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Taichi and Zeromaru. The Best partner, the Best Friend.

by GPTK.


(original part)

Holy Angemon,"Taichi and Zeromaru, huh...0 and 1 are the foundation of the Digital World. They can keep it in order or plunge it into disorder...How symbolic..."

Taichi,"All right, let's go get this Demon!!"(till here)


Holy Angemon,"You don't have to go right now. You still have a bit time, and Gabo need some rest too. You better stay here tonight, and have enough rest first. To ensure you are in your best state."

Zero,"Taichi?" Taichi,"...alright, so is there any room for us?"

Gabo,"Follow me."


After they have settled themselves. Gabo and Zeromaru go for a walk in the castle.

Gabo,"Hey, Zero. When did you meet Taichi the first time?"

Zero,"I can't remember...Just can tell you that's a long time. Since then till now, he is my only and greatest Tamer. He's my best friend."

Gabo,"I think Holy Angemon take him in the Digital World happened not longer than three days before..."

Zero,"Hey, you ask me the first time since my birth."

Gabo,"Whatever...You and Taichi are always best friend?"

Zero,"Of course."

Gabo,"Well, I'll see...I think it's time for me to sleep. Seeya."

Zero,"Good Night." Zeromaru waits till Gabo walks back to his own room, and then he goes back to Taichi's room.


Zero,"Taichi, I'm back...uh? Where he goes...?"

Seems that Taichi isn't in his room...

Zeromaru walks around the room, checking that if Taichi has left a note or what...

Suddenly, he hears a soft moan from the bathroom in the room.

The door of the bathroom isn't locked.


Zeromaru opens the door. He sees something he didn't think he would see...



Taichi's eyes are closed. He doesn't notice that Zero has just come in.

He is completely naked, sitting in the bathtub.

His left fore and middle fingers are pumping in and out his butt slowly, while his right hand is jerking his rock hard member quickly.

Moaning comes out from his mouth intermittently.



Taichi is shocked as Zero calls him again. He looks at Zero. His face becomes very red.


"Ze...Zero...?...When did...you...you come back...?"

"Not long ago...Ah...Taichi, why are you...are you...masturbating youself here...?"

Taichi just sitting there, doesn't really know how to answer...

"I...I...I just...suddenly got...got the...the desire......ah, no...ah..."

Zeromaru looks at the blushed Taichi, suddenly he gets an idea.

He walks to Taichi, kneels outside the bathtub by him...


Suddenly he stretches his right arm and holds Taichi's erection.


"Why you didn't think to tell your best friend that you would like to have sex? I'd be glad to help you..."

Zero starts stroking Taichi's slowly, speeds up bit by bit.

Taichi moans loudly as Zero's big claw giving him so much pleasure.

Zero uses his left hand to fondle Taichi's ball at the same time, feeling how they are about to pump out the sperm.



Taichi shouts out as his orgasm comes and starts shooting his cum all over his chest.

Taichi just can sit there and breathes heavily, while Zeromaru is happily licking the cum off his chest.



"What a good 'hand job' I ever have."

Zero smiles and asks,"So, how would you repay me for the good 'hand job'?"

"Ha...I think I know your purpose now, you little naught digimon."

"Whatever, the point is,'what are you going to do as my reward?'"

"Sit on the edge of the bathtub, and I'll give that to you." "Okay..."


Zeromaru settles himself carefully on the edge of the bathtub.

Taichi quickly moves his lips to Zero's crotch, uses his lips to cover his now, hard cock.

"Oh~~~a 'blow job'? Hope it's good enough as a reward to me."

Taichi looks up and smiles,"You'll see." lows back down his head and starts licking the head of Zero's member.


After several minutes sucking and licking, Zeromaru can feel his climax comes nearer and nearer.

"Wow~~~I didn't ever think that you have such a skillful mouth~I think I'm about to cum."

Taichi leaves Zero's member as he heard this.


"Ng...? Why you stop?"

Taichi  smiles slyly,"I want to try something I never try before."

Taichi positions himself above Zero's erection.

"Hey,Taichi...are you sure? I think mine is a bit too big to you..."

"Well...a bit pain, I can bear..." Taichi slowly sits onto Zero's member...


"Oh~~~seems that's just fit..."

"Ah~~~how tight your butt is~~~what a wonderful feeling~~~"

Taichi starts pumping himself on Zero's. Starts from a low speed, slowly speeds up...

Both of their orgasm grow nearer and nearer. Both of them groan loudly.



Just a last pump, Zero's climax explodes and shoots all his sperm inside Taichi.

The sudden warmth in the rectum also takes Taichi to a second orgasm, and starts cuming onto both of their chest and stomach.


Zeromaru holds Taichi tight and gives him a kiss on his forehead slightly.

"Thank you for the great reward."

Taichi smiles back,"Thank you for your great jerking too, best friend."

"How about a nice shower together now?"

"Good, then we'll sleep together too,shan't we?"

"Of course, my best partner, my best friend!"



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