In a cave or When cuteness collides



Caution: This Story is rated NC-17 and should not be viewed by persons under 18 years. It contains Yaoi (gay) sex including two male Digimon. You have been warned.


Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Digimon and all characters are © Toei Animations.



“Davis! Wake up!” Veemon whispered into his human partner’s ear who was still sleeping. “Davis? Davis!” The little dragon raised his voice but the young digidestined didn’t even move his head. Veemon sighed softly and grabbed Davis at his shoulders and started to shake him slightly. “Wake up, Davis! You promised me that we’ll go in the digital world today! Davis!” The tiny Digimon nearly shouted into Daisuke’s ear when the digidestined opened his eyes slowly. The brown-haired Japanese yawned and looked at his Digimon, then at his watch and again at Veemon. “Huh? Veemon, it’s 8 o’clock! Why don’t you get back into your part of my bed and…” “Your Mum already made a huge food parcel for us!” Veemon said, interrupting Davis rudely. Daisuke was completely dressed and showed no sign of tiredness about 15 seconds later. “Why didn’t you say that earlier?” The blue dragon sighed and shook his head in slight disbelief but he smiled when Davis took his Digivice and held it in front of his computer. “Digi-Port open!” Veemon stepped quickly beside Davis when a sudden flash of light was emitted by the computer screen. When it subsided Veemon and his partner were gone…


~2 hours later~


“Do you know where we are, Veemon?” Davis asked. “Not at all, Davis!” Veemon sighed and twitched with his shoulders almost like a human. “Great! No one knows where we have gone and now we got lost! Great timing!” Veemon nodded and sighed softly. “I’m hungry, Davis! Let’s rest for a while!” Davis sat down on the soft ground and smiled happily. He was about to open their food parcel when suddenly a cry sounded through the air. “HELP!” Without wasting time the digidestined and his partner jumped on their feet and ran at the crier’s direction. When both of them broke through the undergrowth they startled in big surprise. A well-known dragon-like Digimon with blue skin stood right in the middle of a small clearing within the forest. Davis asked himself how his Veemon could reach the clearing earlier than himself but then he realized that there were actually TWO Veemon. But the other one was not alone there. Several evil-looking Dokunemon, little caterpillars that attacked with quite strong thunderbolts, surrounded the helpless little dragon, attempting to attack him. “Ok, Veemon…Umm…my Veemon…teach those Digimon a lesson!” Davis said and took his D-terminal out of his jacket. “Digi-Armor energize!” The small device started to glow when it released a reddish digiegg with a spike on its top that was necessary to digivolve. “Veemon armor-digivolve to Flamedramon, fire of courage!” Davis’ partner didn’t waste any time and instantly attacked the mean-looking Dokunemon. “Fire Rocket!” Flamedramon summoned several fire balls which headed for their targets. Each of the small caterpillars were hit by one of them but there were far too many evil Digimon. Flamedramon tried to dodge their attacks but the thunderbolts which were released by the Dokunemon were far too fast for the fiery dragon. “Flamedramon…they’re too many! I’ll send an email to the others! Try to hide somewhere!” Flamedramon nodded when he heard Davis’ words and grabbed Veemon at his waist and ran as fast as he could into the dense forest, leaving Davis and the evil Dokunemon behind him… 


Flamedramon looked at his “roommate” who rested against his belly. “Thank god that we found this cave. Those Dokunemon weren’t fast enough to catch us but it’ll be better if we stay here until Davis arrives with the other digidestined.” He watched Veemon’s chest rise when he breathed and sighed softly. “It looks like he fell asleep…” he thought. The fiery dragon leaned against the cool wall behind him and shivered slightly. He glanced at Veemon because he was afraid that he accidentally woke him up but the little Digimon still slept peacefully. But Flamedramon noticed that the tiny one was shivering too, because of the ice-cold air within the cave. Suddenly he got an idea. “Wait a second! I attack with fire blasts…I just have to shoot some of them against a wall to heat it up! Then it’ll be a little more comfortable!” He nodded at himself and raised one of his claws, pointing at the wall just in front of him. “Fire Rocket!” he whispered. Several little fire balls were released and headed for their target. They hit the wall which started to gloom slightly and a welcome warmth filled the cave slowly. Flamedramon noticed that Veemon wasn’t shivering any more and smiled happily. He slowly removed his helmet and his armored claws, sending them on the ground with a soft “clonk”. The fiery dragon sighed and placed his hands on his neck, leaning again against the wall. He closed his eyes and relaxed slightly, trying to get some sleep.


Suddenly Flamedramon heard a soft murmur followed by a slight moan. He lifted his eyelids and looked at the sleeping Veemon. The little dragon murmured again something and turned his head slowly from one side to the other. Flamedramon bent over and placed his left ear next to Veemon’s muzzle, trying to understand what he said. “Uhh…Flamedramon! You’re so handsome…” Veemon moaned seductively. Flamedramon’s eyes opened widely but then he smiled again. “He just dreams!” he whispered and stroked his charge’s head slightly. He felt Veemon’s body shiver when he touched his soft skin and another small moan left his muzzle. Veemon shifted his position again and turned around, now lying face down on Flamedramon’s belly. The fiery dragon started to sweat when he realized that the smaller Digimon was lying right in front of his crotch, blowing his hot breath right onto his hidden sheath. The hot air caressed Flamedramon at his most sensitive area, eliciting a soft moan from him. The armored Digimon blushed deeply when he felt his blood rush into his covered prick, causing him to grow quickly. He threw his head back and moaned loudly when the next breath touched his emerging cock. “God! What a feeling!” Flamedramon groaned.


“I hoped that you would like it!” Veemon said and opened his eyes, smiling seductively. He grabbed Flamedramon’s already exposed member with a hand and squeezed it slightly, sending shivers of pleasure through his “guardian’s” body. “You…Uhh…weren’t sleeping?” the fiery dragon moaned. “Oh, actually I was sleeping but when you touched my head I woke up…” Veemon said while he stroked Flamedramon’s stiff prick by moving his claw up and down on the warm shaft. The armored Digimon groaned and grabbed Veemon’s ears, tugging on them slightly. The smaller dragon’s other hand rubbed over Flamedramon’s belly, feeling the tender blue skin under his fingers. Veemon stuck his tongue out of his muzzle and bent over, placing his mouth right in front of his lover’s crotch. He pressed his tongue on Flamedramon’s exposed balls and licked at them vigorously, taking one after another into his mouth. Veemon sucked on both of them, enjoying their taste and their smooth surface. The sensation almost overwhelmed Flamedramon, causing him to shout out a cry of pleasure that sounded through the whole cave. He felt his large meat throb of anticipation while Veemon’s skilled tongue slowly made its way up to his stiff shaft. The tiny dragon smiled when he heard the cry and licked at the pulsating adders on his lovers cock. His tongue swirled over the tasty piece of prick, reaching its tip. Glancing lustfully at Flamedramon, Veemon opened his muzzle widely and engulfed as much of the hot meat as he could. Flamedramon’s claws let go of Veemon’s ears and dug into the soft ground when he felt the moist cave that enveloped his throbbing member.


The tiny dragon twisted his skilled tongue around his “guardian’s” exposed flesh. His lips slowly worked their way up and down on Flamedramon’s shaft, making him shiver in arousal. The fiery dragon’s moans got louder and more intense while he started to hump the skilled mouth that was caressing him. Every time when Veemon’s lips moved upwards Flamedramon’s hips rocked downwards to enjoy the pleasure to the full. The taller Digimon whined when Veemon suddenly stopped his sucking and let go of his throbbing meat, gasping for breath. “Your turn!” Veemon managed to say when he leaned against the wall like Flamedramon did before. He felt a rather large claw sliding over his chest, touching his nipples softly. It moved downwards, exploring the tender flesh under its fingers, and slowly made its way to Veemon’s crotch. The small Digimon gasped when the claw reached his most sensitive area, grabbing the rock-hard cock instantly. Moving his hand like Veemon did before, Flamedramon bent over and laid his head on the smaller one’s belly, right in front of the throbbing prick that he just was caressing.


He stuck out his tongue and gave Veemon’s cock an inviting lick, causing him to moan like crazy. Without wasting too much time, Flamedramon opened his muzzle widely and wrapped his hot lips around Veemon’s member, replacing his claw with them. As soon as he engulfed as much of the stiff prick as he could he started to bob his head up and down vigorously. Making Veemon to groan out in extreme pleasure, the fiery dragon slowly licked at the tip of the aroused flesh within his mouth using his rough tongue. Suddenly the small Digimon grabbed Flamedramon’s head, forcing him to increase his bobbing speed. “Uhh…yes…faster…harder…HARDER!” Veemon cried out and dug his sharp finger nails deep into the armored dragon’s head who didn’t even notice the sharp pain. He just stopped his caress for an instant when he stuck one of his hands into his mouth, covering it with saliva. Then he continued quickly to suck on the tasty piece of aroused flesh that throbbed in anticipation. Without stopping his movements, both of his claws moved between Veemon’s thighs. The dry one groped his exposed balls and fondled them softly by squeezing them slightly. The other one reached Veemon’s short tail, grabbing it tightly, and slowly worked its way up to the base where it rubbed over the tight hole.


Veemon groaned in pain and pleasure when a single finger was stuck into his opening. His muscles clenched around it when it was pushed deeper into his interior. Flamedramon grinned when he felt some soft shivers of pleasure that waved through Veemon’s whole body. A few moments later a second and a third finger joined the first one, causing the small Digimon to moan and groan like he had never before. “Ohhh…yes…that feels so gooooooood!” As if those words were a sign for Flamedramon he started to thrust into Veemon, trying not to hurt him with his sharp nails. His head was still bobbing up and down the little dragon’s hot meat when he felt it twitch within his hungry muzzle. Flamedramon realized what was about to happen and stopped with his gentle caresses instantly, let go of the tasty cock within his mouth and pulled his fingers out of Veemon’s tight passage, looking lustfully into his charge’s eyes. They knew exactly what they thought and grinned at each other. “Turn around!” Flamedramon whispered and watched Veemon while he shifted his position so his back faced his lover who instantly knelt behind him.


The fiery dragon grabbed Veemon’s short tail and lifted it slightly, exposing his tail hole. He grabbed his own still hard member and pointed with it at the inviting entrance right in front of him. The smaller Digimon shivered in anticipation when the tip of Flamedramon’s cock touched its target, rubbing over it softly. The slight rubs at his tail base drove him crazy and his instincts overwhelmed his weakened will. Suddenly he lunged backwards and forced himself back onto Flamedramon’s waiting cock, clenching his muscles around it while the fiery Digimon still sat on his lower legs. Veemon cried out in delight when he felt the fiery dragon’s member entering slowly, exploring his interior with his rather large prick. Inch by inch disappeared into the Rookie-Digimon hungry hole while both lovers moaned and groaned like they never had before. When their smooth-skinned sacks touched each other Veemon grabbed Flamedramon’s neck to support his position. It almost looked like Veemon floated right in front of Flamedramon but the taller dragon wrapped his arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. He pulled his cock almost completely out of his lover and entered him again slowly but then he lost control about his instincts. Almost without a warning Flamedramon started to thrust vigorously into Veemon who moaned in pure pleasure. Several pushes later a single thrust battered against the smaller Digimon’s prostate, sending him over the edge. “Ohhh…yessssssssss!” he hissed. His whole body tensed up and relaxed in quick succession when the first wave of his orgasm rushed through him. His rather large cock started to twitch crazily and suddenly Veemon could feel a pressure building within his testicles. After the second wave hit the tiny dragon his white and sticky semen spurted out of his prick, spilling right onto the ground in front of him.


When Flamedramon felt the little dragon tense up and relax again his own climax rushed through his sweating body. “Oh my Goooooooooooood!” he moaned loudly when his own white stuff splashed into Veemon’s moist interior. Shot after shot of the hot fluid spilled into him, covering his guts completely. The smaller Digimon threw his head back and groaned at the feeling while Flamedramon didn’t stop his thrusting. Each of his movements got slower and slower and stopped finally when the last wave of pleasure shot through them. The fiery dragon hugged his lover tightly until the last shot of their sticky fluids spilled out of their twitching cocks, panting because of the exhaustion. They nearly passed out when their arousal subsided but both smiled.


“That was…Umm…intense” Flamedramon whispered after a quick glance at the small puddle of Veemon’s white semen. The small dragon chuckled slightly and gave his lover a soft kiss. “Yeah…we should do that again” he smiled. “Flamedramon? Veemon? Are you in here?” a voice sounded through the cave. “That’s Davis!” Flamedramon sighed happily when he suddenly realized that his softening prick still was buried with the smaller Digimon interior! He gave Veemon a soft push so that he had to stand up. “Yes, Davis! We’re here!” the fiery dragon shouted, removing quickly all signs that could show his human partner what just happened…