it wasn't long before Joe slid the enema nozzle into him without any resistance.

"You ready?" asked Joe, holding the bag up high. Gabumon nodded, and Joe flicked the switch, causing the cool, clear water to run into the Digimon's bowels. It felt different than it had before. The pressure was the same, but now a coldness was running through Gabumon's lower belly. He could feel the water inside him better than he had when it was warm. He panted as the coolness ran through him. Joe had been right, even though the water was flowing into his bowels pretty quickly, there was no cramping. Gabumon had hardly even realised it before, but his fever had made him uncomfortably hot, and the water flowing into him now was absorbing the heat and bringing his fever down, just as Joe had said.

By the time the bag was empty, Gabumon's belly was just as distended as it had been after his first enema. Joe closed the valve on the bag, and set it down.

"How did you find that, Gabumon?" asked the medical student.

"Good" the Digimon panted, "I feel cooler already. Thank you so much." Joe smiled, glad to be able to help the Digimon feel so much better. This is why he had gotten into the medical profession after all.

"You're welcome." replied Joe. "Now, Yamato, how about you take Gabumon to the bathroom while Gomamon and I clear up in here?" Yamato nodded and stood up, helping Gabumon to his feet and leading him to the bathroom where the Digimon sat on the toilet once more.

Yamato rubbed Gabumon's back and belly once again as the Digimon let himself go, the water gushing at a much higher rate than before into the toilet. It was mostly clear this time, carrying only the remnants of what the first enema had missed and the soapy suds it had left behind. After Gabumon had evacuated the majority of the water, he took Yamato's hand, stopping his belly rubs..

"Yamato..." he said quietly, "Could you move your hand? I gotta pee." Yamato blushed, for some reason the thought of seeing his Digimon peeing was even more embarrassing than anything they had done thus far. Gabumon didn't seem to mind though, he reached down and pulled his penis out of the pouch of skin that gave it the protection and support it needed.

Yamato tried not to look, but he found his eyes drawn to his Digimon partner's length, which was half erect. Maybe he really did like getting enemas that much. Gabumon pointed his dick downwards and after a few seconds he started peeing, Yamato tried with everything he had not to look, but he glanced downwards anyway, his own dick growing hard inside his trousers as he eyed his Digimon's member. He tried to focus on just rubbing Gabumon's back.

Gabumon shook the last few drops of piss from the head of his cock, and replaced it inside his pouch, Yamato could hardly even see where the opening was now that Gabumon had closed it up. With a grunt, Gabumon squirted the last of the water in his bowels into the toilet bowl, and picked up the tissue.

"Thanks a bunch for helping me through this, I couldn't have done it without you" said the Digimon as he cleaned himself up. He stood up, and washed his hands, while Yamato flushed the toilet.

On the way back to the bedroom they met up with Joe, standing in the hall, Gomamon was back in the bag that was now once again slung over Joe shoulder, and he held his doctors bag, just as he did when he arrived..

"Well, I'll be seeing you!" said the medical student, "Really glad that I could help, don't hesitate to call me for anything relating to Gabumon's health in the future." He reached out and shook Yamato's hand, then Gabumon's, and turned to the door.

"Bye bye!" chirped Gomamon from Joe's bag, "It was fun, hope you feel better Gabumon!"

"Bye!" said Gabumon, waving to Joe and Gomamon, "Thanks a lot you two!" As they left, Gabumon went back to the bedroom, where the bed had been made and the towels had been neatly folded. "That was good," said Gabumon to Yamato, "Much better than I was expecting, thanks for all your help Yamato."  said Gabumon as he climbed into bed. Yamato leaned down and gave his Digimon a tight hug, and a kiss on the top of the head.

"You know I'd do anything for you Gabumon, and I must say, that was an... Interesting experience..." said Yamato, still slightly weirded out by what had happened, considering he hadn't even known what an enema was beforehand. "Anyway, I'd better go start dinner." finished Yamato, as he turned and left the room, and Gabumon opened the laptop and tried to remember which episode they had been watching when he had fallen asleep earlier.