“Gommamon’s Zudo-Rape”


Gommamon’s eyes bulged when he caught sight of fresh water. After traveling through the desert, the young aquatic Digimon desperately needed a break. Running as fast as he could on his four fins, leaving Joe to run after him from far behind.


            “Gommamon! Wait up! You never know what could be living in there!” The blue haired human ran after his friend.


            “Oh don’t be so paranoid Joe!” Gommamon laughed approaching the water, he took into the air, one gigantic leap that ended with a huge splash. The young white and purple Digimon’s head popped out of the water. “I grew up in the water! I know when it’s safe and when it isn’t! And this one is perfectly…” Gommamon’s voice was interrupted by a loud rumbling, the water became a torrent and the young Digimon was tossed out of it, hitting the sand with small cloud. “…safe?”


            Joe met up with Gommamon as they saw a huge and slimy monster exit the lake. It stood tall above them, looking down upon them. It’s gold colored eyes barely could be seen through the ever falling globs of mud that he seemed to have been made out of.


            “W-what is… THAT?” Joe practically screamed.


            “It’s BIG trouble!” Gommamon cried. “That’s Raindiamon, he’s made out of pure mud! He’s said to live in the bottoms of lakes and oceans… who would have figured I’d end up disturbing it!?!”


            “I think now would be a very good time for you to Digivolve!” Joe shouted in a panic. Almost on command, Gommamon did.


            “Gommamon, digivolve to….” A bright flash of light showed a horned walrus-like Digimon, who was huge and shaggy compared to his de-digivolved form of Gommamon. “…Ikakkumon!!!”


            “Yeah! Go get ‘em Ikakkumon!!” Joe cheered.


            “Harpoon Torpedo!!!” Ikakkumon’s horn burst off the top of his head, shedding into a missle which hit Raindiamon across the face, mud splashed behind him, but he still wasn’t injured. He stood growling.


            “Oh no!” Joe looked in surprise. “I’m not too surprised, nothing ever goes right for me.” Looking at Ikakkumon, Joe shouted. “Ikakkumon! You’re gonna have to Digivolve again!”


            Ikakkumon nodded, but didn’t have a chance to react as Raindiamon covered the walrus completely over. Cutting off his air supply and ability to move. Struggling, Ikakkumon fought to free himself.

            “Ikakkumon!!!” Joe shouted, his Digivice glowed and shook… the power of Ikakkumon’s Digivolution threw the mud-like Digimon off him.


            “Ikakkumon, digivolve to….” A great wake of water hid the Digimon from view, then, out of the wake, came two arms. The water scattered to reveal a large and well built Digimon, grey in color, with an orange face. Drawing one hand to the sky, a lightning bolt flashed a hammer into his claw and he stood in a menacing look at Raindiamon. “Zuuuudomon!!!”


            “Yeah!!!” Joe cheered again as Zudomon attacked his target, hitting Raindiamon with his shoulder knocking him back.


            Raising the hammer to the sky, he brought it down. “Vulcan’s Hammer!” His low and mighty voice echoed as he hit the metal to the ground, a beam of light shot from it, hitting Raindiamon and shattering him into digi-bits.


            But the celebration didn’t last too long because all of a sudden, the sky grew black and a very familiar, high pitched laughter filled the air. Suddenly, Zudomon was surrounded in a very bright light, it formed a helix design around him, and Joe watched in horror as his Digimon disappeared right before his very eyes! He ran over to the empty spot where Zudomon had stood moments before and wondered one thing. “Where could he be now?”


            Zudomon opened his eyes, groggy as if he had been hit by a boulder. Trying to move his arms and legs, he noticed they were all tied down by metal chains. They klinked as he tried to move them and rip them out of whatever table he was laying on. Laying back he looked around the room. There was only one beam of light in the entire room, and that was over his head, shining down onto his muscular framework. What was past the five feet of concrete floor that he could see was black. As if he was laying on the only piece of material in the universe. Somehow, this state of vulnerability aroused the anthromorphic walrus. Who noticed, for the first time since he woke up, that he was completely exposed! His sheath showing it’s great bulge down between his legs was already beginning to throb and swell with his arousal.


            A chuckling brought Zudomon’s attention to a sharp point, as the small figure of Puppetmon appeared at the edge of one of the shadowed parts of the room. “Hi there Zudomon! It’s time to play!”


            “What are you doing?” Zudomon growled, shocked at the feel of Puppetmon’s hands glide slowly across his sack.


            “What can I say Zudomon?” Puppetmon smiled as he approached his captive’s face. “I want to play… only… in an adult fashion!”


            “I hope he doesn’t give me a splinter…” Zudomon thought as Puppetmon climbed onto the table with the ultimate leveled Digimon. “You won’t get away with this!” Zudomon threatened.


            The wooden Digimon merely smiled, tossing his very large hammer to the ground. Without a word, Puppetmon began to softly fondle Zudomon’s package, taking the meat and gently stroking it. His other hand traveled further down, taking Zudomon’s sack and rubbing it, feeling each of the huge balls inside of it.


            Zudomon tried to resist moaning, but for a short and idiotic villian, the little puppet had some pretty well trained hands. The large digimon’s cock was throbbing hard as he layed his head back, feeling the braces on his wrists and ankles somehow turned him on so much. And that didn’t stop pre from dripping from his cock-tip. Puppetmon slowly stroked at his prisoner’s member, using the precome as lube to further progress things.


            “Oh, does the stubborn Digimon of Reliability like this?” He said teasingly.


            Zudomon denied his real enjoyment, but his motions and moaning told his captor otherwise as the mega leveled Digimon continued to work the cock and sheath like a marrionette.


            Almost without warning, Zudomon’s eyes flashed a bit with the realization that he was about to come. He used all his strength to hold it in longer, he knew that he shouldn’t give in to his enemy, but the more the little puppet played with his cock, and the more Zudomon held it in, the more pleasurable the experience got, and the more the pressure built up.


            Then it happened, with a sudden rush of extreme pleasure and a very loud roar from Zudomon, his white seed spewed from him! Flying through the air, the force of the blast was so powerful that it layed Puppetmon out and he fell to the ground. The rest of the hot liquid covered the ultimate leveled Digimon’s chest and splashed his face. And in his own sense of judgement, he licked it off his mouth and whiskers that he could reach. Puppetmon jumped back onto Zudomon’s chest and looked him close in the eyes.


            “Now don’t tell me that wasn’t fun!” He said happily.


            Zudomon noticed his hammer all of a sudden, in one of the dark corners of the room, he opened his paw. “Oh it was fun…” his paw summoned the hammer right to it, he got a tight grip on it. “But you know something Puppetmon?”


            “Hmm? What?” Puppetmon was confused for a moment, and then was clocked in the head by Zudomon’s weapon as the chain holding the Digimon’s right arm broke. He fell to the floor hurt bad.


            Zudomon sat up and released all the chains holding him down. “You’re not my type you scrawny little toothpick!” Zudomon stood on the table and held up his hand with the hammer in it, the light had twisted around it and he began to lift into the air.


            “NO!!!!” Puppetmon screamed jumping into the air to catch his escaping prisoner.


            “Vulcan’s Hammer!!!” Zudomon used his attack, sending Puppetmon flying back, turning into a shower of sawdust as the light completely enveloped the walrus and he disappeared.


            Joe had been out of his mind with worry, he had gotten Tai, Matt, Davis, and their Digimon, Agumon, Veemon and Gabumon. When a brilliant flash of light revealed Zudomon, panting and breathing heavily, Joe jumped to his feet.


            “You had me worried you crazy mon!” He shouted half concerned, and half relieved. Then, calming down he walked off.


            “Don’t worry about Joe, Zudomon. He just needs a little time to cool down.” Tai said, following his friend.


            Agumon approached Zudomon and stared at the white spooge on his chest. “Hey, what is that?” He asked curiously.


            Zudomon stuttered. “Uhhh… this? Uh well this is um… Digislime! That’s it!” The walrus’ smile didn’t fool the little dinosaur, who chuckled softly. “And Joe said Puppetmon kidnapped you?”


            “Well yeah, he did!” Zudomon said confused as he suddenly turned back into Gommamon. “Why do you ask?”


            “Oh… nothing.” Agumon said with a slightly louder laugh.


            “How did you handle him?” Gabumon asked curiously.


            “Let’s just say… I was a bit too much of a pawful for him!” Gommamon said, winking only to himself.