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This is a Lord Archive competition candidate. (A romantic lemon between 1 Main and 1 sub main character.)

Main character: Matt

Sub character: Jun (Authors note: The characteristics of Jun is not the same as on the TV show. This version is more realistic because she is more like Davis here. The behavior of shyness around the opposite sex.)

Competition Submission

True Love will find a way
By: Hybrid Halogen

The drumbeat echoed through the night sky as Matt’s band rocked the little round tent with their melodious music. Everyone cheered at the top of their lungs, roaring with anxiety, moving to the rhythm that pleases their ears with delight. Lights with all sorts of colours beamed at every crevice of the tent. Screams of girls almost overlapped the music. It was truly a spectacular scene to witness.

After hours of dancing to the songs, it finally came to the last one of the night. A song loved by all the fans “Live it up”. Everyone sang along to the lyrics, waving the glow sticks in their hands to the rhythm of the beat. Matt sang his heart out, delivering the message with true emotions, the emotions that were locked up inside his heart.

Even though Matt looked like a cheerful person, deep within, he was sad. Sad and lonely, because there was a girl he really liked. He liked her but couldn’t possibly tell her that. He was really the right person to possess the crest of friendship, because of his friendship with Tai; he never showed his true feelings about Sora. Matt knew that Tai loved Sora dearly with all his heart, so the strong bond of friendship they had shared between them overlapped his love for Sora.

He hated himself for being Matt; he liked and despised at the same time the class of friendship he possessed. How could he have lived for such a long time without love, no one could answer. Even him was puzzled by this kind of emotional stress he had to live and still was in the breach sanity.


All the band members were packing up readying to go home after hours of energy burning performances. Matt didn’t feel tired at all. He just felt sad to pretend that he’s living happily.

Matt picked up his jacked and walked out, leaving most of the cleaning up work for the janitors. Outside as usual dozens of girls waited for his appearance, nagging for signatures on photos and posters that have the face of Matt on them. Matt tried to be his friendly self, so he signed for every single one of them. Smiling faintly and walked off.


“Oh I’m soooo in love!” Chirped Jun as she walked into the apartment building. Davis looked up, wondering what has gotten into his crazy sister this time. “So who is it this time? Matt Damon? Brad Pitt?” Asked Davis knowing it’s got to be someone in that category. Jun has had a crush on Leonardo Di Caprio since she was a little girl, but when she learned that he acted queer **main reason: she never had a chance** she said to herself “I shall leave this fantasy and come to reality” thus moving on from Leo to Kevin from the Backstreet Boys. She was hopeless.

“Oh he is so dreamy, and good thing he lives in Tokyo too!” Chirped Jun exited as ever. That’s an improvement, thought Davis. “So who is he? The local news guy?”

“No, even dreamier than him! He has a band and he’s the lead singer, name is Matt. You heard him sing before?” Davis almost dropped the remote he was holding. He never liked Matt much, seeing he is more of the die-hard Taichi style person. “Matt? You mean Matt Ishida?” Asked Jun, hoping its not going to be him. It’s embarrassing to have his sister to like T-Gays brother.

“You know him?” Replied Jun.

“Well yeah kind of, his T.K’s older bro.” Davis said without much control of his voice.

“What! Oh that cuties brother? No wonder he’s so cute. But isn’t T.K’s surname Takaishi?”

“HE’S NOT CUTE! Or at least not as handsome as me **got to get that into Kari’s head**. Their parents divorced so T.K got his moms surname.”

“Oh that’s so cool, do you think maybe you could introduce the two of us? Please?” Jun begged Davis like she had never done before.

“No, I’m not going to do that and what’s so cool about their parents divorcing?” Tai will think I’m sloppy and all. That totally ruins the Taichi image.”

“But Kari will think you are sweet” backed Jun with a smirk on her face.

“WHAT? How did you know that? Who told you I liked Kari?” Davis was bewildered, turning red at the same time.

“Little bro, when you are asleep, you got a bigger mouth than you are awake.”

“Hey who said you were allowed to come into my room when I was sleeping!?” Asked Davis with a little anger and blushing like a cherry.

“Well, lets leave that for now. I’ll make a deal with you, if you help to hook Matt and me up on a date, I won’t send Kari the tape that I got. Entitled (Voice diary of Davis – October)”

“What! You taped me? October? A whole month!” Davis was enraged. The thought of Kari and T-Gay listening to his sleep talk was enough to make him cry like a baby.

“Well, there’s still November and December that I got, you want to preview them before I send them out?”

“Ok ok, I’ll help. What do I have to do?” Davis was truly defeated. “I’ll get you back for this”, he thought to himself.

“Simple, make Matt go out with me and your little secret is safe”

“What! How would I know if Matt even….” Jun cuts off Davis in mid sentence “Did I mention you said something about hoping to see Kari naked in the shower?”

“Fine, I’ll do it.”

“Ok, no that’s my lovable lil brother. So see you tomorrow and don’t forget to lock your door, any body could be listening to what you got to say when you’re sleeping.” Teased Jun as she walked into her room, satisfied with what she had done. Hehe, Davis is so gullible, he’ll believe in anything I say.


Davis wanting this to get over and done with as soon as possible called T.K the first thing in the morning. Even though he never liked T.K much with the Kari issue. He and T.K somehow had become best friends since the battle against evil.

He discussed with T.K that he’s sister really adored Matt and that all he wanted was just one date. If T.K could convince Matt then Jun would be of his back for good. T.K agreed to help but doubted the success ratio. Matt never seemed to be interested in girls that much. He had gone on a few dates but they never seemed to work out longer then a span of a week. But non-the-less he tried; it’s just a little favor for his friend Davis.

Jun was excited from the second she walked out of her room that morning. She saw Davis calling T.K and knew that his brother was working on her issue. But that was just an appetizer, as later she found out when T.K called back that Matt had agreed to this blind date. T.K had told Davis that Matt thought it was interesting to meet someone new. Jun was over the edge of joy; she almost wanted to hug Davis, being the sweetest brother ever. Jun almost felt bad about lying to Davis that he talks in his sleep. It was evident with the big black circles around his eyes that he tried to stay awake all night hoping that way his secrets were safe.

“I’m going out to find something to wear okay? Tell mom if she asks.” Cheerfully chirped Jun as she trotted out of the front door. It was winter holiday in Japan and Davis thought gloomily to himself, is it possible that Kari would also agree to go out with me?


Tonight was the big day, a day Jun longed to arrive since four days ago, when she received the news from Davis. She was dressed in classy looking denim jeans with a pinkish blue shirt that has a very big emblem of Matt’s band engraved on the chest. She had dressed like this since the morning, shouting at everyone who got close to her to stay away. She wanted to stay clean for her big night. Apparently almost every inch of her outfit was covered in plastic when she had to eat. The family teased her all day but nothing could alter her moods. She was so happy that almost nothing could bring her down.


Matt sat in the tent gloomy as ever. His band was going to perform tonight and usually he had the chance of going home to rest after the tiring performances. But tonight it was different. T.K had begged him to do this, pleading that as a little brother using all the tricks in the book until he finally had to give in. He had a date with someone he didn’t even know. All Matt knew was that she was Davis’s sister. “God, this couldn’t get any worse.” The though of Davis was really giving goose bumps on his skin. Hoping his sister by some miraculous chance was adopted into the family or something. As long as she doesn’t remind him of Davis and the night might not be as bad as he predicted it.

“Hey dude why ya staring off for? We gotta practice this song here.” The drummer remarked and started playing again.

Matt hardly could concentrate but managed to finish the song and took a break from the practicing to get a drink.

Tonight was really nervous for him because Mimi is coming back from the US and the whole group is celebrating the reunion at this concert. He didn’t know what Mimi might think of him with a girl tonight. Matt kind of liked Mimi too, but he was disappointed that her family had to move to another country. He wouldn’t have agreed to the date with Davis’s sister if he knew Mimi was coming. She only told the group this morning as a surprise for everyone. The gloomy Matt just sat in the corner writing his journal with a pen. Filling every thought he just had moments. If it wasn’t for this diary Matt didn’t know what would’ve happened to him. All his secrets, emotions and thoughts were embedded in this thick black leather covered book.


Jun is supposed to meet Matt backstage before the concert and then sit through the concert. After that her fate is in Matt’s decisions. Her dad dropped her and Davis off at the back of the tent. He hugged them both, wishing them to have a good time and drove off.

Davis said good luck to Jun as he trotted off to his friends gathering in the entrance of the tent. They were celebrating the reunion with the older kids.

Jun sucked in a deep breath and let out a gush of steam as her warmness met the harsh cold winter night. She was wearing a milky fur minx coat covering her fragile body from cold. “Well here goes” she said to herself and walked in through the back door of the tent.

The tent was bigger then she thought because it even had dressing rooms. She searched a short while and stopped in front of the one that had a golden star hammered into the door. On the star it read Yamato Ishida. Well that’s him, thought Jun as she knocked slowly on the door.

“Come on in.” Said a soothing voice that almost melted Jun. Her heart almost skipped a few beats as she turned the knob. Jun pushed the door slowly forward and smiled the cutest smile she could manage.

“Hi you must be Davis’s sister, I’m Matt, nice to meet you.” Confidence reeked through Matt’s voice as he said that. He always had a confidence when in front of new people he meets, trying to cover up his usual self.

Jun smiled weakly and blushed softly. She and Davis both possessed the gene of shyness in front of the opposite sex. “Hi, I’m Jun.”

“Jun that’s a very nice name”


After those introductory comments there was silence in the room for a very long time. The awkwardness of the silence made Jun blush even more than she already did. Matt was starting to blush too. All the dates he had gone out with before always tried to be on his good side. Doing everything they could, trying to please him. He despised those girls not being themselves. Honesty was something Matt looked for in girls, maybe that is also why he liked Sora so much. She was honest, beautiful in a non-flashy way unlike Mimi and always thoughtful. The best thing about Sora is that she had a very strong unique character to stay in and she kept those characteristics no matter what happened

That’s what made Matt liking Jun instantly. He had wished that he could have found her earlier. Jun not knowing what to say in this silent awkwardness panicked her mind to think of something fast.

“uh…nice dressing room you have here.” She said bluntly thinking that’s a good way to make conversation.

“Yeah, its nice and quiet, my band mates are really nice. There’s only two in the tent and they gave me this one to use. The three of them are sharing one on the other side.”

“That’s really nice of them. So what do you usually do in here?” Oh that was weak she thought to herself, of course he dresses in here duh, why do they call it a dressing room in the first place?

“Well I change my clothes for the performances, take naps, write my songs here and just to be myself with the nice quietness of the room”

“You write songs? I never knew you did that.” Sounding embarrassed.

“It’s ok, not much people knows it anyway. I write all the songs we perform”

The two of them just chatted with each other, growing more and more into the attraction of one another. Matt really liked this girl and couldn’t possibly believe that she was related to Davis. They were so calm with each other after ten minutes of chatting. Its as if they knew each other since the beginning of time. If not exaggerating they could both be classified as head over heels in love with one another.

(Author’s note: I know that was fast, I had no time to prepare anything else, so just bear with it okay? J)


7 pm, time for Matt’s performance to start. The two heard the announcer yelling into the microphone, informing about the opening performance song by the band. Matt was calm and felt so good as he stood up ready to go. He looked at Jun in the eyes and smiled, bending down to her and closed his eyes. Jun closed her eyes as Matt’s mouth touched hers. Their lips met with each other’s.

**KNOCK KNOCK** “Yo Matt, hurry the show is starting shouted a band-mate of his. The two was cut off by the abruptness and Matt turned round to leave. "Good luck smiled Jun as Matt walked out of the door.

Jun’s heartbeat was still at high velocity as she sat there. She was taken aback by Matt’s interest in her. She could have never believed this was true. There was no way a boy as cute or as popular as Matt would possibly like a girl as shy as she is. She had never had any luck with the popular guys in school. This is just so overwhelming for her. She thanked God for his blessing and waited for her heart to calm down. She was quite glad actually that they were interrupted. She wouldn’t have known how to react if they did kiss.

Well deciding that she should go off to watch the show now, as her nerves were calming down. She stood up and walked over to the chair on the other side of the room where her coat and some of Matt’s jacket sat. She picked her coat but accidentally knocked Matt’s jacked to the floor. Out dropped a book, thick and covered with black leather.

What’s this? She thought herself. The book had no title or heading on it so she opened it where the bookmark was. On it were about 3 paragraphs of writing; she scanned her eyes over the first few lines and her heart stop beating. She stared at the 3 paragraphs paralyzed with confusion throbbing painfully at her heart.

14 Feb

Donno what has gotten into me, I just can’t stop thinking about Sora. I don’t believe this, how could I always be thinking of my best friend’s girl??? Am I going insane? I don’t think I deserve the crest of friendship. I don’t think I deserve the trust Tai has put into me. This is an outrage I can’t even concentrate anymore. With this Valentines Day, it’s even worse!

4:42 pm

Oh no, during rehearsal I became so gloomy. I think the guys can see it too cuz they told me to go and take a break. I was just thinking how stupid I’m going to be. Mimi is coming back from the US. Maybe she could take my mind of Sora for the time being. Mimi is really a sweet girl. We grew up together so there is a special bond between us I guess. It would be much more fun to spent the night with her then some girl I haven’t even met. Heck how did I get into such a mess?

5:32 pm

Diary, there is about 30 minutes before my date arrives. Its gonna be Hell I tell ya. I have to do this again; I hate acting in front of those girls. How come their feelings are so important? And mine doesn’t really matter??? Well I suppose I’ve had enough practice already. I’ll treat her really nice and make her feel we are really meant for each other. Then something comes up and we are actually better off alone so she’d give up on me and go find someone else to bother. God its like a bad case of deja-vu. Well diary wish me luck and bless the girl not going to be too annoying, it’s a scary thought that she’s actually Davis’s sister. **Shivering with goose bumps** lol, well diary I’ll see ya later to tell you what excuse I used on her to make her go away.

A few teardrops landed on the last paragraph as Jun read it over and over, hoping it was all a lie. She felt her heart sinking deep within her body as she managed to grab for an eyeliner from the makeup table. She scribbled under Matt’s last entry and then stood up, running out of the room and out of the tent running like she never ran before.

Heh, sorry that the “mess” couldn’t stay and enjoy your concert. I thought that I’d save you the trouble of witnessing another deja-vu of nightmare. Sorry for being so stupid and forcing this date on you. I thought I loved you before this date, and your friendliness made me even more in love with you. But I guess it was all an act from you. You should be glad to spend the night with Mimi, not lil old me wanting to force you to like me.

Have fun



The band was coming to the last song of the night but Matt spoke up. “Wait, we will not perform “live it up” tonight.” The whole crowd was surprised by Matt’s remark even his band was shocked. The Digidestineds on the VIP side was also wondering what was going on. “Live it up” was the Band’s special motto. They sang it last at every concert.

“Tonight there is someone special in the tent and I would like to dedicate a song I thought up 20 minutes ago to her.” Said Matt, thinking that Jun is in that big audience somewhere.

The audience laughed and praised at Matt for the romance he came up with. They all grew quiet as Matt explained to the band how the beat should go. And slowly emerged from the stage as the music started playing.

**Authors note: Play Avril Lavign’s Sk8er Boi while reading this. Although it doesn’t make much sense so just ignore it J it’s mainly concentrated on what Matt was experiencing, so think that if it doesn’t make any sense**

Lonely Boy

There was a boy

He liked a girl

Can this be any more outrageous?

Thought he was drunk

As he laid

What more can I say?

He wanted her

But he’d never tell

Secretly it was his friend’s girls

But all of his friends

Tried to hook him up

But all the girls never lived up to his class


He was a lonely boy

She said oh, sorry boy

There was a boy that already meant for her

Then some body came

Totally different as she can be.

She struck my heart back down to Earth.

The song after now

We sat together

Loving each other, all left alone

She kisses me

Guess what she says?

Lonely boy, we’re meant to be

She calls me and says

I already know

That you love me more with every show.

She smiles along

And blesses my world

Looks up at the man that used to be down

He was a lonely boy

She said I’d be there boy

She was just good enough for him

Now they are so in love

Planning on their future

The fate of a man is under words.


The boy’s glad that this works out

He can’t believe all he’s luck

When he thought he all done

This is how he got his girl

Knowing that she is definitely the ONE


The song echoed through the huge speakers and everyone was quiet, trying to make out the words of the song. Tai and Sora looked at Matt, deeply concerned and surprised what Matt had gone through. They both would have offered the best support for him; Tai liked him even more as a friend for such sacrifice. Everyone all wondered who that girl really was.

“You think maybe its Jun?” Whispered T.K to Davis.

“Neh, I doubt it.” Replied Davis trying to concentrate on the song.

When the song finally ended, Matt stepped forward and spoke deeply into the crowd. “Jun I love you” everyone looked around them, trying to spot this “Jun”. After about a minute Matt called again, but still there was no answer. He didn’t understand why but, she wouldn’t have missed his show and they still had a date after the show.

Davis and T.K both were curious too and looked around the crowd. Hoping to spot Jun. Davis thought maybe she was just frozen with excitement as always. It’s so like her to do this. After a while most of the crowd got bored and went home, leaving only some with the Digi gang pondering what had just happened.

Matt was worried too, about Jun’s safety and the curiosity of why she had disappeared. Maybe she’s in my dressing room decided Matt and turned around to walk backstage. His band member’s just shrugged their shoulders and started playing music to accompany the crowds out of the tent.

Matt reached the room and walked, hoping Jun was there. But the room was empty and all he saw was his diary sitting on the chair Jun had sat before the concert. His heart skipped a cycle of beats as he realized what had happened. He rushed to the diary hoping Jun had left a clue where she was.


The Digidestined gang was waiting at the back entrance for Matt when he came out, tears hung to his face. Evidentially showed he was crying.

”What happened Matt?” Asked Tai with concern for his friend.

“Jun saw what I wrote in my diary and was mislead by it. I have to go and find her. Davis, do you know where your sister usually hangs out at?”

“Uh, well you could try this old tree house we use to play at. It’s about a block away from my house. She always goes there when she is mad at pops.”

“We’ll go with you Matt.” Offered Sora, obviously worried too.

“No, I have to do this alone.” Replied Matt as he asked Izzy to borrow the digital camera he used to record the show and ran of to the direction Davis pointed out.

“We’ll all be at Davis’s house if you need us!” Shouted Tai as Matt ran off.

“Can I ask you a question Davis?” Said Mimi.

“Yeah sure.”

“Why does your sister always go to the same hiding place?”

“Duh, so we can go and find her.”


Jun was snuggled up against the wall of the tree house. It was quite high; luckily the rope ladder was still there. Her eyes were blood red swollen from her tears. They just kept gushing out. The thought of Matt lying to her **Girls have this honesty thing going on** and the thought of her new minx coat been ripped while climbing the tree shattered her heart into pieces. She loved Matt and liked her new coat and now it’s all gone.

She hated Matt, hated him for being so nice to her. It only caused much more pain. He should have told her from the beginning. Now she just laid there, cold, hungry and heart broken. Sniffing away like there’s no tomorrow. Her eyes was so swollen she could hardly see in this darkness. This thought frightened her, she was always afraid of the dark and now she’s all alone in this dark and damp tree house.

All of a sudden she heard a noise. She stopped sobbing and tried to listen harder. Yes there was someone climbing the roped ladder. She shivered and tried to grab something, moving her hand desperately she found a dried up piece of branch. It was light and fragile but she didn’t care. Anything is better then nothing.

The person who was climbing finally reached the top. The dark figure entered the tree house trying to adjust his eyes to the darkness. All of a sudden a stick came smashing down on his head. He groaned out loud with pain but it wasn’t bad enough to do any damage.

Jun recognized the voice. “Matt? What are you doing here?”

Matt was rubbing his head with his left hand. “I came to explain. I saw you have read my diary.”

“What is there to explain? I know your type. You are one those guys who thinks he’s famous and good-looking. Thinking they can just get into any girls pants and throw them away after they got bored. I have seen movies like that hundreds of times to fall for your tricks” Jun’s voice trembled as she spoke. Her crying had ruined her voice so speaking was not an easy task for her right now.

“No, that is not true. I wrote those entries before I met you, but after I saw you I grew to like you. No, actually I was totally in love with you. You have been the person I was looking for all those years.”

“Yeah right, as if I’m going to fall for that.”

Matt looked at Jun now, his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He saw her eyes were red and she looked battered from the emotional pain she just went through. Matt couldn’t say anything else because he didn’t know what to say. But then he remembered the camera he got from Izzy.

“Ok, at least let me show you a part of my concert tonight before I take you home and disappear from your life.” Matt handed Jun the earphones and searched for the finale.

Jun thought it wouldn’t hurt to listen to one of his song, she liked his music anyway. She took the earphones Matt handed to her. Seconds later the LCD screen flickered to life on the small camera and Jun watched intently, listening to the announcement Matt made to the crowd.

Matt just sat there and watched the screen with no sound. He looked at Jun for a second and saw fresh tears started forming in her eyes. The tears all gushed out as if someone pulled a lever before the song finally ended.

Jun pulled off the earphones and tried to speak, but hardly any sound came out of her lips. Matt just looked at her and moved his head forward; trying to finish the kiss they started in his dressing room earlier.

Jun closed her eyes as she moved forward too, accepting Matt’s lips. They kissed for a few seconds when Jun opened her mouth, offering Matt’s tongue the space to enter. Matt took the hint and moved his tongue into Jun’s mouth. Their tongue rolled with each other’s as Jun sucked, licking Matt’s tongue like something delicious. Then Matt opened his mouth and let Jun move her tongue in. Repeating what Jun had done moments earlier.

After a few minutes they finally broke off the kiss, both desperate for oxygen. Matt stood up, offered Jun his hand. “Come on, everyone’s waiting for you at your house.”

“They can wait.” Replied Jun reaching up, but not for Matt’s hand. She put her hand onto Matt’s crotch and pushed forward. Finding the zipper on his jeans, Jun smiled and pulled it open. Matt just shivered, as he stood there frozen by what Jun was doing.

Jun reached into his pants and pulled out the flaccid penis. She was bewildered to see a real life one. The closest she ever got to see one was on TV. This looks much more different in real life, at least it was bigger. She rubbed around the head and soon it was growing harder.

She had seen this on TV but thought what the heck and moved her mouth down onto it. She licked the head and tasted the pre cum on it. The sensation almost sent Matt overboard as his knees grew weaker. He had to hold onto a branch for support, this is the first time someone else beside himself had touched his cock.

Jun took the head into her hand licked it really well, coating it with her saliva and finally putting the heading into her mouth. She kept it there for a moment and decided to go further. Jun moved her head forward trying to take as much of Matt’s 7 inches as possible. After about 4 inches the tip of his cock touched her throat. She closed her eyes and relaxed trying to move even further down. Until finally the whole cock was in her mouth, she choked on a bit but managed to get a few inches down her throat. Matt was in heaven, his first blowjob and it was already so special. Jun bobbed her head up and down, moving to a fixed rhythm and soon Matt was near his orgasm.

“I’m going to cum…..” moaned Matt, trying to warn Jun.

Jun just kept her pace and didn’t care at all as her throat was attacked by the jism Matt’s cock had shot out. It was like a gun barrel firing shot after shot until it drizzled out of Jun’s mouth. She tried to swallow as much as possible but it was way too much and gallons of it dripped down the two sides of her mouth.

Matt pulled out his cock after he was sucked dry. He looked down at Jun and smiled an appreciative smile. Then he lowered himself down to her and kissed her again on the mouth. The rustic taste of his sperms met him but that didn’t turn him away. He slowly moved his kissing lower to her breasts. He took his hand and pulled up her shirt. Coming face to face with a pair of pink brassier. He kissed her budding breasts from the bra, not taking it off. He moved further down and pulled her pants off while he was at it.

His face came to a pair of pink panties that matched with Jun’s bra. He nibbled at her panty-covered cunt. Jun moaned in ecstasy, his lips were warm and soft. He massaged her pussy with his tongue lapping at the panties. Now the pantie was already soaked with Jun’s juices and Matt’s saliva. He pulled the panties slowly down revealing a beautiful pussy with tiny pubic hair around the sides of the labia.

He dived in without hesitation, licking the labia as he searched for a place that would pleasure Jun the most. Seconds later Jun moaned out with utter pleasure, hinting Matt that he had found the most sensitizing part on her pussy. Matt nibbled softly on her clit not hurting Jun and lapped at the rest of the pussy with his tongue. Jun was dying from such pleasure and moaned at every lapping Matt provided. She reached out and held Matt’s head with both hands. Pushing him deeper into her cunt. Matt almost suffocated from lack of oxygen but still managed to breath as he sucked on Jun’s clit.

“Ahhhhhhh, YESSss” Screamed Jun as she reached her orgasm. Her juices coated Matt’s lips as she cummed. The orgasm hit her so hard it caused her body to spasm. Buckling against Matt’s face, she cried out in dyer ecstasy. After a few minutes she finally stopped her buckling and was able to control her body again.

Matt’s cock was already rock hard again from the erotic performance Jun put up. He lowered Jun to his eye level. And kissed her again. Slowly and passionately this time round. Jun felt the hardness of his cock pressing against her stomach. She decided to move her hand to his cock and touched it. Feeling the hardness yet again.

Matt gasped as he felt his cock being guided to her labia. And the head sunk slowly into her wet cunt. “Please be gentle, its my first” whispered Jun as she wrapped her arms around Matt’s neck. Matt grunted as his cock was halted by Jun’s hymen. He didn’t want to hurt her, so slowly he moved out again. When the head of his penis was the only thing left inside of Jun he moved in again. Matt repeated this a few times, and then he plunged, sending a scream so loud it could probably be heard in the Digital world. Jun’s scream of pleasure and pain was enough to send chills down Matt’s back.

A little trickle of blood dripped from Jun’s pussy but nobody noticed it. Matt increased his speed when he felt the wall giving in. Giving Jun more pleasure then the slight pain it caused.

“uhh, uhh…..uhhh yes, please don’t stop.”

Matt didn’t say anything as he just pumped her for all he was worth. His pace increased to a point of blur. His dick was like a drill digging deep into her hole. Jun had fresh tears on her eyes again, this time the tear of joy and pleasure. They humped each other like crazy.

Matt felt that he wasn’t far away from the point of no return as he moved his hands up to Jun’s chest. He wanted to increase the stimulation for Jun so they’d come together. Jun just kept on moaning when she felt Matt caressing her breasts. Matt humped Jun harder now, hoping for her to cum too. But it was to no avail and Matt screamed out loud.

“Ahhhhhhh, I’m coming……”

Waves of hot steaming tiny tadpoles swam out of Matt’s cock and raced into Jun’s pussy. She felt Matt’s steaming gunk filling up her pussy and it turned her on so much that she screamed too.

“OHHHHHHH, I’m coming TOOOO!!!”

Jun’s cream gushed out, coating Matt’s cock as their erotic juice met. Matt didn’t stop humping and the slippery cunt was much looser with his cock softening with the natural lubrication. The squishiness of their organs bashing against each other’s sounded so erotic but they were totally spent.

Matt collapsed on top of Jun, his panting grew heavy as he just came out of the momentum of the sexual act.

“I love you Jun, never had the chance to say it earlier.”

“I love you too Matt”

Both cuddled on the ground holding onto each other.

“I love you so much I would do anything for you Jun.”

“Great, how about a new minx fur coat for starters??”

The end. (I can carry on if by request….hehe, trying to be a request dude)

(Fact: This lemon is exactly 6341 words)

Authors note: The last part I rushed because it was 4:15 am here. So if I had a chance I’d definitely make it actually romantic for them. Also the second excuse is that I did it while online so chatting with lots of people distracted me.

Well anyway, I worked on this for about 5 hours. Never read through it so hope you judges are not too pissed off at me for making you guys wade through hell. (Probably fix it when I got time, like in a month) J

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