“DigiMonster Rancher: First Encounters”


“Genki! Wait up!!” Holly yelled behind the young boy skating up the ramp of an old and decaying Shrine temple.


            The walkway was bumpy and Moochi had a hard time hanging onto the young human’s shoulders with how fast he was moving. He gasped, seeing a large crack in the walkway as Genki approached it. The young pink monster closed his eyes tight as Genki launched himself over the crack, entering the door of the Shrine. Holly, Swezo, Hare, Golem, Tiger and Tiger’s brother Grey Wolf all entered after Genki.


            Grey Wolf had only recently joined his brother and his friends after Mooh’s true nature was revealed to him. He and his brother had a lot in common with their physiques, both muscled well and lean. Their fur both shined with rich and full beauty. The only difference was that he was silver in appearance and Tiger was blue. Both had horns that extended outward from their heads that could conduct electricity. He often wondered why he had joined Mooh’s forces in the first place, much less become one of his generals.


            They soon entered a large room which was the heart of the shrine. Tall arching celings fell dominantly on the small group of friends who were the only hope for the world. Their journey to find the Phoenix, led them to one another and continued to do so. Holly had the key to finding the legendary monster, and it glowed brightly for the Mystery Disk that they had found earlier that day. Mystery Disks are what hold the monsters, when they are activated, they become the monster. Each of Genki and Holly’s friends originated from Mystery Disks, and even they have a hard time believing that at times over how real they are to them.


            Genki jumped excitedly over to the section of the room where they were to place the disk, and he spotted the round imprint in the ground, marking where to lay it. Placing the disk upon that spot, the disk began to hover mystically. Swezo looked at the poor shape the Shrine was in and spoke up.


            “You guys sure this is a good idea? Look at this place! It obviously hasn’t been used in a lot of years, and I sure don’t want to find out why!” The eyeball bounced around on his one tentacle as he spoke. The others looked at their yellow friend.


            “Swezo is right.” The booming voice of the rock monster Golem spoke. “But we must uncover the Phoenix… at all costs.”


            “Yeah!” Hare hopped to Swezo and put his arm around the area that would be the eyeball’s shoulders. “Just think! If WE uncover the mysterious Phonenix, we’d be getting a lot of moolah! A.K.A Money! Plus I don’t think anyone would be able to resist holding us in praise!”


            “Really?” Swezo said with a blink and his eye rolled with consideration. “Well, I’m convinced! Go for it Genki!”

            Genki roller-bladed around to the controls in front of a large button which would unlock the monster inside. Closing his eyes, the machine roared to life, the small circle under the disk began to glow a light shade of blue, which surrounded the stone object in a light aura. “UNLOCK!” The young boy with the red hat pressed down on the panel.


            The disk reacted, glowing in a rainbow color and began to flicker with fire. Hare approached it and looked deep into it. Suddenly, a strange light flashed and the disk turned into a whirling vortex. The blue circle had filled and fired a simularly colored beam into the air. The wind picked up and all of the occupants of the Shrine were knocked off their feet. Moochi latched onto Genki as he, Holly and Swezo grabbed the control panel with what they could. Yelling out, Hare was pulled off the ground and downward into the blue beam. Golem’s weight kept him standing still as the winds tried pulling him too. Tiger had gripped a nearby railing piece with his fangs and Grey Wolf had held his fangs onto his brother’s tail as all their paws left the ground. But the rail had proven too rusty and snapped off, sending the two flying into the blue light, vanishing as Hare did.


            Only after they had been thrown through, did the disk shatter and the blue beam die down. Sending the entire Shrine into a dark silence.


            “Tiger?” Genki asked into the empty room.


            “Hare?” Moochi asked in his cute, yet concerned voice. “They’re gone Genki…”


            “So is Grey Wolf…” Swezo observed. “I wonder what happened to them.”


            “I don’t know…” Holly said. “I hope they’re okay…”



            Flamedramon ran through the forests after seeing a bright blue flash, Davis had asked him to go check it out. Tai was with Davis and had sent Wargreymon along. The huge and armor-clad Digimon flew through the air. His armor glistening in the bright sun of that afternoon.


            Flamedramon stopped short of a large cave, which still had a bit of a bluish glow to it. “There!” He yelled to Wargreymon who fell out of the sky, landing next to the younger Digimon.


            “Hmm… weird.” Wargreymon said looking at the cave. “What do you suppose it is?”

            “Only one way to find out.” Flamedramon said, leading the both of them to the mouth of the cave. They gazed in and spotted Digimon they had never seen before.


            “What happened to us?” The rabbit-like one spoke. “Why are we so huge? Where’s Genki and Holly?”

            “Why don’t you shut up for a minute and let us talk!?!” A blue furred one yelled, raising an arm and pushing the complaining one. “We have to find out what happened, and how we can get back to the others!”


            A third stood, almost like the blue furred one, but with silver fur. “Tiger is right, but we have to find out where we are in order to get back to where we were.”


            The one called Tiger sighed. “You’re right brother. Just keep Hare out of my hair for a while alright?”


            Hare laughed. “You kidding? Hey Grey Wolf, he has picked on me from the day we first met! Genki practically has to baby him in order to keep him off of my tail!”


            “Oh you haven’t seen the worst of it, believe me!” Grey Wolf laughed.


            “That’s enough!” Tiger yelled looking at the both of them. “Let’s stop fighting amongst each other and find out where we are!”


            “You’re in the Digi-World.” Flamedramon said as he and Wargreymon both stepped into the cave. “Where are you from?”


            “Yeah, your names don’t sound like Digimon names to us.” Wargreymon added.


            The three strangers jumped back, startled and shocked by the two’s sudden appearance. They stared at the two Digimon and wondered where they were a lot more all of a sudden.


            “W-Who are you?” Hare asked.


            Flamedramon put up his armored claws. “Woah, woah! We’re friends don’t worry!”


            “Depends on who’s worrying about who.” Tiger growled. “Who are you?”


            “I’m Flamedramon, a Digimon. This is my friend Wargreymon.” He gestured to the large armored dinosaur.


            “A Digi-what?” Hare asked.


            “Digital Monster. You’ve landed in our world from where ever you’re from.” Wargreymon said stepping alongside Flamedramon, barely able to stand to his full height in the cave.


            “I’m Grey Wolf.” The young siver wolf responded. “This is my brother Tiger,” Tiger’s horns flashed at the acknowledgment of his name. “And Hare, a… friend of ours.” Hare swung his padded knuckles with a smug grin.

            “Yeah! Hare’s the name, boxing’s the game!” Hare laughed. “I could beat you two from here to kingdom come!”


            “You really believe that?” Another voice sounded out and the two present Digimon parted to let through a third one. A largely built lion stood before them in nothing but his black pants, glaring down at the three strangers. Tiger looked at him with a growl. “I am Leomon, and I suggest you don’t even attempt to harm my friends here.”


            “FlamedraMON, WargreyMON, LeoMON?” Hare laughed. “Boy, there’s a point for originality there!”


            “That coming from someone named Hare?” Tiger laughed to himself.


            “Ahh shaddup Tiger, who doesn’t look at all like a Tiger!” Hare grinned back.


            Tiger growled.”Why you little pest! TORNADO!” Tiger opened his mouth and a huge gust of snowy wind blew from his mouth, hitting Hare and knocking him across the room.


            Wargreymon slammed a huge claw down on Tiger who growled. “Take it easy Tiger. This isn’t a very good first impression you’re setting.”


            “I don’t set impressions, I make them! TORPEDO!” Tiger’s horns sparked electricity which crawled up along Wargreymon’s arm, hitting the Mega-Leveled Digimon, knocking him backward a little ways.


            Leomon grabbed the powerful Tiger of the Wind back by wrapping his arms around the wolf’s chest and shoulders. “Take it easy friend.” Leomon said softly into his ear.


            Wargreymon got up right next to Grey Wolf and Hare stood by Flamedramon. The awkward moment between the six monsters lasted for the longest time.


            Then, without warning, Leomon groped Tiger’s exposed member. Tiger struggled to get away. “What the heck are you doing?” He growled angrily trying to free himself. And he shivered feeling Leomon’s rough cat tongue along his ear. In a surprising method, he looked down and saw his cock beginning to swell and throb.


            Hare saw this and laughed, but the while, he was beginning to get hard himself and was surprised as he felt Flamedramon’s clawed hands move down his hips to his legs as the Digimon brought his lips to the rabbit’s cock and slowly suck it into his mouth. Hare moaned loudly putting his hands instinctively onto the dragon’s head, feeling his warm mouth cover his entire shaft and the lizard tongue slither along his sack was too great a feeling for him to pass up.


            Grey Wolf stared at his own brother and Hare actually enjoying being touched so arousingly by two male Digimon, and sure enough, he felt Wargreymon behind him. The smooth leather of the mega level Digimon’s loincloth had a particular bulge in it which Grey Wolf leaned into. Softly running his paws along Wargreymon’s orange thighs and under to his warm and very unsheathed cock. The silver wolf leaned his head back and met Wargreymon’s lips with his own. The wolf tongue in his mouth crossed with Wargreymon’s lizardy tongue tickling them both into complete arousal as the large dinosaur began to run his own claws along Grey Wolf’s member.


            Tiger turned around to Leomon and ran his claws along the lion’s chest. Trying to experiment what exactly he found so appealing about the Digimon’s body. It wasn’t too hard to find, the vaccine type Digimon was very handsome and muscular. With a skilled claw, Tiger unbuckled and dropped the Digimon’s only clothing as it fell to his ankles. The master looked down at them and smiled, stepping from them, his hard cock an almost intimidating sight to Tiger; who slowly and cautiously rubbed his paw down to Leomon’s sack and shaft. Leomon moaned in response and began to drip precome. Even though it was only precome, it practically poured out of the handsome Digimon’s cock. Tiger rubbed a paw through it and began to stroke Leomon’s shaft with it. Smiling the entire time.


            Hare was shooting precome into Flamedramon’s mouth while the armor-clad Digimon stroked himself through the rabbit’s legs. Running his other claw up and down the monster’s furry legs gave Flamedramon a pleasurable sensation, which swam throughout his body. Using his caressing paw, he knowingly began to slide between Hare’s tail cheeks and under his bushy tail. The young Digimon’s tail raised a bit with that feeling and Hare took advantage of it. Gesturing the fire Digimon almost forcefully to his hands and knees, Hare stood over him, running his cock slowly through the blue Digimon’s cheeks, touching his tail hole with it. Hare ran his paws up Flamedramon’s sides as he layed in a position to merge with his studly friend. He gripped the Digimon by the shoulders and felt his cock touch the Digimon’s tail. Pressing lightly, he felt his head enter the warm interior of Flamedramon’s tail, who moaned in response, tightening his tail as Hare pressed onward into him, the rabbit’s precome acting as a lubricant that allowed him to enter with ease. Hare did a quick thrust all of a sudden, that entered his entire length into Flamedramon, who gasped, gulped and cried out in extreme pleasure. Hare felt his sack hit Flamedramon’s with a pleasurable throb as they touched. He began to rock himself in and out of Flamedramon’s tail, already very close to his orgasm as he did so.


            Grey Wolf had gotten Wargreymon’s loincloth and armor off as he began to run his paws along the large Digimon’s chest. Wargreymon was hard as concrete running his own claws along Grey Wolf’s back and tail. In one quick move, Wargreymon had turned the young wolf around and was already poised to enter him. Grey Wolf gulped, not sure if he could take such a large beast’s cock. Feeling the Digimon’s head touch his tail didn’t turn him away though, he rather began to throb himself in expectation for the huge member to enter him. As it did, Grey Wolf howled slightly in pain, but mostly in pleasure as the gargantuan cock pressed into him, filling him easily. The wolf instinctively fell to the ground on all fours, his rump high in the air so Wargreymon would have easy access. As the large Digimon began to work into him, Grey Wolf felt an unknowing, but pleasurable sensation arise in his stomach, he moaned feeling Wargreymon’s pre dripping ever so lightly into his tail.


            Tiger had Leomon in position to mount him. The lion’s tail rose, exposing his hole right under it. Running his paws along Leomon’s ass, Tiger moved in, throbbing to enter Leomon’s tail. As he pushed in, Leomon let out a roar of pleasure that sent throbbing sensations throughout Tiger’s body. Feeling himself in Leomon’s warm, and now tightened tail, Tiger was almost ready to shoot off immediately. Grunting each thrust, Tiger forced his entire length into Leomon, pressing into the back of the lion’s tail with a moan of pleasure each time. Tiger began to pick up his pace, enjoying the tight sensation around his cock, a satisfaction that he could never have from a female he licked his lips with growls as he continued mercilessly to hump Leomon as hard as he could.


            Leomon reveled in the sensation of Tiger’s cock in his tail. The head moving around in his body gave the lion more pleasure than anything he could ever remember. Feeling his own cock throb out of control, he began to feel the effects of his orgasm overtake him. In that instant, Leomon wrapped his paws around the thighs in Tiger’s hindpaws as he pressed back, bashing his own sack against his mounter’s. That sensation alone made him roar loudly and begin to shoot off out of control.


            Tiger felt Leomon’s orgasm and the throbbing sensation of the lion shooting his seed to the ground. Being taken by surprise himself, Tiger suddenly howled loudly into the air, facing the celing of the cave as he shot his load heavily into Leomon’s tail. Filling it quickly, Tiger tensed up and pressed into Leomon so hard that he shook. His howling ended in a matter of seconds, and he found to have a hard time to stop humping Leomon. Both looked at each other with a good grin.


            Hare and Flamedramon were moaning in almost a choral orgasm. Flamedramon was pressing himself backwards into Hare’s cock harder than he realized, which made Hare cry out loudly as he shot off hard into the Digimon’s tail. The hot liquid sensation filling Flamedramon suddenly caused him to shoot off himself, and the seed flew into the air around them. Hare hugged Flamedramon tightly, emptying himself of all his white load. Flamedramon hissed a sigh of pleasure looking at Hare and realizing there was more alpha in him than it seemed.


            Grey Wolf was still on the ground with his tail in the air as Wargreymon was pumping into him. They were both almost startled when the others, who had finished with each other came over and began to caress them. Each of them, who were spent from working each other, were semi hard as they began to caress Grey Wolf’s back to his tail and his undersides. Wargreymon smiled, feeling their paws along his sheath, back and tail as well as small touches as he kept exiting Grey Wolf for another thrust. In a matter of seconds, all of the monsters were hard once again and were pawing more agressively at the two still going. Flamedramon had gotten hard directly in front of Grey Wolf, and the silver furred monster took the opportunity by pulling it into his own mouth. Allowing it to be humped by the hot little dragon.


            Wargreymon felt Leomon’s nude body behind him, and the lion’s large cock hard against his tail. With a smile from the dinosaur, Leomon lifted his tail and pressed his cock into it slowly, gripping around the massive Digimon’s chest and began to press himself upward into him. Moving his claws down, he was able to feel Grey Wolf’s rump, hitting Wargreymon’s stomach.


            Tiger pulled on Wargreymon’s neck and began to kiss the Digimon softly while rubbing his cock on his brother’s sides, ready to send his own load flying again. Hare had gotten down somehow under Grey Wolf’s body and had begun sucking the moving cock as it was still being thrusted by the large Wargreymon. Then, feeling the two sets of huge sacks hitting his face and head, he began to rub his own member along Grey Wolf’s chest downward, already ready to shoot his load all over.


            Wargreymon shot off first, growling loudly as he gripped the wolf’s furry ass and pressed himself hard into him, shooting his seed. That sensation, plus the sensation of Hare’s mouth around his member, sent Grey Wolf into extacy shooting his load into his rabbit friend. Hare gulped Grey Wolf’s gift as he listened to his muffled moan. He closed his eyes tight and felt himself shoot off for the second time in less than five minutes. His white treasure went flying through Grey Wolf’s fur and all over his own chest as he gripped up around Grey Wolf’s back, pressing his cock into the now soggy fur.


            Feeling Wargreymon shoot off also sent Leomon shooting into him. His large cock spewed the warm substance so well, that some began to spill from the large dragon’s tail. Wargreymon moaned loudly feeling that and tossed his head back. Slightly lifting Tiger, who was holding his neck, off the ground. That one pull made Tiger shoot his seed all over his brother’s back and into the air, also splashing Wargreymon. Flamedramon wrapped his paw around Tiger’s ass as he grunted and tossed his head back in a loud hiss as he shot off into Grey Wolf’s mouth. Grey Wolf moaned again, being completely filled up now as he stretched his tail hard into Wargreymon’s cock and pressing his head into Flamedramon’s member. Their howling and various cries could be heard from miles around.


            Afterward, the six layed to sleep in eachother’s arms. The sun was setting outside as they noticed by the oranging sky. A beautiful night was approaching, but the six of them layed with each other. Covered in a soggy seed mess and ready to go again. What would Davis and Tai think if they found those six like that? No one knew… no one really cared.