By: Grifter T. Wolf


            "Wolf Claw!!!" Weregarurumon's voice echoed out as he launched an attack at Krakarimon, an evil Digimon with a temper as foul as his odor. The slimy bug-like beast entwined himself into the vaccine-type's attack and began to spin. The attack reflected and hit the werewolf across the face, hurt, he stumbled back as the virus came upon him.


            "You shall die you pathetic worm!" Krakarimon stepped close, his claws extended ready to deliver the final blow.


            Weregarurumon was helpless, his own attack had paralized him, he closed his eyes and awaited the last second of pain. The blow never came, instead, Weregarurumon opened his eyes to see Flamedramon holding the stink-bug's arms in the air. With a throw that looked like no contest, Flamedramon tossed the enemy into the air. Who cried out as the younger Digimon lept into the air, wasting no time he drew back one armor-clawed arm.


            "Fire Rocket!" The armored Digimon cried out as fireballs flew from his hand at the enemy, with a loud crashing sound, the Black Spiral around Krakarimon's arm disintegrated and the momentum of the blast sent him flying out of sight. Flamedramon landed next to his wounded friend. "Are you alright?" He asked in a deep voice to Weregarurumon who was getting up at the time.


            "I'm fine, thanks..." The werewolf stood and brushed himself off a bit, looking at his red-armor-clad friend with a grin and a nod. "What are you doing here? Where are the others?"


            "Davis and the others are resting a couple of miles away. I volunteered to scout the area. Make sure there was no danger for them." Flamedramon smiled regarding Weregarurumon. "I didn't find any until I came across you... not much of a surprise though."


            Weregarurumon laughed in a growling tone. "Well I'm glad to see that you have a sense of humor Flamedramon. Tell me, and do not be offended if this insults you but... why are you so handsome?" Weregarurumon bit his lip saying that, but he had to know what his younger friend's reaction would be.


            Flamedramon simply blushed and smiled, "Why if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to flirt with me."


            Smiling with certainty, Weregarurumon placed a paw on the small of Flamedramon's back, pulling him close. The younger Digimon murred softly nestling into the slightly taller one's grip. "How long have you been... waiting for this?" Flamedramon asked, his semi-nervousness bringing a smile to Weregarurumon's face.


            "Well..." Weregarurumon cleared his throat slightly. "Actually ever since I met you I had a bit of a crush on you. Who would have figured there to be homosexual feelings between Digimon?"


            "Anything's possible." Flamedramon smiled and lightly kissed the wolf on the end of the muzzle.


            The light kiss suddenly escalated to a long one. Flamedramon and Weregarurumon's tongues intertwined in eachother's mouths, the sweet taste as enough to make Flamedramon instantly hard as his cock slid from it's sheath. During the kiss, Weregarurumon had managed to remove Flamedramon's helmet, sending it clanging to the ground. Flamedramon had shed his arm and leg armor and his hands were going along his companion's soft furred chest and sides. With a skilled pair of hands, Flamedramon was able to release the belt and button from Weregarurumon's pants, the slight, almost arousing sound that followed was that of the pants' zipper slowly sliding down it's four inches to the end.


            The two broke their kiss and Flamedramon moved downward, licking along Weregarurumon's chest and stomach until reaching his pants. Softly and slowly, Flamedramon pulled on his wolfy friend's pants and dropped them to his ankles, as he stepped out of them, Flamedramon moved toward the older Digimon's member, which was already hard and ready. He suckled on his friend's balls, slowly and softly taking each onto his mouth. Using his tongue, the firey dragon made Weregarurumon moan loudly in almost a roar type of tone.


            Smiling, Flamedramon moved up Weregarurumon's shaft, darting his tongue around the tip, much to the pleasent moaning of his partner. When Flamedramon felt the wolf's claws touch his head, he moved in and ingested the cock. Weregarurumon nearly howled, feeling his younger friend's warm and moist mouth wrap around his exposed meat. Precome slightly trickled into the mouth of Flamedramon, but he didn't care, he loved the salty taste and lapped it as he sucked. The pure excitement was sending trickles of pre down the dragon's thighs as well, and feeling that drove him into extacy. Flamedramon's claws climbed Weregarurumon's chest and stomach, sending ripples of pleasure right to his friend who began to growl as he closed his eyes. The savage nature of a Garurumon was untamed, if he was driven by primal forces, unpredictable things would happen.


            Suddenly, and almost without warning, Weregarurumon grappled Flamedramon's shoulders and forced him in on his cock almost choking him. But Flamedramon immediately followed the leader and began to moan, sending a cooling vibration into the wolf cock. It was almost immediate that Weregarurumon forced Flamedramon to the ground, almost caught off-guard, the young dragon felt the sensation of his friend's cock touching his tail hold, his tail being held in the air. Weregarurumon slowly pressed into his blue friend who moaned in a passionate wave of pleasure. Weregarurumon's huge cock pressed hard against Flamedramon's ass as it finally all was inserted. Then, using one claw to hold Flamedramon's tail, and the other placed on his shoulder, Weregarurumon began grunting, pushing himself into his friend, a lot of precome slighly splashing inside.


            Flamedramon was lost in pleasure, and instinctively began to push his tail against the movement of the wolf's hard cock. The increasing pressure built up fast and Weregarurumon suddenly pulled Flamedramon EXTREMELY close as he tossed his head back and howled loudly, flooding the dragon's insides with his seed, now sitting almost vertical on Weregarurumon's exploding guyser Flamedramon felt the warm liquid harder than ever! He let out a loud roar and suddenly shot off into the air, soaking his own chest and shooting into the distance as well. The two kept shooting and thrusting for about a minute before they both relaxed slightly and layed down on the soft soil. Soon after, Weregarurumon helped Flamedramon clean up by licking off the cum. Flamedramon laughed due to the fact that Weregarurumon's tongue tickled!


            The sun was setting as Veemon and Gabumon returned to the camp. Matt was as glad to see his old friend as Davis was glad to see his new friend. And throughout the night, the two kept a close watch on eachother, waiting for their next chance to digivolve and mate yet again.