Title: DigimonTamers' job is not only to feed the Digimon
by GPTK.

"Yes? Takato?"
"You Finished Up All the Bread Again! What Can We Sell Now!!!"
"Sorry Takato, but I was really too hungry. I couldn't stop myself to eat them up."
"SO, What cause you so hungry?"
"I don't know, my dear."

"Seems that you're in trouble again." Lee and Ruki, with their Digimon, 
interrupt Takato's and Gillmon's talk.
"Oh! It's you. What attract you come?"
"Maybe the noise you two made. And, you promise us that you'd let 
us stay in your home when our parents are not in. Actually, what's wrong?"
"I don't know why, but Gillmon eats really much. He looks as if 
he can't control himself stop eating. He always hungry, and now 
He Ate All the Bread Again. I don't know what will happen if my 
parents come back from China and see this."
"Gillmon seems that he has to eat too much?"
"Not surprise, Terriermon acted like that too before."
"So do Renamon."
"They Did!? Well...How you stop that?"
"A..huuum......we feel embarrassed to tell you what you should do...just 
give you a remind, being a DigimonTamer, your job is not only to feed the Digimon."
"Oh! comeon! Tell me please."
"Try to discover what you should do yourself."
"eeeee...okay...I'd try to find that out..."
That night, about 10 o'clock, the young tamers went back to their rooms in Takato's home.
Actually, Takato is not in his own room. He is walking to the other 
tamers' room carefully. He'd like to find out what should a DigimonTamer 
do besides feeding by spying what they do.
He is now outside Ruki's room. He carefully open the door a bit.It 
was quite dark inside, but still brighter than the corridor. Ruki wouldn't see him easily.

Ruki is reading a book in the dim light(She has really good eye!?). 
Renamon is walking around. His action tells that he is now confused in mind.
"Hey, Renamon, what made you so confused? Ng? Want to have again?"
"e..yes, madam Ruki... so...?"
"Alright, just do it. It's what I ,being a DigimonTamer, should do."
"Thanks a lot, Ruki."
Renamon walks towards Ruki, kneels down, slightly put his mouth on Ruki's.
Renamon is kissing Ruki. Ruki, reachs out her arms, to Renamon's 
chest, starts rubbing slightly.
Renamon moans softly. He licks on Ruki's face, then gradually on her neck.
Just when Ruki raises up her arms, Renamon helps her to remove the shirt.
Ruki leans backward onto the floor. Renamon sucks on Ruki's neck, 
when he is working on Ruki's jean.

Takato watches them. His body grows hotter and hotter. He sees naked 
Ruki lying under Renamon, just after about 10s.

Renamon keeps on licking Ruki's body, going downward and downward. 
In the meanwhile, Ruki's hands are also rubbing Renamon's body slightly, 
from his chest going downward, too. Takato can hear that they are moaning softly.

Renamon changes his position then. Now, he is facing Ruki's pussy, 
and Ruki is facing his hard erection. Renamon slowly buries his 
tongue into Ruki's now wet hole, giving Ruki waves after waves of pleasure feeling.
Ruki also uses her tongue. She first gives a quick lick on Renamon's 
member, then starts to suck it slightly.
The moan grows a bit louder. Both of their actions go faster, and harder.
Not long later, they gives a loud groan, and both of their lips 
are covered with their partners' cum. They lick the cream on their own lips happily.

Just then, Renamon changes his position again. His thing, whick 
is still hard, is pointing at Ruki's wet, open pussy.
He uses a radical way, pushes in the hole suddenly, much to Ruki's surprised.
He starts his in-and-out action, going slow at first, then faster and faster.
He goes as fast as he could.
Both of them are in great pleasure. The room is filled with their loud moan sound.

In about 10min., they could feel their second climax are going to explode again.
Again, a long, loud groan, Renamon fills up Ruki's womb with his 
round after round digiseed. Ruki's cum explodes out from her hole at the same time.

After the great shooting, they keep lying on the floor, breathing hardly.
"Thank you, Ruki."
"Not at all, just for you to gain energy besides food. Tamer's special 
love gives you Digimon more energy."
They smile to each other, and fall asleep.

Takato is now very hot, after watching the Fuck between Ruki and Renamon.
"Is...is that what I should do with Gillmon!?...but...but I'm not 
a girl and Gillmon isn't either. There should be something different...Maybe I can find Lee......"
Not a long walk, Takato is now outside Lee's room.
He opens the door bit carefully, as what he did in front of Ruki's room.

Takato comes just on time. Lee is asking Terriermon a question.
"Terriermon, do you think we should do that today?"
"Why not? You always do that with me at night."
"But...today, we're in another guy's home..."
"Please, Lee. He probably has slept already."
"Well then...Okay! Ready?" "Mo Man Tai(no problem), just starts it."

Takato can see Lee quickly takes off all his clothes. A naked body appears in front of him again.
Lee lies down onto his bed and relaxes himself.
Terriermon climbs on Lee's chest carefully then. He starts licking Lee.
First, from his face. Then, going downward to his chin, chest.
Lee starts laughting when Terriermon is licking his armpit.
He catches hold Terriermon, and sends him to go downward.
Terriermon uses his big ears to rub on Lee's waist, when he is licking 
his belly, still going downward.

Finally he reach up his crotch.
He gives Lee's now hard rod a quick lick, and then starts to suck on it slightly.
Lee moans in joyful.
Terriermon keeps on sucking, harder and faster, and uses his ears to play with Lee's balls.
Lee's moaning grows louder and louder.

"Hey, Terriermon. That's enough. If you keep on doing that, I can't 
hold my orgasm any longer. Just start to please youself."
"Ok, I'll skip this to the next step."

Lee opens his legs wide and closes his eyes then.
Terriermon walks forward, and slowly, pushes his hard member into Lee's butt hole.
He detours his ear to Lee's member, then he starts his motion.
Terriermon groans, as Lee's passage is so tight. As he is pumping 
in and out, he gets a lot of pleasure.
Lee also groans, as Terriermon's ears are jacking off his rock hard.

Not long later, Terriermon explodes his climax and shoots his warm digiseed in Lee.
The warmth of the semen in his passage, takes Lee to his climax 
and shoots his cum onto his chest, too.

They breathes heavily, and slowly Lee opens his eye.
"TaKaTo!!!??? What Are You Doing Outside My Room!!!"
He discovers Takato.
Takato can't think when Lee just calls out his name. He just walks into the room.
"I...I only would like know what should a DigimonTamer do with whose 
Digimon. Sorry...for voyeuring you two..."
"...we'd forgive you...Now, you get your answer?"
"Really. A DigimonTamer has to use a special way to send Love energy 
to his or her Digimon. If not, the Digimons will eat terribly much 
and their lives will come shorter."
"So...I have to do that with Gillmon too...But I don't think I'm elder enough to have sex!"
"The first time, you should swallow the digicum the first time."
"The digicum will make you have the ability to cum immediately."
"EEE......I think I have to think over that...Actually, thank you for your teaching."
"Good Night!"
Takato walks back to his room, still thinking if he should make love with Gillmon or not.
"Takato, I'm hungry. Anything for me to eat?"
Gillmon asks him when he enters his room.
"...Arrr...Gillmon, maybe we can try a new way, to stop you from always-hunger..."
"That sounds great. What should we do."
"Just go and lie on my bed. Then, relax yourself."
Gillmon just listens to Takato and walks to his bed, lies on it and relaxs himself.
Takato climbs up onto Gillmon, kisses him softly, surprised Gillmon.
Meanwhile, he slides his hand to Gillmon's crotch, rubs the soft 
object there, till it comes hard.

They finally break the kiss.
"Arrr...Takato?...That is..."
"No talking and relax please. This is the first time for both of us. Let's keep the mood..."
Takato goes down, now facing Gillmon's hard on.
Suddenly, he covers his mouth on the rod, starts sucking it softly.
His hands, goes back up to Gillmon's nipples, and screws them softly.
To Gillmon, that's the greatest pleasure he has felt since his birth. He groans loudly.
Gillmon can feel that the cells in his testis are now rousing.
The first orgasm in Gillmon's life grows nearer and nearer.

"ARRRR......TAKATO CHAN......"Gillmon shouts out and fills up Takato's mouth with his warm cream.
The taste is much better than Takato's thought.
He's pleased to swallow down the sweet digicum.
Just when he swallows the semen down his throat, Takato could feel 
that blood surges into his penis.
It becomes very hard in his pants. He can't wait to take it out to give it fresh air.

Gillmon suddenly gives a quick catch, catches Takato's member in his claws.
"...What Gillmon!!??"
"That's not fair if only I enjoys the pleasure."
He jacks Takato's hard rod off. Takato moans in a new kind of feeling.
Not long later, Takato explodes his climax and covers Gillmon's claws with his cum.

"Oh...Thanks Gillmon. Maybe we could go further..."
He turns Gillmon around. "Really?" "Yes."
He slightly push his hard-core into Gillmon's tight passion.
Then, starts his quick, violent pumping.
As well, he doesn't forget to hold Gillmon's hard member and jack it off tightly.
Both of them are in heaven. Their groaning sound is so loud that 
nearly the people outside his house can hear.

Giving the last, hardest pump and jack, their orgasm explode out.
Gillmon's rectum is filled up by Takato's sweet cum, and his stomach is covered by his own semen.

Takato pulls his erection out and climbs onto Gillmon, licks off 
the digiseed on him, till he's clean.

"Still hungry?"
"No, Takato. This is much great."
"We come keep on doing this, if you like."
"Thanks a lot. But what I want to do now is to have a nice rest."
"Oh! Good Night Dear Friend!"