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Note: Alright people.  I decided to write up one long story, which is divided into parts.  Since this is the first of the series, some parts were incredibly long before I could actually get to the sex parts.  So please be patient and enjoy it if you want more than just mindless sex.


The Assassin’s Creed – Part 1 – Beginnings  

This lemon was written by Kuroki


Since the attack of the D-Reaper, unknown phenomena have been occurring throughout the world.  The entire population of mankind had doubled without warning and Digimon had appeared with the new arrival of people without bio-emergence.  Scientists of the original population immediately begun research and interrogation of the sudden appearance of people and after several months, it was discovered that the D-Reaper had ripped a hole through space and time, causing the mergence of the two worlds.


Now, it is uncommon to see people, mostly children, walking along the sidewalks accompanied by their Digimon.  There were some, even, who were idolized by the younger generation and are seen fighting their way through multitudes of fans and groupies such as Tai Yagami and Matt Ishida.


However, with the localization of Digidestined, Tamers, Savers and the recently discovered Spirit Warriors who found methods of combining with spirits to become Digimon, people saw fit to create a special society to control, monitor and police the activities of people and their Digimon.  Thus, ironically, the birth of the Digital Anomaly Regulation Enterprise or DARE was founded by Yamaki, former leader of Hypnos who previously vowed to destroy every single Digimon in existence.  However, DARE became a success.  Through its effective methods of regulating the opening of Digi-Ports and bio-emergence, it became worldwide, branching off from Japan to other countries around the world and was even considered a special task force, earning reputations which rival the FBI and CIA.



–DARE Headquarters, American Branch–


“Sir, I’ve got a Wild One.”


“Hang on; it’s bio-emerging – There! I’ve confirmed its location: Toronto.  It’s in Canada sir!”

“Canada?  Of all places … (Fucking refrigerator up there) … can we get a lock on it?

“Not at the moment, the snowstorm currently in effect is causing some interference.”

Aaah!”  The man slowly rubs his hand through his untidy hair.  “Use the auxiliary multilink, connect it to Port 5.  Reroute 20% of the main power into the system.  Contact any available Networks to link to us.  Maintain satellite connection.  One of them will eventually lock onto it.  And evacuate the citizens in the bio-emerging area. With no information on the Wild One, even the Chosen won’t know what they’re up against.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Also …” He considered for a minute.  “Try to search for any available agents in the area.  Use the remaining available power if necessary.”

“Yes, sir.  Searching … None found, sir.”

“Alright.” Dammit, gotta assign some more people in that area.  No one wants to go though… Fine.  Divert all remaining –”

“Sir!  I’ve got a connection!  But …”

“What is it?”

“Well … it’s him, sir.”

“Oh … might as well.  Assign him.  Inform him to retreat if the Wild One appears to be too powerful to handle.  Intel is most important at the moment; we need to identify the Digimon.  Once he’s in, set up the Barricade: we can’t afford any casualties.”

“Yes, sir.  He’s moving in now.”


* * * * * *


Eglington Ave. W, Toronto–


Another mission.  His deep-blue eyes remained closed despite the beeping of his phone. His face showed signs of both strength and sadness, having gone through much trial.  After a few minutes, it beeped for the final time before displaying a bright red arrow.  It acted like a compass and pointed him towards the Digital Barricade, barely visible in the snowstorm.  He sat in his car for a few more minutes before stepping on the gas.  As he drove, he extended a thin black wire from his phone and attached it to the port on the dashboard.  At once, his and the Digital Field’s location were shown on the GPS map. 


In truth, he was the only agent in DARE who did not have a partner Digimon.  Previously, he was a freelance hitman.  He was cold-hearted and isolated to people around him except for his sister; a result of the death of his parents at the hands of a serial killer, orphaning both him and his sister at a young age.  He began training in the shadows of many experts, vowing to avenge his parents’ deaths, and accepted missions from people who have glorified his building reputation so that he can support the remains of his family.  However, on a particular mission, he was caught, surrounded, by his target’s hidden snipers.  Despite his skill and speed, he was unable to escape the premises untouched.  He couldn’t forget the hundred red dots on his body as he fell to the floor; arm and both legs shot multiple times.  He would have been killed on the spot.  But the chairman of DARE, Yamaki himself, saw potential in his skill and pulled some strings so that he may live, on the condition that he must work for DARE, unofficially, until he is released.  Now, a year later, he had given up on the task to avenge his parents.


Upon arriving at the location, he received another message from DARE:  “We have detected another bio-emergence in the same area.  Do NOT involve yourself in a battle.  You are only required to determine which Digimon are in the area and send a report of the situation.”  “Tch …” was his response to the message as he parked the car just outside of the Barricade.  As he got out of the car, the snow fell heavily onto his jet-black hair.  The snow also started to blanket his black long coat as well with its weight.  He was freezing in the Canadian winter.  He only wore a white dress shirt and black pants underneath his coat.  He had not foreseen an assignment today as he was assigned to the region with the least bio-emergence occurrences.  He reached into his jacket and pulled out his Magnum revolver made from refined Digizodium: a gift from one of his frequent former employers.  Its barrel was long: stretching out to eight inches with an elegantly-bent guard attached to the underside.  The handle sported a graceful design of the kyūbi, the nine-tailed fox of Japanese legends, which also acted as handgrips, spread to the base of the barrel.  The cylinder did not spin out from the side as most revolvers do; but rather, the barrel and the cylinder were attached and it opened by flipping forward on a hinge, revealing the end of the cylinder.  Once checking that it was full, he tucked it away into his jacket and reached into his pocket to pull out his phone.  He pressed a button and it displayed the words:


Digital Anomaly Regulation Enterprise

Name: Ares Lendale


PIN: 777-36-26-66-742369

Awaiting fingerprint scan…


Ares placed his thumb onto the display.  At once, multiple green lines slid back and forth across the screen.  Once confirmed, he raised his phone and it emitted a white light, forming a doorway into the Digital Barricade.  Putting on his sunglasses to prevent the digital mist from clouding his eyes, he stepped into the Barricade and put away his phone and his glasses, causing the Barricade to revert to its colourless state with streams of data running down its side. 


As expected, there was a battle occurring.  Ares hid in the shadows of the nearby building and sprinted closer to the battle.  The battlefield was littered with scorch marks and several flames have spread to the buildings.  Many explosions arose from the gas leaks.  To his surprise as he rounded a corner, there were still people around; huddled and taking cover from the crossfire.  Some Chosen were also around, their Digimon defeated and unconscious nearby.  However, something did not add up.  If the Chosen were not fighting the bio-emergences, who was?  His answer came in the form of an explosion.  “Shit!” Ares exclaimed and turned around, hand in his jacket; reaching for his gun.  A Digimon stepped out of the flames, facing the crowd of humans.  Its face showed the sign of a disgusting happiness.  It was a blue dragon with a white belly.  However, there was some armour attached to its body: specifically its feet, knees, chest, hands and head.  All of them decorated with flame symbols streaking across the plate.  The armour on its hands sprouted three, deathly sharp claws from the tip and curved slightly inwards which also acted as his fingers.  His helmet sported long horn which sprouted from the top.  Three black leather straps were belted to each arm.  The snow around him melted and evaporated with every step it took.  Although Digimon had heightened senses, this Digimon seemed to be too preoccupied and had not noticed Ares, giving him time to press a button on his cell-phone, displaying its data: “Flamedramon, male, Vaccine, Armour levelled Digimon who is part of the Dragon’s Roar.  His attacks are Fire Rocket and Fire Knuckle.” Flamedramon stopped.  Eagerly surveying the humans, he licked his lips with a primal growl escaping his muzzle. “So … he sneered with a strong voice.  Which one of you humans would like to be eaten first?” “None of them!” was the reply.  A golden yellow-furred fox had emerged from the fallen rubble and with a single jump it landed with grace; placing itself between Flamedramon and the people.  “Renamon, female, Data, Rookie levelled Digimon who is part of the Nightmare Soldiers.  Her attacks are Diamond Storm and Power Paw” Ares read as he sent the data back to DARE.  Flamedramon laughed with malice.  “You cannot stop me Rookie!” he said with severe spite.  “Look at yourself.  You can barely stand!”  Ares silently agreed.  Renamon was in no condition to battle anymore.  Blood ran down from cuts all over her body, staining the golden-yellow fur covering most of her body with exception to her white abdomen, paws, the leg area from the knees down and the tip of her tail.  Two deep cuts across her chest seemed to have been burned as well were bleeding uncontrollably.  Her thighs which had a purple yin-yang symbol and the area beneath her eyes had a purple, elongated “W” design, were both bleeding heavily also.  She was also seriously bruised from the constant beating Flamedramon had already dealt to her.  Her purple gauntlets, each with a yin-yang symbol of their own, were severely ripped; her left gauntlet completely torn off and lying in a heap next to the rubble of a fallen building.  Renamon swayed on the spot for a few seconds before her legs buckled and she fell to the ground, a small pool of blood forming beneath her body.  Her ice-blue eyes stared at Flamedramon with deep loathing as he said, “Ah … you are beautiful, you know?  When I’m done with these humans, I’ll be sure to …” He smiled evilly, crimson red eyes glowing.  “… break you.”  Renamon whimpered a little at the thought of her body being violated by such a beast.  She tried to stand again in defiance, but failed, every ounce of strength leaving her, and slumped to the ground with a thud, unconscious. 


“You are one fucked up piece of shit” Ares finally spoke out to Flamedramon.  He stood where he was in the shadows; his hand holding his gun firmly concealed in his jacket. “Ah … another human? Maybe you will entertain me as much as my dear Renamon has.  Though, being human, I have my doubts.  I guess you shall do as the appetizer.”  “Has anyone told you: you talk too much?” Ares said impassively.  Even Flamedramon didn’t have time to react.  Ares pulled his gun out and fired a shot aimed for Flamedramon’s head.  However, the bullet merely bounced off the armour.  “Hehehe … Well kid, I’m certainly impressed.  Not many have the courage to even face me, let alone battle.  I’ll play along with your little game.”  Flamedramon said mockingly.  Shit.  Ares thought to himself.  I didn’t expect for it to just bounce off like that without a single scratch.  No wonder Renamon there had trouble dealing with this guy.  I’ve got five shots left in the cylinder and one Digizodium bullet in my jacket.  And there’s still those people there I gotta protect.  Fuck.  I just need some time to help them escape.  But he won’t just let them go.  I gotta defeat him.  He must have a weak point.  I’ll just have to attack head on until I can find it.  “Hmm?” Ares found that Flamedramon had disappeared from his view.  “Shit.  I lost him.”  Ares leapt out from the side of the building and looked around quickly for an oncoming attack.  “Has anyone told you: you think too much?” came a voice from behind.  Ares spun around just in time to use his gun to block the attacking claw.  He was scratched slightly on his back, but the cut was not deep.  The claws burst into flames as Flamedramon yelled, “FIRE ROCKET!”  Ares managed to push the claw upwards and jump away; but a second flaming projectile was headed his way.  Ares swung his Digizodium gun and it knocked the projectile into the destroyed building next to them.  “You have some skill, boy.  I’m gonna enjoy watching you burn in hell!  FIRE KNUCKLE!  Flamedramon jumped up and rocketed at a speed faster than sound towards Ares, his hands and feet flaming immensely.  Ares dodged the attack in time.  However, he was burned across the chest with the surrounding flame.  It’s the same technique that made those two cuts on Renamon. Poor girl.  Ares couldn’t help but think as he slumped to the ground in pain; the sting of the burn numbing almost every muscle in his body.  “Give it up, human.  There’s no way you can stand after that one” Flamedramon stated as he rose from the smoking crater he caused with the attack.  Mustering up all the willpower he possessed, Ares stood, to the surprise of Flamedramon.  “It’s been fun, human.  But it ends now.  There’s no way a mere human can defeat me.  You should hurry up and die.  I really want to get started on my …” Flamedramon glanced at the humans and Renamon and licked his lips again. “… courses.”  Ares did not say anything, to conserve his strength.  He could not find a single weak point on the Digimon’s body, having most of the vital points guarded with armour … most of them.  He only had one idea left.  Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the Digizodium bullet.  Flamedramon recognized it.  “Digizodium huh?  Well, sorry human.  My armour can withstand a direct hit from anything.”  Ares opened the cylinder and inserted the bullet, carefully placing it in the right slot.  Attached to his leg with a strap was a small bag, about one and a half inches thick and three inches long.  He opened the bag and pulled out a Digizodium switchblade: a multipurpose tool given to members of DARE.  It slid open, revealing a silver, five inch blade.  With the last of his strength, Ares charged Flamedramon.  “Foolish human!” Flamedramon yelled as he dodged to the side.  “I’ll finish you off with my FIRE ROCKET! Ares turned in time once again to barely block both projectiles, deflecting them both back at Flamedramon.  When Flamedramon jumped to dodge them, Ares shot two bullets at Flamedramon and threw the knife at an estimated point away from Flamedramon.  “HA! Human! Do you think I would fall for such a predictable trick?” “Yes” was Ares’ reply.  He fired the Digizodium bullet.  Flamedramon, anticipating the bullet, curled up in defence.  However, the bullet soared past him, ricocheted off the spinning Digizodium blade, and impaled Flamedramon through the back of his head, killing him instantly.  Flamedramon’s lifeless body fell to the ground, only to have the falling Digizodium blade pierce through his body seconds later, turning him to data.  Ares took deep breaths, slowly catching his breath and then turned to the people, his long coat blown in the wind with a stylish flair.  They all grasped his hand and thanked him repeatedly.  The children and Digimon were even trying to mimic some of the things he did on the battlefield.  Even as a modest, cold and isolated person, he couldn’t help but smile. 


The Digital Barricade lifted and the people thanked Ares one last time before staring awkwardly in another direction and finally turning away.  “It’s nothing” Ares told them as he placed the knife back into his carrier.  When they all left, Ares turned his attention towards the recipient of the awkward stares: Renamon, the fallen heroine who had protected the people before his arrival.  Her body was lying on her side in a pool of her blood.  Even Wild Ones are capable of a heart.  Ares thought.  He had to agree with Flamedramon on one point: Renamon was beautiful, even in her unconscious, wounded state.  He surveyed her body, beginning to feel quite warm as he noticed that the two slashes had also cut her white “mane,” revealing her full, round, D-cup breasts. Her nipples had hardened in the cold, despite the heat given off from the burning buildings.  Her tail, showing no signs of injuries, had wrapped itself around her, revealing her nice, tight ass.  Woah wait … Was I just checking her out?  No way.  Pull yourself together.  She’s a Digimon.  She’s off limits.  Without thinking any further, Ares took off his long coat, revealing his well-built form due to his shirt being burnt by Flamedramon’s previous attack, and wrapped Renamon’s body with it.  Her delicate and fragile appearance had started to melt the ice around Ares’ heart, showing the same compassion he only showed to his sister.  She’s incredibly light.  Ares thought as he picked her up and headed towards his car. Shit, it’s cold.


* * * * * *


Renamon woke silently.  She no longer found herself on the snowy battlefield.  Her eyes remained closed as she surveyed her surroundings with her heightened senses.  Flamedramon was not nearby, she was bound with … bandages?  Her purple armguards were missing and above all, she was still a virgin.  She sniffed the presence of another creature busying itself in the room through her nose as it had been bleeding.  The scent was quite faint, but she detected it despite the strong, heavy smell of ointment.  She was on a bed, soft and silky, unlike her den back in the Digital World.  The room is fairly high up, as she sensed that the air pressure was a bit light.  The presence had finished its business and had left the room.  Renamon opened her eyes.  The room was as she sensed it to be.  It was small; the walls were a soapstone colour, there wasn’t much furniture in the room except for the bedside-table, a chair nearby which was occupied with ointments and bandages and a desk, which upon it laid a phone, an open Digizodium gun, a switchblade and some bullets scattered about.


She lifted herself from the bed, wincing from the pain, and noticed that a part of her tuff which covered her breasts had been chopped and burned off, but it has been slowly growing back, already able to offer some modesty.  She was weak; a result from lying down for an extended period of time.  The door to the room was open.  Curious, she made her way, slowly, cringing from the pain, out the open door.  The rest of the place, judging from the hall seemed like a temporary home.  Only the necessities were seen except for a recliner and a computer, which was placed in a corner of the flat.  Looking out the window, she saw that it was midnight: the moon had risen to its zenith in the sky.  As she tried to take another step, her supporting leg collapsed and she fell.  Before she hit the ground, she was caught by a pair of strong arms.  It was the presence she sensed before.  


“You should really take it easy.  Your wounds will reopen and I really don’t want to put any more ointment on your beautiful fur.”  “Umm … Thank you” was all she could say, embarrassed.  Her ice-blue eyes pierced the darkness, revealing a tall man around 24 with a built body wrapped with bandages around his chest.  His hair was fairly short and as black as the night itself.  However, his eyes were as blue as the sea and they had focused on her, inspecting her wounds.  “Who … are you?” she asked, breaking the awkward silence.  He considered her for a minute before answering, “Ares Lendale.  I brought you here from the battle.  You Digimon have it lucky do you?  Your wounds have completely closed up.”  “Yes … Even though most of our data is converted into flesh and bone, some systems in our body remain as data such as our healing capabilities: it speeds up the process.” Renamon replied.  “Oh.  I see.”  Another moment’s silence passed.  “What’s your name?” Ares asked after some time.  “I’m afraid I do not understand … My name is Renamon –”  “Yes.  But that’s the name of your race isn’t it? Don’t you have a name that sets you apart from the rest?”  “Yes, I do.  But I’m afraid I cannot tell you, Ares.”  “Alright then,” Ares said understandingly.  “Come, sit down.  Let me remove your bandages and you can wash up.  I already wiped away most of the blood from your cuts.”  She sat down on the recliner as Ares knelt in front.  Slowly, he unwrapped the dry, blood-stained bandages and inspected her closed wounds as Renamon watched, attentively.  She still had not fully trusted Ares, having only met him for the first time.  She would have to put her foot down if he started touching her inappropriately, even if it was accidently.  Ares sensed by removing the bandages that Renamon was tense.  Once removing most of the bandages, Renamon spoke, “Ares, I can take these off myself,” indicating the bandages wrapped around her chest.    Ares nodded.  “The shower’s through the door that way,” he pointed, “You know how to work it right?”  “Yes, I’m terribly sorry for intruding on your hospitality.” Renamon told him, head bowed.  “No, don’t worry about it, if you’re tired, you can use my room to sleep in” Ares said as he laid down on the recliner, eyes closed, giving in to exhaustion.  “Excuse me.” Renamon bowed and walked into the bathroom, her tail swinging from side to side.  Damn…that tail’s driving me nuts.


Inside, she closed the door and begun inspected herself in the mirror.  She removed the bandages around her chest, her luscious breasts bouncing into view.  Most of the cuts and bruises have healed, only the deep cuts remained, although closed.  Ares really knows his stuff.  She thought as she turned the shower on.  The warm water on her body was therapeutic, easing her stiff, sore muscles.  She grabbed the bottle of soap and began lathering her body.  Slowly, her right paw moved from her side, parting her fur, and began gradually rubbing her pussy. “Ah!” she gasped as her paw found her G-spot, and began rubbing frantically, occasionally pinching it gently with her clawed fingers. “Mmm…” she groaned instinctively as the pain mixed with pleasure stimulated her sexual desires.  Her left hand rubbed its way up her body and began massaging her furry white breasts.  How long had she been deprived of this!  Waves of pleasure were building through her body, intensifying, as she gently pinched her nipples with her claws. “Oh…” she moaned and began squeezing her breasts rhythmically faster.  She inserted a finger into her cunt as her other two fingers rubbed its lips; her furry hands increasing her pleasure.  As she closed her eyes, images of a man groping her breasts, feeling his way all over her body and licking his way all over her tits began filling her mind.  She leant back on the wall and panted as she spread her legs, losing herself as she rocked her hips in time with her fingers.  Her building orgasm was about to burst.  “Uhhh!” she moaned as she came, arching her gorgeous body backwards and thrusting her hips out.  Waves and waves of pleasure rushed through her as her juices came flowing out; she shuddered as it cascaded onto her hand and later washed off by the water.  She collapsed and slid down the wall of the shower stall.  “Oh…” she whispered quietly. …Ares.  She suddenly snapped back to her senses from her reverie.  Ares?!  She exclaimed to herself, quite panicked.  Have I fallen for him?  No.  It can’t be.  I just met him!  He’s … Renamon walked out of the stall and dried her fur with a towel provided for her earlier.  Wiping the mirror of mist, she preened herself in the mirror.  After checking she was proper, she opened the door.  She glanced at the sleeping body of Ares on the recliner.  She felt herself blush as her eyes trailed over his well-formed muscles, covered by bandages.  She entered his room, closing the door for privacy.  Lying on his bed, deciding to get some sleep, she closed her eyes and, at once, drifted off into a world of dreams.  He’s only human.


As the two both slept on, Ares’ phone started beeping once again, displaying the words:


Digital Anomaly Regulation Enterprise

Name: Ares Lendale

Partner: Lorrina – Renamon

PIN: 777-36-26-66-742369


A black D-Power with a deep-blue border, decorated with several DigiCode characters carved along its edge, surrounding the circular display screen, materialized on the desk shortly afterwards.


A few hours later, his phone received a message from DARE.  Ares was summoned back to headquarters.


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This lemon was written by Kuroki