“Lion’s Game”


The foliage was thick enough so no one could see him. The day was overcast, dark grey clouds covered the sky as far as the most distant horizon. Weregarurumon peeked through the brush and saw Leomon by the riverbed, standing in ankle-high water. The well built swords-mon looked around for a moment, then tossed his sword to the base of a tree. Then he removed his black pants and sash, throwing them in the same direction. Leomon’s heavily muscular frame wavered as the lion waded into the water deeper and deeper. His sheath, hanging temptingly between his legs soon submerged into the water, as did Leomon, who began to bathe himself, wetting his mane and letting the water glide slowly down over his face, neck and chest.


Weregarurumon stared so hard that he didn’t even realize the bulge he had in his jeans. He considered removing them until he heard a noise behind him. Whirling around he noticed his two closest and dearest friends, Flamedramon and Wargreymon standing near the brush.


“What are you doing over here?” Flamedramon asked at a fairly loud tone.


“Quiet!” Weregarurumon whispered back to the blue dragon. “He’ll hear you!”


“Who’s he?” Flamedramon whispered.


Wargreymon had already taken a peek through the brush. “Why Weregarurumon, you perverted little wolf!” The chuckle was soft and subtle, too quiet to be heard even by Flamedramon who was five feet away.


Flamedramon walked over and looked as well. “Hello!” He whispered looking at his wolf friend. “When did you discover this?”


“Just the other day, he comes here about noon every day and bathes here.” Weregarurumon smiled. “He IS as good looking on the bottom as he is on the top.”


Flamedramon looked again and noticed Leomon was suddenly gone. He stepped back quickly. “Guys, I think we’ve been…”


“CAUGHT!” Leomon’s booming, rugged voice growled over Flamedramon’s making the three of them nearly jump out of their skins.


Leomon stood before the three of them, a towel over his sheath held with one paw, his sword in the other. Water still dripping off his mane, Leomon growled at the three voyuers. “What do you three think you are DOING here?”


Wargreymon stood in between Leomon, and the other two. “We’re here because we WANT to be here. Understand?”


Leomon chuckled slightly, then, locking his paws around Wargreymon’s wrist, gave a twist and threw him to the ground with a loud clang of metal. He looked back up at Flamedramon and Weregarurumon, who were poised to look right at Leomon’s sheath, for some reason, his cock was exposing itself. He was turned on by something… and once he noticed it too, he grabbed the towel he had dropped. Growling, he looked at the Digimon with almost an embarassed look.


Slowly, Weregarurumon stepped forward, so he and Leomon were face to face. And with a cautious look, the werewolf reached down and ran his claws along the Leomon’s inner thigh. Leomon growled sofly, but out of surprise and not anger. Using another paw, Weregarurumon ran his talons along Leomon’s back. Almost instantly, Leomon dropped the towel, almost completely dazed by the tantalizing fingerplay. Moving his paws downward, Weregarurumon stroked across Leomon’s rump and tail, caressing the crack and lightly massaging it. Then Weregarurumon took his other paw, wrapped his arm around Leomon’s neck and pulled him in, kissing him deeply.


Flamedramon saw Leomon’s reaction from a distance, seeing the lion’s meat just begin to throb and emmerge from it’s sheath. The young dragon wasted no time, walking up to the sword master, he began to grope the large member. Probing his fingers slowly up and down the shaft, cupping the lion’s sack and even rubbing right behind the balls, between his legs brought a soft moan. Flamedramon then smiled, and took the meat into his mouth.


Leomon was absolutely astonished by how good it all felt, Weregarurumon’s tongue in his mouth, his claws stroking his back. And the sudden warm, and gently suckling feeling as Flamedramon went down on him, taking as much of the meat as he could into his mouth. He was so surprised that the sudden, gentle caressing suddenly passing in his sides that came from Wargreymon, almost made him cry out. It had finally happened, the students were now training the master. The lion’s rippled and muscularly ripped body was now playground to three Digimon that he knew from their births, and he was enjoying it! Slowly working his paws, he was able to caress Weregarurumon’s hard cock, which had already been freed from both it’s sheath and the pants he wore. For a moment, he used his other paw to help Flamedramon work his meat, feeling the back of the young Digimon’s throat with the head of his member was an extreme thrill. Then, moving his paw back behind him, he ran it across Wargreymon’s loincloth, the bulge very apparent. Then Wargreymon’s massive claw gently guided the lion’s hand under the tent and he began to caress the great dragon’s cock and sheath. Using his paw to squeeze the mega-leveled Digimon’s tip brought a groan of pleasure from him. Leomon gently broke the kiss with Weregarurumon and was ready for something more.


Gently motioning Flamedramon off his cock was simple enough, the young dragon felt like Jell-O to the touch. He turned Flamedramon so his back faced the master. And pushing the armored one’s upper back softly, the lion leaned himself forward with him. He lifted Flamedramon’s tail, exposing the hole, Leomon’s cock throbbed with anticipation as he caressed the young one’s rump, he motioned Weregarurumon in front of Flamedramon and Wargreymon behind himself. Wargreymon removed his loincloth and breastplate, complying to the lion’s commands. Leomon then leaned forward even more, touching Flamedramon’s tail hole, but not going in right away. Then, slowly and progressively, the lion was able to get his entire length into Flamedramon’s extremely warm interior, a sensation that thrilled him.


Flamedramon moaned as Leomon’s huge length entered him, he could feel the powerful lion’s cockhead exploring his insides and he loved it! Looking at Weregarurumon standing in front of him gave him a tempting idea, but the wolf’s meat was too far away. That is, until Leomon pulled him in to kiss him again. Flamedramon took quick advantage of it, and took Weregarurumon’s member into his mouth. The taste of pre already there. He licked it up as he darted his tongue around the thrusting organ.


Weregarurumon was in extacy kissing Leomon, feeling Flamedramon’s warm muzzle around his cock really got him going. The ultimate leveled werewolf began to hump the young Digimon’s mouth, while kissing Leomon. They had never tried it with more than three before, but there’s always a first time for everything!


Last was Wargreymon, who stood, almost jealous that the other three were having such a good time without him. Then he noticed Leomon’s tail was in the air, leaving his rump and tail hole exposed. Could he have meant to have a place for the powerful and gargantuan meat of a dragon Digimon this whole time? He wasted no time, running his claws along Leomon’s legs and up his back a little ways, the mega-leveled dragon layed his meat flat on Leomon’s tailhole, sliding it ever so slowly up and down. Wargreymon could feel his sack touching Leomon’s which made his cock throb for him. Softly and slowly, he moved his cocktip into position resting just a bit inside of Leomon’s tail. Then with one gentle and quick move, thrust himself into the lion, who roared softly raising his head a little breaking his kiss for a moment before returning to it.


Leomon felt the pressure building up already in his cock as he pushed it again, and again into Flamedramon’s tail. He grunted as he thrust harder into the younger Digimon. Then, all of a sudden, he burst and shot his seed right into Flamedramon, feeling the dragon’s tail tighten around his cock and his own seed splashing against it.


Flamedramon grunted in satisfaction and gave a loud groan as Leomon’s hot seed flooded his tail, and was almost taken by surprise when Weregarurumon gripped his head and rammed it onto his cock as the wolf howled and shot into his mouth, flooding that with the sweet substance. As he guzzled it, he felt the energy from Wargreymon as he continued to thrust into Leomon.


Weregarurumon’s howl was a powerful one as he shot off more than he thought possible, his hindpaws tensed up and he felt as though he practically pushed Flamedramon off the ground with his last few thrusts. Feeling his own cock throbbing in the Digimon’s mouth was a great sensation of power and lust that he was glad to have shared.


Finally, Wargreymon’s cock was about ready to explode, hearing the other’s cries as they shot off was one really good way to turn him on, but the fact that Leomon’s tail increased the tight grip on his cock was what REALLY pushed him. The climax was gradual, but then it suddenly hit and he roared loudly as he shot into Leomon, feeling his cock throb against the tightness of the lion’s tail, that refused to drain. He milked himself into his own teacher and slowed his thrusting.


Leomon’s reaction when he felt Wargreymon’s hot seed in his tail was more than even he expected, it caused him to orgasm again inside of Flamedramon, which in turn caused the young Digimon to suddenly shoot his load all over the ground. The lion shivered in pleasure as he looked at his three friends with a new light.


After they had detached from one another, the three stepped nude into the river to bathe. After hours of conversing, the three Digimon who had intruded on Leomon’s property, but were quickly welcomed, had to leave. They de-digivolved to their Rookie levels of Agumon, Gabumon and Veemon. Approaching their human friends with no suspicion whatsoever. Their passion still burning, they may never run out of new adventures that no one will know.