Baby Salamander

By Lazuli

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This is an adaptation of a Doujin, if you like this story, you should check out the Doujin it was based on. Unfortunately I can't find the english version on an easily accessible site, I might upload it to e621 myself sometime..

Warning: This is a retelling of a sexy dream that I, Takuya Kanbara, had when I was in the Digital World. It contains human/digimon sex, lots of kissing, oral, fingering, and anal. Read on if you dare, this kind of thing is definitely not appropriate for the likes of Izumi or Tomoki.


I had the weirdest dream last night. It felt so vivid, almost real. While it was happening, I was convinced it actually was real! We were camping out, exactly where we are now. I woke up, I thought I had heard something, or someone, walking around the camp. I stood up, and looked around, gripping my Digivice tightly, ready to evolve to Agnimon at a moment's notice. As I looked around, I noticed that you two, Izumi, Tomoki, Bokomon and Neemon were asleep, so the noise couldn't have been any of you. Suddenly, I saw a shadowy figure approaching, it almost looked like a human.

The figure came closer, until it was close enough for me to make it out in the darkness. It wasn't a human after all, but a Digimon. I recognised it, it was the very same type of Digimon I had become when I returned to the human world, it even looked like me. It had the same build and height as me, and it's face even looked a bit like mine. This was where the similarities ended, as it had a large mane of orange hair, small horns, tan orange skin, tattoos on its face and bare chest, and pointy ears with small earrings. It wore orange shoulder pads and shorts, and it had a belt buckle with Agnimon's crest on it. I looked at my Digivice. Apparently it was called Flamemon, and was the Child Level version of Agnimon. He didn't seem hostile, so I spoke.

"Umm... Hi, Flamemon, do you need something?" I asked, as he stopped, right in front of me, looking into my eyes. He didn't reply, he only gave a small smile and held out his hand, as if he wanted me to take it. I thought about it for a few seconds. Flamemon didn't seem like he was on Cherubimon's side, and he was related to Agnimon, maybe he wanted to show me something that could help us defeat Cherubimon's warriors, but then why did he come in the dead of night? I decided I wanted to see what he had to show, if it did turn out to be a trap, I could evolve to Agnimon, and Agnimon would be able to handle it, as I said, at the time I was convinced it wasn't a dream. I took his hand in mine, gripping my Digivice tightly in my other hand.

As soon as I had took Flamemon's hand, he set off, back in the way he had come from, pulling me with him. He was going so fast I was struggling to keep up, and even stumbled and almost tripped a few times. After about a minute of running, I was worn out. I don't know if Flamemon sensed this, or if we had just arrived at where he wanted to be, but he slowed to a walk and stopped in the middle of a small clearing. I was panting and gasping, clutching at the stitch in my chest.

"Hey... What's the hurry?" I asked Flamemon between gasps. He either didn't want to respond, or he wasn't able to. As I got my breath back, I noticed the Digimon hadn't let go of my hand. I tried to pull my hand out of his, but his grip was strong, and I didn't want him to take my glove. Flamemon turned around, and stood facing me. He was standing close to me, closer than would be considered polite, so close I could feel his warm breath on my face, it made a sharp contrast to the cold night air. Suddenly, Flamemon leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. I was surprised, naturally, so I pulled my head back and looked at the Digimon.

"Hey, what's the big idea? Did you just pull me away from the others for a makeout session?" I asked, indignantly. Flamemon didn't reply verbally, but his actions spoke louder than words. The Digimon wrapped his arm around my back, pulling me into a close hug, and kissed me again, this time trying to stick his tongue in my mouth. I tried to pull away, but the Digimon was strong and held me in place. I was about to activate my Digivice so I could evolve to Agnimon and defend myself, but then something strange happened.

Flamemon's explored my mouth, running over my teeth and pressing against my own tongue, which I was using to try and push his tongue out of my mouth. Suddenly, it was starting to feel... good... Flamemon's hot body pressing against mine, his warm, wet tongue forcefully exploring my mouth, it felt really nice. I stopped trying to pull my way out of the Digimon's embrace, and my tongue's fight against his becomig more playful. I pushed back against his tongue with my own, trying to push my tongue into his mouth. He relented to me, his tongue getting weaker, allowing mine to enter his mouth.

I ran my tongue across his teeth, he had sharp fangs, sharper than a human's. His eyes were closed, he was clearly enjoying it as much as I was. Flamemon's hands were on my back, holding me close to him as we kissed, but as my tongue invaded his mouth, his hands moved lower, until they rested on my butt, where the Digimon gave a squeeze. His sudden grope took me by surprise, so I broke the kiss and pulled away slightly, looking Flamemon in the face.

"Hey, Watch it!" I said. Of course, after our intimate makeout, I was not really one to lecture him on personal space. He seemed to get the message, and took his hands off my butt, I wondered if I had offended him, but suddenly, Flamemon pounced on me so hard it knocked us both to the ground, me on my back, Flamemon lying on top of me, pinning me down. I opened my mouth to express my pain at being tackled and knocked over, but before I could even complain, the horny Digimon grabbed me on either side of my head and stuck his tongue right back in my mouth.

I tried to speak, but my words were muffled by Flamemon's kiss. His hands were holding my head firmly, so I had no choice but to lie there and take it, not that I was complaining, as forceful as the Digimon was being, he wasn't hurting me, and his hot mouth on mine felt so good I didn't particularly want it to end. I wrapped my arms around Flamemon and hugged him close, my tongue wrestled against his, both of us trying to be the dominant one, but he had the strength of a Digimon on his side, and didn't allow me much access to his mouth.

We continued on like this for several minutes, until he broke the kiss and released my head. I was panting, it had been amazing. I didn't know what the Digimon wanted, but I was ready to let him do anything he wanted to me at this point. Flamemon seemed to know this, he wasted no time in taking the hem of my shirt, and lifting it up, exposing my bare chest. He pulled at it until I sat up, allowing him to slip it off me, taking my hat with it. I took this chance to take off my gloves, aswell, I guess I wanted to feel his body properly.

Flamemon put his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me back down to the ground. I gasped as I felt the hard ground with the cold, dew covered grass against my back. The Digimon leaned down and pressed his lips against my neck. He gave my neck several kisses, the feeling sent chills up my back, no one has ever kissed me there, I didn't know it could be so sensitive. I was gasping from the pleasure, it just felt incredible. Flamemon started licking in little circles on the side of my neck, it felt even more intense than his kissing just moments before.

As he kissed me, his hands ran up and down my front, massaging my chest and stomach. I giggled slightly as his hands ran up and down my sides, he must have thought kissing me on the neck wasn't tickley enough. I decided I wanted to stop him from touching my body like that, so I wrapped my arms around him and hugged tightly, I almost lifted myself up off the ground as I pressed my body against his. He wrapped his arms around my back and held me tight, as if he didn't want to let me go.

The Digimon stopped kissing my neck, and stared into my eyes for a few moments. I hadn't noticed until now, but I was struck by the beauty of his deep green eyes. Right then, I thought about how lucky I was to have such a lovely Digimon want to be intimate with me like this. As soon as our eye contact broke, I snapped out of my trance. Flamemon moved himself a little lower, and pressed his face against my chest, nuzzling me. I ran my hands up and down his back as we relaxed for a few seconds, but I suddenly tensed up all over, holding Flamemon's back tightly as he started to lick my chest.

He gave long, slow licks up my chest, moving a little farther to the side with each stroke of his tongue. I gave a sharp gasp as his tongue ran over my nipple. He seemed to notice my reaction, so he licked my nipple again. It was so sensitive, I couldn't help but shiver. My back was arched in pleasure and I was letting out gasps and moans as he licked me. Suddenly, he started to nibble the area around my nipple. I gasped loudly, his tiny fangs were pricking me, it actually kind of hurt, but the small amount of pain enhanced the pleasurable sensation of his licks.

Soon enough, Flamemon left my nipple alone and moved lower, licking down along my belly. It wasn't as sensitive so it didn't tickle as much as before, but it felt good enough that I didn't want him to stop. While he was kissing my belly, he grabbed the waistband of my shorts, and pulled them down. I lifted my hips to allow him to remove them, and the Digimon pulled off my underwear too. I still had my shoes on so he couldn't get them off all the way, but once they were down to my ankles, Flamemon turned his attention to my cock, which had been hard ever since we had started kissing.

He grabbed my dick in his hand, and started to lick it, as eagerly as he had licked other parts of my body before. I shivered, my whole body tensed up as his wet tongue ran along the length of my dick. He slowly pumped his hand up and down my cock as he licked at the head. I closed my eyes and let him do whatever he wanted to me. The Digimon took my dick in his mouth, and licked his tongue in circles around the tip. He moved his hand downward, peeling my foreskin back about half way, and licked at my exposed head.

I had to bite my lip to stop myself from screaming. His tongue on the tip of my cock was sending spasms of pleasure all over my body, I had never felt anything like it before. He was bobbing his head back and forth while swirling his tongue around and around, licking over every inch of my cock he could reach, his hand stroking the parts he couldn't reach with his mouth. The feeling of his warm, wet mouth on my dick was almost overwhelming.

I put both my hands on his head. Not to push him down or hold him in place, but just to show my approval, in a way, thank him for what he was doing. I wondered then if he was enjoying this as much as I was. I thought about asking him, but I knew I wouldn't get a reply. I could only moan as Flamemon sucked on me, it felt so good I began to feel like I was going to cum in his mouth. He must have been able to tell, because just as I was about to hit the point of no return, he let go of my cock, and pulled his mouth off it. He looked into my eyes, his tail wagging slightly. I wondered why he stopped, and what he wanted now.

I sat up, and looked at the Digimon crouching in front of me. I grabbed my cock and rolled up the foreskin again, I didn't really like having my head exposed like that. Flamemon turned around and faced away from me, still on his hands and knees. His tail was raised and he was showing his butt to me. I thought I had got the message, and knelt behind the Digimon. I put my hands on either side of the waistband of the shorts he wore. He seemed to approve, reaching down with one hand and undoing his belt.

I slowly pulled his shorts down. His tail slipped through a hole on the back of them, and exposed his butt. I pulled his shorts down to his knees, and then Flamemon rolled over onto his back, and pulled them off the rest of the way. As he lay on the ground before me, I got a good look at his hard cock, which strangely enough, apart from being Flamemon's skin tone, looked exactly like mine in every way. Flamemon was about to roll back over onto his front, but I took his cock in my hand, and that stopped him.

I slowly moved my hand up and down his dick, feeling it all over, even pulling his foreskin back as far as it could go. I reached down with my other hand and gently grabbed his balls, rolling them around in my hand. There was no doubt about it, it looked and felt identical to mine in every way, the foreskin even rolled back the same amount before meeting resistance. I pumped my hand up and down a bit, masturbating the Digimon. He seemed to like the same thing I like, because a look of silent pleasure ran across his face as I stroked him. It felt nice, being able to pleasure him like this after all the pleasure he had given me, and it was exactly like masturbating myself.

After a minute or two, I stopped stroking Flamemon. My arm was getting tired. The moment I stopped, he resumed what he had been doing before I had interrupted him. He turned around, and got onto his hands and knees, facing away from me. His butt was spread and I got a clear view of his anus, his balls hanging down below, and his tail swaying back and forth in anticipation above. I was apprehensive myself, not entirely sure what he wanted me to do. I figured I'd start slow, and then see if he stopped me. I reached out, and placed both of my hands on his butt, one on each cheek, and gave a squeeze. His tail swished back and forth a bit faster, he seemed to like it.

I moved my hands around, squishing and massaging the Digimon's bottom. He really seemed to like it, as his tail flicked around and I felt him shiver slightly. I decided to take the next step, and placed my finger against the hole at the center of Flamemon's cute butt, causing the Digimon to gasp. I tried pushing it inside, but it wouldn't go in, there was too much friction. I suddenly had an idea. I brought my hand to my mouth and started to suck on my fingers, getting as much saliva as I could on them. While I did this, I used my other hand to fondle Flamemon's balls, rolling them around in my hand and squeezing them ever so gently, as he seemed to like this when I did it earlier.

I took my fingers out of my mouth, now dripping with saliva, and pressed them against his butthole, where they seemed to slip in pretty easily. Inside the Digimon felt incredibly warm, and if his tail was any indication, he seemed to enjoy being fingered as much as I was enjoying fingering him. I slowly moved my finger in and out, and twisted it around. With my other hand I continued touching his balls. His tail was a clear indication of when I had hit a soft spot, which was useful, because then I could go back and touch him in that sweet spot again.

Flamemon's hips were slowly pumping back and forth as I fingered him, causing my finger to move a short distance in and out of his ass. It was then, I had a feeling I knew what the Digimon wanted, and I knew why he had covered my cock in saliva earlier. Until then I had been kneeling on my legs, but once I realised what Flamemon wanted, I changed my position so I was on my knees. Thanks to our identical height, this position put my dick perfectly level with Flamemon's ass. I still had my finger inside the Digimon, but I had let go of his balls at this point.

Keeping my finger inside him, I placed my dick up against his back door, and put it parallel with my finger. I figured if I could push it in as I slipped my finger out, then I'd be able to get it inside him. I pushed my hips forward, feeling my dick press into the Digimon alongside my finger. As soon as I felt the head of my cock slip past the muscular ring of the Digimon's butthole, I pulled my finger out. I grabbed Flamemon's tail with my now free hand, and gave a tug, pulling his butt towards me. I thrust my hips forward at the same time, hilting my dick inside his ass.

I gasped as my foreskin was rolled all the way back from the friction of penetrating Flamemon's ass. It hurt a little bit, but I didn't mind, as the feeling of the Digimon's tight tunnel squeezing down on my dick was indescribable. I gave his tail another gentle yank, and his ass squeezed down on me, feeling even better than it had before. I slowly pulled my hips back until I was nearly all the way out, my foreskin rolling up inside him again, before thrusting my hips forward and tugging his tail at the same time. As my hips hit against his butt and my dick was as far inside him as it could go, he gave a quiet moan, it was the first sound he had made since we began.

I began to rhythmically pump my hips, sliding my cock in and out of his ass. One of my hands was wrapped around the base of his tail, and the other was placed firmly on his hip. Each time I thrust my dick into him I gave a grunt, the friction of Flamemon's inner walls against my cock, rolling and unrolling my foreskin. It was almost too much. I couldn't even think at this point, it was like I'd become an animal, grunting and moaning as I fucked Flamemon's ass as hard as I possibly could.

As I thrust, my hips bumped against his rump, and out balls slapped together with each thrust. I couldn't see the Digimon's face, but I could tell he was enjoying it, he was moving his hips back and forth in time with mine. I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming, the pleasure in my cock was so amazing I can't even describe it, easily a hundred times better than what I normally feel while masturbating.

My thrusts were getting erratic, I wanted so badly to cum inside Flamemon, and the sexy Digimon seemed to want me to cum inside him, too. I shut my eyes, focusing on the sensations on my dick, and thrust as hard as I could, ramming into the Digimon's ass as hard as I could push it. Suddenly, I let out what must have been a scream, although I hardly remember, it felt like my dick had exploded, my cock throbbed and pulsed, squirting my warm, slick cum deep inside Flamemon's ass. My dick sliding in and out of him felt a lot slicker and it was a lot more effortless than it had been before. I almost lost my balance and fell back from the intense pleasure pulsing throughout my crotch, but I managed to stay upright.

Before I opened my eyes, I felt Flamemon move away, my dick sliding out of his ass. I reached forward to try and grab his hips again, but I was only grabbing at air. I opened my eyes, and looked around, the Digimon was nowhere to be seen, it was like he had vanished. I was still panting and recovering from my incredable orgasam.

Once I had got my breath back, I pulled my pants up, put my shirt, hat and gloves back on and pocketed my Digivice. I looked at the footprints on the ground. There was my set and Flamemon's set, but there were no footprints leading away that gave an indication of the direction Flamemon had gone. I followed my footprints back to the camp, lay down, and went back to sleep. The next thing I knew, it was morning.


"Weird dream, huh?" said Takuya, sitting opposite his two friends. Koji's face was bright red, and he sat with his legs crossed, clearly trying to conceal his crotch. Junpei sat next to him, a look of mild disdain on his face. "I was convinced it was real when it was happening."

"W-Well..." said Koji, snapping back to reality, he had clearly been fantasising as Takuya had been telling his story. "It sure was interesting!"

"Dude..." said Junpei, a blank expression on his face. "That was really gay. Did you have to go into so much detail?"

"Well, that's how real it felt, have you ever had a dream you could go into such detail about?" replied Takuya.

"I guess not..." said Junpei, "Maybe it's something to do with being in the Digital world for so long?"

"What if it wasn't a dream?" said Koji, the other two looked at him, clearly wondering what he meant. "You said there were footprints, right? Which way did Flamemon take you in the dream?"

"Uhh... That way..." said Takuya, pointing off in a certain direction.

"Well, lets go and see! It can't hurt, and Izumi and Tomoki are still out collecting food, so they won't miss us" said Koji. He knew what he was suggesting was silly, but he wanted to know. Takuya and Junpei shrugged. It couldn't hurt! They stood up and walked off in the direction Takuya had indicated.

Before long, they reached a clearing. It was hard to tell in the daytime, but it looked just like the one in Takuya's dream. Takuya looked down, he saw two sets of footprints, one set looked just like his, and the other looked distinctly beast like. In the middle of the clearing, the grass was messed up, it looked like someone had been lying there, and there were seemingly several sets of elbow and knee prints in the ground.

"Well, what do you know?" said Koji. Takuya and Junpei looked on in disbelief, both of their faces bright red.