Gabumon and Greymon's Fun in the Forest

By Lazuli

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This story contains sexual acts between two nonhuman characters, and a human character being a perv and looking. It also contains size difference, excessive cum, anal sex, fisting, and rimming. Come on in and turn down the lights, things are about to get steamy.


Agumon sat by the campfire, keeping watch as the rest of the Chosen Children and their Digimon slept in the forest clearing. They had been stranded on File Island for several weeks now, and after the children had adjusted to the strange ways of the Digital World, they had resolved to defeat Devimon and fulfill their reason for being called to the strange alternate world in the first place.

Agumon heard a rustling and looked around. He saw Taichi walking over to the fire.

"Hey Agumon" said the chosen child, "I'll keep watch for a while, you get some sleep, ok?" Agumon nodded and stood up, as Taichi sit down next to the fire.

"Okay Taichi, wake me if there's any trouble" he replied quietly so as to not wake the others. Taichi nodded in agreement as Agumon slipped out of the light cast by the fire, so he was shrouded in darkness.

The Digimon was tired, but he didn't want to sleep just yet, he had a better idea. He looked around, surveying the area around the camp, until he saw Gabumon, lying peacefully on his own. Most of the Digimon opted to sleep with their partners, but Yamato was the exception, preferring to sleep with his brother Takeru over his Digimon. Agumon crept up to Gabumon, looking around to see if anyone was looking. Taichi was looking off in the other direction, and the dinosaur was reasonably sure everyone else was asleep. He looked back down at Gabumon, sleeping soundly. He wouldn't sleeping for much longer, that was for sure.

Agumon knelt down, lay on top of Gabumon, and nuzzled the reptilian Digimon's neck. He opened his mouth and gave a lick with his wide tongue. The yellow digimon moaned and started to stir. He opened his eyes and saw Agumon on top of him.

"Mmm...  What do you want, Agumon? I'm sleeping." he moaned groggily. Agumon reluctantly pulled himself away from the fur wearing Digimon's neck, and looked down into his eyes.

"My shift on watch just ended. Wanna fool around, Wolf Boy?" asked the yellow dinosaur.

"No." replied Gabumon. "I'm asleep." He closed his eyes once more. "This wouldn't do" thought Agumon, he leaned down, and kissed Gabumon on the lips, slipping his tongue into the reptile's mouth. Gabumon opened his mouth to let Agumon's tongue inside. Agumon's tongue was much wider than Gabumon's, and filled up his mouth pretty much completely. Gabumon opened his eyes and sat up, pushing Agumon off him. The pouch that protected Agumon's crotch bulged.

"All right, you horny dino, let's get going before anyone sees." said Gabumon, his face starting to turn red under his pelt. Agumon smiled so widely the sheen from his teeth almost lit up the darkness.

"Yay!" he exclaimed almost too loudly, and immediately covered his mouth as he saw Taichi look in his direction. Agumon grabbed Gabumon's hand and pulled him to his feet. The dinosaur like Digimon pulled the lizard like Digimon away into the trees, until they were out of sight of the camp. Once they had gotten a fair distance away, and had found a suitable clearing, they stopped.

"This looks like a good place!" exclaimed Agumon as he looked around, the clearing was almost pitch black, a human wouldn't have been able to see a thing, but thanks to the Digimon's improved night vision, they had a fair idea of the layout of the area. Gabumon nodded, and opened his mouth to respond, but didn't get a chance as Agumon tackled him and forced him back up against a nearby tree, and pressed his lips against the lizard's.

Agumon forced his tongue into Gabumon's mouth once again, pressing him against the rough bark of the tree behind him. Gabumon all too happily opened his mouth to receive the dinosaur's tongue, letting it explore his mouth and run it's way over his sharp, carnivorous teeth. The lizard pushed back with his own tongue, somewhat weakly, not wanting to put up too much of a fight against his lover. Agumon broke the kiss, and buried his muzzle in Agumon's neck, pushing the Digimon's furry pelt out of the way so he could get to his yellow skin.

"By the gods, I love you Gabumon, I love you so much" whispered Agumon into his lover's neck. Gabumon could only moan in response, as Agumon gave his lover's neck a lick. Gabumon wrapped his arms around Agumon and pulled him into a tight hug. He moved his hands up to the back of the dinosaur like Digimon's head, and pulled him in closer to his neck. As Agumon licked him, Gabumon gave little gasps, Agumon's licks sent shivers from his neck all over his body, he moaned and hugged Agumon tighter as the Digimon started to give small nips to his neck, the small jolts of pain made the pleasure from the licks even more intense. Agumon kissed at the lizard like Digimon's neck between his licks and bites.

"Mmm...  I want you so badly Gabumon, I want you all to myself" whispered Agumon, he started to suck roughly on his lover's neck, so hard he was sure to leave red marks on the Digimon's skin, and maybe darker marks if he kept sucking this roughly. Gabumon gasped at the sensation, knowing what Agumon had planned.

"Ahh...  Just...  not where anyone can see it... Under the fur" gasped Gabumon, almost completely lost in the moment. Agumon pulled Gabumon's fur pelt a bit farther out of the way, and buried his muzzle in the patch of skin had covered. He kissed some more at the fur clad Digimon's neck, until he decided to give one long, hard suck. Gabumon panted, he didn't even mind the slight pain from Agumon's roughness on his neck, it was so intense it didn't even matter to him. That, coupled with the Dinosaur's clawed hands running up and down his body, both on his front and his back, over the sensitive skin under his protective pelt, places where nobody usually ever touched, put Gabumon in a state where Agumon could have suggested anything and he would have gone along with it.

Agumon pulled off, and admired the mark he had made. Marking Gabumon like this made him feel like the reptilian Digimon was his and his alone. He stepped back, the fur covered Digimon slumped forward, no longer supported by his lover. By now, Gabumon was wide awake.

"Ahh...  Agumon.." he panted. "That was...  amazing! So intense!" Agumon smiled. He knew just what Gabumon liked, and how to make the yellow Digimon putty in his hands.

"Well, we're just getting started!" said Agumon, as he walked around the still recovering Gabumon, and hugged him from behind. Agumon ran his hands up and down Gabumon's chest and round, yet firm belly. He buried his muzzle in his lover's neck once again, on the opposite side this time.

"Fuck, you're so sexy Gabumon" said the dinosaur, as his hands worked their way lower and lower down his lover's body. Gabumon blushed. He loved it when Agumon talked to him like this, the other Digimon knew just what he wanted to hear. He didn't get nearly this many compliments from his human partner, and he was sure Agumon meant everything he said. Gabumon jolted in surprise as his genital pouch was groped by the dinosaur.

Many Digimon had pouches they kept their genitals in, for protection, and modesty sake. They varied by species, but Agumon and Gabumon both had the most common type, a fold of loose, double sided skin, almost like a foreskin, that covered their penis and testicles. Gabumon could control his, and most of the time he kept it sealed up tight, there was just a slight horizontal slit on his crotch with a small bulge underneath it. Nobody would notice it, unless they looked very closely, and that would be rude.

Gabumon's bulge was now much bigger than normal, and Agumon could feel it. He pressed and kneaded at his lover's pouch, feeling at his dick and balls through the skin. "Relax it" hissed Agumon into Gabumon's ear. Gabumon did as he was told, and opened his pouch. Agumon reached in, and pulled out his hard cock and balls, the fold of skin tucking away below them, almost completely unnoticeable against his perineum. Gabumon had a five inch long cock, which was respectable by Digimon standards, and his member looked very similar to that of a human. Obviously, whoever had designed Gabumons had opted to give them genitals, but had not been bothered to stick to reptilian anatomy. His length was yellow, to match his body with a yellow foreskin that wasn't quite long enough to cover his head when he was hard, so his glans was already on display.

Agumon stroked up and down Gabumon's shaft as well as he could, considering his hands were barely more than stumps with sharp claws coming out of them, it was no easy task. Agumon pushed his own crotch forward, and held Gabumon's hips in place. He rubbed his pouch against Gabumon's tail, the feeling of which caused Gabumon to moan happily and his cock to twitch. With the hand he wasn't using to stroke Gabumon, Agumon reached down and pulled his own member out of his pouch. It was human like, and very similar to Gabumon's with its yellow colouring, however the dinosaur like Digimon had about an inch on Gabumon in terms of length, a longer foreskin.

Agumon grabbed the lizard like Digimon's tail, and moved it up and out of the way, pressing it between them. He then wrapped his arms around Gabumon, and sat down, pulling the other Digimon with him. Agumon sat with his back against the tree, and Gabumon sitting in his lap.

"Whoa, you surprised me!" said Gabumon, "Warn me before you do something like that again, okay?" Agumon nodded in agreement, Gabumon couldn't see the dinosaur, but felt his head nodding against his back. Without another word, Agumon got back to work masturbating his lover. The fur covered Digimon blushed harder as he suddenly became aware that Agumon's hard dick was sandwiched between his butt cheeks. It felt slightly moist, probably a combination of his own sweat and Agumon's pre. Agumon gently bucked his hips, sliding his dick up and down, across Gabumon's anus. The fur clad Digimon tried to squirm and struggle a little, he found it a bit overwhelming to be rubbed on like this without lube, but Agumon's hands were placed firmly on his hips.

"H-hey!" exclaimed Gabumon, "If you want to fuck me we need to lubricate first!" Agumon sighed and stopped his pumping. He knew Gabumon was right, and if you want to fuck this Digimon, you needed to earn it. He released his grip on his lover, who crawled off him, and got down on all fours. He raised his tail, and exposed his ass enticingly. He gave his butt a wiggle. "Go on then!"

Agumon licked his lips and grinned. "All right you tail lifter, here I come!" He pounced forward, and placed a hand on each of Gabumon's hips. The small dinosaur practically buried his muzzle in Gabumon's rear, and gave a lick from his taint all the way up to the base of his tail. Gabumon shuddered, Agumon's licking there never failed to send shivers up his spine, just like when the dino licked his neck. Agumon licked his way up and down, and in little circles around Gabumon's tight pucker, making sure to drool as much as possible. After several moments of sloppy, slobbery licking, he decided to take things to the next level, and pressed his tongue against Gabumon's anus, causing the lizard to give a moan. Gabumon tried his best to relax, no easy task from all the tingling and pleasure from the rimming, and soon enough Agumon's tongue push it's way past his tight, muscular ring and start licking inside of him, moving in and out slightly.

"Mmmm... Muphgy..." said Agumon, muffled from having his tongue buried deep inside his lover.

"You know you love how I taste" said Gabumon with a giggle, Agumon's tongue inside him feeling quite ticklish, as well as pleasurable. He squeezed his muscles slightly around Agumon's tongue, playfully trying to push him out, but Agumon just pushed all the deeper, swirling his wide, wet tongue around and licking every which way he could manage. Gabumon wiggled his butt, unable to take the teasing feeling of having his ass eaten out any longer.

"Okay Agumon, I'm ready now! Don't tease me like that." gasped Gabumon, his ass now comfortably wet and loose, and his cock hard and dripping with pre. Agumon wasted no time in pulling his tongue out of his lover's ass with a wet plop sound.

"Excellent!" said the dinosaur. He sat back, and leaned against the tree in a reclining position, holding his cock on one hand. "Let's do it like this, shall we?" Gabumon nodded in agreement, and got to his feet. He was already facing away from Agumon, so he backed up. He looked back at his lover, reclining against the tree, and bent down slightly. "What a lovely view!" said Agumon, gazing at Gabumon's ass, his anus slightly stretched and dripping with drool, and his balls hanging down in between his legs.

Gabumon blushed, admiring the compliment. Agumon knew how to make him feel special, and he loved him for it. Gabumon reached back, and grabbed Agumon's cock. He leaned down and back, placing his partner's dick against his anus. Once he was sure everything was lined up, he sat down. Agumon's cock slid into Gabumon as the lizard lowered himself onto the dinosaur's lap. Agumon closed his eyes and sighed, the sensation was wonderful, his foreskin rolled back as Gabumon's ass enveloped his cock. Inside of Gabumon was so warm, and he even enjoyed the weight of Gabumon sitting on him. Gabumon sat still for several moments, growing accustomed to the hard length now filling him up.

"Ahh..." moaned Gabumon. "By the gods Agumon, you're so big". Agumon's arms wrapped around the Digimon on his lap, impaled on his cock, and pulled him into another tight hug, thrusting his hips forward a bit and pushing his cock a little deeper, causing Gabumon to shudder and moan.

"Hehe, I know, and I know you love it" giggled Agumon, giving Gabumon a lick on his sensitive neck. "Anyway, here I go!". Agumon placed his hands on Gabumon's hips, much like he'd done earlier, and start to thrust his hips back and forth against the ground, pulling his cock out of Gabumon a small distance, then ramming it in again, as deep as it could go. Gabumon moaned happily as he was bounced on Agumon's lap, his lover's cock being pulled out and thrust in, Gabumon's own weight pushing him down, his own cock waved about in the air in front of him as the bouncing got faster. Gabumon dug his feet into the ground on either side of Agumon, he probably would have slipped off otherwise. After a few minutes of being bounced like this, Agumon stopped thrusting his hips and bouncing his lover, He lay back, and Gabumon lay on top of him.

"Ahh" panted Agumon, his hips slightly sore from all the thrusting, his hard cock still buried deep inside Gabumon. "I need rest, my thrusters are worn out" he managed to quip between his deep breaths. Gabumon lay on top of Agumon, also panting and getting his breath back. Suddenly, Gabumon perked up.

"Agumon...  I have an idea" said Gabumon "How about you evolve to Greymon, then we keep going?" Agumon looked startled.

"What? It'd never fit!" exclaimed Agumon, his now softening cock still inside his lover. He had never examined his cock as Greymon before, he was usually too preoccupied with whatever battle he had evolved for, but he knew he'd be too big. Greymon was huge.

"Well, not like this!" chuckled Gabumon, "I was thinking about stuff that doesn't involve penetration." Agumon thought about it for a second, then decided, yeah, that would be hot! Gabumon stood up, Agumon's now only half hard cock slipping out of his butt. The lizard Digimon turned around, and peered down at Agumon.

"Well, what do you think?" he inquired, tilting his head to the side inquisitively.

"I think it's a great idea!" replied Agumon with a toothy grin. He held his hand out for Gabumon to take. "Let's do it!" Gabumon grabbed the Dinosaur's hand and helped him to his feet. Agumon dusted some bits of bark and grass off his back, and stashed his now soft dick back away in his pouch. Gabumon did the same, cleaning off his knees, and elbows, and pulling his pouch up to cover his softening penis. The two Digimon set off back in the direction of the camp, grinning and blushing at the idea of what was to come.


Taichi sat by the campfire. Keeping watch was pretty boring, but someone had to do it, and he felt the others needed more sleep than he did. Every time he'd heard a rustling in the bushes or trees, he'd look towards it alertly, wondering if a Digimon was about to pop out and attack, but they never did though. Agumon must certainly have been asleep by now, Taichi he had no one to talk to. He idly poked the dying fire with a stick to pass the time.

Suddenly, Taichi heard another rustling. He was sure it was nothing, but he looked in the direction anyway. Suddenly, Agumon stepped into the ring of fire light that surrounded the camp, gingerly stepping around the sleeping forms of the other chosen children.

"Huh? Agumon? What are you doing up?" inquired Taichi in a hushed tone. Taichi was confused, Agumon usually loved his sleep, and would usually never stay up for very long after being relieved of guard duty.

"Taichi, I need your help with something, could you come over here and give me a hand?" asked Agumon quietly, his heart pounding. He wasn't sure how Taichi would react to this enquiry, and he was embarrassed to even have to ask something like this in the first place. Taichi got to his feet, and nodded.

"Sure thing Agumon!" said Taichi, as he walked over to his Digimon, who stepped out of the fire light and walked some distance from the camp. "As long as it doesn't take too long, I still need to keep watch." Agumon was as nervous as he had ever been, he had no idea how to justify it, he just had to ask.

"I...  I need you to evolve me to Greymon... " the dinosaur like Digimon asked. Taichi furrowed his brow, confused at the Digimon's odd request at this time of night.

"Why? There's no one to fight!" pointed out Taichi. He was right. How could Agumon justify himself? He couldn't tell him the truth of course, he was far too innocent of a child to discuss such things with.

"Well," started Agumon, unsure of where he was going with this, but suddenly something clicked in his head. "I just thought, our enemies are getting tougher, and we may need to face Devimon soon, so I was thinking I should get some practice fighting as Greymon, and now's a great time to do it!"

"Sure Agumon, I'll help you train!" said Taichi, looking enthusiastic. He grabbed his Digivice from his belt, and pointed it at Agumon, the enthusiasm of the chance to train with his Digimon enough to make his partner evolve. "So, where shall we do it?"

Agumon felt the usual rush of energy overcome him as he evolved. He looked down at Taichi, who was now dwarfed compared to Greymon's 12 foot tall stature. "Umm...  Taichi" he said, trying to keep his voice down. "I think you need to stay back and guard the camp, I can train on my own." Taichi looked somewhat glum, but his Digimon partner had made a good point. The Digital World was dangerous, and someone always needed to stand guard in case of a hostile Digimon attack.

"Okay Greymon, see you later, just come back when you're back to Agumon I guess" said Taichi, he turned around, and head back in the direction of the camp, while Greymon walked off in the opposite direction. Taichi looked back at his Digimon as he left, but then he noticed something. He saw a dark shape scamper out of one of the bushes near where they'd been talking, and run up beside Greymon, who looked down at it. It almost looked like... What was Gabumon doing there? Were they going to train together or something? Taichi had to know.

Taichi ducked behind a tree, watching his Greymon and Yamato's Gabumon walk away. Just as he was about to lose sight of them, he ducked out, and dashed to another tree, heading in the direction the Digimon had gone. He heard a rustling up ahead. That had to be them. He didn't want to disturb the Digimon in their training, he had been asked not to after all, so he crouched down and crawled to behind a bush. Taichi parted the leaves, and looked out into the clearing, which was lit by the faint glow of starlight. Taichi was aghast at what he saw. It was like his brain didn't quite know how to process the sight that stood before him in the clearing.

In front of him, he saw Greymon. The large dinosaur was on his knees, facing away from the human concealed in the bushes, with his tail raised high. Behind Greymon, stood Gabumon, his muzzle pressed up against the spot just under the Adult Level's tail. Taichi's mouth hung open, all he could do was stare. He heard the faint sounds of licking and slurping combined with Greymon's heavy breathing. The small, furred Digimon was licking at what Taichi assumed to be large one's asshole, moaning happily. Taichi wondered why they were doing it, was this some form of training? Why did they seem to like it this much? He continued to stare.

Gabumon practically made out with Greymon's anus, giving small moans of pleasure as he did so. The Dinosaur's ass was huge, it was so big in fact,it gave Gabumon an idea for something that he couldn't possibly have done to Agumon. Once he had licked enough that he was certain  there was sufficient slobber coating his large lover's ass, and Greymon was so worked up that he'd let the lizard like Digimon do anything he wanted, he ceased his licks.

"See? I told you becoming Greymon was a good idea!" chirped Gabumon, "You're so big, I love it!" Greymon nodded in agreement. It certainly was interesting, having sex in a body that was so similar, yet so different to his normal form. He had even managed to reach down and pull his cock out of his pouch, no easy feat considering the now much smaller size of his arms compared to his body. As Greymon, his length was pretty similar in terms, of shape, but far, far bigger. It was even big considering his 12 foot tall stature, it was completely hard and stood several feet long. Gabumon's jaw had almost hit the floor when he had first seen it.

"Okay, now let's try this out for size" said Gabumon, as he pulled his hand out of the strap that kept his fur coat attached, and let the arm of his coat fall away. His yellow, human like hand was exposed to the open air, no longer covered by his fur, and the sleeve of his pelt hung down by his side, limply. He placed his hand against Greymon's large hole, and pushed one finger in. Greymon gasped as Gabumon's finger slipped in with little to no resistance, the size of it practically nothing compared to how being fingered as Agumon felt.

"Ahh...  Yeah... More..." moaned Greymon. Gabumon was happy to oblige, and pushed his other three fingers inside, in up to the knuckle. He was sure Greymon could take it. He felt the large Digimon's anus contract around his hand. Greymon loved the feeling, but he wanted more, and he knew Gabumon could provide it.

"Deeper..." growled Greymon, "You can get your whole hand in there!" Gabumon curled in his thumb, and pushed. His whole hand slipped past Greymon's muscular ring and into his body. Gabumon gasped, it felt amazing, Greymon's internal walls squeezing down on him, it almost felt like his lover's body was trying to suck him inside, and it was so warm, warmer even than under the lizard like Digimon's pelt. Gabumon wiggled his fingers around slightly, causing Greymon's tail to twitch, and the large Digimon to give shuddering gasps of pleasure.

Meanwhile, Taichi looked on from the bushes with even more confusion than before. What on earth were they doing? Was Gabumon looking for something in there? Why was Greymon enjoying it so much? Suddenly, Taichi became aware of the fact that he was hard, his shorts were tented tightly. Even though he wasn't sure of what he was seeing, part of him was certainly enjoying it. He sat down on the ground behind the bush, keeping one hand on the leaves, holding them aside so he could watch what would happen next, and slipped his other hand into his shorts and underwear to touch himself.

Gabumon twisted his arm around a bit, rotating his fist inside Greymon's ass, causing the Dinosaur to moan and shiver. He clearly loved the feeling, but wasn't satisfied with only his lovers fist. Through his moans he demanded that Gabumon go deeper still, and the small Digimon was happy to oblige. Gabumon pushed his arm in deeper, pushing in inch by inch and stretching his partner wider and wider. Even though, relatively speaking, the size of Gabumon's forearm up to the elbow was not that big for Greymon, it still felt great. The thought of his small lover elbow deep in his ass made him feel giddy. Greymon closed his eyes and moaned louder still as he felt Gabumon push deeper still, and soon enough, Greymon felt Gabumon's body press onto his perineum, and his head pressed up below his tail, which could only mean one thing, the Gabumon's arm was in up to the shoulder.

Gabumon's face was pressed right up against the base of Greymon's tail. Greymon's muscles squeezed his arm tightly, the his lover's body heat enveloping his whole arm was an incredible sensation. Gabumon was intent at giving his partner as much pleasure as he possibly could, so he started to move his hand around inside Greymon, feeling the inside of his abdominal walls. As he felt around inside his huge partner, he felt something hard, it was down below his hand. Gabumon poked it, and Greymon gasped, a large amount of pre shoot out of his cock. Neither Gabumon nor Greymon knew what a prostate was, but if they did, they would have known Gabumon had just found Greymon's.

Gabumon pushed his hand against Greymon's prostate, causing the larger Digimon to double over, and place his small arms against the ground to brace himself, the change in angle almost lifted Gabumon off the ground entirely. Not deterred, Gabumon redoubled his efforts, practically squeezing Greymon's large prostate in his hands. He pulled his head away from Greymon's tail, and looked down, past the dinosaur's huge balls, at his cock which was leaking pre almost freely at this point.

"G-Gabu... keep touching me there, I'm gonna cum!" moaned Greymon through his gritted teeth, Gabumon's masterful handling of his prostate felt like it would be enough for him to cum hands free.

"Not quite yet!" said Gabumon, and released his lover's prostate. He slowly started to draw his arm out of Greymon's ass, causing him to spurt even more pre, and his cock to twitch as Gabumon pulled his fist out and stretched his fingers. "Roll over onto your back, there's something I want to try." Greymon was happy to oblige, although he was slightly disappointed Gabumon had taken his fist out, he was eager to see what his small lover had in store. Greymon got onto his back, and lay in a reclining position against the same tree he had leant against earlier as Agumon. His hard cock stood up straight between his legs.

Gabumon slipped his arm back into his sleeve, and advanced on Greymon. He climbed up the Dinosaur's leg, and sat on his belly, looking into his eyes. "You're so sexy as Greymon, I love it" said Gabumon wistfully, staring at his lover for a few moments. He even thought he saw a slight blush in the Adult Level Digimon's cheeks. "If you say so, Gabumon" said Greymon. He wasn't sure what Gabumon saw in him, he thought he was much cuter as Agumon, having the larger size did have a certain appeal though.

Gabumon turned around, and made his way towards Greymon's still hard member. It was huge, almost as long as Gabumon was tall, and the glans was almost as big as Gabumon's head. He reached out a hand, and gave it a stroke. Greymon gasped, his cock was just as sensitive as it was when he was Agumon, but the feeling spread out over a much larger area. Gabumon wrapped his arms around Greymon's cock, and pulled it into a hug, the pre from earlier coating his belly and arms. Gabumon started to lick up the pre, running his tongue over Greymon's foreskin and head, causing the dinosaur to emit low growls of pleasure.

Taichi was amazed. Since when did Digimon have penises? He had looked before, and he had never seen anything, he assumed they just didn't have anything down there. He had never seen a Digimon peeing, so he had no idea where they kept them when they weren't using them. Taichi stared at Greymon's cock, and Gabumon rubbing up against it and giving long licks. He imagined Gabumon licking his own cock, and how it might feel as he stroked his shaft up and down. Taichi had never masturbated before, and he started to feel a slight wetness on his hand and cock, just like he saw on Greymon's dick as Gabumon licked it.

Gabumon reached down and pulled his hard cock out of his pouch, and pressed it against Greymon's shaft. His own pre, combined with the copious amount of Greymon's that dripped down the large Digimon's shaft and Gabumon's own chest and belly was more than enough lubricant for him to rub it against his lover's huge cock with little to no friction. Gabumon wrapped his legs around Greymon's shaft to join his arms, and squeezed it close. He thrust his hips back and forth, humping the Adult Level Digimon's shaft, and masturbating him using his arms, legs, and whole body.

Greymon's eyes were shut tight and his teeth were gritted, he was sure if he cried out now his voice would carry all the way back to the camp, and he didn't want to wake anyone up. Gabumon's slick, pre covered body pressing up against his huge shaft was incredible, the licks the small Digimon gave on his sensitive glans was almost too much, and it was almost too much for Gabumon too, who's cock was throbbing slightly from being rubbed against Greymon's cock and his own belly at the same time.

Gabumon took one hand off of Greymon's shaft and grabbed his own cock and started to stroke. It only took a few pumps of his hand before the twitches became pulses, and the pulses became spurts of cum, which shot onto both his own belly and Greymon's cock. Gabumon panted and gasped as he kept stroking himself and pumping his hips all throughout his climax. Once his orgasam subsided, he wasn't done yet, he wrapped his arms and legs tightly around Greymon's cock and started thrusting once more, to Greymon, who was looking down at the small Digimon, his hips and tail were almost a blur. Greymon felt so close, but Gabumon alone couldn't quite push him over the edge.

The large Dinosaur like Digimon leaned forward and wrapped both of his hands around his cock, and the Digimon attached to it. Gabumon gasped in surprised as he was grabbed, but soon understood what was going on and relaxed, stopping his thrusting. Greymon started to pump his hands, squeezing Gabumon up against his cock and rubbing him up and down, lifting the Digimon clear off his belly each time he moved his hands up, and placing him down with a slight bump with every downward stroke. Greymon was so worked up from Gabumon's earlier treatment that it didn't take much of this before he came.

Greymon's cock started to twitch, Gabumon felt the twitching permeate through his whole body. The Adult Level stopped his stroking and released Gabumon as he reached his climax, and let the small Lizard like Digimon squeeze him as hard as he wanted as the first spurt of hot cum dribbled out of the Dinosaur's cock and onto Gabumon's front. The small fur covered Digimon leaned down to give it a lick, but before he could even get his tongue out, more cum shot out of Greymon's cock, coating his horn, head, tail and pelt. He'd need to wash it in the morning. Cumming as Greymon felt incredible, it was far more intense than when he usually came as Agumon, probably because of his larger size. Greymon was drained, the same feeling he felt after a hard fight, and a glowing light surrounded him as he started to shrink.

Taichi looked on with an expression of wonder on his face, at what he saw his Digimon doing. As Greymon had stroked his cock with Gabumon on it, Taichi had sped up his own strokes, responding to what felt good. Around the time Greymon came, Taichi had also reached his climax, his cum spurting from his cock into his underwear. Taichi had known what masturbation was, but had never tried it himself until then. He lay on the grass, panting at the strange new feeling he had just experienced for the first time, a wet spot on the front of his shorts.

"That was...  Incredible" said Agumon, standing up and wiping some Greymon cum off of himself, there was still some around his crotch, far more than when he usually came, but he was nowhere near as messy as gabumon, who had caught the full force of his orgasam and was now coated in cum, front and back, and practically head to toe.

"It was so fun! We should do it again sometime!" exclaimed Gabumon, as he gave Agumon a kiss on the cheek. "And don't worry about the fur, I can wash it in the morning". Agumon yawned. He was supposed to have gone to bed some time ago, Taichi's shift at the campfire would probably nearly be over now.

"We should head back to camp" said the yellow Dinosaur, "Taichi is probably wondering where I am." Gabumon nodded in agreement, and the two Digimon started back in the direction of the camp, Gabumon grabbing some leaves to wipe off any excess cum covering him.

Taichi looked up with a start when he them mention heading back, what if they got back and he wasn't there? They might know he had been spying! The inside of his pants was still wet, but there was no time to deal with that now. He stood up, legs still shaky from his orgasam, and started to sprint back to the camp, hoping against hope he could get back before the Digimon without being seen.