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The Digimon of Reliable Light
By: Gomamon PureWater

Gomamon awoke late in the morning. He was groggy and had no idea why he 
felt so tired. When he looked next to him and saw Gatomon curled up next to 
him he remembered all that happened the night before. He smiled and put his 
flipper under her head and stroked her body softly with his flipper. Gatomon 
started to purr in her sleep and turned over, facing Gomamon, and clutched 
onto his body. Gomamon started to rub Gatomon's back for a little while 
until she woke up. When she woke up, she looked up at Gomamon, who smiled 
down on her. "Good morning my love," Gomamon whispered.

Gatomon smiled and leaned up and placed her lips on his. Gomamon wrapped 
his flippers around Gatomon and returned the kiss. Gatomon's rough kitty 
tongue was dancing with Gomamon's in his mouth. When they broke away, 
Gatomon stared deep into Gomamon's eyes. She spoke up after a few seconds, 
"Did you enjoy last night?" Gomamon grinned and nodded. "And you would like 
to do that again, wouldn't you?" Gomamon nodded enthusiasticly.

Gatomon got up, knocking Gomamon to the ground. Gomamon's digiprick was 
already growing, and almost to it's full size. Gatomon knelt down and took 
Gomamon's cock into her mouth. She licked the most sensitive parts with her 
rough tongue, driving Gomamon crazy with pleasure. She worked her way up his 
shaft, until only the head of his, now full seven inch cock, was in her 
mouth. She wrapped her paw around his shaft and jerked it up in quick 
motions, but slowly on the way down, being careful not to cut his sensitive 
skin with her claws. Gomamon was now panting, and bucking his hips into 
Gatomon's face, while holding her head. Gatomon gave Gomamon's digihood a 
final lick with her rough tongue before Gomamon arched his back and shot his 
load into Gatomon's mouth. Gatomon greedily swallowed all of his digiseed, 
and licked his prick clean.

Gomamon was exhausted and he was about to fall asleep, but Gatomon gave him 
an evil grin. "I'm not done with you yet Gomamon," She said. Gomamon 
understand what she wanted, and pushed her onto the ground. He kissed her 
body from her lips, down her neck, and down to her waist. Gomamon stopped as 
he reached Gatomon's moist pussy. Gomamon could smell her juices in the air, 
and the scent almost drove him insane. He quickly dug in, licking all inside 
of her, tasting her for the first time. Her juices had an interesting 
flavor, which was addicting to Gomamon, who licked even more. He started to 
thrust his tongue in and out of Gatomon, which made her yowl in delight. She 
started to thrust her hips along with the movements of Gomamon's tongue, and 
was reaching her orgasm.

Gomamon was turned on by this, and his digihood was it's full seven inches 
again, and ready for action. Gomamon took his head away, and picked her up. 
Gomamon took Gatomon over to a large rock, and leaned her against it. 
Gomamon positioned his cock in front of Gatomon's entrance, and while still 
holding onto her, shoved all seven inches in at once. Gatomon let out a loud 
cry as Gomamon's large dick entered her. Gomamon was thrusting in and out 
slowly, torturing Gatomon with the slow increase of pleasure she was feeling 
so close to climaxing. Both digimon were moaning after a few quick seconds, 
and Gomamon couldn't take the slow pace any longer. He was now thrusting 
into her as fast as he could, and he was holding her close to his body, with 
her head on his shoulder. Both of them were moaning as loud as they could, 
and Gatomon couldn't take it any longer. She had the most powerful orgasm of 
her life, and drenched Gomamon's midsection with her sexual juices. Her 
orgasm set off Gomamon's and he shot blast after blast of hit hot digicum 
deep inside of her. His cumming was so intense it lead Gatomon into another, 
weaker, orgasm.

Gomamon collapsed on Gatomon's body, who was resting on the rock Gomamon 
placed her on. Both digimon were panting, trying to catch their breath. 
Gatomon's pussy juices which drenched Gomamon's lower body, soon rubbed onto 
Gatomon as he rested on her body. "Well *pant* *pant* We should clean *pant* 
ourselves up *pant* and get back *pant* to the others *pant*" Gomamon said, 
still out of breath. Gatomon was completely out of energy, so Gomamon 
carried her body over to the river and placed her in the water. He ran his 
smooth flipper all over her body until her fur was clean and shiny again. 
Gomamon then wiped himself off and carried Gatomon out of the water.

"Brrrr... It's cold Gomamon... and I'm too tired to walk..." Gatomon said 
while shivering.

"Don't worry Gatomon. I can carry you back to the others, and my body heat 
will warm you up."

Gatomon smiled as Gomamon started walking alongside the river, carrying the 
wet digimon. After an hour, the sun was hidden behind clouds, and the sky 
was getting dark. "Gomamon? Are we going the right way?" Gatomon asked, and 
looked at the river, and noticed something immediately. "Gomamon! You're 
going the wrong way! We were supposed to go the other way! Against the water 
flow, remember?"

Gomamon looked at the water and noticed that he was going the wrong way. 
"Oops... Well, it's going to rain soon, and we need to find shelter."

Gomamon looked around and found a small tree with a hole in the base that 
they could probably fit in. When Gomamon got there, he put Gatomon down 
outside the tree while he looked inside. It was big enough for the two of 
them to fit in there if they tried. Gomamon noticed something strange about 
the tree as well. It was hollow. When he looked up, there was nothing there, 
just empty space inside the tree. When Gomamon crawled outside of the tree, 
he picked up Gatomon and placed her inside on a soft patch of moss.

Gatomon was in a bad mood. Gomamon had gottem them lost, and for some 
reason, she was pretty cranky today. After Gomamon had crawled in, the rain 
outside started to pour, and it got dark. Gomamon could barely see in the 
tree, but he could tell Gatomon was shivering from the cold. Gomamon shifted 
around inside the tree and held Gatomon close to his body with his flippers. 
Gatomon pushed away, "Don't touch me!" She shouted.

"Sorry..." Gomamon said, pretty upset.

"Be useful and go get some wood to make a fire or something! And find some 
food while you're at it!"

Gomamon stepped out of the tree and went to look for wood that could be 
used that wasn't too wet. Gatomon curled up trying to keep warm and ended up 
falling asleep. She soon awoke to find that it was pretty crowded inside the 
tree. She thought it might have been Gomamon, and was hoping it was because 
she wanted to apologize for earlier. When she looked outside, the skies were 
still pretty dark, but the rain had stopped. Gatomon looked back inside the 
tree, hoping to see Gomamon, but that wasn't what she saw.

There, right in front of her, was a digiegg. "Where did that come from?" 
Gatomon asked herself. "Wait... if I remember correctly... it takes a day 
for a digiegg to be made after two digimon... oh no! What'll I tell Gomamon? 
How will I tell him?" Gatomon started to panic. "Where is he anyways? It 
must've been at least an hour since he left." Gatomon put the digiegg in a 
corner of the tree and covered it with moss and left the tree to find 

The ground was wet, and the air was fresh outside of the tree. Gatomon 
looked around, and spotted something in the distance. She ran to see what it 
was and found it was Gomamon, collapsed on the ground, holding a small pile 
of dry wood, and a few berries. "Oh Gomamon... I'm so sorry!" Gatomon cried. 
Gatomon picked up the unconcious digimon, along with what he was carrying, 
and brought him back to the tree. She dug some moss up from the tree, and 
spread it out outside the tree, and placed Gomamon on it. Gatomon quickly 
built a small fire with the wood Gomamon had collected, and tried to get 
Gomamon near it where he could warm up.

When Gatomon checked Gomamon over, she noticed his pulse was weaker, and 
his breathing wasn't normal. "Gomamon... please get better."

An hour had passed, and Gomamon was still asleep on the ground. When 
Gatomon had checked his pulse again, it was a lot weaker than before, and 
his breathing was getting shorter and farther apart between breaths. 
"Gomamon! Please wake up!" Gatomon cried, "Please! I need you!" Gatomon was 
silent for a minute. "Please Gomamon... if you don't wake up, you'll never 
see our digiegg hatch..." Gatomon smiled slightly, "You're a father 
Gomamon... we've brought a digimon into the Digiworld together... and I need 
you to survive! Please wake up! For our child!"

Gatomon started to cry over Gomamon. "I'm sorry Gomamon! I'm sorry I was so 
mean to you, I really didn't mean it... and now it's all my fault that 
you're going to... I... I'm so sorry... please live Gomamon!"

Gatomon was now over Gomamon's body, letting her tears drop from her eyes. 
She felt a soft touch come from below her, and when she opened her 
tear-filled eyes, she saw Gomamon looking up at her with a worried look in 
his eyes. "Wh... what's wrong Gatomon? You didn't eat those berries did you? 
Don't! They're poisonous!"

"Gomamon! You're alive!?" Gomamon nodded. "Oh I'm so happy! What happened?"

"Well, those berries that I collected for you to eat looked really good, so 
I decided to try a few. It turned out that they were poisonous, and put 
whoever ate them into a strange kind of sleep. If the digimon who ate them 
was strong, they would eventually wake up, but if their body was weak, they 
would soon stop breathing, and their heart would stop pumping, and they 
would die."

"I was so worried about you Gomamon! I thought you would die!"

"I heard what you said while I was asleep Gatomon." Gomamon said. Gatomon's 
eyes were wide. "And apology accepted."

"Is that all you heard Gomamon?" Gatomon asked.

Gomamon nodded, "Yeah, why?"

"Well...Gomamon, there's something important I need to tell you... You're 
going to be a father..."

"WHAT!?" Gomamon shouted.

Gatomon got up and got inside the tree, and when she came out, she was 
holding a digiegg in her arms. "You and I are going to be parents 

Gomamon was shocked, and almost fainted, "B... but I'm not ready to be a 
father yet! Give it to Elecmon so he can raise it!"

"Gomamon... please..."

"No Gatomon! I don't want to be a father and that's that!"

"I'm still going to raise, it, and you're it's father no matter what you 
say... even if you aren't going to be there for it..." Gatomon said while 
caressing the digiegg in her arms. Gatomon stood up and started walking, 
"I'm going to try and head back to tell the others... I'll just say I found 
it since you don't want to raise it..."

Gomamon hesitated for a moment, but then called out to Gatomon, "Gatomon! 
...Wait." Gatomon turned around to face Gomamon. "I... I'll help you raise 
it... it is my child after all..."

Gatomon smiled at Gomamon, and gave him a hug with one arm as she gently 
held the digiegg with the other arm. "Thank you Gomamon..."

"Listen Gatomon, it's getting late, and the rain might start again at any 
minute, so lets get back inside the tree and sleep there for the night." 
Gomamon suggested.

Gatomon nodded and Gomamon followed her back inside the tree. There was 
barely enough room for the two of them with the digiegg, but they didn't 
mind being squeezed together. The two of them lied down together, embracing 
eachother with the digiegg in between them to try and keep it warm, and soon 
fell asleep.

The next morning, the two digimon awoke to find the digiegg gone, and a 
small baby digimon in it's place. Gomamon looked at the sleeping digimon and 
a smile appeared on his face. "I... I guess I'm a father now... aren't I?" 
Gatomon nodded and kissed Gomamon. "I've never seen that kind of digimon 
before though..."

"I've heard of it," Gatomon said, looking down at her daughter, "It's 
supposed to be a digimon that could only survive if it's parents were 
strong. None have ever digivolved past the baby level because Elecmon 
couldn't take care of them in Primary Village. They're called MarineNyaromon 
I think..."

Gomamon nodded, "Do you think she'll survive?"

"Of course she will Gomamon! Don't even let the thought of her dying cross 
your mind! She's strong, and we'll take care of her!"

"She may wake up soon... so I think I should go get something for her to 
eat..." Gomamon said before exiting the tree. When Gomamon returned after 
about ten minutes, he had a few small fish. He threw some wood into the 
fire, which was now barely burning, and tore the meat from the fish and 
cooked it over the fire. After the meat was cooked and Gomamon had thrown 
away the bones, he got back inside the tree to find MarineNyaromon still 
fast asleep.

Gomamon wrapped his arm around Gatomon's shoulder and smiled at her. A 
thought crossed his mind and he grinned at Gatomon, "While we're waiting for 
her to wake up... d'you wanna?"

Gatomon gave Gomamon the 'you-can't-be-serious' look and looked back at the 
sleeping figure of theri daughter, who was now just waking up. "She's awake 

Gomamon turned to MarineNyaromon and smiled at her. "Hello sweetie. This is 
Gatomon." He said, pointing to the feline digimon next to her, "And she's 
your mother, and I'm Gomamon... your father." MarineNyaromon started to cry. 
"Was it something I said?" Gomamon asked.

"No, she's just hungry Gomamon."

"Oh," Gomamon said as he handed a cooled off piece of fish meat to 
MarineNyaromon. MarineNyaromon took the piece of fish, and chewed it up a 
little bit and swallowed the food. Gomamon kept feeding her more and more 
fish until the fish he caught and cooked were gone.

"I see she has your appitite Gomamon," Gatomon said. Gomamon smirked and 
Gatomon giggled before being wrapped in a bright light. "What's going on?" 
Gatomon asked, but before Gomamon could answer, what she saw answered her 
question. "You digivolved!"

Their daughter smiled at them and nodded, "Yep! I'm Taramon now!" She 
looked a little like Bukamon, but she had white fur. Gomamon walked over to 
Taramon and wrapped his flippers around her and gave her a big hug. "Umm...I 
hate to ruin this moment, but... I'm still hungry."

Gatomon laughed, "Oh don't worry. You can eat some more when we get back to 
our... Gomamon! We have to get back to Jyou and Kari! They're probably 
worried sick!"

Gomamon nodded quickly, and picked up Taramon and put her on his back and 
ran with Gomamon against the flow of the river this time to try and find the 
others. "So... what's a Jyou, or Kari?"

"Ummm... they're creatures called humans, and they're from another world." 
Gomamon said, "And they're out friends. I can't really explain, but you'll 
see when we get to them."

Taramon held onto Gomamon around his neck as he ran alongside Gatomon. It 
didn't take them long before they were back where the others were. The group 
was busy, and it seemed like they didn't even notice the two digimon were 
gone. "Hey Jyou! Did ya miss me?" Gomamon asked.

Jyou turned to Gomamon, "You were gone? No wonder why it was so quiet..." 
Jyou spotted the digimon on Gomamon's back, "So who's your friend, Gomamon?"

Gomamon looked back at Taramon, who smiled at him, "Her? Umm... well... 

"She's our daughter!" Gatomon finished what Gomamon was trying to say.

"That's nice..." Jyou said, not quite registering what Gatomon had said, 
until everyone in the group turned to the digimon and shouted, "WHAT!?!"

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