Renamon’s cum soaked Relationship stories: Part 2

(The stories marked with a (*) are stories that take place after the tamers’ Digimon go back to the Digital world (after D reaper is destroyed) and before they are transferred back.)


Welcome to the second of this series. I must remind you that this is adult content and not to be viewed of those under 18 and such people should leave now. Also the majority of characters featured in this story are copyright of Bandai. Enjoy!



Horsing around with Unimon part 2 (*)

Dusk closed in, a dark stallion rearing up to blot out the light. A rather striking young Renamon was returning back to her settlement after a long day’s work; her brow was wet and her fur was sticky. Although rather then sleep alone she was going to go and give an equine friend a helping paw in the love department. She strolled along, carrying a backpack around one shoulder and looking through the herd of mixed sized tents for settlement 101, her lover’s home.


Reaching the door after half an hour of searching she knocked twice, waiting for an answer. Unimon answered the door greeting her with a joyful whiny. She giggled as she noticed he was getting very exited about her being here, mainly by his notorious member sliding from it’s pouch. Getting his attention by placing her backpack on the floor and letting him sniff the sexual enhancing devices inside, Renamon smiled as the centaur picked her up and lay her down on the bed. Coincidentally the bag had opened and sex toys landed all around her, giving her an even sexier look.

“Renamon…you look beautiful” grunted Centaurimon happily
“Mmhmm…you do too” she smiled back, planting a soft kiss on one of his front hooves.

He blushed, rubbing around her shoulders and chest; he felt so happy.
Renamon couldn’t explain what she felt for this beast. She felt complete, safe and happy. “No wonder, he seems almost hand crafted for me!”  She thought. “Then let me enjoy him whilst there’s time…”


 Wanting to taste his giant tasty member once again, she bent down between his large equine legs and licked gently at his cock, from the tip to along the shaft. His sweet musk and joyful whinnies, accompanied by Renamon’s laboured gasps of pleasure gave the horse’s home an atmosphere of exoticness and lustful mating. After a bit of teasing, the member was rock hard, allowing Renamon to lie back and poke the tip of the lubricated shaft head into her pussy. The Horse-like being caught on and immediately. Yet more of the anatomically perfect member was forced into Renamon’s glorious hole.
            “Harder, harder!” she screamed, her whole body moving from the violent thrusts.

Unimon gave a weak grunt and came, flooding the sexual tunnels within that overstretched pussy of Renamon’s. It overflowed, creating a small waterfall of seed until it dripped to a halt. Dismounting from Renamon, the buck stood for a moment, panting heavily.


“Mrrr…Renamon?” spoke the horse, after a short silence.
“I’m afraid…that I can’t see you anymore…” he murmured, turning away from her.
“W-what?! Why?” demanded Renamon, sitting upright.
“This…female I met…a while back…well she wants to go serious with me…”
“B-but you can’t! You love me don’t you?”
“I do love you Renamon, just as much as her…but she’s pregnant and I’m not abandoning a child…” explained the horned beast. “I wanted to tell you on the night we met...but I was too curious of what you were like”
“So you just used me correct?” Renamon growled.
“Yes…I’m sorry Renamon…please forgive me,” Said the horse, hanging his head in shame.
“You’ve deeply scarred me…there is no way that I can forgive what you did…” spoke the Kitsune, after a long pause. “Go ahead, father your child…but when you look into the eyes of a loved one…I will always be there to remind you of what you did…now get out”

The Unimon stepped out of her tent, a tear in his eye as he did so. The Kitsune watched as her once loved horse left into the darkness. She didn’t know weather to cry or to be angry…both seemed suitable to this current situation.

Coincidentally, Guilmon was prowling around and decided to give Renamon a visit. He poked his cheery face into the tent and then was reduced to a concerned look as he saw her crying on the edge of the bed.

“Renamon? W-what’s wrong?” he asked in his childish voice.

“It’s…nothing…” she sniffed, drying her eyes.
“Can I do anything help you?” he asked, giving his tail a small wag.

Renamon didn’t know what made her do it but something forced her to get up and pull the dinosaur into a deep French, but not before gazing into his big golden eyes saying two innocent little words “Don’t panic…”

This sudden action did indeed startle Guilmon but, as obedient as he was, he let her continue. Besides he liked it, evidently through his suddenly erecting penis which Renamon reached down and fondled.

“Hmmm…what a hard, firm shaft you have…” she murred, her heat driving her crazy. “Fuck me Guilmon”

“W-what is fuck? Is it fun?” asked the Digimon curiously. He had not yet become aware of sexual intercourse or even what the female was doing to his dick.


“Just follow what I say and I promise it will feel good” smiled Renamon. “Now, lie on the bed on your back and spread those male thighs of yours”

He followed her command, opening his legs to reveal his pouch, which Renamon began licking eagerly. The large red dinosaur’s eyes widened with shock, was she actually making it feel good just by licking there?!

“Ah, so you DO like it then” she smiled; now jerking the thick pink member that had rose out from the pouch.

“Uhh…uh-huh…” mumbled the Guilmon. He was enjoying the experience she was giving him and gave a slight whine of disappointment when she stopped. However all was not lost for the dinosaur as the fox lowered herself onto his cock, pushing up and down on his meat.

“Uhhh…Renamon…this feel good!” moaned Guilmon.
“Well duh!” she said sweetly, riding faster. Her pussy began to clamp around his dick, slowly milking it as she rode. This method brought forth precum and then a sudden sticky load from the Digimon’s penis as he gave out a final roar. A powerful jet of cum shot deep inside the fox’s tight cunt who, although shocked by the load size, let it squirt all over her chest, especially her breasts.


Once the flow of creamy white liquid dribbled to a stop, Renamon lay beside her crimson cum buddy, stroking his flaccid member and smiling.


“Tell me Guily…do you love me?” she asked happily, fondling his member.

“W-what do you mean Renamon?” asked the Guilmon cautiously, aware of how she could easily hurt him right then.

“Do you feel different about me then the others…do you feel…better around me?”

“Umm…I would say so…yeah,” he said, looking at her. “C-could you teach me… L-love, Renamon?”

She simply smiled at the reptile and helped him up, leading him to the door.

“You go catch up on your rest, sexy dino…you’ll need your strength…” she smiled sweetly, planting a soft kiss on his snout.
The male blushed in embarrassment, his cheeks turning a deep scarlet; he started out of her tent, heading through the darkness to his own settlement.
The vixen watched him leave, sighing to herself in contentment.


The End!
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Author: Guilmon and a Shotgun