Anytime Moumantai

By Lazuli

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Warning: This story contains oral and anal sex between Jian and Galgomon, two male characters, one of which is human, and one of which is not. You know the drill.


It was late evening, and Jianliang Lee was sitting at his computer, tapping away at the keyboard. Usually, he wouldn't bother writing Digimon Modification programmes at home, he did it all say at work when he was working at Hypnos, if he wasn't hunting Digimon that is. Lately, though, Jian had been working on some special software, the kind of code that working on at Hypnos would be inappropriate.

As soon as the Digimon had returned, Hypnos had snapped up Jian and the other Tamers, and since then they had all been working happily with their Digimon. They mostly hunted wild Digimon that appeared throughout the city and surrounding areas. As well as hunting, Jian was also a programmer thanks to the coding and technical skills he had learned from his father. It was Jian's job to program special Modify Cards the other Tamers could use to make their Digimon more proficient in combat, or with transportation. Jian was one of the few people in the world to have the knowhow to program such cards, and most of them were in the original Wild Bunch.

After several evenings of struggling with code, Jian was sure that he had finally done it. He clicked the Compile button, and a 3D model of Galgomon appeared on screen, the shape of the model morphed, following the code. There didn't appear to be any problems. Just then, his door opened, and Terriermon entered his room.

"Hi Jian!" said Terriermon, causing Jian to jump slightly and minimize the window that was running the simulation.

"Oh, Hey Terriermon! I was just... You know... Programming..." said Jian, a blush creeping up on his tanned face, it was embarrassing, even though Terriermon knew full well what he was up to.

"Mind if I come in here for a while? Shaochun is feeling particularly maternal tonight. I don't envy Lopmon!" said Terriermon, closing the door behind himself and walking to Jian.

"Yeah, I really feel sorry for the poor bunny." said Jian. "I really thought she'd have grown out of doing that by now." Jian shrugged and turned back to his computer. Terriermon jumped up and landed on Jian's shoulder, wrapping a large ear around his partner's head for support.

"So how're you doing? Is it done yet?" asked Terriermon, peering at the computer screen. Jian opened the window that was running the simulation of the code he had been working on. Terriermon peered at it with wide eyes.

"Yep, I think it's done. Up for some 'software testing'?" said Jian with a smirk. Terriermon nodded, and adjusted his position so he was looking Jian in the face.

"Of course, Jian! I'll help you do this and that any time! Moumantai!" said Terriermon happily. He had been looking forward to this as much as Jian had.

"All right, I'll just save this to a card, and we can get you ready while it loads!" said Jian to his Digimon. He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a blank card from the pack of them he kept in there, and inserted it into his card drive, then he saved the program on the computer, and set it to copy to the card. "Right, let's get you evolved!" Terriermon hopped down from Jian's shoulders, and stood in the middle of the room.

"I'm ready!" said the Digimon, somewhat excitedly. Jian pulled his green D-Ark Digivice out of his pocket, and out of the box of cards on his desk, he pulled the one off the top of the deck, where he always kept it, as it was the one he used most.

"Card Slash! Super Evolution Plug In S!" said Jian, as he swiped the card in his Digivice. He wasn't sure why he said it or who he was saying it for, but he always said it when he slashed cards, it didn't really matter why. Before he knew it, Galgomon was standing in front of him. Jian wasn't done yet, he reached into his drawer and picked up a rewritable card, this one had 'Remove Guns' written on it in marker. Galgomon had hands under his guns, but he was unable to take them off on his own. Jian had developed the card to remove them some time ago. When you liked to have long, cuddly, makeout sessions with your Digimon, having cold metal guns around was nothing but a hindrance.

"Card Slash!" said Jian again, for nobody in particular. After he had swiped the card in his Digivice, cracks appeared in Galgomon's guns. Galgomon pushed his fingers forward and hit the switch that had not been there before, and his guns opened, revealing his hands, allowing him to stretch his fingers as he set the guns down.

"Hehe... thanks Jian! It gets kinda cramped in there!" said Galgomon as he stretched his fingers out in ways he normally couldn't unless Jian let him take off his guns. Suddenly, the computer dinged, and the tray of the card drive slid open. Jian picked up the card, and turned to Galgomon.

"You ready?" he asked his Digimon. Galgomon nodded in affirmation, and Jian slashed the freshly written card in his Digivice's card scanner. Galgomon felt his body shift and change. It was not an unusual sensation, many Modify Cards affected his body in some way, but right now, the sensation was focused around his crotch.

 "I think it's working!" said Galgomon with an excited smile. The shorts he usually wore were now feeling tighter than normal. Jian set his Digivice down on the desk, and stood in front of Galgomon. He placed his hands on the Digimon's chest, and ran them down his front, feeling the short hair covering his partner's warm, chubby belly, and causing the Digimon to giggle slightly.

"Well, let's see if it worked!" said Jian. Galgomon nodded in agreement. As soon as Jian's hands reached his Digimon's waist, he undid the button on Galgomon's shorts, and pulled down the zipper. The Digimon's shorts fell to the floor, revealing the results of the modification. Galgomon's normally featureless crotch now sported an impressively sized penis, and a set of balls, which were furred and the same colour as the rest of his skin.

"Wow, it worked!" exclaimed Galgomon, as he looked down at his new anatomy. Reaching down with his newly freed hand, he began to fondle himself, rolling his balls around in his hand, pulling back his foreskin to examine the head, and stroking up and down the flaccid length, just like Jian had shown him. He had touched Jian like this before, but touching himself was another thing entirely.

"Looks great, Galgomon!" said Jian, "May I?" Galgomon nodded, and let go of his new genitals. Jian got down on his knees, so he was kneeling in front of his Digimon. The human reached out, and tentatively touched Galgomon's half hard dick. He took the shaft in one hand, and slowly moved it up and down, stroking his Digimon and feeling his silky smooth skin. He placed his other hand on Galgomon's hip, and ran it around his leg, stroking the Digimon's fluffy thigh, until he reached his balls and took them in his hand and gently rubbed them. "I think I did a pretty good job with the modification!" said Jian with a smile. "Now, how about we put it to some use?"

"All right! What do you wanna try?" asked Galgomon. The Digimon was pretty excited, he couldn't wait to have sex properly for the first time! Cuddling, kissing, touching, and oral were all well and good, but until now Galgomon had not been able to enjoy it in the same way Jian could, being anatomically challenged as he was. He was glad he was able to do it in this form, as well. Cuddling as Terriermon was nice, but for anything more than that, Jian seemed to only have eyes for his Adult Level form. If Jian used the same card he had just used on Terriermon, the resulting dick would probably be way too big for the small Digimon unless Jian had implemented size scaling. Galgomon didn't know. He didn't know very much about programming.

"Well, I thought we could start with this!" said Jian, before poking out his tongue and giving a long lick over Galgomon's glans.

"Oooh! I like that!" said Galgomon, the feeling of Jian's wet tongue on the sensitive head of his cock sent shivers up his back. "No wonder you're always trying to get me to suck you down there!" Galgomon's comment made Jian blush.

"W-Well, I'm not ALWAYS trying to get you to lick me like that.... It does feel great though, and now, I can return the favour for all the times you have done it for me!" said Jian. He eagerly got back to his licking. He took the head of his Digimon's cock in his mouth, and slowly ran his tongue in circles around the tip. Galgomon's cock was now at it's full length, Jian had wanted his Digimon to be big, but looking at renders on a computer screen was nothing compared to being up close, seeing, it, feeling it, smelling it, and tasting it. As he licked, he heard Galgomon give little gasps and moans, clearly the Digimon was enjoying this new, unfamiliar sensation. Jian took the Digimon's cock deeper into his mouth, and bobbed his head back and forward, his forehead pressing against Galgomon's round belly.

"Mmm... This feels incredible, I think I might cum soon!" gasped Galgomon. The sensation was unfamiliar to him, however Jian had described what it was like to have an orgasam to him before, and what he was feeling now seemed a lot like what Jian had described. Jian didn't respond, he only speeded up his head's movement, moving it back and forth, taking his Digimon's cock as deep into his mouth as he could, and pumping his hand back and forth along the shaft in time with his head. Suddenly, Jian felt Galgomon's ears on the back of his head, gently pushing him forward, and moving back and forth in time with the bobbing of his head.

Galgomon was moaning louder than ever, Jian's mouth pleasuring his dick felt incredible, the warm wetness encasing his head, the human's skilled and nimble tongue working it's way across his glans, even his hands, stroking the rest of his cock and fondling his balls, it was all too much for Galgomon. The Digimon let out a loud squeak, followed by a series of shaky gasps. Jian felt his partner's cock start to throb in his mouth and hand, and sped up his stroking while running his tongue over the very tip. Galgomon gasped as Jian's masterful attention to his cock sent him over the edge, and he had his first ever orgasam. His cock twitched as it shot his hot cum into Jian's mouth. The human didn't dislike the taste in the slightest. He had programmed it, why would he program it to taste bad? He continued to stroke Galgomon's throbbing dick all through his orgasam, and swallowed his Digimon's cum almost as quickly as it was shot into his mouth. Once he had felt Galgomon's climax subside and his dick start to soften, he let go of it and sat in front of his Digimon, but not before licking up the last of the cum of course.

"Well, what do you think?" asked Jian. Galgomon looked slightly dazed and dizzy. The cream furred Digimon tipped backwards, and sat down in front of Jian, his legs clearly too shaky to stand up any longer.

"Mo-Moumantai..." said Galgomon, still recovering from his climax. He was so overcome by the incredibly sensation he couldn't bring himself to say anything else.

"I hope we're not done yet!" said Jian. "There's still some stuff I want to try!" Leaving Galgomon to recover, Jian went and locked the door, a step he really should have taken earlier, but no harm done. "Now, I think I'll get a little more comfortable." said Jian, standing in front of Galgomon once more. He unzipped the bodywarmer type coat he normally wore and threw it aside, then pulled off his shirt and trousers, revealing that his tightly tented underpants with a dark spot on the front.

"Wow, looks like you enjoyed that almost as much as I did!" said Galgomon as he spotted the patch of pre on Jian's underwear.

"I did! Now why don't you get up on the bed so we can enjoy ourselves even more?" replied Jian as he dropped his pants to reveal his own erect, pre covered cock. Galgomon stood up, and walked to the bed, his legs still shaky after his orgasam. He sat down on the side of the bed, and leaned back, his large cock flopped between his legs.

"Alright, what shall we do?" asked Galgomon, eyeing up his naked partner.  

"Well, I thought we could start like this" said Jian. He stood in front of Galgomon, and wrapped his arms around the Digimon, pulling him close. He climbed up onto the bed, and knelt with his knees on either side of Galgomon's legs so he was sitting on the Digimon's lap, facing him. Jian could feel Galgomon's cock sandwiched between his butt cheeks, and his own cock was poking Galgomon in the belly.

"Seems like a good way to start!" said Galgomon, fighting back a huge cheesy smile. The large rabbit like Digimon wrapped his large, furry, prehensile ears around Jian, and hugged him with them. He usually had to do things like this with his ears, since his hands were normally encased in his guns. He tightened the grip with his ears, pulling Jian closer to him until their lips met. Jian wrapped his arms around Galgomon's neck and rubbed his Digimon's back in return as Galgomon rubbed his warm furry ears up and down Jian's bare back.

After their lips had been pressed together for a few seconds, Jian opened his mouth, and licked Galgomon's lips. Galgomon opened his own mouth in response and slipped his strong tongue inside Jian's mouth. Jian happily relented, letting his Digimon's tongue into his mouth, he breathed deeply through his nose as he let Galgomon's tongue explore his mouth, fighting back against it with his own only weakly. He could feel the Digimon's cock, slick with his own saliva and Galgomon's own cum getting hard, and sliding in between his buttcheeks. He had found a way to program Galgomon's cum to be a natural lubricant, which was useful, as the Digimon's large cock was now pressing against his back door, and he had no other forms of lubricant handy right now.

Galgomon was moaning happily into Jian's mouth, the human was moving his hips back and forth, causing Galgomon's dick to rub pleasantly against his ass. The feeling of his dick rubbing against Jian's butt and the deep, passionate kiss they were sharing was making him hard again, even so soon after cumming. He knew what Jian wanted, they had discussed it many times. Galgomon reached his hands around Jian, and pulled him even closer, pressing their bellies together. He ran his hands down his tamers back, and grabbed his butt, squeezing and stretching his cheeks. Galgomon reached lower, and ran his finger along the outside of Jian's anus, right next to the Digimon's cock. Jian had gotten Galgomon to finger him while he masturbated before, so the Digimon knew exactly what to do.

After rubbing his finger on the outside of Jian's asshole for a few seconds to help him relax and let him know what was coming, he pressed his finger upwards, sliding it into Jian's tight hole, which was already lubed and slick with the Digimon's own cum. Jian broke their kiss and gave a loud moan as he felt the familiar sensation of his Digimon's thick finger sliding inside him. Jian closed his eyes and leaned forward, burying his head in Galgomon's neck and squeezing his Digimon tightly. Having the Digimon's finger pushed into his rear hurt a little at first, but the pain soon faded and was replaced with a wonderful sensation of fullness.

Galgomon slowly moved his finger in and out, feeling Jian tense and loosen the muscles in his butt as the Digimon moved his finger around inside him, and the human's arms were tightening and loosening around Galgomon too. Jian's face was buried in his Digimon's neck, breathing in the warm scent of his fur as he took shaky breaths. Suddenly, Galgomon pulled his finger out of Jian, and the human could feel that his Digimon had grabbed his own penis, which was now rock hard and leaking pre.

"You ready?" asked Galgomon, using his ears to hold his partner close and rub his back reassuringly, while at the same time using his hands to play with his butt.

"Y-Yeah, I am" said Jian, his face still buried in his Digimon's neck. "I love you Galgomon." Galgomon smiled. It always warmed his heart to hear his tamer say that.

"I love you too Jian, now let's go! Moumantai!" replied Galgomon. The Digimon used his hand to feel around Jian's butt until he found the human's anus once again. He placed his finger on Jian's asshole, which was now slightly loosened from being fingered, and pushed his cock forward towards his finger. He leaned back slightly, hugging Jian with him, as the tip of his member replaced his finger against his partner's asshole. Jian leaned against Galgomon for support, whimpering slightly as the Digimon's large cock began to slide into him. Inch by inch, millimeter by millimeter, Galgomon's cock pushed its way inside him. It hurt a little, but Jian knew it wouldn't for long. He could hardly believe it, after all the time he had spent programming, it was paying off, and Galgomon was finally getting to fuck him.

Galgomon's full length was buried inside Jian. He sat on his Digimon's lap, hugging him tightly, and being hugged back by his Digimon's ears in return, their bodies and hips were locked together. Jian's face was pressed into his Digimon's warm neck. Having Galgomon's cock so deep inside him was incredible, it was much bigger than the Digimon's fingers, and was much bigger than anything Jian had experienced before. The pain had faded, and all that was left was pleasure. Having Galgomon inside him just felt so right, after all, the cock that was now filling his ass had been specifically designed to do so.

Jian raised himself up on his knees a little, and lowered himself down. The feeling Galgomon's cock slide out a little way, and then back in was so good that Jian couldn't think straight. He arched his back and let out an audible moan as Galgomon's length pushed its way deeper and deeper inside him. Galgomon felt amazing too, what a way to try out his new dick! Jian's tight passage squeezing down on his penis was one of the most pleasurable things he had ever experienced, and he loved that he had a new way to be so close to his beloved partner, he would have to tell the other Digimon about this, it was too good not to share. Jian bounced up and down a bit on Galgomon's lap, but he couldn't raise himself very high before slipping down again. It felt good, but Galgomon knew it could feel better.

"You okay Jian? Wanna change positions?" asked Galgomon. Jian had hardly heard his Digimon, but he did manage to give a nod and a quiet "Yeah...". Without pulling out, Galgomon lay down on his back, bringing Jian down with him. He rolled over onto his front, holding Jian close the whole time. In their new position, Jian lay on his back on the bed, and Galgomon looked down at him with a smile. Jian had an incredibly pleasured looking expression on his face, Galgomon found it adorable.

"Okay, Ready!" said Galgomon. He pulled his hips back, and began thrusting them back and forth, sliding his slick cock in and out of Jian, just like in the porn videos that Jian had showed him to prepare him for when they would finally have sex properly. Jian moaned as Galgomon's cock hilted in him once more, the Digimon being on top and fucking him felt far better than bouncing on his lap. Galgomon pulled his hips back, and thrust them forward a few more times. For some reason, he started to giggle a bit as he fucked his partner. He was just so happy! Jian was happy too, every time Galgomon's cock thrust into him, he let out a gasp, his head was spinning, he couldn't think straight, he was just too lost in pleasure.

Galgomon's thrusting had been slowly speeding up. The feeling of Jian's inner walls tightly hugging his cock felt so good, he kept wanting to go faster, to get more of the feeling, so it would feel better for both him, and his partner. Before long, his hips were going so fast it was almost a blur, his hips slapped against Jian's butt with incredible speed, that a human would have trouble matching. Galgomon's laughing started to sound different as he put more and more effort into his thrusting.

"Da-da-da-da-da-da" chanted Galgomon, it was the same sound he made when he got really into firing his guns. He wasn't sure why he was doing it, it was like instinct was taking over, which was strange since Digimon didn't normally have sex in the Digital World, so he didn't think he would have any instinct for such things. The pleasure was almost too much for Galgomon to handle. His thrusts became so fast Jian could hardly stand it, the human was feeling dazed by Galgomon's speed. It had started to hurt a little again, but the Digimon's dick hammering up against his prostate again and again felt so amazing he didn't even care. His cock was rock hard, and he felt like he could cum from the stimulation in his butt alone.

Galgomon was still pretty sensitive, due to his cock being so new. It didn't take much more thrusting before he reached his peak. He slowed his pumping hips down, and pushed his hips forward one last time, shoving his cock as deep into Jian as it would go. Jian reached down and grabbed his own dick and gave it a few strokes as he felt Galgomon's cum inside him. Galgomon let out several grunts as his cock throbbed and shot load after load of warm, slick cum into his partner. He could feel his cock throbbing hard, and his cum squirting out as Jian's ass squeezed around his length, the feeling was was much more intense than when Jian had been sucking him before. He could hardly hold himself up, and he didn't want to fall on his partner.

It only took a few strokes of his cock to send Jian over the edge, all the stimulation from having his ass pounded by his Digimon was almost too much for the poor teenager to handle. It was nothing like cumming normally or with Galgomon's fingers up his butt, it felt far better, like every twitch of his cock and drop of cum squirting it's way through his prostate was amplified a thousand times. He could feel the muscles of his butt contracting and squeezing around Galgomon's still hard cock in time with the spurts of cum shooting out of his dick and coating his chest, some even reached almost as far as his chin. It was the most intense orgasam he had ever had. Galgomon pulled his cock out of Jian, leaving his ass loose and a bit sore, a little bit of the Digimon's cum was dribbling out. Galgomon lay down next to his partner.

"By the gods, Jian, that was incredible! I loved it! Did you?" said Galgomon, still managed to stay enthusiastic even after all the energy it had taken to pump his hips fast, the orgasam had been draining too.

"Yeah, it was amazing! Well worth all those tireless hours slaving over a hot keyboard." said Jian with a chuckle.

"Can we do it again?" asked Galgomon, the Digimon seemed to have his energy back almost straight away, but Jian didn't, he was probably going to be walking funny for the next few days, he hoped he wouldn't have to command Galgomon in any fights for a little while.

"Not now!" said Jian, "I've had enough for today, but we can do it another day, okay?" Galgomon nodded in agreement.

"That was the best Jian, now I can see why you always wanted to do this and that with me!" said the Digimon.

"Oh, yeah, sorry if you didn't get any of that stuff before now, but now we can fuck to our heart's content!" quipped Jian, starting to get his energy back, the spinning feeling in his head was clearing out.

"Moumantai!" said Galgomon, giving Jian a kiss on the cheek.

"Moumantai, Galgomon!" said Jian, cuddling up to his chubby Digimon, "Moumantai!"