Rageromon, a lonely digimon in the digital world. He had always been lonely in this world, he could never find any other virus type digimon nor fox-type. He thought it was hopeless and should end his misery right then, right there.

     "What do you think you are doing?" a cool voice whispered behind him.

            Turning around to face digimon behind him; what he saw was a mere reflection of himself... But rather female, and a different pelt!

      "Who... are you?" He muttered, barely audible.

      "I'm your wildest dream, Rageromon... Did you not know this?" She said, with a little giggle in her comment.

      "I..." she interrupted him by putting her paw on his belly.

            Gulping, he looked at her in the eyes, her cold gaze looking back at him. There had been something in that moment, he had no idea what it was... But he had felt something, or it could've been her hand grasping on his groin.

      "Aughh..." Rageromon started to moan from her warm paw... She knew how to touch a male perfectly, it was like he was in heaven.

      "Is this what you... like?" She purred at his reaction to her touch, then started moving her face, with her tongue out, down to Rageromons' erection. Licking his genitals slowly, to tease him, she motioned him to get on the ground.

            He obeyed her order, then she told him to stick his tongue out, and to put it in her vagina. He nodded.

   While he was doing that, she decided to continue licking his erection.






            Not hearing the loud noises coming from afar, they were still doing foreplay.



     "Who dares to defile the Digital World without my presence!?" A voice shouted across the land, frightening the two lovers...

            Barely able to get up from what had just happened, all he could do was give a chuckle, but had a worried look on his face still.

On his feet now, he looked over the hills to see where the noise came from... Unable to locate the area, he had sighed at looked at his mate. Shaking his head at her, with a grimace on his face.

            Renamon getting up herself, she had come closer to Rageromon, locking her lips with his, keeping it that way for a solid fourty-seconds. Renamon had heard the noise, it was Black WarGreymon. Trying to hide her worried face from her concerned mate, she had known this would go know farther... She had to stop Black WarGreymon before it had reached Rageromon.








            Jumping out of Rageromon's grasp, Renamon fled away from him so he wouldn't get hurt.

    Rageromon had almost given a brief smile, but then turned it into a frown and started running after Renamon. Searching all over the forest for her, he came up to no avail. He had wondered where she went, and thought of the loud noises coming from the distance...

...Could she have something to do with it? He thought to himself...


     "Ahh!" A distant voice screamed; making Rageromons' head turn the other way, and dashed toward the scream.

            Eyes widening in terror, Rageromon saw Renamon in Black WareGreymons' grasp, and she was about to be raped by him.

            "Rageromon mega-digivolve to Quadgromon!" and morphed into Quagromon.

Dashing toward Black WarGreymon, right as he was about to put his dick into Renamon's vagina, Quadgromon screamed, "Shooting Star!" and brought out his sword, leaped at Black WarGreymon and slashed him with one blow from his mighty Masamune. So much force from the blow, Black WarGreymon flew into the sky so high, you could no longer see him anymore...



            Still mega-digivolved, Quadgromon came closer to Renamon, with tears starting to drip down his face. The same for Renamon, but she came closer and hugged him, even though he was two times bigger than her now. Her face came closer to his, then their lips locked in a final kiss... Dropping to the ground, Renamon slowly pushed her paw down Quadgromon's pants, till her paw touched his groin.

            Quadgromon was pleased, and by showing that, a moan came out of his mouth. By showing his appreciation, his hand slowly dipped down to her vaginal area. And the other hand slowly teasing her right nipple. And the left with teeth by nibbling on it.

      "Ohhh..." She gasped in pleasure as she was about to climax. Looking at Quadgromons' eyes, he knew she wanted him. He nodded and got on top of her, bodies matching together with such perfection. Not even knowing he was within her, he started to hump her slowly, then fast.

     Both moaning now, in a matter of seconds during their climatic phase, Quadgromon stuck one paw in her vagina while he was humping her with his dick. Renamon screaming with pleasure now, and then they cummed... All over Quadgromons' paw.

            "Nice..." He said with amusement in his tone, then gave her a long deep passionate kiss, and they both went to sleep....






The End