Another Tamers fiction.

Well, I really like impmon, beelzebmon as well. (or maybe I can use "love" as the word)

I try my best to finish this. Hope it's not too bad.



I Don't Need A Friend

by GPTK.




Guilmon,"Yeah~Takato wins again~"

Kenta,"Ahhh...This shouldn't happen!"

Hirokazu,"Hey, you said you would win! Now, I lose Takato my chips. How can you compensate that!?"

Kenta,"How about me! I lose my chips as well!"

Takato," I can have the chips with Guilmon~"

The kids are betting on the chips they bought by having a card game in the park again...


"Look how boring you are. Betting on chips? What a stupid game."

Takato,"Who's that?"

Guilmon,"Ah! It's Impmon. Hey! Impmon, come and join us~"

Impmon,"NO! NEVER! YOU FOOL! I never play with you kids anymore! You kids are absolutely symbolization of foolish and repugnant! Damn you rubbish! Stop your unacceptable silly game in front of me!"

Hirokazu,"Hey, I hate your language!"

Kenta,"You should not have said these!"

Impmon,"What I'm Going To Say Is None Of Your Business!!!"

Quickly Impmon shoots his Night of Fire towards Hirokazu and Kenta.


Guilmon,"Impmon, stop that! I'm going to be angry with you."

Impmon,"So What!"

Another Night of Fire quickly shoots out and lands on Guilmon's tail.

Guilmon,"Yeeeeelllll~THAT'S HOT~!" Guilmon escapes from Takato's sight.



Impmon,"Ha! Now, it's your turn."

Takato,"Please stop that, Impmon. You should not do this to me, as well as my friends."

Impmon,"HA! You must be joking. What's the point of having a friend. Only weak guys need friends. I'm strong enough and I don't need a friend.Talking about Friends with me is useless."

Takato,"No, friends are not only for weak guys. Friends share happiness, sadness and everything. Everyone should have friends. Someone without a friend can never enjoy the happiest time in one's life."

Impmon,"What a funny joke. Okay, if that's what you think, then show me."


Impmon,"Show me the happiest time you said you fool! Or I will burn you into a toast bread, if you fail to show me."

Takato,"What if I succeed to show you?"

Impmon,"Then I promise you I'll not attack any of your friends anymore."

Takato,"Alright. Then follow me."


Impmon,"Don't tell me that you think playing in the amusement park together with your friends is the happiest time in your life."

Takato,"Don't you think so?"

Impmon,"What do you want me to say? I can only say, this is the most boring activity I have ever tried."

Takato,"Then...How about we having lunch together in the hut in the park?"

Impmon,"Well...Not a bad idea. I feel hungry now. Let's see..."


"People say that Sharing gives you happiness.",Takato says, handing Impmon half of his bread.

Impmon takes the bread and swallows quickly,"I'd be more happy if I can have the whole."

Takato,"Errrr...You are just different from ordinary people..."


Impmon,"You Fool! I cannot put up with your stupid actions anymore! I give you a last chance. This time, if you can't let me feel the happiest time in my life, you are going to eat my fire!"

Takato starts to be scared now. Impmon really enjoy doing everything his own. How can he pleasure Impmon?

(Takato: God...Maybe...I have to try the way I did with Guilmon...)

Impmon,"What Takes You So Long!? Be Quic..." Impmon is interrupted by Takato with a, Kiss.


Impmon,"Hey! What are you trying to do!?"

Takato,"Trying to use my last method, let you feel the greatest pleasure you can have from a 'Friend'."

Takato grabs Impmon's arms, leading him to remove his own shirt.

Impmon,"Well, I'd see you can really do so."

Impmon returns a kiss to Takato, after he has finished his work on Takato's shirt, and starting to work on his pants.

Takato isn't just sitting there, but using his hands to stroke Impmon chest, slowly sliding to his groin, till his hard, dark purple member stretchs out.

Takato,"Wow! I didn't think that you had such a big thing!"

"Yours is not too bad as well." says Impmon, who has already remove Takato's briefs, staring his now-hard-cock.


Takato leans down,"Now, enjoy your time!"

He gives the hard member a long lick, which make Impmon calls out "Wow~quite amazing~"

Takato continues his licking, till the member is totally covered with his saliva, and starts to suck it gently.

Moans escape from Impmon's lips unceasingly.

Saliva landing on his ball gives him really good feeling.

Takato can feel that precum is dripping out from the tip of the member.

Takato takes his mouth away from the throbbing rod.

"Hmmm? Why do you stop?" Impmon asks in a bit disappointed.

"I want to make sure that you get the greatest pleasure, prevent you from retort." answers Takato.

He takes the wet member in his hand, and points it towards his back entrance.

Quickly Takato sits on it, which makes Impmon groans loudly as the muscles of the anus tighten around his precum-dripping member.

Takato moans as well while Impmon's big hard rod in his ass gives him much pleasure.

They are both in heaven when Takato starts to pump up and down in a perfect rhythm.

The loud groan can even be heard outside the hut.


Time passes by.

Impmon can feel that something is going to explode inside him, as well as Takato.

He thrusts his thigh forward, make a last deepest pump.


Impmon finally reaches his orgasm and shoots his sticky cum deep into Takato.

The warmth and the momentum of Impmon's milky semen just hits the prostate of Takato perfectly and sends him to the edge. He reach his climax too.

Takato cries out loud when he feels sperm pumping out from his scrotum, exploding from the tip of his cock, landing on Impmon's chest and face.


The two breathes heavily after their cum stops gushing out.

Impmon pulls himself out from Takato and licks his own face clean.

Impmon,"What a tasty material."

Takato,"Then, I wins the bet?"


Impmon,"Maybe you have won, but I did not lose as well."

Takato,"What the hell you want to say?"

Impmon,"You think I don't know anything, do you? I admit that this is the happiest time I have ever passed, but I can hardly deem that you would do this with your ordinary friends, would you? You should have only done this with the Digimon or person you love."

Takato,"Errr...You know quite much..."

Impmon,"Haha, of course. If you are doing this with me only for avoiding me to attack you, then you have succeeded. I'd let you off this time, but never talk about friends with me again!"



Impmon,"By the way..."


Impmon,"Let's try this again when we have the chance!"

Takato,"Hey! You have already addicted to this!?"

Impmon,"Hahaha~I will wait for the next time you pleasure me~"