The Glitch Series - Part 1
________________________________________________________________________!!!WARNING!!!WARNING!!!WARNING!!!WARNING!!!WARNING!!!WARNING!!!This story is a LEMON, which means it contains SEXUAL SITUATIONS. If you are underage to read this stuff in your area (if you are not sure of the legal age, take it as 21) or it could possibly, in any way, offend you, YOU WILL BE BREAKING THE LAW if you continue on, so please don't.
N.B. I do not own any of the characters in this lemon apart from Patrick. All events in this are purely fictional and not based on any truths or real people. I apologise for any similarities to any real people, and would like to say that they are purely coincidental, if at all they exist.

As if anyone takes notice of those things. You know, sometimes, I think the guys who come up with these international laws think they're funny, but they aren't, they're just annoying. Personally, I didn't look up porn until I was sixteen, the legal age in my area, but it wasn't because I was put off by the warnings (is anyone?) but because

Unspoken Truths

"Mimi!" Yolei screamed when Mimi opened the door.
"Yolei! Everybody! Hi! Come in, guys," Mimi said, welcoming them all.
"Wow, American houses are so weird," Davis exclaimed, looking around Mimi's apartment.
"Oh, Davis," she chuckled. "You know, you haven't changed in all the years I've been away from Japan." She pecked him on the cheek and he blushed.
"How long has it been since we got rid of that Malomyotismon?" Kari asked, smiling at Davis, sweetly.
"Eleven years next Thursday," Mimi said. "Oh, and about that, this invitation isn't completely just me wanting to see you guys again. I… kind of got us into this celebration of freedom from evil Digimon. They want us to give a little talk about it."
"You should have told us," TK said, grinning slightly. "We would have brought our Digimon with us." At this, there was a sudden rustle in a big bag that Joe was holding. He shook it, trying to be discreet. Fortunately, Mimi hadn't sensed it.
"Sorry, guys. I figured you wouldn't want to do the thing if you knew," she sighed. "So you didn't bring the Digimon, huh?"
"Airlines don't let you," Ken explained, tersely.
"Huh. Sorry, guys" Mimi apologised, lowering her head. "Does anyone want a drink?"
"Yeah, I'll have a coffee, please, Mimi," said Cody.
"Same for me, please," Yolei said.
"Just a water for me, please, Mimi," said Ken, quietly.
"Do you have any sake?" TK asked.
"No, sorry." Mimi said.
"That's okay; I'll just take a green tea."
"Nothing for me, thanks, Mimi," Matt said.
"Could I get a green tea too?" Tai asked.
"Yeah, me too, please," Sora said.
"Could I get some Coke with ice cream in it, please?" Izzy asked.
"I'll just have a healthy orange juice, please, Mimi," Joe said.
"I'll get some milk, please," Kari said.
"*Slut!*" TK coughed. Kari gave him a cold look.
"I'll have the same, please, Mimi," Davis said.
"You fucking kissass, Davis," TK spat at him.
"Woah, guys, have I missed something here?" Mimi dashed in before it got physically violent.
"Kari dumped TK for Davis when TK slept with Jun," Yolei explained.
"Who's Jun?" Mimi asked.
"My sister," Davis said, tensing his fist. "And if he ever tries it again, I'll… do something bad to him."
"Oh, come on guys, you've all got your revenge, so why don't you leave it as it is," Mimi said, trying to calm them all down. "TK, you slept with another woman, so Kari dumped you. Tit for Tat. Davis, he slept with your sister, so you stole his girlfriend. Tit for Tat. Kari, he slept with another woman, so you dump him. Everyone happy now?" Without waiting for an answer, she led them all into her lounge.
"This here's my dog Patrick," she said, pointing to an Airedale Terrier in the middle of the room. It was palying with two tennis balls. It would pick one up in its mouth, then try to pick the other up with the first still in its mouth. Then, it would try the same with the other ball.
"Oh, he's sweet!" Yolei yelled, throwing her arms around the dog. It whimpered and tried to get away, but failed.
"I'll get your drinks ready," Mimi said and walked towards the kitchen.
Having made sure Mimi was far enough away from the room, Joe set down his bag on the floor and said, "You can come out now, guys."
Poromon, Gatomon, Demiveemon, Gomamon, Tentomon, Agumon, Biyomon, Wormon, Patamon, Gabumon and Armadillomon all poured out of it.
"Why does Tentomon have to be so big?" Demiveemon complained.
"I'm sorry, Demiveemon," Tentomon said.
Patrick, having seen all these strange creatures, hid behind a chair.
"Mimi is gonna be so psyched when she sees them here!" Davis said.
And she was.


After the reunion at Mimi's house, Kari and Davis went back to their hotel room. Davis shut the curtains, then took off his shirt. Kari took off her top and pants to reveal her black-silk panties and black-lace bra. She moved towards Davis and unzipped his zipper, moved the pants down his leg and pulled him by his neck to the leather couch.
They leaned down onto it, him on top of her, his erection poking into her crotch. He began kissing her, with short, sweet kisses. He moved his right hand to her bra. He carefully and softly slid his hand into it and began rubbing her right nipple. She moaned and lightly bit his top lip.
Davis erected Kari's other nipple and she put her arms down his boxers and began to give him a handjob. He suddenly stuck his tongue right down, deep into her throat. She licked its underside. He moved his hand to her silk panties.
He moved his fingers around in circles on her pubic hair, then, ever so gradually, he moved them downwards, towards her sweet, wet vagina. He separated the lips, very slighlty, and fondled her clitoris with his thumb and forefinger. Kari moaned.
"Don't cum until I say, babe," Davis ordered.
"Yes, sir," she whimpered.
He slid her panties down her legs and unclipped her bra. She took off his boxers. They stood up, completely naked, and Davis ordered Kari to get down on her back and to spread her legs and arms. She did as she was told, leaving her pussy completely vulnerable to whatever Davis should want to do. "Close your eyes," he said. She shut them, slightly afraid.
He knelt down and stuck two fingers straight into her cunt. She moaned, out of pleasure, but also, quite significantly out of pain. He put in an extra finger, stretching her pussy even further. "I… can't… take any… more…" she uttered, breathless. Davis withdrew his fingers and licked them clean. After a second's pause, he dove in and buried his prick deep into her. She moaned, and they fucked each other.
Davis came first, spattering his load inside her, and said, "Cum now." He humped her a few more times and she came. They stayed on floor for a few more minutes, enjoying the afterglow.
"Love you," Kari said to Davis, kissing him on the cheek.
"Love you too," Davis said to Kari.


Ken was working on what he was going to say at the celebration the next day. It didn't take him long to get stuck, and he remained stuck until midnight. "It's no use," he cursed to himself. "I'll ask Davis for some help."
He walked along the hotel corridor to Kari and Davis' room and knocked. They were both in bed, although Kari was asleep and Davis was still awake. He got up, put on a robe and answered the door.
"Ken? It's like one fifteen or something."
"Sorry, Davis, I just have an urgent problem. Come along, to my room."


After speaking about the next day for a while, Ken asked how Davis and Kari’s relationship was going.
“It’s going really well. I mean, the talking is great, I get to annoy TK to no end and she can be really kinky sometimes,” Davis said, smiling. “Are you seeing anyone at the moment?”
“Umm… No. Can you grab me a pen from over on the table?”
“Sure,” Davis moved towards the table, but tripped and fell and slid on the linoleum underneath the table. He could plainly see a porn magazine, right in front of his nose. It was male porn.
“Are you okay, Davis?” Ken said, a little worried.
“Ken…” Davis started. “Why do you have gay porn under your table?”
“Uh…” Ken stuttered.
“I mean, if you’re gay, that’s okay with me, but you should stay true to yourself and at least let the World know, you know? I mean…” Ken shut Davis up by kissing him, deeply and passionately. Davis’ initial reaction was, naturally, to stop it, but Ken’s tongue caressing his own felt… so great.
They both sunk into it, arms around each other. Ken felt his cock begin to stiffen, and soon he felt Davis’ harden, too. He broke away and pulled off his pyjamas in a frenzy of sex-drive. He turned away from Davis, got down on his hands and knees and turned round, smiling, showing off his virgin asshole.
Davis got the message, and took off his robe and tossed it onto the floor. He knelt down, so that his lips were on a level with Ken’s butt. He licked around and around his anus, tasting the sweat, smelling the shit. Ken sighed, over and over in pleasure. Davis poked his tongue slightly further in, widening the hole. After four or five minutes of slowly widening Ken’s anus, Davis finally took out his tongue and primed his cock, ready. Then…
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Ken cried. Even having been rimmed, it was still painful for him.
Taking no heed of Ken’s cry of pain, Davis started, humping, in and out of Ken’s body, and then started masturbating Ken. They both got into the rhythm of it, Ken bucking his hips and Davis getting quicker and quicker with his hand movements.
Ken soon came, squirting his juices onto Davis’ hand. Davis came a few seconds later, squirting just a bit of cum into Ken’s ass. He pulled his dick out and put his cum-covered hand in front of Ken’s face, who licked it off.
“Come to bed with me, Davis.”
‘Shit,’ Davis thought, ‘I’ve just had sex with him. I might as well go to bed with him.’ They got up and headed into the bedroom.
A few hours later, Davis woke up. He glanced at the clock; it was still only 3:50. But he felt strange. He realised that he had just betrayed Kari. He had been unfaithful. He felt like shit.

End of part one.