“A Chance Encounter”


Wargreymon opened his eyes to find complete darkness. He could barely see his claw in front of his face. He didn’t remember what had happened to him, or how he digivolved without the help of his close friend Tai, who was also missing. A low groan near him brought the Mega-Leveled Digimon to his feet in a hurry. Not expecting the ceiling to have a total of about five feet, he hit his head hard on the cavernous roof of the cave, which shook with his might.


“Who’s there?” Wargreymon growled, hearing the groan stop, he stood ready, his claws almost shimmering, even in the pitch black.


“Easy Wargreymon… it’s me!” A familiar and low toned voice echoed through the small room, and a flame lit on the claw of Wargreymon’s cellmate, who showed to be Flamedramon. “Easy with the claws my friend… I don’t need a shave THAT badly!”


Wargreymon nodded and dropped his deffensive posture. “What happened to us?” He asked gruffly.


Flamedramon shrugged. “I’d also like to know who had the power to digivolve us without digivices, or in my case, the Digimental of Courage.” Flamedramon shined the light through the room revealing no one else. The younger Digimon sighed slightly. “This is bad… Davis and Kari were with me a while ago… now they’re not here.


“The same with Gabumon, Matt and Tai, who were with me!” Wargreymon growled angrily.


“Take it easy, we’ll find them. And also find out who did this to us!” Flamedramon said calmly. “But first, let’s see if we can get out of here. Fire Rocket!!!” Flamedramon’s voice echoed and was accompanied by six fireballs which baraged the cavern walls. There was no effect.


Absorbing the light from Flamedramon’s attack Wargreymon took his turn. “TERA-FORCE!!!” He cried, a large ball of fire and light surrounded him and he tackled the wall. But he was merely bounced back.


“Let’s try it together.” Flamedramon suggested, to the nod of his friend, the young reptile got into position. “Fire ROCKIN’!!!” He turned into a fireball and went blazing at the wall.


Wargreymon followed close behind, turning into a spinning force and they both hit the wall together. They both felt the wall give, then break away.


They were now in a lighted area, screaming and roaring Digimon cried out from the stands. Both Digimon looked around and realized they were in a colluseum of some sort. A big white circle was etched into the center of it and inside, Matt, Tai, Kari and Davis were hanging by a rope. The rope was as thin as a thread and was not attached to any surface that could be seen. The only odd thing about it was that it had a slight lavender glow to it.


A face suddenly appeared over the crowd and came down upon the two Digimon. “Greetings, Wargreymon… Flamedramon… how are you this evening?”


“Who are you!?! What is this?” Wargreymon was obviously losing his temper.


All of a sudden, a loud explosion came from across the field as Weregarurumon came blasting out of his hole, and with a long leap, landed next to his two friends. “Sorry I’m late… had a little problem with the decorator here.” The werewolf growled looking to their apparent enemy.


“Well… finally you are all here. I am surprised none of you have even heard of me! I am Materia-mon, named simply for my ability to control all material in this universe!” Matiria-mon hovered low.


“If you can control material, then why not simply destroy the place?” Flamedramon asked bluntly.


Materia-mon simply chortled. “Oh my dear, dear Flamedramon, it is true, I could wipe this place out with a twitch of an eyelid. But I was born with a sick sense of humor, and prefer to toy with my fellow Digimon, rather than just destroy them. Now… if you three would pay attention, you see your charges in the center of the yard. Hanging above that white circle?”


The three turned their attention to their friends. Hanging there helpless and apparently unconscious.


“All you have to do, is touch them… and I’ll let them go!” Materia-mon smiled.


“What’s the catch?” Wargreymon glared at the large face.


“No catch. I swear, touch their hands, and I will release them!”


“And promise not to harm reality again!” Flamedramon added.


“And promise not to harm reality again…” Materia-mon nodded in agreement with the armor-clad Digimon.


“Well? Let’s do it!” Weregarurumon was off faster than he spoke the words.


Flamedramon and Wargreymon took off after their friend, hoping they could catch him before they ended up in some sort of trap.


Materia-mon watched with an evil grin as the three ran toward the center of the court. “The game has begun…” His laughter echoed as he vanished into thin air.


The three had arrived to where their friends were moments later. Weregarurumon reached up to touch Matt’s hand, when suddenly, their friends became wavy and turned into a strange device. It started flashing and before the three realized what had happened, a huge column of stone formed around them, traveling several stories into the air and sealed on the top.


Materia-mon’s voice rang out in laughter. “You know I don’t like to make things TOO simple! You three lack enough passion to be able to save your friends! Now, they’re mine forever!!!” His voice echoed away, leaving the three alone… and in pain of their failure.


Hours seemed to have passed when Flamedramon put his clawed hand onto Weregarurumon’s back. “Are you alright?” He asked softly, remembering their last encounter, which was a very passionate moment.


Weregarurumon smiled as he too remembered the time they mated and REALLY rocked the Digiworld. “I’m fine… I’m just not sure how to get out of here…”


“I don’t understand…” Wargreymon growled. “My powers can’t get us out of here… my knuckles are brusing even through this armor.


Weregarurumon nodded. “I’m so exhausted, I’m surprised I haven’t de-digivolved.”


“I’m not so sure Materia-mon WANTS us to de-digivolve…” Flamedramon thought for a moment as the other two listened. “He said we lacked the passion to fight… Weregarurumon, you and I shared a passion that was beyond belief!


Weregarurumon looked up, his eyes wide. “You mean…”


Flamedramon nodded as he stroked the wolf’s cheek. “Exactly, we have to defeat Materia-mon’s illusion with the lust and passion of love!”


Wargreymon looked almost sick for a moment. “What are you two talking about? Are you delirious or something? You can’t be talking about…”


Weregarurumon had stripped off his pants and had Flamedramon draped in his arms. “That’s right Wargreymon…” And with that, he gave the firey reptile a passionate kiss, making the younger Digimon unbelievably hard in an instant.


Flamedramon returned the favor, slowly removing his claws and running his bare paws along the insides of the furry wolf’s thighs. Arousing the Digimon slowly, the pink meat slowly sliding out of his sheath. Flamedramon pawed at it gently, making it throb.


Meanwhile, Wargreymon was unbelievably shocked at the sight of his two closest Digi-friends being so… interlocked with eachother. But he also couldn’t ignore them. Watching the smooth blue texture of Flamedramon’s body meshing with the rugged good looks of his other friend Weregarurumon. The oldest and most powerful Digimon present couldn’t help but get a little un-sheathed and hard himself just watching the other two go at it. Looking down, Wargreymon noticed they had a little more of an effect on him than he suspected, as a large bulge appeared in his loincloth. Wargreymon fought to keep control of his instincts.


All the while, Weregarurumon had gone down on Flamedramon, returning the pleasure and favor that the younger Digimon had given him the first time. Flamedramon moaned in a low, sexy tone of voice. Closing his eyes he felt Weregarurumon’s soft, warm muzzle around his cock. Moving back and forth, the wolf obviously knew what he was doing, as he used one finger to tease the younger dragon’s sack, while moving his tongue along the shaft.


It was almost too big of a shock for the both of them as Wargreymon suddenly approached. The large reptile had stripped his breastplate and loincloth and stood beside the two, fully unsheathed and prepared to use his tremendous meat. He leaned down and gave Flamedramon a kiss that nearly made the young Digimon shoot his load right then and there. The two reptilian tongues slithered about eachother in their mouths. Slightly tickling, but mostly arousing the other one. Wargreymon ran one of his massive claws along Weregarurumon’s back, gripping the ass-cheek firmly, causing the wolf to growl a little. Which made Flamedramon’s pleasure even more prevelant. Wargreymon’s cock-head, in it’s thickness and power touched Weregarurumon’s tail hole. The wolf smiled slightly, not taking his focus off Flamedramon’s cock, which had already began to leak sweet pre, but he couldn’t ignore his much LARGER friend’s member pressed against his tail hole.


With one subtle move, Wargreymon pushed his cock right into Weregarurumon. The wolf yiped out of pleasure and surprise that he could actually take the gargantuan Digimon. Wargreymon used one claw to rub along his wolf friend’s back, and the other wrapped around his younger friend’s back, and he pulled in, thrusting hard into Weregarurumon.


The passion was so much that the wolf could hardly take it, he felt his cock getting ready to burst, but he breathed heavily, focused on not shooting off.


Flamedramon threw back his head and hissed loudly with a groan, letting his load loose into Weregarurumon’s warm, tight muzzle. Almost the exact same time, Wargraymon roared loudly also tossing his head back and shooting his seed, sending it spewing into Weregarurumon’s tail. So much of it passed into the werewolf that it began to spill out the sides.


Weregarurumon would have howled, had his mouth not been full of Flamedramon’s warm, sweet hot liquid. But when the two had shot off into him, nearly simultaniously, he grunted loudly and shot his load as well, right past Flamedramon’s legs and hitting the wall of the column. They didn’t notice at first, due to their happy after-glow, but the white substance had begun to shimmer. When Wargreymon and Flamedramon had finally released their members from their VERY full friend, the seed that dropped from their cocks also began to shimmer and glow. Suddenly, the column vanished in a blaze of feathers and light. They looked up, still completely naked and saw a familiar angel in the sky, who looked down on them in a knowing smile.


Angewomon hovered above the three lovers. “You three have discovered the passion that will allow you to save the lost children.” She landed by them. “Materia-mon stole my powers, and forced them to be at work on creating the column, so you three would never escape. But thanks to your passion and love, the spell was broken and I was released! I will now send you to where you can rescue Matt, Tai, Davis and Kari. Hang on!”


“Wait a second!” Wargreymon called out, stopping her. “What about you? Won’t you come?”


Angewomon spun at a top speed in the air. “Sweet Wargreymon, it is not I you shared the passion with, you three, and you three alone must go!” And in a brilliant flash of light, she disappeared, and the Digimon were somewhere else.


The fog cleared around the three, as they saw Materia-mon’s face. He wasn’t all that surprised as they approached.


“I knew you three would get it through your thick skulls to screw around with eachother to be released!” He said with a smirk. “But you must still get through me to save your friends!”


Wargreymon stepped forward, still naked like his friends he pointed one claw at Materia-mon, not afraid of what would happen. “What have you done with Tai and the others?”


“Why… they’re right here!” Materia-mon opened his mouth to reveal the four kids still tied up in there.


Flamedramon stepped up. “How about you give them back?” He growled.


“Or we’ll MAKE you!!!” Weregarurumon chimmed in.


“MAKE me?” Materia-mon laughed loudly. “How could you MAKE me do anything!?!”


At that second, several different Materia-mon replicas appeared and the plain they were standing on began to spin one way, the Materia-mon replicas, including the original spun the other way. “You’ll NEVER be able to touch them now!!!” Materia-mon’s voice echoed out in laughter.


The three huddled close together, focusing on their love for one another. For a moment, Materia-mon didn’t know what to make of it, and he had no idea what to do until it was too late. The three had pulled apart and Flamedramon was spun and flung through the air by Wargreymon and Weregarurumon. Materia-mon’s mouth was poised open in shock and fear. A very dumb move for it allowed an opening at the exact moment Flamedramon hit the correct position, using his “Fire Rockin’” Technique, he blazed into Materia-mon’s mouth and grabbed Davis by the hand.


The sun woke the eight friends up. All the Digimon, now back to their champion forms: Gabumon, Agumon, Veemon and Gatomon looked up at their friends who awoke as if they were sleeping. It even SEEMED like a dream to the Digimon. But when Veemon opened his hand, he saw a lavender-glowing piece of thread. The four Digimon looked at eachother in silence… not sure what to think.