“Prying Eyes and Tentacle Creatures”


The sun was beating down hard in the desert as Leomon and Tiger made their way to a small town where they could meet up with an ancient Digimon that may be able to help Tiger and his friends to return home. Wargreymon and Grey Wolf went to visit Genai, to see if there was some reason they were there, while Weregarurumon and Hare traveled another route on their own, to avoid the beating sun.


            Tiger sighed aloud and wiped the sweat from his forehead, still not entirely used to opposable thumbs that this strange anthropomorphic effect had given him, he kept slight paces behind Leomon. Feeling his own muscular body move across the sand with a powerful and great stride. He crossed his arms over themselves, squeezing slightly onto the powerful biceps as he wasn’t sure what to say to the master swordsman who strode in front of him with a warrior’s grace. Feeling the cloth over his sheath was a bit unnerving, as he looked down to the simple light blue cloth, strapped to him by a leather band. He had never sought the need to wear clothing, but he felt that he didn’t want to frighten… or intimidate anyone. He closed his eyes at a slight breeze that swept through his fur. Opening his eyes for a moment to see Leomon’s mane, blowing in the air as well. As he closed his eyes once more, he was abruptly stopped as he ran into the lion as he stopped just inches in front of him. He looked up.


            Leomon stood at the very top of a dune, overlooking more of the desert. The air circulating was oddly cool around this area. Leomon’s beautiful blue eyes darted one way, then another as he gripped his sword with an edged growl. Tiger could see his friend’s muscles ripple all over his powerful chest and arms. There was a reason this warrior had stopped, and Tiger didn’t like the smell of things either.


            “What do you sense?” Tiger asked the great warrior.


            “Danger…” Leomon growled back.


            Tiger sniffed the air softly, and could only smell the desert. But didn’t like the situation… the fur raising on the back of his neck proved it. “Let’s keep moving…” he suggested. “Perhaps it is nothing…”


            Leomon pressed the end blade of his sword back into its sheath and nodded. “Forgive me Tiger… I suppose the silence is causing me to hear things… smell things that normally should not be here.”


            Tiger nodded. “Don’t worry… I think the heat is too much for the both of us here…” He stopped short as he picked up a new scent in his nose. He sniffed a few times, and picked up that it was about a mile to the north, the direction in which they were heading. “I smell water!”


            “Where?” Leomon asked, confused for a moment.


            “To the north, about a mile or so.” I can smell it…”


            “I have been through this area before my friend… I do not remember seeing a source of water…”


            Tiger pointed to his nose. “The nose knows Leomon… come on!” He darted off toward the north, following his nose to the smell of water. Leomon thought a moment, then, ran after his friend.


            The sight that beheld the two weary travelers was both breathtaking and unbelievable. A beautiful oasis was in front of them, apparently seemingly five acres of beautiful palm trees, small waterfalls emptying into a beautiful pool of a lovely blue pond. Large vines of berries were strewn about the entire area, and large coconuts hung heavily in the trees that surrounded the entire green area. Both warriors stood there for a moment, not believing what they were seeing. Warily, Tiger got down on all fours and approached the pool. He sniffed the water and even dipped a finger into it, testing ever so slightly. Cool to the touch, the water felt and even smelled refreshing to the wolf. He leaned down and lapped at the water slowly, allowing the liquid to enter and cool his thirst. A delicious taste to him as his tail involuntarily began to wag. And he looked up smiling at Leomon.


            “It’s real!” He shouted assuredly.


            Leomon smiled and walked down toward Tiger, dropping his sword to one side. “Good… then I can bathe in peace. How does the water feel?” He began to unbuckle his pants and slide them down his legs.


            “It’s great!” Tiger nodded as he watched the muscular lion remove his clothing. His pants hit the ground with a slight *flopping* sound


            The lion’s body was heavily built, his muscular legs kicked the pair of black pants over to the sword and he continued his way down. His heavy sack swung between his legs, and his tail was held high with the pride of being a lion. As he passed Tiger, he ran his claws along the wolf’s back, giving him a very pleasurable sensation throughout his body as he stood up, an obvious arousal poking from behind the small cloth. Leomon smiled.


            “I appreciate the compliment Tiger.” He grinned as he sank softly into the water and ducked under. As Leomon surfaced, he looked back and noticed Tiger was no longer standing where he had been moments before. “Tiger?” He asked aloud, looking around for his friend.


            He was not long before he received his response as Tiger cried loudly, swinging on a vine, about ten feet above the pool. Tiger had wasted no time in removing his loincloth as the lion noticed his wolf-hood swaying in the air. He let go and did a back-flip, splashing into the water with an explosive cannonball, which covered Leomon. The lion laughed as Tiger came up from the water.


            “I haven’t done anything like that in so long!” He laughed. “Feels like I’m a pup again!”


            “Well pup…” Leomon chuckled and moved closer, wrapping his paws around the wolf’s hips, pressing his cock against Tiger’s. “Let’s give this a try…” He leaned forward and kissed Tiger full on the muzzle.


            Tiger moaned as he returned the kiss, and was aroused again almost instantly, as he moved his paw around Leomon’s rump and pressed him closer. For a few moments, their hard members rubbed against each other as they engaged in a passionate kiss, which seemed to last for hours. As they broke their embrace, they looked each other deeply in the eye and smiled softly. Tiger slid down, licking at the lion’s nipples, probing down his chest and down beneath the water, sliding his tongue over the lion’s tender meat. Leomon shivered in pleasure as Tiger swallowed nearly every inch, save one or two that he could not possibly fit in his mouth or his throat. Even in the depth of water, Tiger could taste a slight salty substance from the tip of Leomon’s cock. He pulled up and breathed deeply as he surfaced with a grin.


            Leomon held Tiger close again, running his arms behind the wolf and moving them down toward his tail. The Digimon’s nails trailing down his fur as Tiger moaned softly and leaned into the warrior’s body. Leomon kissed Tiger again as his paws reached Tiger’s hips and began to trail down to his thighs, spreading them apart ever so slightly and lifting him up onto his cock. The aim was very precise, as the tip hit right at Tiger’s tail hole. Leomon firmly grasped Tiger’s ass and spread the cheeks apart, just a bit and pushed softly. Tiger yelped for a moment, then, relaxed himself so the lion’s large member could slide in. A slight gasp exited uncontrolled from Tiger’s mouth, feeling Leomon’s thick, long member press deeply into him. Leomon gasped as well, feeling the sudden rush of warmth fall across his cock as he slid carefully into Tiger.


            Tiger shivered in intense pleasure as he felt Leomon’s base reach his tail. Leomon being considerably taller, could reach the bottom of the pond quite easily as he slid out a bit and pushed in again. A strange sensation filled Tiger’s stomach, but every moment he was loving this. Leomon thrusted up, again and again, pressing deeper and deeper into the monster. Tiger moaned and growled, throbbing in his own paw as he satisfied himself further.


            Leomon was already close to his climax as he increased his pace, hoping he wasn’t hurting Tiger in this lustful attack, and enjoying feeling himself inside of Tiger. Obviously Tiger was enjoying it, his tongue lolled out and his eyes rolled back as he reached his limit and roared, firing off his seed into Tiger’s hole. Pumping into him like a guyser, filling him with his powerful seed.


            Tiger howled, feeling Leomon’s wad filling his hole rapidly. He stopped pawing himself off as he groaned, trying to force back his climax. Looking down to Leomon’s blue eyes, he smiled. “Why does it have to end with that?”


            Leomon grinned and nodded silently, and when he finished his load, he lowered Tiger back into the water as both warriors swam to the shore. Sitting up on the sandy shore, Leomon kissed Tiger deeply again. The wolf was totally unsheathed at this point and he kissed back as he gently moved Leomon onto all fours. He moved his paws across Leomon’s firm ass, finding the hole and pressing his finger softly into it. The lion inhaled and relaxed the muscles around his tail instinctively, as Tiger began to thrust his finger into the warm hole. Leomon sighed softly,  smiling as he looked back to his partner.


            “Do it Tiger…” He said softly as he eased his rump toward Tiger.


            Tiger stood up and smiled as he moved his cock across Leomon’s tail. Gently teasing the Digimon before he came back across and caught the lip of the hole, and was pushed slowly in. Leomon growled loudly in intense pleasure as Tiger worked his member deep into the lion.


            Leomon was instantly hard, feeling the wolf’s hard member enter his tail, then the feeling of Tiger thrusting hard into him. Leomon groaned loudly, instinctively moving his rear toward Tiger, intensifying the experience. The sword master dug his claws deep into the dirt as Tiger pushed harder and deeper, skidding his feet on the ground. The pulsing of the wolf-cock, and the strength of his moaning told Leomon that his friend was about to reach his climax.


            Almost the instant that Leomon thought that, he felt Tiger’s cock stop pulsing and begin to fire his wolf-seed into him, filling the cavity with the hot and creamy liquid. Surprisingly, Leomon found himself coming again, splashing his own seed through his chest fur and all over the ground beneath him. His tail tightened and he shivered, feeling Tiger’s every spurt. As the intensity subsided, both relaxed and laid to the ground; facing each other and kissing each other deeply.


            The silence of the moment did not last long as both warriors simultaneously twitched their ears and sat up to the sense that they were being watched. From out of the brush peered several dozens of eyes; a deep crimson color; with a slight luminescence were blinking at them. Both stood up and growled toward the eyes.


            “Who goes there?” Leomon growled out, reaching for his sword, and realizing by slapping his nude hip that it was on the other shore of the pond.


            Tiger growled. “Whoever it is, leave this place now!” Tiger felt as helpless as his friend as his words fell to seemingly deaf ears, as the eye number gradually increased.


            Both warriors stood back-to-back, and watched the number of eyes around them increase in great numbers very fast. The ruckus that was accumulating was getting on both of their nerves.


            Suddenly, almost like someone had given the order, thousands of small Digimon leaped from the bushes, swarming all over the two nude intruders. Covering their bodies from head to toe as they pinned them down. As the Digimon moved away from their faces, Tiger growled, and Leomon snarled.


            “What are these things?” Tiger asked, looking to his friend out of the corner of his eye.


            “Zukerimon…” Leomon spoke. “Small Digimon who travel in packs of thousands to pin and eventually destroy their prey.


            “Great…” Tiger said sarcastically. “What do we do?”


            “These are obviously not wild Zukerimon…”


            Tiger rolled his eyes. “Oh that made me a lot happier…” He said sarcastically.


            “Their master must be nearby…” Leomon sighed. “But who that is…”


            “That would be me!” A thunderous voice rose from the darkness as a strange creature appeared in the light.


            Both looked in horror at this grotesque creature as it approached. His body was human in some forms; a face, bipedal, male genitalia. The only difference was that tentacles swarmed over him. A grin stuck on his face told the two that they had to get out of there.


            “Hello my friends… what brings the two of you out here?” This creature’s voice sounded raspy, and snaky; bringing chills to both warriors’ spines.


            “What do you want of us?” Tiger growled.


            “Something that you two seem to have plenty of…” He reached down toward Tiger as the Zukerimon scattered from his cock, exposing the meat, still throbbing from its recent excitement, and touched it softly, making Tiger gasp in disgust. The creature moved down even further and licked it with a forked tongue. Tiger growled fiercely and tried to fight it, but could not move as the creature swallowed Tiger’s entire length as the Zukerimon pushed his tail upward, causing him to hump this monster’s mouth; he licked and pulled away, seemingly hungrier than he was before.


            “Who in the hell are you?” Tiger snarled.


            “Explain yourself Digimon!” Leomon chimed in.


            The attacker laughed hard, causing the Zukerimon to press down harder on the other two. “I am not a Digimon… I am not of this world… not of the human world… not of the monster world… My name is Dominak. My sole purpose… my appetite and never ending hunger is the seed of males throughout the universe! Zukerimon are easy to dominate and I use them to find all kinds of male creatures and bring them to me… this oasis is an illusion, set as a trap for lovers to steal from them.” He stopped speaking and grinned. “And you two are rare… sexy specimen. Your seed will be a great addition to my strength!”


            Tiger and Leomon exchanged glances, in their minds they already came up with a plan of action… but knew to wait until Dominak’s defenses were down. Leomon’s blue eyes and Tiger’s dark, passionate eyes, both looked back at Dominak as his eyes glowed down onto them. The tentacles spread from his body as the Zukerimon moved to expose only their loins. As the long tentacles strung themselves along the warriors’ balls and near their tails, the two continued to try and fight to no avail. Suddenly, two sprouts fired from Dominak’s ass, and clamped onto their cocks. These sprouts were purple and translucent, almost totally see-through as they began to throb and pulsate over them. The Zukerimon pushed their legs apart as the tentacles did their work, driving themselves deep into the warriors’ holes. Both groaned loudly as Dominak laughed, feeling victory coming close as he began to take his hand to his cock, jacking it hard. Then, using his tongue, which extended in an instant, he licked at his own tip. As soon as his eyes dropped, the plan was in action.


            “Lightning!” Tiger cried out as electricity shocked from his horns, surging through all the Zukerimon. They did not release, but gave Leomon just enough arm-room.


            “Fist of the Beast King!” He cried, a lion-head energy beam shot from beneath the Zukerimon, destroying those in its path and hitting Dominak, who cried and fell back. Withdrawing the tentacles and spores back to him. The Zukerimon scattered and disappeared.


Tiger sprang through the air and tackled Dominak, covering the creature with bites and scratches and punches. Dominak’s tentacles socked the wolf in the stomach and he held on tighter. “Damn it Leomon! Get your sword! I can’t hold him for long!” He cried, struggling all the more.


Leomon nodded and ran toward the water, sending himself airborne with his powerful legs, he made a two hundred foot jump across the water without getting his feet wet. He landed to a roll, and stopped right next to his sword. Unsheathing it, he glanced back at the struggling duo. “Tiger, get down!” He growled to his friend.


Tiger nodded and ducked, sliding to the ground, and kicking straight up into Dominak’s cock. The creature fell back and saw Leomon, the lion’s crystal-blue eyes gleamed for a split second before he let fly with the sword. Too quick for Dominak to react, he screamed in agony as the sword passed right into his chest, falling back a little way and dropping to his knees, blood pouring from his chest, yet the sword had not penetrated his back.


Tiger stood before the cringing and dying creature, without a word, he grabbed the butt of the sword and pushed hard, sending the blade the rest of the way through. Dominak’s dying screams reverberated across the oasis for a few seconds; then his body slumped to the ground. Tiger had a look of angered relief across his face. “Never mess with a wolf and his mate…” He grunted as he put the sword over his shoulder and began to walk toward Leomon. With a smile shared between the two of them, they both walked out of the oasis together; Leomon’s arm around Tiger’s lower back.


When they were far enough away, the two looked back and saw the oasis begin to break up and disappear, small streams of bubbles flew from where the illusion was, as the oasis soon disappeared completely, staying only as a memory in the two warriors’ minds. The full moon stood behind where the oasis was and the night sky set a romantic mood. The two looked at each other, their clothing disappeared along with the illusion, but neither cared. They kissed deeply in the moonlight, Leomon slightly lifting Tiger off the ground in a passionate moment that would stay forever in both of their minds… never forgotten.