Forest Lust

By: Kittengirl


It's a cold brisk day in the Digiworld and our digidestined

are in search of another control spire. Kari thinks she sees

something in the forest, but to her dismay no one else sees it.


"If you have to go Kari don't lie about it," Said Tai.


Joe says, "Kari, I said that an hour ago. If they don't stop

for me what makes you think they will stop for you? Oh god I'm

so nauseous. 


Mimi says, "I believe you, Kari. Let's go look for it." So Mimi

and Kari walk off in the direction she saw it and searches for

 what she saw. After walking about 100 feet they see a bright

light. They close their eyes and wait for the light to end.


When it ends they open their eyes and sees that the forest is

dark and a control spire pops out of no where. Both of them wonder

if anyone else noticed that. They call everyone, but no one comes.

They think the others are just ignoring them and run for them. When

they get there they try to touch them and their hands go through

them. Mimi touches Joe's balls and fondles them, while laughing.


Kari shouts, "Stop it! We are in deep shit cause there is no one

here and we have no digimon. We must find a way to take that spire

down by ourselves." They go back to the place they noticed control

 spire and it's gone.


Mimi says, "What the fuck?"


Kari says, "Oh I need a good fuck… Oops I didn't say anything."

All of a sudden the dark ocean appears and Kari goes nuts. Mimi

calms her down by holding her and keeping her close. Kari

kisses Mimi.


Mimi says, "Oh I'm sorry I'm…." Kari interrupts by french kissing her.



"Stop it Ka…" Says Mimi. Kari taking her skirt and panties off

interrupts her. She then goes down on her.


Mimi moans. "Oh yea, that's it Kari. Stick your whole tongue in

there." Mimi takes Kari's shirt and bra off and sucks on her boobs.


Kari says, "No." Kari takes her pants and panties off. She turns

 around and said, "Let's 69."


Mimi says, "Ok." She starts to suck on Kari's wet pussy.


So after about ten mins of 69ing a pikachu pops out and says,

"Pika?!?!" Pikachu jumps on them and joins in. All three of them

were all in paradise with the love triangle 69. Pikachu gets off

 of Kari and Mimi and slaps each of them with his dick.


"Oh Pikachu that was so great do that again!" Kari and Mimi

look at their watches and say, "Oh shit. We need to get back

to the others."


They put their clothes on quickly, kiss pikachu one last time,

and then look for the portal to go back to the Digiworld. While

they were searching they wouldn't stop, stopping. They would

continually kiss, 69, and grope each other. It took them about

an hour to find the portal and go through it and join back up

with the others.


Everyone says, "Where the fuck have you two been?"


In unison Kari and Mimi say, "Oh we got lost," with big smiles

on their faces.