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This series is a 50 % action 49 % Hentai 1 % comedy (cuz I’m not very funny). Time Period (3rd season while tamers battle the Devas) So here goes………..

Note: This way of writing is very new to me as I previously enjoyed writing fantasy novels and books that was inspired by the FF series. They moved slowly with much more dialogues and details on the plot. This new way I am trying to adapt is to let the story move faster with less details being fully described. Send me your comments and suggestions on which you would rather prefer (long or short stories)

The Hybrid Digivolution
By Hybrid Halogen

“Digi-modify, Wargreymon’s shield activate”, shouted Luis at the top of his lungs

“Hey that’s cheating, you can’t use a Mega Level card in the first round!” Stammered Ash as the two boys played their Digi Power Battle game during their lunch break.

“Tsk Tsk, Boys and their childish Digimon games, when will they ever grow up?” Thought Jill to herself as she ate her lunch with some friends on the grass not so far away from the playground.

Life goes on the way it should as the kids of Manjuro High enjoyed their lunch break and was disappointed as the bell rang for class again Young Luis picked up his cards and strolled into the corridor grimly as there is still half a day of school left.

“I wish time could go faster so school would end and we could all go home and watch Digimon”, said Ash as they moved slowly to their mathematics class.

“Hey, what you think would happen today?” asked Luis with rising interest.

“I don’t know, probably its Gargomon’s turn to get the blue card and turn to his Ultimate form”, replied Ash with enthusiasm.

“You think so? That would be cool, although in the movie he only got the golden armor, hope he’s ultimate form is not like Rapidmon”

Both boys attended the rest of the school with half interest as they wondered what might happen in today’s episode of Digimon. But for Luis there was a second thought lingering in his mind. The thought of the beautiful girl named Jill. He walked home with her every day. They were neighbors and they had known each other since toddlers. Now she had turned into such a beautiful 14-year-old teenager. She has blonde shoulder length hair, sky blue eyes, and a really cute looking innocent face.

Luis had a crush on her since he could remember, but she never tends to show any interest in him more than just a neighbor or a friend. They were more like best friends, which was something Luis hated the most. He didn’t want to lose the friendship nor does he want to lose the chance of being with her.

Luis waited for her by the main entrance as his class was dismissed before Jill’s. He really liked walking home with her, such a feeling that is really hard to describe.

“Hey Lui! How was your day”? Said a beautiful blonde girl walking down the stairs.

“There you are, I’ve been waiting for over ten minutes, what’s up with Mr. Ijiyoke? He never kept us late when we were there earlier”.

“Oh it was nothing, he was just giving us his usual lecture about behaving and no talking in his class”.

Both teenagers chatted and laughed all the way, until they reached their house. They lived right next to each other so Luis said goodbye to Jill and walked into his own house.

“Hey mom I’m home,” He shouted as he entered the door.

“Ok honey, there’s food on the table, If you need me I’m in the kitchen making broccoli casserole for supper, oh yes there’s a letter for you. I left it on the table, is it from a girl”?

Yuck, shivered Luis with the thought of broccoli, “Mom stop teasing me and didn’t we have broccoli casserole last night”?

“Don’t be silly honey, that was collie flower casserole, they have very different nutrients that is very important for boys growing up like you”.

Luis had nothing to say as he is still shivering from the scary thought of his mom’s nutrients food. He sat down on the chair and started opening the envelope as he started chomping on his lettuce and turkey sandwich. He struggled with one hand and pulled out the blue paper with digitized fonts on it. It read:

Dear Luis Losco, you have been chosen by Fox Kids network to represent your town as a visitor to our studio on this up coming Saturday and spend the day with our artists and directors in the making of the new season of Digimon. You may bring one guardian or friend along.

Yours truly
Toei entertainment
Fox Kids studio

Luis almost choked on the chunk of lettuce as he read this over 3 times, making sure he was not hallucinating. “YES, I’M DA MAN” He shouted at the top of his lungs.

His mom rushed out of the kitchen holding a kitchen knife with fear on her face “son where is the bad man”?

Luis pulled a weird face and showed his mom the letter. After a minute his mom smiled and said “Its so nice of these people inviting you, what should we bring? Oh I know, I’ll go into the kitchen right now and make some more broccoli casserole, I’m sure these men don’t have much time eating with so much work to do”.

“Ahhh, mom what you mean by we? I was planning oh inviting Jill with me”

“Oh that’s great, I didn’t want to go in the first place, but why Jill? I thought Ash liked this so called Dikimon show”.

“Mom it’s Digimon and Jill likes it too, so I’ll just go into my room and prepare everything, finding what to wear and what to take with me.”

Glad he had escaped his mom and rushed into his room followed by the reasoning of his mom saying “but honey there’s still four more days until Saturday”.

He called Jill and told her what he had planned and pleaded with all his dignity. He even lied that there was no one that wants to go with him and Ash has to baby-sit his 80-year-old grandmother. After about forty minutes she finally gives in, thinking to herself how did this bad fortune ever dawned upon her.

The overly excited Luis smiles after he hangs up the phone and sits in front of the TV waiting for Digimon to start.


“Pyro Sphere”
“Diamond Dust”
“Bunny Blast”

Shouted all three rookies as they shot their projectile attacks towards their opponent. But Harpymon is just too fast and dodged all three attacks with ease; she flew upwards and at the right altitude dived down. Unleashing dozens of “Wing blades” at the three Digimons battling her. Terriermon rolled behind cover and Renamon phased out just in time as the seeking energy hit the intended target.

“Hey guys, wait for me” came out of Guilmon’s mouth as Harpymon’s attack hit him and the earth around the red dragon digimon. Guilmon disappeared in the cloud of dust and a smirk crossed Harpymon’s face, knowing its one down for her.

“Oh no, Guilmon! Say something boy!” Shouted Takato at the top of his lungs. He started running towards the area filled with dust where Guilmon was supposed to be. He was about five meters away when he halted on his tracks. There was a great heat radiating out of the area, before he could realize what it was a glowing point emerged within the dust.

“PYROOO SPHEREEEE” Echoed through the mist zone as Guilmon shot a huge ball of fire straight up, hitting Harpymon off guard and disintegrating slowly into nothingness, wailing the cry of pain and agony as her data scattered into oblivion.

“Yeepee, Guilmon win, Takatomon, did I do good”? Asked Guilmon after he absorbed the data from Harpymon

Takato wiping his eyes as he ran to Guilmon. “Oh boy I’m so glad you are not hurt”

“Momentai Takato, Guilmon’s got a noggin as hard as yours”. Remarked Terriermon as he jumps out of his cover.

“No, Guilmon no get hurt, Takatomon why is there water in your eyes? Are you hungry? Guilmon hungry”.

“Hehe, alright boy, how does peanut butter and jelly sandwich sound”?

“Yehh!” “eeck, uhg, siiiick, murrfff” reacted Guilmon, Rika, Renamon, Henry and Terriermon respectively.

The mist slowly began to separate and lifts as the three teams trotted down to the hide out in the park where Guilmon stayed. zzbbzzbbzzz came from there D3s as they entered the park.

“What the”? Rika looked at her D3 and there was a projectile hologram of a old man showing above it.

“Hello young lady, you are Rika Nonoka right?” said the old man.

“Huh? Who you? How you know my name? Replied the surprised Rika.

“Now one question at a time, my brain is the old model, it doesn’t support Hyper Threading. So no multiprocessing function is built it. My name is Genai, I am so called protector of the Digital world, although my real job is a messenger”. I have come to warn you about a true evil approaching this world. A evil where only the Chosen One is able to surpass.

“If you were trying to make a joke, that was really a bad effort. Even my Digi tick is funnier than that”.

“Terriermon! Don’t be rude” Scolded Henry. “I’m sorry about that sir but what exactly is this true evil”?

“This new force is called the Devas. There are twelve Devas to be precise, they each represent an animal from the Chinese Horoscope”.

“What’s so evil about some pigs and rats from the Chinese Horoscope” wondered Takato.

As if Genai could read Takato’s mind he answered his doubt “they are Ultimate level Digimons, but if that was not bad enough, their new master the, Darkened Halogen has granted them even more power. So it is impossible to precisely pin point there power level.”

“Power Level? How do you tell someone’s power level?” Asked Henry curiously.

“Ah yes, I have brought you something” Genai flips his hand and clicked his fingers……. “OUCH” shouted Takato. “Who threw that”! Gnarling at no one in particular.

“Oh I’m truly sorry, it is something I cannot control in your world. The box that just landed on Takato’s head has 2 dozens of power readers that you equip on your left eye. If you point it at someone it will show his or her power level reading”.

“Nifty, but why did you bring us 24 of them”?

“Henry is it? Well there is a very good technical reason. It was on special at E-Bay”.

“Right” said all three as they opened the box and slid them over their left eye. Takato was the first done so he moved his head around.

[scanning………target acquired……human…..25]…….[scanning………target acquired…….human…..29]

“Hey Rika, your power level is higher then Henry’s, not bad for a girl” grinned Takato.

“What’s that Goggle Head? Hey yours is 22, how much is mine?”

“What? 22? Uhh there must be a mistake Rika, you sure its not 55?”

Henry scanned all three Digimons while Rika was teasing Takato about his weakness. [Terriermon – 155] [Guilmon – 155] [Renamon – 160]

“There is no time to fool around, the Digimon Sovereigns have chosen a boy to aid you in your battle against the Devas. He is supposed to be summoned in 4 days time, but the Devas have already started their assault by activating the Juggernaut system tonight. So I am here to summon him and prepare all of you for battle.”


Slurp…..slurp…..slurp…ah yeah…yes. Moaned Luis as he jerked his hard cock slowly. His mom always goes out to have tea with her housewife union club so it is almost like his daily habit of jerking himself off. His 5 ½ inch cock was as hard as rock as he masturbated, thinking of Jill and looking at the really hot pictures from a playboy magazine that he hid under his bed for occasions like these. He turned a page with his left hand while whacked his meat.

The slushy sound became louder as more and more precum leaked out of his rod. He was close to ecstasy when a weird feeling surrounded him. He started to glow and his arms and legs started to dimmer. All of a sudden he felt as if he was falling down a steep cliff, landing with an ooph sound as he looked up.

There were three kids his age looking down at him, wide eyed and confused. The girl started to blush and looked down, trying to look away but couldn’t move. At this moment Luis realized that he was still naked and holding his erect member in his right hand.

“Uhhh, Hi” He said and jumped up quickly, running behind a tree to cover himself. Just before he reached the tree he tripped over his pants around his ankles and fell face forward into the grass.

“So, Genai he is the Chosen One? And he is supposed to the cavalry and defeat the true evil” doubt ness filled Rika’s voice with plain sarcasm. She was about to say something when the power reader blinked confirming its scanning complete process.

All three just stared, not believing what was on their reader. Now Luis had already pulled up his pants and was buttoning his shirt when he looked up. “What? Why you all staring at me? And how did I get to the park? And who are you? I haven’t seen you around the block”. He was going on and on…..

“Rika, I think there’s something wrong with my reader” said Takato. “It says he’s power level is 250! That’s higher than all our Digimons”

“Mine says that too, Genai is he a Digimon”? Asked Rika.

“What are you guys talking about? Digimon an…..Digimon? Hey you look just like Rika. What the? Davis? No way, who are you guys?” Now Luis is beginning to get freaked out.

“Move closer to him Takato, I want to speak to him” Takato moves closer so Genai is able to speak to Luis.

“Luis, I am Genai and you have been chosen by the four sovereigns to protect the 5 paralleled worlds. You are the only one that has the power to withstand the true evil.”

“5 worlds? I can’t fight, how can I protect anything. And this has got to be a joke, how did I get into this cartoon?”

“This is no cartoon, you are in the 3rd realm of Gaia, the 1st realm is where you came from, 2nd is where my good friend Izzy and Tai live, the 4th is the home world you originated and the last 5th realm is the Digital world. Now there is a great evil out there and it is going to destroy all five dimensions if you don’t help us”.

“Ok, even if this is no joke, how am I going to help? Am I going to be a tamer too? Wait that’s cool. Yes I’m going to have my own Digimon”. Cheerfully chirped Luis, thinking he is also going to become a tamer.

“Not really, you will not receive any Digimon, but you are a member of a very powerful race. You would not need the help of a Digimon and your power are far greater than any Digimon”.

Luis looked disappointed but then the thought of spending time here with Rika (secretly liked but too shy to admit he liked cartoon character) cheered him up. He agreed to help out but was still clueless on what he should do. The others were also wondering what help he would be, but tossed him a power reader and introduced each other with their Digimons.

Just as they were done the sky turned purple, then red. “Oh no, it can’t be that soon, we have not prepared Luis yet.” Cried Genai.

“Too late” shouted Takato as all seven of them ran off to the tallest building in the city. Above the building there was a portal ripping across the sky. As they reached the bottom of the building something seemed to have dropped out of the portal and landed on the roof.

“Lets go guys” shouted Takato over the noise made by the helicopters circling the roof.

“Digi-modify digivolution activate – Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon PL600”
“Digi-modify digivolution activate – Terriermon digivolves to Gargomon PL600”
“Digi-modify digivolution activate – Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon PL600”

As the three Digimons finished their digivolution Renamon ran up the building vertically, while Gargomon used Gargo Laser and shot himself up and Takato used the Kabuterimon’s wings modify card to let Growlmon fly up to the roof.

They all landed at the same time and searched the roof with nothing in sight, then all of a sudden “Samurai Tiger Tail” it hit Gargomon square in the stomach and sent him sprawling onto the floor of roof, his gun barrels blazing hitting Growlmon and Kyubimon on their back.

Not tending to gave up that easily Growlmon struck forward “Dragon Slash’ with his elbow, missed, but the second he landed on the floor again he turned around and fired “Pyro Blaster” it singed a bit fur on the gigantic Tiger Digimon they were battling.

“Fox Tail Inferno” shouted Kyubimon as she let rip her attack. At the same time Gargomon had stood up and fired too “Gargo Laser”

“What is that Digimon? I can’t get any info on it”. Wondered the worried Henry.

“Mihiramon, Ultimate level, Deva Digimon power level 1500” said Genai. “Here take this, it will help your Digimon” as he said that three blue cards appeared on Takato, Rika and Henry’s hand.


“Shouted all three at the same time, also wondering, how did we know what to say?”

“Growlmon Matrix Digivolves to MetalGrowlmon PL 1200”
“Gargomon Matrix Digivolves to Rapidmon PL 1100”
“Kyubimon Matrix Digivolves to Taomon PL1100”

The three magnificent Ultimatums stood in front of Mihiramon facing him menacingly “Ha you think you puny human tamed Digimons are able to match my power? Fools!” “Armor Tiger Tail”

Taomon and Rapidmon dodged it easily and MetalGrowlmon blocked the attack with hardly any effort

“Time to go back to where ya came from” Said Rapidmon as all three ultimate Digimons unleashed their attack.

“Talisman of Light”
“Rapid Fire”

All three shouted and fire together, fusing their power and hitting Mihiramon right on target. Creating a powerful rift that seemed to send Mihiramon back to where he came from.

“I think we defeated him” said Henry, happy to know that was all over.

“It wasn’t that hard, I bet Taomon could walk all over him if she was alone”.

As the three Digimons was about to fly off the roof a huge explosion occurred, sucking all three into the radius of the explosion. “Total Tiger Rockets” echoed throuth the reddened sky.

All three Ultimate Digimons dedigivoled back to their rookie forms and fell out of the explosion straight down towards the ground. Just right behind them followed a yellowish warrior Digimon on two legs.

All four figures landed but only the yellow creature was on his foot and conscious. Now up close he looks like a Tiger but standing on two legs (like Renamon) with shiny golden armor covering most of his flesh and fur.

“Oh no”, acclaimed Genai. “Be careful kids, this is the Mega form of Mihiramon. It is called SaberHiramon. His power level is over 4000!”

“How we going to fight him if our Digimons are unconscious? Asked Henry.

“I don’t think there’s any useful cards” quivered Takato with fright.

As the Tamers and Luis backed up from the Mega level Deva, a lightning struck nearby, blinding the tamers for a split second, when they got there visions back SaberHiramon was not standing there anymore. The tamers stopped backing and stood still, looking around them hoping they could spot SaberHiramon.

All of a sudden a flash of shadow moved up to Rika, standing behind her it hovered. Then the figure grabbed her suddenly, holding her in place, with a strong grip. She struggled to no avail.

“The database has shown that earthlings have something more important to them than their lives. It is there dignity; I will prove to you how weak you all are. By taking away that dignity.” Blared the Mega Level Deva.

As he said that he moved his left hand into Rika shirt, landing on her growing breasts. “No, let me go” cried Rika as the tiger Digimon explored her body no other then yourself has.

Luis felt his dick hardening at the image of a beautiful girl being felt over. He hated himself for being so perverted but yet he was unable to control his feelings. Then there was another sensation surging through his body, the sensation of justice – of hatred that circled his veins.

“LET GO OF HER!” Came the sudden burst of bravery from Luis. It caught SaberHiramon by surprise and he pulled his hand out of Rika’s pants, sticky with her juices. Rika collapsed to the ground sobbing as the tiger released her, rather concentrating on Luis, as he wondered why all of the sudden this boy showed such bravery.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size and leave the girl alone?!”

“What are you doing Luis? Are you out of your mind?” Whispered Henry

“Ha, you like this girl don’t you? It is funny how human emotions could lead them to their death. Lets see what you would do to me if I embarrass her even more”.

SaberHiramon bent down to pick Rika up again.

“I SAID DON’T TOUCH HER” Screamed Luis with rage as his blood felt like boiling inside his torso. He felt his hand burning with energy as he pointed his palm at SaberHiramon.

“Go to HELL” Screamed Luis as a beam of energy shot through his hand and flew straight into SaberHiramon’s chest. Now even more rage came out of him as his hair started flowing as if wind was rapidly blowing into it. He’s eyes were bloodshot as he charged at the tiger Digimon. But he was not walking or running. He was flying towards him, which caught SaberHiramon by surprise and knocking him of his balance.

Without giving him a chance in Hell to get up, Luis pulled the tigers hair and punched him straight in the face, sending him about 20 meters away from the sobbing Rika. Not going after him Luis flew up about 20 minutes and shouted “Kaazukentaa” and shot palm sized fireballs one after another, increasing his speed significantly until his movements were a blur and all could be seen was explosions surrounding SaberHiramon.

When the exhausted Luis stopped his brutal assault on SaberHiramon he slowly floated down, keeping his eyes on the ground where the tiger laid.

“L L Luis, did you know that yyyour pppower level was over 6000” stammered Henry not believing what he just witnessed.

Behind the crowed surrounding the building few hundreds meters back, a girl looked upon all this with wide eyes.

Luis never flinched a muscle as he waited for the dust to go down, preparing his second assault on SaberHiramon…………

What will happen to this battle? Who is that girl? When will there be any steamy action? When will authors stop writing this sort of question paragraph at the end of their story? Look out for the chapter two of the series “New Discovery” What do they discover you ask? Well you gotta read the next one.

(This is the first chapter, so there was none hentai involved, except a little hint telling you this is a adult story and there will be sex on the next chapter because it is needed for the advance of the story)

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