As you wish, Ruki

By Lazuli

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Warning: What you are about to read contains graphic sexual activities between a human and a non-human who both identify as members of female gender. The human might be underage so keep that in mind, and the other is widely considered the queen of the furries. Reader discretion is advised.


Ruki was awake. It was still dark. She checked the time on her Digivice. Nearly 3am. This wouldn’t do, she had to be up early the next morning. She wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep now, not after that dream. What was she been dreaming about again? She hardly remembered. Guilmon might have been involved, and maybe Renamon. There had definitely been another person there too, probably Takato or Jian, or maybe Ryo.

Ruki rolled onto her back, and gave a sigh as she reached down and felt between her legs. Still wet. She was far too aroused to get back to sleep, so she figured she might as well take care of it. If nothing else it might help her get back to sleep. She slipped her hand inside her panties and started to stroke her clit. She gave a slight moan, and bit her lip, her back arching up and her toes curling from the sensation. The dream had left her pretty sensitive, and touching herself felt wonderful. Any idea of getting back to sleep had completely left her head, as she closed her eyes and tried to remember the dream she’d be having.

Renamon clung to the ceiling in a corner of Ruki’s bedroom, completely obscured by shadow. She watched her Tamer. Her night vision was much stronger than that of, so she could see reasonably well even in the near complete darkness of Ruki’s bedroom. She could see her Tamer pleasuring herself, and even if she wasn’t able to see it, she’d be able to smell it. Renamon had been sleeping on the roof above Ruki’s room.  She had been awoken at the same time as her partner, probably by the special link shared by each Digimon and their tamer. The digimon had warped into her Tamer’s room to see if everything was ok, and was slightly taken aback by what she had seen, but her surprise soon faded. Ruki was her partner, she had to protect her, support her, and help her in any way she could, and now was no exception.

Renamon appeared next to the bed. “Ruki, I..” the vixen began, but was suddenly interrupted by the human. “Ahh! Renamon! What the hell are you doing here?” Ruki indignantly inquired, quite embarrassed to be interrupted during such a private moment. “I thought you could use some help, after all, your grandmother did say I need to take care of you.” replied the Digimon.

Before Ruki could object, Renamon had whipped off her quilt and lay down in front of her. The fox grabbed the teen’s pajama bottoms and panties, and pulled them off together, exposing her wet pussy. “Renamon, what’s the big idea?” she asked loudly and indignantly. Thanks to her large house there was virtually no chance of waking her mother or grandmother, no matter how loud things might get. Renamon grabbed the girl’s thighs, and spread them apart, exposing her even more. “Shh...” said Renamon. “It’s ok, I’ll help you.” With this, she buried her muzzle into Ruki’s crotch and started to lick. Ruki gasped at the sudden sensation of the Digimon’s rough tongue hungrily lapping over her labia and clit, sending shivers of pleasure up her back.

Renamon placed her paws on either side of her partner’s pussy, and pulled her labia apart. She buried her tongue inside Ruki, pressing against her tight vaginal walls. Ruki gasped at the sudden new sensation. When she masturbated, she would usually rub her labia and clitoris. She had never tried fingering herself before, so being penetrated was completely new to her. Renamon wrapped her lips around  the human’s whole vulva, practically french kissing her pussy, the teen’s fluids coating the Digimon’s furry face.

Ruki placed her hands on Renamon’s head. Her Digimon may have been practically molesting her, but she didn’t want the fox to forget who was in control. Ruki was the boss when it came to battles, and she was the boss in the bedroom. She pushed the vixen's head down, pressing her face right up against her vulva. She wrapped her legs around the fox’s fluffy neck and squeezed her closer still. Her whole muzzle would have slipped inside, were Ruki’s tight passage big enough to accommodate it. It wasn’t, so instead Renamon pushed her canine-like tongue deeper and tried to lick for the teen’s g-spot. Ruki started to hump her hips forward directly into Renamon’s face. The Digimon closed her eyes and held onto her partner’s hips for support.

The lapping of her Digimon’s tongue to her g-spot was simply too much for the inexperienced teenl to handle, and the fox suddenly felt her tamer’s pussy contract rhythmically around her tongue. Waves of pleasure spread over Ruki’s body and she ferociously bucked her hips into Renamon’s face,holding the fox down with both her hands and legs to prevent her from escaping she was covered in fluids.

“Ahh… Renamon… That was amazing” gasped Ruki, relaxing and loosening her grip on the fox. Renamon sat up, and knelt on the bed opposite Ruki. “I’m glad I could help. It’s my job to take care of you, after all.” Renamon began to stand up, but Ruki, who had gotten her breath back and recovered from her post orgasmic bliss, stopped her. “And where do you think you’re going?” she asked her Digimon. “Back to sleep” replied Renamon, slightly confused what her partner was asking of her.

“Who says I’m ready to go back to sleep yet?” asked Ruki cockily, reveling in the newfound knowledge that she could make her devoted Digimon partner do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Renamon got back down on her knees. “What else can I do for you?” asked the vixen.

Ruki pulled off her pajama top, leaving her completely naked, her breasts in full view. “Well first,” she said to Renamon, giving a curt smile “I think I’d like a massage. Then after that, I’d like you to make me cum again. I enjoyed it so much the first time, I’d love for you to do it again! After that, then I think I’ll be ready to sleep.” Renamon leaned forward and gave a deep bow, her face nearly touching the bed. “As you wish, Ruki.”

Ruki lay down on her front, with her back and butt exposed to Renamon, any feelings of embarrassment long since past. Renamon raised up from her bow, and crawled to Ruki. She climbed onto the girl, and sat on her. Renamon was agile and didn’t weigh very much for her size, so she was light enough as to not cause any discomfort to her partner. She sat on top of Ruki’s butt, her furry crotch rubbing against the pert cheeks. She leaned down, and placed her paws on the back of Ruki’s shoulders and starting to gently rub.

Being a Tamer was stressful, especially to Ruki who cared for little else than fighting other Digimon to become stronger. Recently, the rate of digimon appearing in the city, and their strength level once they Realized had been growing. Because of this, the girl was carrying quite a lot of stress, especially in her back. Renamon could feel the tension almost straight away, and started to rub at the knotted muscles in Ruki’s shoulders until they started to soften. Renamon moved lower, kneading at Ruki’s back until she felt her partner relax, her claws gently scraping over the girl’s skin. “Mmm… Renamon.. That feels wonderful, just what I needed.” moaned Ruki.

Renamon sat up a bit straighter, and moved her paws lower down her Tamers back, feeling more tense knotted muscles. As she worked one paw at the tense tendons, she ran the other all the way up and down Ruki’s spine, which caused her to moan into her pillow. Glad she could make her partner so happy, the fox moved lower still and worked Ruki’s lower back, rubbing and kneading with her paws until she felt the last of the teen’s stress melt away. Renamon moved herself backwards until she was sitting on Ruki’s lower legs, and placed both of her paws on the teen’s pert butt. She started to move her paws around in circles, kneading and squishing at her partners ass. This caused Ruki to moan softly, and Renamon started to smell her getting wet again.

The fox shifted around a bit so she was now kneeling between Ruki’s legs instead of sitting on top of them. Ruki obligingly moved her legs to either side of Renamon and spread them a bit, exposing her hot, wet, and engorged pussy to the vixin. Renamon bent down, as if to bow again, but this time spread her partner’s cheeks and planted a kiss right on Ruki’s anus. This caused the teen to gasp. “Ahh, Renamon, What’re you doing now?” she began, but soon started to moan as Renamon’s nimble tongue licked its way over her asshole. It felt different to having her pussy licked earlier, with less waves of pleasure, and more of a tingling sensation spreading from her ass to all over her body. She had never thought of her butt as anything she could derive pleasure from before, always focusing on her vulva, but nevertheless this felt amazing and was opening up a whole new world of pleasure to her.

Renamon’s paw moved away from Ruki’s butt, the fox’s face was still buried in her crack giving her puckered hole a thorough working over, but her pussy was receiving no attention. It was sopping wet from Ruki’s high state of arousal, and Renamon knew she had to do something about this. She cupped her paw around her partner’s vulva, feeling the heat radiating off it, and started to rub. Ruki gasped at the sudden stimulation and moaned louder, the feeling of both holes being taken at once was completely overwhelming.

The vixen had lapped Ruki’s buttcrack all over, and at this point there was only one place left to go. She placed her tongue against her partner’s anus and pushed her way past the tight ring so her tongue was inside her partner. The teen gasped, she had never been penetrated like this before. The feeling of the tongue licking the inside of her asshole was even more intense than being licked on the outside. She immediately tensed up and trying to force the invader out  but Renamon pushed against the contracting muscles and pushed her tongue in deeper. In an attempt to help Ruki to relax, she used one paws to spread the teen’s labia, and slowly pushed one of her rather thick fingers inside her pussy.

“Ahhh… Renamon...” moaned Ruki. Renamon hesitated for a second, wondering what was going to come next. “Don’t stop, this is amazing.” That was all Renamon needed to hear. She redoubled her efforts with both the fingering and the rimming, pushing her finger as deep as she thought would be comfortable for the teen, and being very careful not to let her claws graze the sensitive inner walls. Ruki shut her eyes and buried her face into her pillow to suppress the screams Renamon’s treatment was forcing out of her.

After several more minutes of this, Ruki took her head out of the pillow and spoke “R-Renamon, please… stop...” she said, her voice slightly shaky. Renamon slowly pulled her finger out of Ruki’s pussy, and sat up, kneeling once again and awaiting her next order. Ruki rolled over onto her back, and looked up at her Digimon. She spread her legs once more, leaving her crotch, which was still soaked with her own juices and Renamon’s slobber fully exposed. “That was wonderful Renamon, I’m pretty close, could you finish me off?”

Renamon nodded, and without a word bowed down once more, placing her paw on Ruki’s vulva. After a little bit of rubbing, she pushed her finger in again, the new angle letting her push slightly deeper than before. Ruki gasped, the feeling of being filled by the fox’s thick, furry finger even more intense than before, and her pleasure only increased when Renamon started to slowly pumping her finger in and out of the teen’s tight pussy, and at the same time, the vixen began to nuzzle and lick at her clit. Ruki knew she wasn’t going to last long now, her inner walls spasming and contracting around the Digimon’s thick finger. Her whole body tensed and she started to shiver as waves of pleasure pulsed through her crotch, causing it to squeeze tightly around her partner’s finger. She had never experienced anything nearly intense this when she would masteurbate. Renamon continued to lick her clit right through her orgasam and once she felt the teen’s climax subside, she drew her finger out gently and sat back up, her face now covered in fluids.

The Digimon used her purple sleeve to wipe her own face clean of Ruki’s cum. She then reached down and used her sleeve to clean all the slobber and juices off of her partner’s nether region. Ruki blushed a bit, finding it slightly embarrassing to let her partner clean her like this. Nevertheless, she let the digimon do her work, she was only trying to help after all. Once Renamon was done, Ruki sat up, and looked her partner in the face. “Thank you...” she said quietly, leaning to give Renamon a gentle kiss on the lips. “That was wonderful. You’re the best, Renamon.” Renamon stood up, and picked up the girls pajamas off the floor and handed them to her. Ruki pulled her pajamas back on. “I’d do anything for you, Ruki, and I’ll always be here to protect you” she said, smiling down at her Tamer. “I know you would, Renamon. Thank you.” the girl replied. “Good night, Renamon.”

Renamon bowed one last time, then turned around and vanished. Ruki checked her Digivice once more. Was THAT the time? She really had to go to sleep now! Good thing she was now physically and mentally exhausted after her generous treatment from Renamon. As she fell asleep, her mind wandered to all the things she could try with her digimon in the future, now she knew Renamon would do anything she wished. One thing was for sure though, she was going to be tired in the morning.