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Surprisinlgy enough, this lemon contains material of a sexual nature. Please do not read on if you are under 18 years or in any way offended by bestiality, bdsm, non-consensual sexual actions, slavery or any of the above in connection with children.


*Part 1 - The fall of Rika* - Rika/Renamon - BDSM, slavery, bestiality, enema

Part 2 - The fall of Ai and Mako - Ai/Mako - incest

Part 3 - The fall of Henry and Suzie - Suzie/Lopmon, Henry/Gargomon, Henry/Suzie - BDSM, slavery, incest, yuri, yaoi, bestiality, watersports, toilet slavery

Part 4 - The fall of Jeri - Jeri/Leomon - BDSM, slavery, bestiality

Part 5 - The fall of Takato - Takato/Guilmon, Takato/Terriermon, Takato/Impmon, Takato/Renamon, Takato/Leomon - BDSM, slavery, yaoi, bestiality

Part 6 - The fall of Ryo - Ryo/Cyberdramon/Renamon - BDSM, slavery, yaoi, bestiality

Part 7 - The fall of Kazu and Kenta - Kazu/Andromon/Renamon, Kenta/Impmon, Kazu/Kenta - BDSM, slavery, yaoi, bestiality

Part 8 - A parent's worst nightmare - Impmon/Ai/Mako, tentacles/Kazu, Marineangemon/Kenta, Cyberdramon/Ryo, Leomon/Jeri, Guilmon/Takato, Terriermon/Lopmon/Henry/Suzie, Renamon/Rika - BDSM, bestiality, slavery, incest, yuri, yaoi, scat

Part 9 - ???


For eleven months, Jianyu had slaved away, trying to find a way to bring the digimon back to the real world, and finally make peace with his son. Finally, after so long, he had found one. He was in heaven. He had finally done it. He would finally be free from all his guilt for keeping his son from his best friend, his daughter from her best toy and the Matsukis from their son.


"Jianyu-san, I've never seen anyone with as much drive as you," Yamaki said to him, lurking in the shadows. "I admire you. It's lucky I wasn't as determined as you, or the Digimon you're now bringing back would be dead."


"Thank you, Yamaki-san," Jianyu said, nodding. "Please, could you help me arrange a meeting? Having spent almost a year of mylife on this, I kind of want it to be a big deal, so if you could get all seven of the kids to Hypnos at five tomorrow..."


"Consider it done," Yamaki smiled.


The next day, Yamaki having done what he said he would, Rika, Ryo, Jeri, Henry, Suzie, Kenta, Kazu, Ai and Mako were standing outside Hypnos. They all felt strange around each other, as they each reminded one another of how they had lost their friends. Little did they know about what was about to happen...


"Hey, kids," Jianyu said, smiling. "Now, please listen: when we go inside, there will be a few surprises for everyone."


There were a few murmurs and a couple of nods, and they all followed Jianyu inside to a computer. The nine of them were still subdued from the misery from eleven months before.


"I have written a computer programme, and I have this computer set up so that when I press enter, magic will  happen. Ready?"


Intrigued, but far from enthusiastic, the kids all nodded.


"3... 2... 1..."


Jianyu pressed enter, and almost simultaneously a bright line of light appeared, eratically growing and shortening, shocking everyone in the room, until, after ten seconds or so, there was a huge bang and...













All their digimon friends and even Takato had somehow come back to the real world! Right in front of them! They all rushed forwards to greet their friends at the same time, and in those few seconds, all their problems, pain and hurt from the last eleven months disappeared.


"Thanks, Dad," Henry said, glancing back at him, then turning back to Terriermon almost immediately. "Hey, Terriermon, I missed you!"


"Henry!" Terriermon said, blushing slightly.


"I owed it to you guys," Jianyu told all of them. "It was all my fault for putting you through so much. This is my way of 'making it up to you'. In other words, I knew I had to get them back for you. Sorry for the last eleven months."


Rika and Renamon separated from the group and headed off home. "Rika," Renamon said, "You've changed."


Rika looked at her partner, "You haven't," she smiled; "You're exactly the same as you used to be. In that whole eleven months you've stayed the same."


"That's part of the beauty of being a digimon," Renamon said. "We get so many perks, such as not ageing, being able to come back to life, like Leomon did, no school, no expcetations for getting jobs..." she paused slightly. "Speaking of which, Rika, what do you think you're going to be?"


Rika stopped. "Follow me," she said, in a breathy tone, and ran off into a back alley.


"Renamon, I have no plans for the future at all," she said, tears rolling down her cheeks. "My marks in school are shit, and I have no chance of getting a good job at all." She began crying fully, now.


"Rika, don't cry," Renamon consoled her. "Here, follow me, I know an empty basement near here you can cry in." She led Rika into the dark basement, and Rika completely let go, crying into Renamon's chest.


"There, there, it's okay, Rika," she comforted her. "Don't worry. I know something you can do, don't worry."


Rika nodded but kept on crying. Eventually she stopped. "Renamon?" she said. "What job is it?"


"Rika, I can tell you, but first, there are two things you have to do. First of all, don't tell anyone what it is, and second, have sex with me."


Rika was stunned. "What," she said, to make sure she heard her correctly.


"Have sex with me. I have been stuck in the digital world, and found out there that only my human partner can take my virginity. I need it, Rika. Please. If you do it for me, our relationship will be permanently better for it, I promise."


"Renamon, I... I don't know..."


"If you don't, there's no way I can get you this job."


"Why not?"


"How can I know if you really love me if you won't even do this for me? Sex isn't too much of a deal, anyway. I promise you, it will feel good. Please, Rika, let me do this for us."


"Okay," Rika resigned.


"Great," Renamon said, searching for the light switch for the basement. "Here it is," she mumbled. As Renamon flipped the switch, Rika was shocked for words by the sight that met her eyes. A basement filled with implements of sexual torture. She was so stunned, she didn't even realise it when Renamon pushed her up against a rack on the wall, and shackled her up.


"Welcome to my world," Renamon said, licking Rika's ear. She tore off Rika's broken-heart t-shirt  and jeans, reveling Rika's underwear. She took off Rika's shoes and socks, gently. She grabbed a lever and pulled down, making the rack Rika was on come down, horizontal.


"Now remember, Rika," Renamon said, grabbing a gag shaped like a dick and some duct tape off a shelf, "you agreed to this." She inserted the dildo into Rika's mouth, and used some of the tape to keep it securely in place. Rika murmured into the dildo, her protests lost in the synthetic cock.


"Good, then let's begin," Renamon smiled evilly.


She put one leg over onto Rika's other side, and sat down on her face, her pussy on Rika's nose. "You see, Rika, Digimon are stronger than humans, we're more cunning aswell, so that's why we're taking over your pathetic little real world. We've had about a year to plan this, and now all you so-called 'Digimon Tamers' are going to be the first wave of people in our experiment to rule this world. But now, girl, smell my heat. Smell it."


Rika blocked her nostrils, determined not to let this psycho win. Could this be the same Renamon who she was once a best friend of? Could she have changed this much in just eleven months?


"Smell it, Rika,"Renamon repeated, getting angrier.


Still Rika refused.


"Okay, then, Rika," Renamon said, sweetly. "You don't have to smell me, but if I do this..." Renamon repositioned her ass to completely cover Rika's mouth, "you might find it difficult to breathe unless you smell my scent!"


Rika tried so hard to hold her breath, but soon enough, she needed to breathe. She smelt the Digimon's lust, finding it quite a bit of a turn on. She felt her pussy react slightly.


"That's right, Rika. You like it, don't you? Well, how about my ass?" Renamon dismounted and this time straddled Rika's face with her asshole pressed against Rika's sweet, young nose. "Get a good sniff of this one, my little girlie!"


Rika knew there was no point trying to resist. She just wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. The smell of sweat and shit was a complete contrast to the smell of Renamon's arousal, and yet this too turned her on further.


"Hmm. What to do now," Renamon wondered aloud, teasing Rika. "I know." Renamon kept her asshole and pussy against Rika's face, and reached down to her panties, pulling them towards her, causing Rika to let a muffled gasp escape as her panties were forced up her crack and pulled slightly on her pussy lips. A slight amount of her juices soiled her panties a little, betraying her arousal.


"Ooh, do you like that, Rika?" Renamon asked. "Do you want some more?" Renamon moved her paws onto Rika's bra. With one minimal gesture, she tore it off, exposing her underdeveloped breasts. She began massaging the small nipples with her claws, rubbing slowly, back and forth, so slowly. Rika couldn't help but let out a slight moan.


"That's right, just relax, Rika," Renamon cooed, feeling the girl's nipples becoming solid beneath her claws. Rika, however, was far from relaxed, being raped by her old best friend and a Digimon, but the feel of those claws sensually bringing her to arousal was so right.


Moving her paws down to Rika's more private area, Renamon pulled Rika's panties up a bit further. Again, Rika felt a trickle go onto her panties. She was distraught, but couldn't let herself cry - she was too proud to allow herself to be defeated by such an evil.


Renamon tore the panties in much a similar way as she did with the bra. She then rubbed her furry paws on Rika's pussy, wigling one of her claws inside. She found Rika's virgin clit, ad softly moved her finger back and forth. Rika whimpered at this sudden, shockingly confusing, and yet so arousing contact from her old best friend.


They had been like sisters? How could Renamon do such a thing to her? A tear trickled from Rika's right eye. Rika tried so hard not to cry in front of this... evil that used to be Renamon, but the harder she tried, the closer she came to crying, and all the time she was getting closer and closer to orgasm, wanting the finger inside her, but hating it at the same time.


Renamon continued teasing her small clitoris for a short while longer until she sensed Rika coming near to the point of no return, when she withdrew. Rika whined slightly, wanting Renamon to finish her off. Renamon dismounted and shot a paw down to her own, wettening pussy, after a couple of strokes she looked around the room, then went over to a shelf and picked up a dildo and a black marker.


"Here, Rika," Renamon said, waving the dildo at her, "take this. It might help you get what you know you want." She smiled evilly. Rika was helpless, and they both knew it.


Firstly, Renamon turned a handle so that Rika was upright, and then she lightly prodded Rika's pussy's opening with the dildo, and Rika shuddered. She pushed it in a little further, and slowly pushed it up, ignoring Rika's muffled screams as she ripped through her human's virginity. Rika felt the tears roll out of her eyes and down her young, naked body. Renamon just smirked.


"I'm not done yet, Rika," Renamon said, lodging the dildo in place and concentrating her efforts on the marker now. She took the lid off and wrote, 'SLUT' over Rika's torso, 'I SUCK DONKEY COCK' across her breasts and 'INSERT COCK HERE, DADDY' with an arrow pointing to her dildo-filled pussy.


"You see, Rika, I'm a little worried that you haven't been enjoying this very much, and of course, I don't want you telling your friends that I fucked you, do I? So, I'm going to have to blackmail you."


Renamon went to another shelf and picked up a hot water bottle connected to a rubber tube with a nozzle on the other end. She sucked into the tube to get the water running and pushed the nozzle far up Rika's asshole and attatched the hot water bootle to a hook on the ceiling, causing the water to flow freely into her anus.


"So, I came up with the idea of having some humiliating evidence I could use against you, such as a picture of you in your current state. Renamon moved over to another shelf to get a camera.


"Smile!" And with that, she took a film's worth of photographs of Rika tied up, with water running in her ass, a dildo up her cunt, a dildo in her mouth and embarrassing slogans written all over her body.


"Well, Rika," Renamon said, ignoring Rika's sobs, "Our photo shoot's over, so now, I'll take out your gag. However, if you do not do as I command you, I will let everyone know of today's little fun, and have photographs to prove it. Got that?"


Rika sobbed helplessly. "GOT THAT?" She nodded, the tears falling to her feet.


"Good," Renamon said, taking the dildo out of Rika's mouth. "Now, the thing is, we digimon got kind of pissed off when that patheic Jianyu sent us off, back to the digital world, so we plotted our revenge against him - to take away his love in life - Henry and Suzie.


"Oh, that plot didn't take us long, but it grew, as we grew to hate his entire family. We wanted not only Jianyu to suffer, but also his children, and what better way to make them suffer than to force them into sex-slavery?


"So we had a base, but then our hatred grew to the entire human race, particularly you so called partners of ours who didn't even come to see us, so we brought you all into the picture, too. And thus, the idea of the Digimon Child Prostitute Agency was born.


"When Impmon came up with this idea, he failed to realise how it could be used so greatly to completely take this miserable planet over, but there it is. And here you are, the second child prostitute. Rika."


Having finished her little speech, she took the dildo and nozzle out of Rika and turned the handle once again, this time to get her horizontal.


"Who's the first?" Rika fired back, not crying nearly as much now, having become enraged by Renamon's words.


"Takato, of course."


"Why Takato, Renamon? Do you hate him, because he went to see Guilmon, didn't he? You're fucked up!"


"Rika, Rika. We all adore Takato, but he actually asked to be the first in this plot. The dipshit. But enough about that. I don't like your tone, girl, so if you don't shut up, I'll fuck your life up so much, you won't want to live it."


Rika bit her lip. Which was worse, living as a prostitute under the crazy digimon or always being known as a slut who did porn when she was 14? For now, she decided to shut up.


"I'm ready for some pleasure, Rika, how about you? Eat me out, bitch," Renamon commanded, placing her furry pussy lips to Rika's mouth.


Rika, with nothing to do but follow Renamon's commands, did as she was told. She licked her Digimon owner's pussy, thoroughly, not knowing why, just something inside her forbode her to allow those photos to get out.


Renamon leaned forwards, and put her muzzle next to Rika's vagina. She then started to hump at Rika's mouth. "Oh, yes," she moaned, "that's right. That's a good little girl, getting your tongue into me so eagerly. Oh, that's it," Renamon bucked her hips, frantically.


While still getting eaten out by her new whore, she reached for the penis gag again.


"That's enough, Rika," she said, rearranging the gag, so that the dildo protruded instead of going into the mouth. "Here we are," Renamon said, strapping the dildo onto Rika's face.


She straddledthe dildo and carefully lowered herself onto it, and took Rika's head into her hands and began to move herself up and down the shaft, pushing on Rika when she was going up and pulling when she was going down.


It didn't take her long to orgasm, and she dismounted. "Now, Rika, would you like a big O too?"


Renamon took the strap off, and Rika resigned, nodding. She wanted release, she couldn't help it.


Renamon simply stuck a finger in Rika's pussy and rubbed it in and out a bit, until she came, which didn't take long. Rika, exhausted, mentally and physically, shut her eyes. She sensed that Renamon was up again, at another shelf, but didn't much care. She needed time alone.


Renamon, being careful not to let Rika realise, put a collar around her neck. Rika felt the cold leather against her skin and opened her eyes, alas too late. "Rika, this collar is electric. If you do anything to displease me, I'll buzz you, get it?" Rika was too exhausted to give much of a response, and vaguely nodded. "Good."


Renamon took her off the rack and pressed a button on the wall, which revealed a door to a secret room. It was dark. So dark, that it was impossible to see inside.


She smiled, knowing her day's work had been done. Rika was theirs now.


Tamers tamed: 2.

Tamers free: 8.


The end of part one.


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