By Grifter T. Wolf


            Thunder and lightning crashed through the night sky as the heavens poured rain to the Digital World like never before. Growlmon sat shivering in a cave alone. The pounding thunder and roaring rain keeping him awake and frightened. A young Digimon, the red lizard was unsure of himself when not around his tamer, Takoto. But when they had seperated a few hours before, it was with the intent of a hasty return. But when the storm rose, Growlmon figured that his friends must have sought shelter near if not in the town they had gone to.


            "Takoto...." Growlmon said softly, as lightning struck again, very close by, sending shivers down the reptile's spine. He was frightened, but did not show it very well... his nievity seemed to be this Digimon's only fault. Even in the depths of the Digital World, he could not be considred much of an adult in his mind... he would always be a young Digimon, in training.


            As another lightning bolt struck, Growlmon thought for a moment. "What if Takoto is stranded in this strange storm? What if he is hurt and needs me.... I must go to him..." He made his way from the cave, and made it nearly fifty yards before he saw a sudden flash of light directly above him, it blinded him for a moment, and then he realized his senses suddenly died... he slept......


            As Growlmon began to move again, he could get the sensation that someone else was next to him. He opened his eyes and saw a blurry figure hovering just above him. Growlmon tried to speak, but the words only came out as a soft moan... pain was powerful through his body now... even the slightest movement made it seem like he was being drilled by a hundred Kuagamon. He suddenly heard a calm voice soothing him. A male's voice that seemed to reach into his mind and tell him to relax.


            "You are hurt, friend.... rest now." He said as the Digimon once again fell into a deep sleep.


            Daylight's glare awoke Growlmon a second time. This time, he was able to get a better view of his surroundings. He was in a larger cave than he was in the night before, the moss growing on the walls was thicker and a little more lush, as the ground was patched with grass and dirt, as the other had been covered with gravel. Much more of a homey place than the other one. As Growlmon moved, he realized his pains were gone. As he sat up, he looked around, the dawn's light was peering through the door of the cave as it seemed to face the eastern horizon. The sounds of the ocean crashing into rocks near the cave told him that he was on the coast. A good twenty miles from where the cave was the night before. But what had happened to him? And who had brought him here?

            A large, grey paw resting on his shoulders answered that question as the reptile looked up behind him and saw the kind face of Zudomon standing before him.  His friendly dog-like face, glancing down upon him with large blue eyes.


            "I hope you are doing well..." He spoke softly.


            Growlmon could not help but take in the Ultimate's form, a muscled and lean body towered before him. His smooth, grey skin just attractive to the young lizard. He fought his urge to just touch it as he moved to stand up. But suddenly realizing that he had been aroused simply by looking at Zudomon, he remained seated, covering his member carefully as Zudomon sat in a seat next to the bed. "What happened?" Growlmon spoke as gruffly as he could, but with his voice, came out more of a squeak than anything.


            Zudomon chuckled at the false intimidation and leaned in a little. Relaxing in his seat. "You were struck by lightning, I saw you go down and rushed to help you. I couldn't do a thing with the cave you had been staying in, so I brought you here and took care of you."


            The younger Digimon perked his ears up. "How did you know I was staying in that cave?" He inquired, cocking his head slightly at the larger Digimon who's eyes broke contact quickly and he coughed.


            "Well... I was just in the neighborhood and well... oh damn..." His voice trailed off, and he glanced back at the lizard. "Alright, I can't lie all that well so I'm gonna tell you flat out. I had been watching you for the last few days. I find you quite attractive and well... I was just enjoying being hard as a rock toward you... I'm surprised you didn't hear rustling in the leaves from me pawing off as much as I did."


            Growlmon chuckled a little, his face now dawning a distinct blush. "I thank you for saving me. I had heard stories, but never really knew how attractive you were until now.


            Zudomon smiled and blushed as well, leaning in close to Growlmon's maw. "Who could love a silly walrus-face like mine?"


            Growlmon and Zudomon met noses, and entwined themselves into a passionate kiss. The red lizard running his paws behind the Ultimate Digimon's neck, pulling him close and tight. His exposed meat flagged high into the cool air. Zudomon pulled the younger Digimon over to him and rested him onto his lap, his monstrous cock touching Growlmon's. The young Digimon was simply consumed with pleasure and trailed his claws along the larger Digimon's chest flaunting them across the large meat between them, fondling Zudomon's shaft and balls softly.

            Zudomon growled in pleasure trailing his own paws along Growlmon's back and over his rump, massaging the tail and cheeks softly. Running his paws over Growlmon's tight pucker, Zudomon could feel the young lizard shiver with exitement. His own cock throbbed hard at the feeling, and he slowly pressed his paw against the hole. Going in very little at first. Growlmon moaned in Zudomon's mouth, proving that this warrior was submissive at heart. Slowly, but steadily, Zudomon pressed his entire finger deep within the burning heat of Growlmon's ass. Growlmon's tail flagged high and he broke the kiss, gasping loudly and pressing himself against Zudomon's knuckle. Zudomon took his other paw and ran it over Growlmon's slightly extended, but overall rounded tummy. Growmon rumbled from deep in his chest  as he leaned up into the rubbing. Promptly, the Ultimate Digimon removed his finger from its burrowed spot and pressed his paw on Growlmon's rump, pulling him close. As Growlmon lifted a little, Zudomon ran his tongue softly and tenderly along the surprisingly thick meat. Tasting the lizard's sex and pre, slickening the shaft with a tantalizing, glistening sight and smell.

            He ran his paw over his own cock and grabbed it, angling it as best as he could, and lowering Growlmon onto the tip. Growlmon slightly winced as the tip met the center of his ass and began to make its way in, but his cock throbbed vividly, showing how he didn't seem to feel any pain as the enormous meat slowly slid into him. After a few inches, the bulging, swelling cock slid easily the rest of the way into the small lizard and both felt a powerful sense of arousal and attraction. Growlmon from feeling the hard cock throbbing in him, filling his cavity with pre, and Zudomon from feeling the hot furnace that was his new mate's ass. Both let out a sigh of pleasure as Growlmon's rump rested happily on Zudomon's lap.

            In an inate sense of instinct, Zudomon began to lift his mate slightly and hump deep into him. His cock now nicely working up the now-loosened tail, pre slickening things to make it more enjoyable for both. Growlmon also moved up and down, his pre-covered cock rubbing along Zudomon's chest as their pace quickened, both males beginning to grunt heavily in each other's company. Growlmon's heavy sack slapping on Zudomon's belly and Zudomon getting faster and faster with the fury of sex.

            Almost on cue, as the ocean's highest point hit the rocks below, sending waves of splashing water near the mouth of the cave, Growlmon cried out and tossed his head back as ribbons of his pearly-white seed ejected from him. More intense than anything the young Digimon had ever felt, his seed sprayed wildly, covering himself and Zudomon in his hot cum. His ass-muscles throbbed in time with the pulsing of his cock. Zudomon was consumed by lust as he licked the seed, and suddenly fired off himself. Deeply roaring as he fired his load into Growlmon. Pulsing his liquid deep into the young Digimon, filling him so much that seed poured from the sides of the extended hole and dripped onto the floor. Through the intensity of the throbbing, Growlmon somehow managed to cum again, not as fiercely, but his seed still managed to hit Zudomon's chest, he leaned forward and groaned loudly as he spewed more seed out, completely draining himself.

            Zudomon smiled softly as his pulsing settled, and kissed the exhausted younger Digimon deeply. The kiss was returned most thankfully, and the two moved to the bed, lying in eachother's afterglow. Basking in the beauty of their new found love, they closed their eyes and slept for a few hours before returning to the cave where Zudomon had found him the night before.


            As Growlmon saw Takoto and the others arrive looking for him, he sighed and looked to his love. "Will you come with me?" He asked softly to the Ultimate Digimon.


            Zudomon sadly shook his head to the young one. "You have your destiny to fill, love. But know now that the bonds we share will go wherever you go. I will always love you deeply."


            Growlmon did not understand that as well as he thought he should, but it sounded romantic to him. He smiled and kissed Zudomon deeply. Zudomon kissed back and hugged him one more time before sending the young lizard on his way.


            Neither knew when Growlmon's journey would be over, but their mating would have to wait until it was. Takoto and the other Digidestined would not understand such a relationship. But their bonds of love would always remain strong in their hearts.