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Pairings in this lemon to enhance plot:
“Davis/Veemon/Kari” and “Redmon/Gatomon”

Request Corner
The kitty’s reimbursement
By Hybrid Halogen

Oh I can’t wait, tonight is Vee and my big date, and I can’t believe he worked up the guts to ask me out. Thought Gatomon to herself as she trotted back from the park, picking the right spot to have a romantic dinner with Veemon. A smile lingered on her face since Veemon asked her this morning. Oh he was so sweet, standing on Kari’s windowsill and holding the rose with a box of candies, sweating like a baby. This thought kept on swarming into her mind as she kept her pace.

His exact same words were “G..G.Gatomon, I was, you know, wondering if, you know, hmm uhm you know, if I was free, no I meant if you was fre…..” stuttered the blue dragon as he looked down, trying not to catch Gatomon’s gaze with sweat dripping down his forehead. “Are you asking me out? If you are, sure, I’d be glad to” replied Gatomon with the cool and confidence she possesses as a champion Digimon.

Now even the thought of Veemon’s shyness, brings a warm tingling sensation to her pounding heart and the sacred area between her legs. It is so sacred that no one has ever left their presence there. She always wanted that special person, a person like Vee to be the first.

Gatomon trotted around a corner almost reaching the apartment building where the Kamiya’s lived. She paused at the noodle cart on the side of the road. Davis and Vee are coming over later, they both enjoy noodles and even wanted their own noodle franchise when Davis grows up. Gatomon decided with I smirk on her face thinking she is the smartest Digimon alive. Hehe, a human partner is like a guardian to their Digimon, so if I can get on Davis’s good side he would encourage Vee to ask me out more often. She jumped onto the cart, “Cat’s eye hypnotism” blared the cat Digimon looking straight into the man’s eyes. “I want two portions of beef noodles wrapped up to go please. You will also accept my IOU slip and later a girl will come down to pay you”.

The man listened intently and did as he was told. He handed the packed to Gatomon and smiled saying “enjoying your meal and do come again”.

Gatomon slipped the packed into her mouth, hooking it onto her kitty fangs and started running gracefully back. The smell of freshly cooked noodles was so delicious that she thought maybe Vee would share his with her. Oh how romantic, just like on that film “lady and the tramp”. Well they always say that the best way to please a man is attack his appetite.

She ran up the stairs, not liking the elevator. She halted on her tracks as she reached the door. On the door there was a big sign read “Welcome to the Kamiya’s” Gatomon turned the doorknob, which was just within her reach.

**Inside Kari’s Room**

“Kari, are you sure Gatomon is not coming back soon”? Asked the blue creature with concern. “Yes, I’m sure Veemon” replied Kari. “Don’t worry buddy, everything is going to be just fine” said Davis. “Ok”

**Back to Gatomon**

Gatomon walked into the apartment and noticed there was no one insight. Well Tai is at soccer practice, Mr. Kamiya is at work and Mrs. Kamiya is probably out shopping. But where’s Kari? Probably in her room, I’ll go and check. As Gatomon moved closer to her door, she heard some giggling and some weird noise like something wet and squishy. Gatomon realized what might be going on in there being quite a smart mon. She decided to give Kari some privacy and left her alone, but then something occurred to her. Wait a minute; maybe I’ll just have a little peak. After all maybe I could learn something from Kari to use with Vee.

The curiosity got the best of her so she slowly turned the doorknob just a slight inch and peered inside with her big round kitty eyes.

Kari wan on her floor, kneeling in front of Davis with his 5 inch cock fitting snugly in her mouth. “Oh yes, take it all in” Moaned Davis slowly as his hard rigid member disappeared into his lover’s warm mouth. Kari just giggled as she tries to take Davis in all the way.

Davis is already here? Thought Gatomon not paying much attention to her thoughts but rather watching intently at Kari and Davis. She had never thought her innocent Kari would do such a nasty thing. Well you can never say you knew them until you seem the whole truth. Thought Gatomon as she kept taking in the show Kari and Davis was presenting.

Kari closed her eyes as she got used to the rhythm of their movements. Her tongue bathed around Davis’s rod as she tried to lick him under his shaft. She loved the feeling of this new sensation as she tried to acclimatize to the rugged force on both ends of her young body. The feeling of a 6 inch blue cock ramming up her cunt at high speed is as arousing to Kari as the feeling of sucking the life out of the one she dearly loved.

Now all three of them closed their eyes as if they entered a trance of fuck fest. Davis tried to reach for Kari’s breasts while Veemon was holding her bare ass chicks, ramming his Dragon cock deeper with each thrust, until his balls rammed up against her labia. Davis fondled Kari’s nipples as he enjoyed the warmness of her mouth. With Davis’s massaging her breasts increased her arousal and soon she was reaching her point of climax.

Gatomon was watching with wide eyes (as if her eyes weren’t already big enough) as she saw bodies of a naked human female and male having what they call loving making, although she wasn’t sure the oral treatment part was part of the love making process. She felt aroused herself and wanted to dive into the door and have them do as they please with her. But her will power was stronger then the lust she craved, besides she loved Veemon way too much to give in.

As the three on the floor began to near their orgasm, they started increasing their momentum. Kari was the first to cum as her body was pleasured beyond the point of sanity. She squeezed her tight pussy even tighter as her juice flowed out of her cunt and covering the blue rod with silky substance. At the same time Davis came with an earth shattering orgasm, shooting wave after wave of jism down Kari’s throat. She loved the taste of cum, reasonably because it is flavoured by the love she has for Davis. As Davis’s cock began to soften Kari sucked harder, moving her hand at such a fast pace that it was almost a blur.

Davis moaned with pleasure as Kari tried to bring his semi-erect member back to action. At that time something puzzled Gatomon. Why was Kari’s body still moving in that rhythm but Davis’s dick was in her hand? Everything moved so fast as the truth dawned upon the heart shattered Gatomon. A shadow behind Kari pulled out his dick and shot load after load of cum onto her back, some even splattered onto Davis’s chest, as he was still being sucked and whacked by Kari. The cum was clear but had a hint of blue-ish glow in it. Then the moaning finally became clear to Gatomon, it was a voice so familiar, and it was a voice she loved with all her heart. Someone she would risk her life to love.

Tears began to form around her innocent round blue eyes as she gazed at the two humans, knowing behind Kari was Veemon, her only true love. She didn’t dare to open the door further, to confirm her doubt. She wished she was wrong, right know she prayed to all the DigiGod and she begged for Veemon to be somewhere else, but not in the room she had gazed into. Her fingers trembled with tears dripping down to her chin as she gave the door a tiny pushed, making it swing forward slowly with her standing there fingers crossed, hoping this was all a dream.

Kari, Davis and Veemon all noticed the door swung open and they all stared with wide-eyed horror as Gatomon’s figure loomed the doorway. Tears was dripping down her eyes as she stared at Veemon with hatred, her anger burnt her body and soul as she thought. How could Veemon do this to me? I would never give in no matter what the attraction was. I would have stayed true to Veemon no matter what. Gatomon was trembling and shaking with anger as she just stood there staring at the three figures.

They had all frozen and the few seconds seemed like an eternity as Kari broke the silence. “Gatomon, let me explain”

The angered cat could not possibly listen to any explanation at this moment, as the anger was way too overwhelming. Veemon betrayed her, killed the trust she had for him and was even more angered by the thought of Kari, the other person she loved so much in this world. Betraying her at the same time, with the person she loved. Gatomon wanted to rip them apart with pure hatred brewing inside of her, but could never have the will to do it.

All she could do was dropping the packet she held in her hand and turned, running as fast as she could out of the apartment. “Wait Gatomon, I’m sorry, Please let me explain” cried Veemon as he tried to run after his beloved mon, his dick shrinking back to his hidden pouch. But she was long out of sight. He turned around and picked up the packed Gatomon had dropped, smelled it and realized that Gatomon had just brought him his favorite good. This made him feel even more worse as he ran out of the apartment, holding the packed in his hands and disappeared from Kari and Davis’s sight.

Gatomon cried deeply as she ran, her heart in such a pain that no words could possibly describe. She must have ran for a very long period of time, never feeling tiredness as she was fueled by the rage and sadness emerging from her heart. She ran through the park, through neighborhoods she never recognized. After what must have felt like a lifetime of running she finally stopped. She looked around her and didn’t recognize her surroundings; it was like a little forest with trees around her (a big park with lots of trees, she wondered off path and found herself in this dense green growth). It was secluded enough so she decided to sit there for a while and think things over.

She couldn’t think at all as the images and visions of her earlier encounter loomed its shadowy horror within her mind. She started sobbing again, remembering what had happened. She felt sorry for herself, for the trust she had in Veemon. As she started her 3 round of sobbing she heard footsteps approaching her direction slowly. Wiping her eyes with her left paw, Gatomon looked up, the tree was not very tall but she could hide behind some leaves. She used her cat like agility and used the two tree trunks as support, jumping left, right, left, right and was soon on the branch she wanted to land and waited slowly for whoever was heading her way.

It could be Veemon coming after her to apologize, she realized. Maybe I should listen to his explanation. She sort of already giving in, thinking she still loved him. That’s exactly what I’ll do; I’ll jump down and surprise him. Then I’ll be mad for a while and I’ll forgive him after he apologizes. Besides, at least he was with Kari. I love Kari so much I would forgive her anytime. Gatomon cheered up a bit and waited for the movements to come closer, wishing it was Veemon.

The red dragon Digimon was walking through the dense trees because he didn’t want to scare the humans by taking the path through the park. He was a very shy Digimon and always thinks of others before himself. He took this path everyday because he liked the freshness of the woods. So this path is really just his second home as he spent almost all the time here when his partner was at school. He trotted slowly on his four legs with his wings gliding above his back. The wings was not very big, just enough to keep him afloat for a tiny while. He was a pure dragon Digimon bred, unlike Veemon and Guilmon who has other genes within their data. The scaly dragon scales on his body were blood red and he had orange scales running down his chest. His wings had an orange like contrast close to his chest. The most distinctive part on this Digimon was the long horns on his head and the flame-like horn between the two pointing orange ones.

He was mostly mistaken by people who’s played the video game character, Spyro, although he’s skin was red and orange instead of purple and yellow. His colour was also the main reason why his bred of Digimon was called Redmon. Redmons also has very good hearing. He has long heard the movements in front of him, suspecting an ambush as the figure had hid itself from him.

He walked slowly until he reached under the tree Gatomon was hiding. By this time Gatomon had saw him and was disappointed that it was not Veemon that approached. Just as Redmon was about to pass the tree he suddenly looked at Gatomon’s direction. “Fire Ball” echoed through the trees as Redmon fired his projectile attack.

Gatomon seeing this jumped at lightning pace and landed on a lower branch as the one above her singed with Redmon’s burning flame.

“Who are you? Why are you attacking me? Do you work for the dark forces? Gatomon spat out. Hope she didn’t have to fight at a time like this, but maybe a fight would rid the anger that has crept into her again.

“What? No, I’m not evil, I was just wondering who was there”. Replied Redmon with obvious shyness in his voice. He was always shy around female Digimon, especially someone who looks just like his crush. The girl he loved for all he could remember but never had the guts to ask her out. I am Redmon, my partner is also a member of the DaD and DHZ world protectors. They call him IceFlame 88.

“Redmon? Well hi, I am Gatomon, nice to meet you, it would have been more pleasant although not as warm if the fire wasn’t there” joked Gatomon, sensing the shyness and thought she’d lighten him up with the joke.

It didn’t help Redmon at all as he blushed. His cheek was already red from his natural colour but now its turning purple from blushing. He had never blushed this hard before, not even around other female Digimons. The only time he has blushed like this was when he was with FlameGatomon. For she was his one true love, but now stood in front of him was this beautiful Gatomon. She was like an exact replica of FlameGatomon.

Gatomon noticed how shy and naïve this Digimon was and immediately grew to like him. Maybe it’s because of how much Redmon been like Veemon. They were both shy and quite in such a unique way, the way Gatomon just adored.

“I heard you were crying, is something wrong? Are you lost?” Asked Redmon with much concern.

“No, I’m fine” lied Gatomon, not wanting to let people know her embarrassing moment. If Veemon was unfaithful to me, maybe I should be unfaithful to him, just let him have a taste of his own medicine. Besides, Redmon is really cute and maybe I should give him a try. Grinned Gatomon as she approached Redmon slowly, not wanting to scare him off or shoot another fire ball her.

“Redmon, do you find me attractive”? Asked Gatomon trying to sound as sexy as possibly.

Redmon stuttered just like the way Veemon did and blushed even a darker shade of red anyone could ever imagine. “I..I…Yes I do, I I…I think yo..u a..re..very beautiful” all Redmon could think was how beautiful his FlameGatomon looked and how this feline looked just as good as her.

“Really? Do you want to…..” Gatomon’s voice trailed off as she didn’t know what to say. She still didn’t make up her mind as to really do it with Redmon. But the lust that was in her earlier crept through her again and she just leapt forward, kissing Redmon on the lips by holding onto his horns.

Redmon was surprised at such a sudden movement and tried to back away, but the lip lock Gatomon had on his seemed to be tighter then expected and it made him kiss Gatomon back with the intensity she applied on him. Their tongue explored each other’s verbal cavity as they embraced themselves with each other.

Gatomon was the first to make a move, she pulled Redmon onto his hind legs and slipped her hand down to Redmon’s groin as they kept on kissing each other. She felt his hidden pouch began to bulge as his hard Digi Dick began to slowly emerge from arousal. Gatomon gasped as she felt his dick probing against her belly not so long after it came out of the pouch. It was huge, at least big for a Digimon his size, maybe 6 ½ inches longs.

Redmon shivered at the feeling of his dick being touched by such a beautiful girl. He always wanted this to happen with FlameGatomon but never had the chance our courage to make a move. They broke the kiss as Gatomon lowered her head down. Moving under Redmon as she tried to lick his hard member. She remembered Kari doing it just a while ago and she seemed to enjoy it. Redmon tilted himself sideways, making it more comfortable for her to work on him.

He gasped as he felt the tingling sensation his dick when Gatomon touched it with her tongue. Her coarse lip surface felt good on the hard red cock. She brought the whole length into her mouth as she was slowly adjusted to his size. Gatomon licked the bottom of Redmon’s shaft with her tongue, as the upper half was deep down within her throat. She sucked hard with force and her hand massaged his balls as he groaned with pleasure. This went on for a few more minutes as Redmon felt the sensation of his orgasm approaching.

He warned Gatomon that he was close, not wanting to make Gatomon feel uncomfortable as he ejaculated. But Gatomon didn’t budge as she kept on suck, seconds later, semi-red fluid shot out of Redmon’s cock. Gatomon swallowed almost everyone drop of it, but the current was too strong and a few drops leaked out the side of her mouth. It tasted really nice, almost had a cherry flavor to it. She licked the softening cock, trying to make it hard again.

Redmon forced his now limping cock to erection again because he knew he had to please Gatomon. Surprisingly only a few licks and he was up again for more effection. Gatomon took the cock out of her mouth and turned around. She stood on four legs as Redmon positioned himself on top of her. This seemed brutal in an animal mating sort of way but the humans also adapted it. Yes the doggy style.

Gatomon used her hand and slowly guided Redmon’s cock down to her labia. She gasped a little as Redmon’s cock slipped in. First by an inch and was slowly pushed in, not hurting Gatomon. Redmon grunted as his dick probed through Gatomon’s hymen and reaching deep into unknown territory. Gatomon gasped as a slick of pain shot through her, but then sighed as it subsided. Pleasure slowly replacing the pain she first felt.

They started humping in a slow rhythm, then increasing the tempo when they adjusted to the love making that they both had never experienced. They both moaned as the humping noise increased. Redmon was up to the hilt and grunting with every stroke. Finally Gatomon felt her orgasm approaching and moaned out load as she cummed, coating Redmon’s cock with her juice and squeezing tightly around him.

This new tightness brought a new sensation for Redmon as came nearer to his orgasm. But this is his second so he could still last a bit longer. He pumped faster, hoping Gatomon would come again.

After what seemed like an eternity Redmon finally came, shooting his load deep within Gatomon. This hot jism must have triggered something in Gatomon’s pussy as she came too. Both screaming loudly as Redmon collapsed on Gatomon.

“Ohhh, yessss, I love you Veemon!”

“Uhhhhhh, yes FlameGatomon…….!”

They both looked at each other, realizing what they have said.

“Uhm, sorry I” Redmon tried to explain but was cut off by Gatomon. Assuring him that it was ok. They both laid there for a few minutes and both stood up almost at the same time.

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all, now we both feel bad. Its all my fault. Scolded Gatomon to herself. They said goodbye out of plain politeness and both just walked away, to the direction of their home.

Gatomon ran fast, faster then she had ever ran before. She backtracked her way until she finally approached the park she was so familiar with. On the way she felt really bad, thinking how much she really loved Veemon and should have never done anything like that. She approached the tall apartment building where the Kamiya’s lived and hesitated, thinking if she should go inside. She walked behind a tree to think when she heard a sobbing near the entrance of the apartment building.

Gatomon looked through the bushes and saw a blue figure sitting on a small branch. It was Veemon and he was sobbing and tears dripped down his chin. He was holding a packet tightly a packed Gatomon was holding earlier. He seemed so sad and lonely as he sat there, feeling miserable.

At that point Gatomon would forgave Veemon even if he fucked every female Digimon out there. She just couldn’t stand such sadness from the person she loved so much. Gatomon walked slowly towards Veemon, He didn’t notice her until he felt the branch move under him. Veemon looked to the direction and saw Gatomon walking up to him; she had tears in to eyes.

“Gatomon I” Gatomon put a finger onto Veemon’s lips, silencing him. She sat next to him and leaned onto his shoulder.

“Its okay Vee, I don’t blame you anymore. Now I’m just hungry, is that noodles?” Veemon tried to smile but his eyes were swollen from his tears. He handed the packed to Gatomon and nodded, confirming was. Gatomon opened up the first box, but only finding about three shreds of lettuce. Veemon shrugged, hoping she wasn’t too hungry. Gotomon moved to the next box but came up with the same result, empty. “I was hungry” said Veemon shyly. Gatomon smiled at Veemon and looked into his eyes, she moved forward at the same time Veemon did. Their lips touching and locking into each other, feeling the warmth of love flowing through……………………..

to be cont…..

I have left the plot here for a possible sequel of Veemon and Gatomon and possibly Redmon and FlameGatomon if I get the approval of the creators of these two Digimons.

Hope you enjoyed my second ever lemon. (first to have sex involved)

**Note: I always give a little hint about who requested the lemon in the story**

**Requested by IceFlame88**

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