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Also, this YAOI lemon contains Human/Digimon stuff between Davis and Veemon (An over used pair but that’s because the affection between them is so obvious it’s easy to mix ‘em! Also this just so happens to be my first lemon.) So if you don’t like that sort of stuff. Go read what you do like.

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Really Beautiful

By Kakyuu



Davis shook as he woke from sleep, his alarm clock a blaze with noise.

“AH!” He yelled suddenly, rolling and crashing out of his bed with a loud bang. He groaned as he looked up at the ceiling, a cheerful blue face appeared.

“Oh good. You’re awake at last” Veemon said his face covered by a beaming smile. His white teeth glimmered, setting of his greyish-white face and beautiful eyes. Davis shook his head vigorously. Then commenced in a big grin of his own.

“You’re beautiful you know” he commented pulling himself off the floor.  He knelt in front of his dearest friend. “Really beautiful” he muttered as their lips locked in a passionate kiss. They stayed embraced for a while in the way only people in true love can. This could have carried on forever had Davis suddenly remembered….”SCHOOL!” he yelled pushing himself briskly but gently off Veemon and darting all over his room trying to find his clothes.

Veemon just stood in awe watching Davis move so fast.

‘Wow’ he thought to himself ‘Davis doesn’t normally move that fast…especially on a Saturday.’  

A few minutes later, Davis, pelts himself out his bedroom door and darts across the flat and, just before reaching the door, the bell rings. Davis stops sharply nearly stumbling over his own feet and falling to the floor.  He cautiously opens the door. There he sees standing the most beautiful brunette he had ever seen, the legs were so slender and sexy, and the chest broad and strong, it heaved like a… big heaving thing (for lack of a better simile.) The eyes were a deep brown, which seemed to lure you into a sense of security, loving and warmth. And the hair was simply marvellous.
”Hey Tai!” Davis said chirpily. Tai, glanced Davis up and down.

“Going to Saturday school Davis?” he asked mockingly. A wave of confusion hit Davis.

“Saturday school…” he mumbled his face completely lost in an exasperation of thought. He heard a small chuckle coming from the corner of the room. A wave of hot red blood rushed to his head as he realised his mistake. “Eh,” he grumbled, embarrassed. “Well, ya see, I woke up late, and I thought it was Saturday and…”

“No need to explain Davis,” Tai said smiling. “You’re just a scatty lil’ brat.” He chuckled rubbing Davis’ hair with his hand. “So you coming or what?” Tai asked.

“What? Where are we going?” Davis asked looking shocked.  At this Tai merely rolled his eyes.

“Don’t you remember?” he asked rhetorically “We’re off camping for the weekend.” He said grinning from ear to ear. Davis’ memory suddenly jerked into action as he slapped his forehead.

“Oh yeah!” he groaned. “It’ll take me a while to pack!” he said running back to his room.

“It’s okay,” called Tai, “I just here to tell you, knew you’d forget. We meet at three. My house! Later” he said shutting the door after him.


Davis ran into his room, Veemon was sat on his bed reading a book he’d found (amazingly) in Davis’ room. Veemon looked up to see Davis darting around trying to find his camping stuff. He shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“You don’t have to be there till three ya’ know.” Veemon hinted for him to slow down.

“Huh?” Davis said stopping. “Oh yeah! I forgot!” he said. He walked over to, and sat next to Veemon and hugged him. Veemon, startled at first by the sudden burst of affection, tried to push back but then calmed after Davis muttered.

 “I love you.” In his ear. 

Veemon felt himself lowered so his back was against the mattress as Davis passionately sucked at his neck. Veemon moaned in pleasure and slowly moved his hand under Davis’ shirt. After a minute Davis ripped off his shirt, shorts and boxers throwing them aside, leaving him exposed kneeling over Veemon who stared up at him with love deeply embedded in his mind.

Veemon felt Davis slowly work down his body stopping with his nipples. He placed his mouth over them and sucked on them, slowly, teasing him by sending a wave of pleasure rushing through Veemon’s body making him moan in satisfaction.  After a few minutes of this teasing on his nipples which had made Veemon’s cock tip poke out. Davis, noticing this started rubbing his head with one hand whilst slowly, pacing his hand down Veemon’s back, along his tail, down and rubbing his index finger against his hole. He slowly teased it running his finger around its edge, sometimes penetrating which made Veemon’s body arch in a sudden, sharp, shock of pure ecstatic pleasure making his eyes water slowly.

Eventually Davis plunged his finger deep into Veemon, making him yelp from this sudden, abrupt intrusion. Not that he didn’t like it of course. Veemon rocked his self side to side to make the finger more comfortable, but Davis deliberately worked against it until Veemon was fully erect and then he pushed two more fingers in in rapid succession . This made Veemon’s back arch high and he yelped for air as his lover turned his fingers slowly inside him.

With his fingers still inside Davis bent down and took Veemon’s fully erect cock in his mouth. He heard him gasp for breath as the bolts of immense pleasure shook his body. He slowly traced his tongue up from the bottom of his shaft to the top, he felt a rush of fluid follow him up and they met at the top, Davis lapping up Veemon’s cum as it flowed out.

But Veemon’s tormentor didn’t stop there he carried on once again taking the whole of his shaft in his mouth, and his balls as well which he slowly worked with his tongue teasing them till they wilted away and a blast of hot digiseed shot against the back of his throat and slowly dripped down. He pulled his mouth off and deeply kissed the gasping Veemon. He pulled out his fingers from Veemon’s ass.

“Turn over” he whispered softly into his ear. Veemon complied graciously.

He felt Davis kiss the base of his neck, knowing what was coming. He heard the spit and the sound of Davis lubing himself up. The next thing he felt was a thing poking at his ass, then a sharp surge as it plunged deep into him. His eyes bubbled over and tears flowed down dropping onto the pillows.

Davis stopped, pulled out a bit and then pushed back in quickly which pushed Veemon forward.

Davis thrusted in and out slowly building up a momentum until he thrust in really deep and arched back moaning loudly, shooting his load into Veemon.  He pulled out, and moved his mouth to Veemon’s ass and lapped up the cum spilling out.


About ten minutes later Davis was back from the shower. He shook his head to get rid of the last of the water, which soaked Veemon.

“Awwwwww!” Veemon moaned, “I just finished getting dry.”

“Heh, sorry Veemon.” He said rubbing his head with a towel.


At three o’clock Davis and Veemon reached Tai’s door. Davis knocked and seconds later Tai answered.

“Hey guys,” he said “Ready for some fun?” he asked. Davis and Veemon just looked at each other and smiled.



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