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Love Between Worlds
By: Gomamon_purewater

It was a bright and cheerful day in the Digital World. No, I lied, it was 
actually a dreary, rainy day, in fact, the entire week had been rainy. 
Something wasn't right in the Digiworld, and two young protectors of the 
worlds were trying to find out what was going on.

"Over here! There's a cave we can stay in to dry off!" A lizard digimon 
called back to his companion. His friend, a young blue dragon, ran quickly 
to try and catch up, but ended up tripping on a rock and stumbling onto the 
ground, twisting his leg.

"Ouch! Wait up! I hurt my leg!"

The lizard digimon ran back to his friend and helped him up, "Can you 

"No... I don't think so." The digimon tried to walk, but ended up 
collapsing as he put pressure on his leg.

"Here, I'll help you." The lizard said before picking up his injured friend 
and carrying him to the cave he found.

"Thanks Agumon."

"You're welcome Veemon. I honestly think that you wouldn't last a day 
without someone to help you. You're so clumsy!" Agumon said.

Veemon blushed slightly, "Shouldn't we build a fire so we can dry off and 
get warm?"

"We can't. There's no wood in this cave, and it looks like the wood outside 
is too wet to burn." Agumon stated. He walked over to a corner of the cave, 
"There's some dry moss here we can use to dry off with though." Agumon 
picked some moss and rubbed his body with it to dry off. He took another 
large piece and handed it to Veemon. When Veemon bent over to dry off his 
legs, pain shot through his body which made him cry out in agony. "Are you 
okay?" Agumon asked, concerned.

Veemon shook his head, "It hurts to move..."

"Okay, I can dry you off if you want" Agumon offered. Veemon didn't object 
so Agumon picked up the moss and started wiping off Veemon's back. Once that 
was dry, he dried off his tail, and then got around to the other side of 
Veemon and wiped off his chest. Veemon was enjoying this treatment and 
Agumon went down to Veemon's feet and cleaned them off. Agumon slowly made 
his way up Veemon's legs, getting every drop of water. Veemon enjoyed Agumon 
rubbing all over his body and was moaning silently with his eyes closed. All 
of a sudden Agumon stopped, but Veemon hadn't noticed. "Umm... Veemon?"

"What?" Veemon asked before opening his eyes.

"Is there something you want to tell me?"

Veemon was confused and didn't understand what Agumon meant until he looked 
down. He seemed to like Agumon drying him off so much, he got a little 
"excited" and his digihood was gaining it's full length. Veemon's cheeks 
turned bright crimson as he turned away. A wave of pleasure shot through him 
as he felt something warm surround his prick. Veemon quickly looked down to 
see Agumon's mouth surrounding his member, with his head bobbing up and 
down. Inside his mouth, his reptilian tongue was darting around Veemon's 
cock, driving him wild! This felt even better than Agumon running his claws 
over his body. Veemon starting moaning, which caused Agumon to pick up the 
pace. Veemon was thrusting his hips into Agumon and pushing his head down. 
Agumon knew Veemon was close to his orgasm and pulled away. He took a look 
at Veemon's cock, which was now fully erect and standing about seven inches. 
Agumon looked at it for a second and then took the entire thing into his 
mouth and throat. Veemon started to buck his hips faster and faster and 
moaned before shooting his load down Agumon's throat. After Veemon's orgasm 
had calmed down, and his prick started to shrink back to it's normal size, 
Veemon collapsed against the wall, trying to catch his breath, but managed 
to say. "Agumon... *pant* I love you *pant*"

"I love you too Veemon." Agumon replied.

"Agumon... *pant* *pant* I want you *pant* inside me... *pant*" Veemon said 
before getting up and bending over in front of Agumon. Veemon supported his 
wounded leg on some soft moss so it wouldn't hurt as much.

"Are you sure?" Agumon asked, hesitating. Veemon nodded. Agumon spit on his 
hand and rubbed the saliva over his rock-hard cock, which measured at least 
eight inches. Agumon positioned himself outside of Veemon's hole and said 
one more thing, "If it starts to hurt, tell me right away and I'll stop, 

"Fine! I just want you inside of me! Right now!"

Agumon nodded and slowly pushed the head of his cock into Veemon, who 
moaned in pain, and pleasure at once. Agumon stopped for a second, letting 
Veemon's body have time to adjust to the new feeling, and then pushed the 
rest of his shaft into him. Agumon leaned over and kissed Veemon on the 
cheek, and started to pump inside of Veemon. Every time Agumon pushed in, 
Veemon squeezed his anal muscles, making it more pleasurable for his love. 
It wasn't long before Veemon's member had regained it's full length. Agumon 
noticed this and grabbed it in his claw and started to jerk it along with 
his thrusts. It wasn't long before Agumon and Veemon were both moaning from 
the extreme pleasure. Agumon was now thrusting as fast as he could, and 
jerking off Veemon at the same speed. Agumon could feel a rumbling in his 
balls and thrusted one final time, as deep as he could into Veemon, and shot 
round after round of his boiling digiseed into Veemon. Veemon's body went 
into short spasms as he shot his entire load onto the ground below them. 
Both digimon collapsed on the ground, Agumon on top, and still inside of 
Veemon. The two were exhausted and fell asleep in that position.

Later that night, Agumon woke up to find a strange light coming from a 
small TV in the corner of the cave. He shook Veemon gently, "Veemon, wake 
up... There's something here you should see..."

Veemon opened his eyes and rubbed them while he let out a yawn, "What is it 

"There's some kind of portal opened up here..."


"This could be what is causing the bad weather that we're trying to fix! 
Let's go through it and see!"

"You can, I'm going back to sleep." Veemon said before lying back down 
again. Agumon frowned and picked up Veemon before jumping through the gate. 
The two landed on the ground with a large crash. "Great... Where are we 
now?" Veemon asked.

"How should I know? It's not the Digiworld, or Earth... I don't think..."

Off in the disance, the two heard a loud noise, 

"What was that!?" Veemon asked.

Agumon shrugged, "Let's go find out!" Veemon nodded and both digimon ran 
off in search of the source of the sound they heard. When they arrived at 
where they thought they heard the noise come from, they saw a young boy, a 
little younger than Davis, with a little yellow rat with a tail shaped like 
a lightning bolt. "What the hell is that?" Agumon asked.

"It's not a digimon, that's for sure!"

The two digimon walked out of the bushes where they were watching from to 
get a better look at the creature. "Wow! What kind of Pokémon are those!?" 
The boy asked, half to his companion, and half to himself.

He pulled out a little red device out of his jacket and pointed it at the 
two digimon. "Pokémon entry, not found"

"Wow! They're new pokémon! Gary will be really jealous if I catch them!" 
The young trainer threw a pokéball at Agumon, who knocked it away with a 
pepper breath attack. "Hmmm... That one's a fire type, so I'll use my own 
fire type against it! Go Charmander!"

A small orange lizard with a tail tipped with fire popped out of the 
pokéball and shouted, "Char!"

"Charmander! Scratch attack!"

The two digimon were confused and looked at the creature running after them 
trying to claw at them. Agumon and Veemon decided to run away from the 
creature, but Charmander still chased after them. The digimon ran for a 
while until Charmander was out of sight. They stopped to rest against a 
tree, and Veemon noticed something strange, "Hey! My leg isn't broken 

Agumon nodded as he tried to catch his breath. Then, from out of no where, 
the fire lizard popped out and hit the two digimon, "Char! (Gotcha!)"

"You don't have us caught you pathetic little lizard!" Veemon shouted.

"Charmander Char? (You can understand me?)"

"Of course we can, you're speaking Digimon." Agumon said.

"(I am not! This is Pokémon language!)"

"Hmm...looks like our languages are similar." Agumon said. "Well, I'm 
Agumon," Agumon introduced himself and held out a claw which Charmander 

"(I'm Charmander!)"

"And this is Veemon." Veemon just gave a slight nod.

Charmander looked around, "(Where's Ash?)"

"Who?" Agumon asked.

"(Ash, my trainer! He's the one that thought you were pokémon)"

"Oh, we're pretty far away from him now. We ran pretty far."

Charmander jumped up on his feet, "(I have to find him right away! He's 
probably worried!)"

Agumon grabbed Charmander by the shoulder, "Not so fast! It's getting dark, 
and you'll get lost if you look around now! You can stay here with us for 
the night and we'll help you find him in the morning."

Charmander had to think for a minute, "(Okay... I guess you have a point... 
it is getting late...)"

Agumon smiled at Charmander, and then at Veemon, who had his arms crossed 
and his eyes closed. "Veemon? Could you go gather some wood so we can make a 

"Why don't you?"

Agumon whispered into Veemon's ear, "I'll make it up to you tonight after 
Charmander goes to sleep if you do."

Veemon hesitated, but decided to look for firewood. Agumon looked around at 
the surroundings. The plants were so much different here than in the 
Digiworld. Charmander was looking over Agumon's body, staring at him 
carefully. Charmander didn't notice but his pokéhood started to harden. When 
Agumon's eyes met his, Charmander blushed and looked down and noticed he was 
a little turned on. "(Would you excuse me for a second?!)" Charmander said 
quickly. Agumon nodded and Charmander ran off into the trees. Charmander's 
full six inches was standing to attention as he sat down behind a tree a few 
yards away.

Charmander looked down at his prick and touched it with his hand. "(Now how 
did Squirtle do this?)" Charmander tried petting his prick like someone 
would do to a cat only to find it a little awkward. He then wrapped his hand 
around it and jerked it up and down slowly. Charmander found that this 
brought him a lot of pleasure, so he picked up the pace. It was only about a 
minute before Charmander reached his orgasm. He arched his back and his tail 
flame grew at least three times it's size before he shot his steaming hot 
pokéseed into the air. Charmander lied still and waited for his breathing to 
return to normal before returning to Agumon.

When he got there, there was a fire going, well actually two. One was made 
from sticks that Veemon had gathered, and the other was a passionate fire 
that was going on between Veemon and Agumon as Veemon sucked on Agumon's 
long member. Charmander backed up and tried to get away before he was 
noticed, but stepped on a stick, which cracked and alerted both digimon. 
"(I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you!)"

Agumon got up and walked over to Charmander. He noticed Charmander's erect 
cock and smiled at him, "Would you like to join us Charmander?" Charmander 
was shocked, but didn't want to say no so he quickly nodded. Veemon wasn't 
too happy since he didn't like Charmander too much. Charmander walked back 
over with Agumon to where Veemon was. Charmander didn't hesitate and 
engulfed Veemon's cock, making him moan in pleasure and surprise. Charmander 
worked on Veemon's tool with his mouth and tongue and waved his rear end at 
Agumon, who didn't hesitate to kneel behind him and ram his shaft into 
Charmander. Charmander rocked back and forth along with Agumon's thrusts, 
which gave both digimon great pleasure. They moaned in delight as the warm 
lizard's body worked over their digicocks. Agumon to feel his orgasm coming 
soon, as could Veemon. Both were trying to fuck Charmander as fast as they 
could, and as if they were one, they both shot round after round of their 
hot digicum into the young fire lizard.

As soon as they two finished filling up Charmander, they broke apart and 
Veemon panted, "How did you *pant* learn to *pant* do that!?"

"(My friend Squirtle and I do that all the time! He taught me everything!)"

"You were *pant* great!"

"But we're not done with him yet!" Agumon said. Veemon nodded and pushed 
Charmander onto the ground on his back. The two digimon took each of 
Charmander's sides, and started to suck on his cock from both sides. The two 
digimon looked like they were actually trying to kiss eachother with 
Charmander's prick in between them. Charmander was panting before they 
stopped. Both of the digimon then took new positions on Charmanders 
pokéhood. Veemon took the lower shaft into his mouth, and played around with 
it with his tongue, and Agumon took the rest of the shaft, and the head, 
into his mouth from the top, flicking his tongue over the sensitive part 
below the head. Charmander started to moan loudly as the two pulled away. 
Agumon took his claw and jacked off Charmander until he let out a long, 
"CHAR!" and shot his boiling load, which landed on his chest and stomach. 
Both digimon took turns licking the sweet cum off of Charmander's body until 
he was clean.

All three of them collapsed next to eachother, with Charmander breathing 
heavily. "(When we find Ash tomorrow, I can introduce you to Squirtle if you 
want to)" Charmander said. Both digimon nodded and grinned before falling 
asleep with their new friend under the stars.