By: Kaiser Dragon


Note: This lemon is rated NC-17 and contains digimon and a human having sex. If you are offended by this turn back now. For the rest of you, enjoy.


This lemon was inspired by a drawing someone else drew but I really don’t know who. Just one look and I saw a great story. This is my first so don’t be cruel or anything because I’ve read some of your stories an they are pretty cool.


     Renamon’s Secret: Part One


     Renamon was patrolling the city just incase any digimon decided to Bio-emerge. Rika was at home organizing her cards strategically so that she can draw the card she needs without having to search for them card by card. Rika had left her door open to let the fresh air circulate through her room.


     Something was just outside her door in the garden of her family’s home. A dark shadow had followed the scent of Renamon to this location. Rika was to involved with her cards to notice. Just then she felt that eerie feeling you get when you are being watched. Thinking it’s Renamon she gets up and looks outside to find nothing. Then she sees something by the corner of the walls surrounding Rika’s house. The shape was somewhat familiar. “Renamon is that you?” Rika asked.


     Rika recognized Renamon’s shape but why in the heck didn’t she answer. “Renamon are you having a hard time speaking or are you just ignoring me?” Rika asked starting to get irritated by Renamon’s little game. Rika kept starring at that shadow until it moved so fast that she didn’t see where it went. The shadow was no longer there. It had left without making a sound.


     Meanwhile in the middle of the city Renamon was still patrolling. The only thing she had come close to digimon was finding herself at Guilmon’s little enclosure Takoto always leaves him but decided not to bother with him sense he never fought her anyway. Before she left she also noticed Kalamon taking a snooze by Guilmon, but didn’t even think of fighting him. So she started to head back to Rika’s house.


     Doing that little vanishing thing she does Renamon was now standing in front of Rika’s bedroom door. She quickly opened the door and stepped inside only to be surprised when Rika yells at her. Renamon where you the one skulking around in the shadows out there?” Rika asked?


     “I don’t know what you’re talking about Rika.” Renamon responded in that submissive tone she uses when Rika’s being Rika.


     “You don’t have to play dumb with me. I saw you in the shadows. You didn’t have to say anything because I knew it was you. Why didn’t you answer me when I called out to you?” Rika asked.


     “I have been away for a couple of hours. I was patrolling the city.” Renamon explained.


     “But I saw you. You were right over there.” Rika pointed her finger at the corner of the wall outside in the garden.


     Renamon had an awful look in her face. Rika noticed it right away and immediately asked “What is it Renamon?”


     Renamon was lost in her thoughts. It can’t be him. He’s supposed to be in the digital world. Renamon’s thoughts were broken by Rika’s voice “ What the hell is it Renamon, what do you know?”


     “ I’m not sure. Rika, did that shadow have my shape exactly?” Renamon asked Rika.


     “Yes, but there was a difference with this one. I can’t remember what but it had something to do with its lower section.


     “Rika there’s something I must explain to you. Something about me.” Renamon spoke in a quite tone.


     “What is it. You can tell me.” Rika assured Renamon.


     “Come here Rika” Renamon ordered Rika while pointing to the floor beside her. “Do you see the Ying Yang symbol on my sleeves? Do you know what it means?” Renamon asked Rika.


     “Yeah, it means a balance of light and dark or good and evil?” Rika said.


     “Correct, the reason I have this on my sleeve is because I’m one half of this symbol. I am the light side.” Renamon explained. Rika looked at Renamon questionably. “For there to be a light there must be a dark. I have a dark side as well. Another half that is the opposite of me in every way.” Renamon explained. It didn’t take long for Rika to get what Renamon was saying.


     “You mean to tell me there is another one like you out there?” Rika asked.


     “Yes, but he is the dark side, he’s evil, his coloring is different, and he’s a male.” Renamon told Rika.


     “A male?” Rika said asked. Renamon nodded.


     “He’s opposite in every way including gender. The only thing that stays the same is our attacks. He’s got the same diamond storm attack but his way of fighting is dirt so don’t expect a clean fight if we fight him.” Renamon said.


     Rika gasped “So that was him out there. Why did he come here though, how’d he know where to look?” Rika asked


     “There are two things that he can use. We can sense each other from great distances. The other way is the sense of smell. He must have followed both the sense and scent of my being, here at your house.” Renamon said.


     “ I called out your name thinking it was you. Shouldn’t he have lunged at me or have                                           come out of the shadows.” Rika asked.


     “I fear I don’t know what he plans. His evil mind has something planned up for everything. I fear he might even have something planned for you Rika, I don’t think he approves of digimon with human partners. The only thing keeping his evil from totally taking control of him is his sense of humor. He likes playing games that have wickedness about them. ” Renamon warned Rika.


     Rika shuddered at the thought of an evil Renamon. “Renamon you and I will face him together. He doesn’t scare us, he can’t even digivolve.” Rika said confidently.


     “I’m afraid that what ever happens to me happens to him. If you use modifiers or the digivolution card he will only have the same modifiers and he will also digivolve.” Renamon explained.


    Renamon could smell the fear coming from Rika. Nothing has ever gotten to her like this. Renamon stepped over to Rika and wrapped her arms around her and hugged her telling her everything was going to be fine. “There’s not a big difference between me and him, the only thing is that his sleeves are black and you can see his ball sac easily. So if you see me with those two things it’s no me it’s him so call for me and I’ll be there right away.” Renamon told Rika.


     Normally Rika would reject this touchy feely stuff but she was too freaked out by what she was just told. Rika put her arms around Renamon and relished the feeling of her soft fur against her skin.


     “ Thanks Renamon.” Rika said with a grateful voice.


     Rika started to pet Renamon’s back enjoying the soft furry sensation. Renamon wasn’t objecting to this treatment at all. The only thing Rika ever does with her is speak to her and use her for battles other than that she didn’t do much with Renamon. Renamon was starting to feel real affectionate and gave Rika a small kiss on the cheek. Rika returned that kiss by kissing her on the lips. Renamon was taken back by this but still no objection in fact she turned that innocent kiss into a deep passionate kiss. Rika glided her hands over Renamons fur and down to her tail. She brought her hands around to the insides of Renamons legs and started petting her around her crotch. Renamon returned the favor and started rubbing Rika through her jeans.


    Rika broke from Renamon to remove her pants and T-shirt revealing an underdeveloped chest and some white panties. Renamon could smell her arousal and was soon down on her knees in front of Rika licking through her panties. “Ohhhh” Rika moaned. “That feels great”. Renamon slid Rika’s panties off and returned to Rika’s crotch licking away at her clit. Renamon’s tongue was somewhat rough but it felt good to Rika nonetheless. It didn’t take long for Rika to start getting wet. Renamon stopped licking Rika’s clit and started to push her tongue through Rika’s pussy lips. Rika could feel Renamon’s tongue licking around inside her cunt, which made her moan even more.


     Renaaaa….monnn” Rika tried to say “Let me do the same to you.” Rika offered. Renamon stopped her attentions to Rika’s cunt and stood up.


     “As you wish” Renamon said with a hint of joy in her voice. Rika got down between Renamon’s legs and ran her hands through her fur trying to locate her entrance. She found Renamon’s pussy already moist from arousal. Rika started licking at Renamon’s clit, which had the same affect as it did with Rika. “Mmmmm….Rika this feels wonderful.” Renamon attempted to say. Rika ignored Renamon and went past her clit and straight into her pussy and swirled her tongue around tasting the hot fox’s juices. Rika was starting to miss Renamon’s attentions to her own pussy.


     Renamon can we both do this at the same time” Rika asked with her tongue still in Renamon. Without a word Renamon got down on her back and brought Rika’s pussy to her face in a 69 position. Rika was once again filled with Renamon’s tongue and Renamon with Rika’s. Both of them were moaning but you could hardly hear it because of their muffled faces. Rika was the first to start to orgasm. She could feel herself about to peak while Renamon was buried in her hunt. Without a hint of warning Renamon was enveloped by a rush of cum. It didn’t seem to bother Renamon at all. She swallowed everything Rika gave her. Rika hadn’t stopped herself from giving Renamon’s insides a tongue bath even after she came. Renamon soon came to but she had more to give. She let everything she had just flow out and Rika was there sucking it up. After the last bit was drained from Renamon they both sat up and without a word wrapped around each other and fell asleep.