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Note: This way of writing is very new to me as I previously enjoyed writing fantasy novels and books that was inspired by the FF series. They moved slowly with much more dialogues and details on the plot. This new way I am trying to adapt is to let the story move faster with less details being fully described. Send me your comments and suggestions on which you would rather prefer (long or short stories)

The Hybrid Digivolution

Chapter 2 New Discovery
By Hybrid Halogen

Luis never flinched a muscle as he waited for the dust to go down, preparing his second assault on SaberHiramon…………

All seemed to be frozen in place as everyone stared at the dust covered body of the tiger Digimon. Surprisingly it was still breathing, even after the brutal assault it had received just moments ago.

The tiger opened his eyes, a smirk crossed his face, “you think I, the great captain of the Devas would get defeated so easily?” *note from author. Chose him cuz in the Chinese horoscope I’m a tiger <^_^>*

“Heh, I’m not done with you just yet!” Retorted Luis as he started charging up. A massive energy sphere began forming at the tip of his index finger. It grew bigger and bigger with the anger Luis possessed seeing Rika being molested minutes ago. “Ten-too-kenta” filled the night sky as it echoed. Luis unleashed the energy and it flew at alarming speed towards the SaberHiramon.

This time the tiger Digimon just phased out of the way, reminding of Rika just how Renamon does it. “This time I am prepared knowing your exact strength. But you are an extraordinary human, why don’t you join our forces and together we shall serve the Great One”.

At this moment the sky ripped open for the second time that night and a giant serpent Digimon flew all the way down to the ground. It stood menacingly facing the three tamers and Luis. “Why did you come Sandiramon?” Asked the Mega tiger Digimon. “I was just planning on finishing them off” he added, trying to keep his satire intact.

“The Great Lord has sent me to make sure you do not fail this mission. I see you have defeated the three allocated tamers. Why have you not finished them off yet?” Sandiramon asked with regard that the tiger Digimon is the commander of the squad. Also the most powerful Deva, that is why he is here in the first place. The Great One wanted this mission to be pulled off, not failing miserably like all the attacks he had issued with Myotismon and the Dark Forces.

“It is this human who have delayed my victory. He is a great warrior, if he forms allegiance with us, our domination over the realms of Gaia would be much easier of a task.” Said SaberHiramon as he kept his eyes on the human boy.

“What? A human as a warrior? You are growing weak my captain, Digivolved to a Mega to battle a human? That is first heard in the Digital world. Let me help you finish him off, I’m longing for a grand battle.”

The tiger warrior just stood there, eyeing Sandiramon as the snake Deva prepared his attack. “This is your doom human, Venon Axe!” The wave of energy flew across the distance, straight at Luis.

Luis saw this coming and prepared his hands in front of him, catching the attack with both of his hands and holding it there. The energy piled up and formed a big dome in front of Luis. Luis lunged forward, and threw the ball of energy straight back at Sandiramon, catching him in surprise as he had never seen such battle techniques performed.

Sandiramon was pummeled back by his own attack. He crashed through the building that was the battleground for the three Digimon’s minutes earlier. SaberHiramon smirked at such foolishness acted by the snake. He knew very well the human’s strength could match a Mega level Digimon. Such immediate response by the snake thinking the human was easy target was really a crucial mistake to make in battle.

“Your friend is done, now it’s your turn” growled Luis deeply as he eyed the Mega level tiger Digimon.

“Hehe, not just yet human.” The voice trailed from the pile of concrete where a quarter of the building was damaged. “I am not done yet!” Said a figure standing on two legs with a snake’s head. Covered from neck to toe with black armor. He slowly walked out and stood next to SaberHiramon. “The name is SerpenDiramon, remember me in Hell”

“I see, the Great One has also given you the power to Digivolve to Mega.”

“I told you he wanted this to be a victory.”

Both Mega Digimons stood side-by-side, waiting for Luis to make his first move.

“Oh no, Luis will never defeat two Megas by himself. I wish we could help.” Said Takato, his voice trembling with fear, but yet he still tried to keep his cool.

“But our Digimons are out cold, there’s nothing we could do.” Replied Rika, hoping she could help Luis too.

“Maybe I could be of some assistance” The voice came from the frozen crowd standing quite far away, witnessing the horror of this grim reality. A girl walked out of the crowed, followed by a black canine Digimon. She had long blonde hair and was holding Calumon in her hands.

“Jill?” Luis recognized her immediately as the girl of his dreams, the girl he loved lifetimes before.

“My name is Alice, I was not supposed to be here at this moment. But this is an emergency and the Sovereigns has sent me in advance. I am here to bring the power needed for your Digimon’s to reach Mega Level in this realm.”

“Alice? No you are Jill, don’t you remember me?”

Alice looked at the figure, she smiled faintly at Luis and mouthed the word. “I love you”

She closed her eyes and her body began to glow. As for some reason, Luis knew what was going to happen. It was as if he knew this from another lifetime.

“No! Jill, don’t do it!” He screamed at the top of lungs. Tears gushing out like it has been triggered by a switch.

At that same time the two Mega Digimons looked at each other, exchanging glances and nodded.

SerpenDiramon pulled out a Kris like weapon and flung himself straight at Luis, halting him from reaching his Jill. He swung the weapon at great precision and forced Luis to dodge because he has nothing to defend himself.

At that same time SaberHiramon flew at the blonde girl, Alice. Dobermon saw this and jumped in front of Alice trying to protect her. He bravely tackled the Mega level Digimon but was clearly no match. SaberHiramon smirked as he unleashed his attack “Deva Tiger Howl!” It struck Dobermon right in the mid section. The beam went through Dobermon’s body and shot out the other side.

“NO! Dobermon!” Screamed Alice as her partner began to disappear. His image began to dimmer as his digital particles began to drift apart. Alice looked on and cried louder. She did plan to sacrifice herself and Dobermon, but that was meant to help the Tamers and Luis to fight the evil. Now with Doberman gone, the converter of her energy. There is no way she could transfer her power to the tamers. It would severely hurt them, maybe even killing them in the process.

Just at that moment she felt a hand with sharp claws ripping through her. She looked down and saw it. A yellow paw like hand with sharp claws dangled out of her stomach. It was SaberHiramon’s and it has ripped through her from behind. She gurgled at the pain, but was glad in a way that she didn’t hurt any of the tamers with her raw unprocessed energy. SaberHiramon smirked a wicked grin as he dropped her. “We can’t let you jeopardize the Great One’s plans”

Luis saw what happened as he was struggling with the snake’s never ending attacks. His heart stopped beating and it was as if the world had paused. He saw himself standing there gaping with liquid dripping from his eyes. Everything around him stopped moving and he just stood there, looking at Jill grimacing with pain. She locked onto his gaze and smiled faintly again. Mouthing those same three words. **The camera should now swirl around Luis’s head in 360 degrees as it captures the anger and sadness he has for watching the girl he loved die in front of him**

Luis tried to reach out to her but it was too late as Jill dropped to the ground. A puddle of blood already started forming around her lifeless body. The glow she had earlier lifted from her torso and drifted slowly towards Luis. It was raw Rathian energy. **Explain Rathian later in the series**

It was as if the pause button was let loose as the hectic movements returned. Luis out of plain anger blasted a energy at SerpenDiramon sending him tumbling back a few meters. But he stood up fast and charged for Luis again. At that time SaberHiramon charged at Luis too. They both paused a few meters in front of him and screamed their attacks.

“Total Tiger Rockets”

“Venom Thread”

Both attacks hitting Luis straight on target and sending him flying through the air. The rockets creating a huge explosion, burning most of Luis’s shirt and some of the material of his pants. Luis was forced back into the hole where SerpenDiramon flew into not so long ago. During his flight he went through the drifting energy Jill left off. It somehow tagged onto him as he landed into the hole that was created by Sandiramon.

“That takes care of the ‘messenger’ and that annoying human. I think we should report back to the ‘Great One’ now.

“Wait, I have some unfinished business to do with that female tamer.” Replied the tiger Digimon with a smirk on his face.

Rika looked at him in horror. She had Luis protecting her earlier, but now he’s gone. “Stay away from me!” Shouted Rika with her trembling voice as the muscular body of the tiger Digimon approached.


Luis laid in the pile of concrete, rivulets of blood gushing out from the cuts on his body. He grimaced him pain as he tried to stand up again. Tears were still forming in his eyes as he tried to focus on what was happening outside. He saw the dark shape approaching Rika, the same shape that had ended the life of the person he so dearly loved. The sight had brought new anger to Luis; the sight of the murderer approaching another girl ticked Luis of his balance of self-control.

Luis clenched his fists in anger, but he was unable to stand up and defend Rika. His body was so weak, all he could do was lay there and watch in total anger. Cursing himself for being so weak.


SaberHiramon got even closer to Rika now; he swept both boys away with one paw as they tried to protect her. The terrified girl just stood there. She wanted to move but her legs wouldn’t listen to her. She wanted to cry and scream, but her mind was paralyzed and petrified.

The tiger pushed an arm forward and held onto Rika’s collar. He lifted her slowly until Rika was about a meter off the ground. She grimaced but still couldn’t move at all. She couldn’t even cry, all she did was stare straight into the Mega level Digimon’s eyes. The crowd was also paralyzed as they watched in horror and total silence.

SaberHiramon grinned while he moved his hand to Rika’s pants, ripping it into shreds as he pulled them off. This action was like a command to Rika because tears formed instantly in her eyes.

SaberHiramon moved Rika onto a ledge not so far away, holding her to the cold concrete. Rika was only able to regain control of her conscious now as she tried to struggle faintly but to no avail. Takato and Henry both watched, helplessly on the ground. Although now their eyes were not just watching with concern and anger, but also with lust as Rika’s naked pussy with in plain view. It was beautiful, with the folds still in perfect shape. There were a few strands of orange pubic hair around it.

“Now to finish what I have started! You should have never opposed the Great One”. This is the punishment for your rebellious motive!” Cracked SaberHiramon as his hard cock emerged from his golden armor around his crotch.

Rika screamed as she saw the size of it, but the scream was muffed by SaberHiramon’s right paw. The tiger had a tool well over 9 inches. It was thick too, about 5 inches in circumference. He laughed with a crazed tone, and then he became serious all of a sudden and jammed his rod all the way inside of Rika.

This was probably the darkest day for Rika. She screamed out loud with pain as the giant rod of the tiger penetrated into her most sacred organ. She shook and shivered with pain and angst. Her body felt numb as blood trickled down her labia.

The tiger had pushed in all he could manage, which was about 7 inches. He tore through the hymen easily without a care in the world and started his fast rhythm. Humping deep into Rika with the blood as lubrication. Rika struggled and cried out, but the tiger was too powerful.

Takato and Henry both stared in horror. Both of them had a crush on Rika before, now they were staring straight at her, being mutilated by the mega Digimon. Anger and hatred were forming in their heart, but that was not the only effect upon them. Both boys wore a huge hard on.

SerpenDiramon watched in amazement as his comrade at arms pleasured himself with this human girl. He wanted a turn but was afraid of the tiger Digimon. He thought maybe if he waited patiently there might be some for him once SaberHiramon was done.

SaberHiramon was speeding up until his movements were a total blur. Rika’s body had gone numb from this forceful rape. Her pussy was covered with her blood and her eyes were bloodshot from all the tears she discarded. The huge cock was sliding into her with ease now as blood had coated the whole length of the rigid member. The slippery squishy sound could be heard in a mile.

Rika was hoping all this would end soon because that was all she had the power to wish for. But to her utter shock, something brushed against her naked butt cheeks. Before she could realize what it was, something hard and furry penetrated her asshole. It was so painful because with her rectum filled, her pussy became tighter to accommodate the 9-inch rod. It was SaberHiramon’s tail. It had become rigid and was long enough to reach the deepest part of Rika.

Everyone watched in shock, even SerpenDiramon wouldn’t believe the tiger would be so brutal. Takato and Henry both were terrified, but thought they were lucky being boys, not girls.

At that exact moment, a radiant aura began to form around the pile of rubble Luis landed in. Nobody seemed to notice this as they were all transfixed to the raping scene. The glow became brighter in a span of few seconds.


Luis witnessed the whole scene displayed out in front of his eyes. His anger was refilling his blood. He’s body began to glow with a green aura. The aura lifted from his body and drifted to the direction of the yellow energy that Jill had left behind. They second they touched, as if it was some kind of chemical reaction. The energy fused together, forming a colour of red. Blood red to be exact. It drifted back down, onto Luis’ battered body. He instantly felt the heat charging into his body.

All of a sudden, his body felt like being recharged again. He slowly stood up facing the two Mega Digimons whose backs are turned. He silently began to charge up his attack.

SerpenDiramon felt the intense heat behind him. Never thought Luis would stand up again, so his senses were not on the alert.

“Hey snake man,” remarked Luis.

SerpenDiramon turned at the voice, pondering what was going on. Before he could even realize with was happening.

“Magu-Kaazukentaa!!!” Screamed Luis as a stronger version of fireballs shot from his palms. It struck SerpenDiramon off guard and battered into his black armor. The armor cracked at the velocity of Luis’ attacks. The mega snake was forced backwards, hitting the ground hard with balls of energy sailing after him.

SaberHiramon was also in shock at the persistence of the human. He pulled out of Rika instantly when the snake hit the ground.

“You! How come you never gave up? Its two Megas on one, you wouldn’t stand a chance!” Spat the tiger with rage in his deep voice.

“Two? That pile of shit is down!”

SaberHiramon looked at the Mega level snake. It was motionless on the ground, probably knocked out.

“Your power is still useless against me!”

Luis looked at the tiger, with pure mockery. “Are you sure? AAHHHH, Rathian Metamorph!!!” Screamed Luis.

The red aura began to glow on his body again, this time turning his hair into a dark shade of red. His veins became clearer to view and his hair was flowing like a flag being blown by strong wind.

Luis curled up his fists in a powering up stance. He began to push the sand and dust around him away, with the invisible energy falling off his body. It was creating a ripple in ground, what was left of his clothes were flowing with the energy flow. His hair turned into a permanent red as he stood there, facing the awe struck tiger.

SaberHiramon could sense the heat coming off Luis. He was transfixed at such power being showcased by this human. The Power Reader lying on the floor that Henry dropped earlier blinked furiously, then it exploded, shattering green glass around the holder. A number still blinked on it for a few seconds before disappearing, quoted “Power level above 4000 – error – overload”.

Before SaberHiramon could blink his eyes, Luis attacked. He lunged forward, fists charging straight at tiger. Luis’ movements were so fast there was no chance for the tiger to even lift his arms for defence. His jabs and hooks were punched out in a rhythmic order, landing on the Mega Digimons head and torso.

Probably over thousands of punches landed on SaberHiramon before Luis stopped his rapid assault. Standing just inches from the tiger Digimon, Luis began charging up his energy attack. SaberHiramon was too stunned from the fist’s assault to even react to this.

“Da-du-ka-zi!!!” Was echoed piercingly through the darkened sky as the single golden energy ball shot out of both Luis’ hands. It struck the tiger right on the chest, disintegrating every crevice of armor worn by SaberHiramon.

SaberHiramon flew backwards, landing on the wall of another building at least a hundred meters away. The concrete around him collapsed at such velocity. Everything blackened out.

Luis stood in the spot, panting loudly. He instantly ran to Rika, showing concern on his face. He ripped off what was left of his shirt and tried to cover Rika with it. The broken thin material managed to slide over Rika’s head, covering her swollen chest. Being a boy’s shirt it was long enough to slide over her pussy, covering the battered scene.

Takato and Henry both stood up now, trotting off to Rika’s direction. They both offered their shirt to Rika, using them like towels to cover every inch on nakedness on her.

After all this, Luis realized that SerpenDiramon and SaberHiramon were still alive. He turned his direction towards the building where the tiger had landed in. Nothing to be seen, he then turned around speedily to the snake’s direction. Just in time to catch the Snake glowing in black aura, then disappearing from sight. As if vanished into thin air.

They had taken the chance and escaped back to the Digital world while Luis was distracted. Knowing at this point even the powers of them combined was not enough to defeat this extraordinary human.

Luis clenched his fists, cursing himself for letting the murderers escape. He closed his eyes; a small expression of tiredness and content filled his face. The red aura slowly drifted sway from his body, gliding in the air towards the three unconscious Digimons. The energy filled into their bodies and as if it was some kind of cure, they began to stir.

The night was silent, apart from the moaning of the Digimons and the sobbing of Rika’s trembling voice.


Davis, Ken, Wormon and Veemon were playing soccer when their Digivices beeped noisily. Later on, they found out all the kid’s were summoned, not just the two of them.


Henry suggested Luis to stay at his house, seeing as his parents was out of town with all his sisters and brothers. They were attending a funeral of a long lost relative and Henry didn’t have to tag along.

“But what about Rika? We can’t let her go back like this.” Said Takato, obviously concerned.

“She can stay at my place too, we can call her mom to make up an excuse.”

So it was settled then, Luis and Rika stays at Henry’s place for the night. Luis didn’t even care where he stayed. All he wanted to do was get back to his world, where he could confirm that Jill was safe. His world where everything was normal, where this chaotic ness would never existed.

To be continue…………………

What will happen to Luis now? Why were the other kids contacted? Where did the two Megas retreat? Who is this “Great One”? Stay tuned (keep reading) to find out.

**Next Chapter** “The Reinforcement”

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