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Title: Not Just A Senior On Soccer

"Ah...Daisuke...I can hardly...hold it any longer..."
"Neither do I can, V-mon...OH...I'm ready to cum..."
"Just shoot inside me as you like...and, please forgive me when I cum over you..."
"Why you think that I'd mind......OH! THERE V-MON~~~CUMMING~~~"
"ah...Thanks V-mon, for letting me release my desire on you."Daisuke still lying down, breathing heavily after his great time with Veemon. 
"Come on Daisuke. Don't say something like this. I just try to help you. Actually, I think you should go and tell Ken about you feeling on him."
"I know, I know. I also would like to tell him, but...I'm afraid that he can't accept that I'm gay..."
"Why would you think that before you try?"
"I just afraid of being refused. I...have only having sex with you, but I haven't try that with any other boy. I afraid what I do will make Ken hate me..."
"Daisuke, TRUST yourself. Everything have a first time. If you want to learn that first, maybe you can go and find Taichi."
"...what make you so surprised? Taichi is your senior. He probably would teach you something."
"You think Taichi would have sex with another boy?"
"Why not. Agumon told me that he did."
"Surprised me..." "Everything is possible. Have a nice bath and sleep. Let's find him tomorrow..."
"Coming...Oh! It's you Daisuke." "Hello, Taichi."
"I'm sorry but Hikari is out with Takeru. They went to the new amusement park this morning."
"Ah...I'm not come for Hikari today."
"Oh...surprised me...so, what you come for today?"
"I have something...would like to ask you."
"Oh! Please come in then. Want anything to drink with?"
"Hmmm...Do you have beer?"
Taichi laughs. "What? You must be kidding. Both of us are too young to drink beer."
"I know...But...I think it would be better to ask you my question after drinking beer..."
"Why? Hey, you haven't told me your question yet."

Daisuke blushes. "Emmm...Can you let me know feeling of having sex with another guy...?"
"...Can you say it again? I want to comfirm what I heard..."
"Can you...make love with me...now...?"
Taichi blushes too. "Is this the reason you come today? Why me?"
"V-mon told me to come. He said that Agumon told him you have the experience on having sex with another boy. I would like to learn how to make love with another boy...I don't want to frighten Ken..."
Both of them silent down. Finally, Taichi breaks the silence...

"You...really wanna try?" Taichi walks towards Daisuke.
"Yes. Can you..." Daisuke's sentence is stopped by Taichi's deep kiss.
Taichi breaks the kiss. "Answered you?" "...Thank you Taichi."
They kiss again, stretch their tongue into the other's mouth.
Meanwhile, Taichi holds Daisuke, leads him to his room, lies him down to his bed.
Taichi breaks the kiss again, starts to remove their clothes. Both of them are naked now.
Taichi starts to lick Daisuke, from his ears, neck, nipples, abdomen, to his crotch.
Daisuke can't stop himself from moaning. Taichi has a really formidable tongue, gives Daisuke very great pleasure.
Taichi suddenly tures himself to a 69 position. "Follow me. Let me know how much you learn."
They starts sucking on each other's hard rod. Both are now going nearer and nearer to their own climax.
Their mouths are too busy to moan. Not long later, their orgasm explodes and fills each other's mouths with their sperm.
Happily, they swallom the white liquid down their throat.

They breath heavily. Then, Taichi changes his position again.
"Somemore greater experience is following. Ready?"Daisuke nods.
Taichi separates Daisuke's legs wide. "Put up with the pain."
He slowly inserts his fingers into Daisuke's butt hold. One finger at first, then two, lastly three.
Daisuke can feel the pleasure has overcome the pain. "I'm ready."
"Alright. Here we go." Taichi pulls back out his fingers, and pushes his member inside.
He starts to pump in and out. Firstly at a low speed, bit by bit pumping faster.
Both of them groan in great pleasure.
Daisuke still not satisfy. He holds his own member tightly, and starts masturbating himself.
Soon, they were conquered by their climax. Taichi filled Daisuke's rectum with his cum, and Daisuke shoots his cum all over his chest.

"...Now...you...understand...how to...do so?"
"Yes...It's quite...similar to...having sex with...V-mon...but it's even...greater..."
"Hey...you had had sex with V-mon...then why should you find me..."
"I just...want to know...if there is any great difference..."
"So now you have the experience on having sex with other boy."
"Yeah, V-mon."
"So, what you need now is the courage to tell Ken you love him. Do you have the courage?"
"Don't you know why I have the Digimental of Courage? I'd go NOW."
"Don't forget to thank your good senior if you succeed."
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