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Gomamon awoke, finding himself surrounded in darkness. The fire that was 
lit the night before was now out, and the cave he and Gabumon were staying 
it, was now pitch black. Gomamon could hear Gabumon breathing softly next to 
him, still in a deep sleep. He smiled and placed his head back on the ground 
and started to rub Gabumon's horn with his flipper. A soft sigh escaped from 
the mouth of the sleeping Gabumon, as Gomamon continued to slowly rub 
Gabumon's horn. Gomamon smiled and wondered what Gabumon was dreaming about 
that made him start to breathe faster. Gomamon stopped for a second, 'Is his 
horn getting longer?' he thought. Gomamon sat up and looked at Gabumon's 
"horn". By squinting in the dark...he noticed he wasn't rubbing Gabumon's 
horn, but his fully erect prick. Gomamon giggled to himself, and continued 
to rub Gabumon's cock, as he started to lie down again. As Gabumon's 
digihood started to get colder, and colder, Gomamon started rubbing faster, 
and faster. Gabumon let out a soft moan as he shot his load all over 
Gomamon, who grinned. Gomamon wiped Gabumon's digicum off his cock, and 
crawled over to the pool of water and washed off. 'That was a lot. He shot 
all over my flipper, and my arm too...' Gomamon thought, 'Wait a second! My 
arms aren't this long!'

Gomamon started to panic and stood up quickly, and hit his head on the 
ceiling of the cave, without fully standing up. "Ouch!" He shouted. Gabumon, 
who's breathing started to return to normal, awoke at the sound of Gomamon's 
voice, "What is it Gomamon?" he asked. "Something's wrong with me!" He 
cried, "I need to get outside right now and see what happened in the light!" 
Gabumon was worried about his friend, and quickly got up and followed 
Gomamon, who dived into the pool of water and swam up to the surface, 
outside the cave. Gomamon quickly climbed out of the water, and looked at 
himself in the reflection of the calm lake. There, looking back at him was a 
strange human-like digimon, with long arms and legs, and long red hair. He 
looked at his body, and noticed he still had his thin coat of fur, which 
shined in the sunlight, and he still had his tail. Gomamon looked down and 
noticed that his member was showing, and his cheeks flushed with a bright 
crimson. He looked around and found a set of clothing, which strangely was 
lying on the shore, neatly folded up. He quickly put the clothes on, a pair 
of boxers, and a pair of dark green shorts, which reached his knees. He also 
put on a shirt, with a small, thin red jacket which fit right over it.

Gomamon turned around to see that Gabumon had gotten out of the water, and 
noticed that his form was different too. When Gomamon looked, Gabumon was 
already fully clothed, and wore a set of clothing identical to his own. 
Gabumon also had gloves over his hands, which looked like the claws he wore 
in his former body. His body was now covered in white and aqua colored fur, 
which now was a part of his body. His feet were also like they were in his 
digimon form, big, with large claws on them. "What happened to us?" Gomamon 
asked. "I...I don't know," Gabumon replied, "But I think we should try and 
find Yamato, Jyou and the others. Gomamon nodded and they started to walk 
back in the forest, without even worrying about finding something to eat.

They walked in silence for about an hour or two until Gabumon spoke up. "I 
think we should've eaten before we left," he said. Gomamon nodded, "I think 
so too." "Are there any rivers nearby?" Gomamon listened carefully in the 
distance, "No...and what's really strange is that the lake we stayed at last 
night is gone..." Gabumon stopped walking and turned to face Gomamon. "Are 
you sure Gomamon?" Gomamon nodded and kept walking, pushing Gabumon along. 
"Then I'll hunt something for us to eat," Gabumon offered, "I was getting 
sick of eating fish every day anyways." Gomamon smiled, and told Gabumon 
that he would make a fire so he could cook whatever was caught.

Gabumon split up from Gomamon, who made a fire in a fwe quick minutes, and 
started to look for food. Gabumon slowly snuck up behind a bush, and peered 
around it. A deer was grazing just a few yards away, and Gabumon had the 
element of surprise. 'This shouldn't be too hard. A blue blaster will stop 
that deer right in her tracks.' He thought. Gabumon jumped out of the bush 
and shouted, "Blue Blaster!" but no attack came. He stood, confused for a 
second, and looked for the deer, which ran away the second Gabumon jumped 
from the bushes. 'I better tell Gomamon that I can't use my attack...' 
Gabumon thought, and started to run back to Gomamon. When he got a few feet 
away, he heard Gomamon shout, "Marching Fishes!" Gabumon ran as fast as he 
could and saw Gomamon getting attacked by an Ogremon. Ogremon hit Gomamon, 
and sent his body flying, and was caught in the arms of Gabumon. Gabumon 
placed Gomamon down, and picked up a large stick, and beat Ogremon with it, 
who ran away, annoyed.

Gabumon turned back to find Gomamon smiling at him, "I was about to tell 
you our attacks don't work, Gomamon," he said. "I don't think we're really 
full digimon anymore..." Gomamon replied. "And if we aren't full digimon, I 
don't think the names Gabumon and Gomamon fit us too well." Gabumon thought 
a second, "Well, then Gabu is just fine for me, how about you?" Gomamon 
thought for a moment and said, "The Greatest, Strongest, Smartest Mon in the 
Digiworld." Gabu stared at Gomamon for a second, "...Goma it is." Goma 
grinned at Gabu and got up. Goma walked over to the side of the fire and sat 
down, while Gabu sat next to him, to his left. Goma picked up a leaf, which 
was covered in various berries and handed it to Gabu, and took another berry 
covered leaf for himself. While they were eating, Goma and Gabu didn't make 
a sound until Goma spoke up. "After we're done eating...wanna see how well 
we can show our love in these new bodies Gabu?" Gabu ate a handfull of 
berries, and looked over at Goma, "Come on Goma, you know we need to get 
back to the others as soon as we can." Goma frowned, "C'mon Gabu, we've been 
gone for a few days, what's a little while longer?" Gabu shook his head as 
he finished off his food, "No Goma, I don't want to." Goma sulked and jumped 
up and started to run off into the forest. Gabu quickly got up, threw sand 
over the fire, and ran to catch up to Goma.

'I'm faster then him on land, so I should be able to catch up to him.' Gabu 
thought as he dodged trees and branches. He kept running and soon saw that 
the forest ended up ahead. He slowed down, and just in time too. Right in 
front of him, the forest stopped, and so did the ground! He slowly backed 
away, and started to turn around before he heard a faint cry of help. "Jyou! 
Gabu! Someone! Help me up!" the voice cried. Gabu crawled over to the edge 
of the cliff and looked down. Goma was clinging onto a stray tree root 
hanging out of the cliff. Tears were filled in his eyes, and Gabu looked 
even further down the cliff and saw that they must be miles up, and if Goma 
fell, there would be no way he would live. "Goma!" Gabu shouted, "Hang on! 
I'll get something to pull you up with!" Goma clutched onto the root even 
tighter, and noticed that it started to pull out of the earth. "Gabu! Hurry! 
I'm going to fall!" Goma sobbed. Gabu reappeared and tied a long vine to a 
nearby tree, and threw the other end down to Goma, who reached out for it. 
Goma held the vine in one flipper, and let go of the root with the other. 
Without the support of the tree root, Goma quickly fell, as the grip he had 
on the vine loosened. Gabu quickly dived down and grabbed onto Goma's arm 
with his hand, and the tree vine with his feet.

Goma looked up at Gabu with a smile as his eyes started to fill with fresh 
tears, "Gabu, you...saved my life." Gabu grunted, "Don't get too happy 
yet...we still need to get up! Crawl up my back, and up the vine Goma." 
"But...what about you?" Gabu forced a slight smile, "Don't worry about me, 
anyways if you don't climb up me, neither of us have a chance of surviving." 
Goma didn't argue, and started to climb up Gabu's back. When Goma reached 
the vine, and took a firm grip, he looked back at Gabu, "Grab my tail!" He 
shouted. Gabu slowly bent up and grabbed Goma's soft furry tail. Goma 
struggled under the extra weight of Gabu's body, but eventually reached the 
cliff, and pulled both of them up.

Both were panting, completely out of breath. Goma clutched Gabu in a tight 
hug and started to cry again, "Thank you for saving me Gabu...If you hadn't 
saved me...I would be dead right now." Gabu was kissing Goma's cheek, trying 
to calm him down, and held him in his arms, "It's alright 
Goma...shhhh...calm down, you're safe now." Gabu stood up, and slowly helped 
Goma up on his feet. Goma was still crying on Gabu's shoulder when they 
started to walk, continuing their search for the others. They were walking 
for hours before Goma calmed down enough to dry his tears. "We'll never find 
them Gabu," Goma said. Gabu sighed and looked over at Goma, "Of course we 
will, don't give up hope." Goma nodded sadly, and kept walking alongside 
Gabu. It started to get dark when they decided that they could barely walk 
another step. Goma prepared to make a fire when Gabu picked up a familiar 
scent in the air. "*sniff**sniff* !! It's them! They're close by!" Goma 
looked at Gabu hopefully, "Really?!" Gabu nodded and grabbed Goma's arm and 
dragged him in the direction he could smell the others from. When they 
reached the camp, everyone was asleep except Jyou and Yamato. Jyou was 
staring into the fire, his eyes showed that he was worried. Yamato was 
further away from the fire with his harmonica. He was playing a soft, 
depressing tune.

Goma and Gabu looked at eachother and smiled before stepping up to the two 
humans. Jyou was the first to notice the two strangers, and soon Yamato did 
too. "Who are you?" Jyou asked, slowly backing away. Goma grinned at Jyou 
and walked closer to him, "It's me Jyou! Don't you recognize me?" Jyou 
stared carefully into Goma's face and suddenly smiled, "Gomamon? Is that 
you?" Goma nodded, and gave Jyou a friendly hug, "Actually, it's just Goma 
now." Meanwhile, Gabu was standing in front of Yamato, who didn't seem to 
believe that Gabu was really his digimon. Whenever Gabu took a step forward, 
Yamato stepped further back until he was up against a tree. "Leave me 
alone!" he shouted, almost loud enough to wake the others. "But...Yamato-" 
"Don't try to trick me! I know this is some kind of trick!" Gabu sighed and 
stepped even closer to Yamato, "Matt Ishida...please." Yamato looked at the 
creature in front of him. "Matt...? The only one who's ever called me 
Matt...is Gabumon..." Yamato looked deep into the eyes of the form in front 
of him, and found the eyes of a familiar wolf digimon staring back at him. 
"It's you! Gabumon!" Yamato shouted, and wrapped his arms tightly around 
Gabu. Gabu smiled, and wrapped his arms around Yamato, "Actually...it's just 
plain Gabu now." "I...I was so worried about you Gabu. I thought something 
may have happened to you. If you didn't come back just now, I would've gone 
out to search for you myself." Gabu smiled, "I was okay, Goma was with me."

Goma, Gabu, Jyou, and Yamato were up for another hour, talking about what 
happened with each of them while they were split up. While Yamato and Jyou 
were talking, Goma snuck away with Gabu in the forest. Gabu looked at Goma 
and asked, "What are you doi-" Goma pressed his lips against Gabu's while he 
was in mid sentence. Gabu was shocked, but soon got into it, and wrapped his 
arms around Goma. Goma was about to take things further, and pressed his 
lips harder against Gabu's, but an arm grabbed him and pulled him away. When 
he turned around, his face caught Yamato's clentched fist. Goma stumbled 
back, and almost fell, but Gabu caught him. Yamato took a step closer to 
Goma, and pulled his fist back, ready to strike again, but Jyou caught his 
arm, "What the hell are you doing Yamato?!" Jyou shouted. Yamato spun around 
and growled at Jyou, "What the hell does it look like? I'm teaching your 
digimon to stay away from mine, and to keep his hands, and lips, OFF!" Jyou 
restrained Yamato's arms, and looked at him straight in the eye, "It didn't 
look like Gabu was showing any struggle to get away, did it?" Yamato snarled 
back, "I don't care! Just keep your digimon AWAY from Gabu!" Yamato stormed 
back off to the camp, leaving Jyou, Gabu and Goma. Gabu helped Goma up, and 
helped him keep his balance. "Are you all right, Goma?" Jyou asked, 
concerned. Goma nodded and looked at Jyou shamefully. "What's wrong Goma?" 
Jyou questioned. Goma just stood there and lowered his head, "Goma, talk to 
me." Jyou commanded.

Goma looked up at Jyou and looked deep within his eyes, "Are...aren't you 
ashamed of me Jyou?" Jyou looked confused, "What do you mean?" "Gabu...and I 
are in love Jyou..." Jyou nodded, "I know that Goma." Goma looked at Gabu, 
then at Jyou, "Aren't you mad at us?" Jyou shaked his head, "Although I am a 
little surprised...I'm not ashamed of you Goma. I can't tell you how to live 
your life. Don't listen to a word Yamato says. If he tells you that it isn't 
right, just ignore him. It isn't his choice to decide how you live." Goma 
smiled at Jyou and gave him a hug. "Thank you Jyou...Thank you for being so 
understanding..." Jyou nodded and looked Goma up and down, "Nice clothes 
Goma, where'd you get them?" Goma snickered and looked at Jyou, "You've been 
hanging around Mimi WAY too much Jyou." Jyou laughed and walked back to 
camp, "I'll leave you two alone. I need to get some sleep anyways. 'night 
Goma. 'night Gabu." Gabu and Goma waved to Jyou, and when he was out of 
sight, Goma grinned evilly at Gabu.

"I don't like that look Goma..." Gabu said, while backing up. Goma advanced 
on Gabu until Gabu had his back against a tree. "Now that we've found the 
others, and that we're alone..." Goma grinned, "What do you say?" Gabu 
grinned back at Goma, "Oh, I see what you want..." Gabu stepped a few feet 
closer to Goma, and wrapped his arms around his neck. Goma wrapped his arms 
around Gabu's waist, and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Goma explored 
Gabu's human-like mouth with his tongue, and Gabu did the same to Goma. Goma 
broke away after a minute to catch his breath. Goma slowly started to take 
off Gabu's clothing, first his jacket and shirt, then his shorts. Gabu was 
now wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, which has a large tent formed in 
them. Gabu smiled at Goma, and started to rip off his clothing Goma was soon 
wearing nothing but his boxers, just like Gabu, and he blushed. Gabu pushed 
Goma down on his back, and climbed over him, pushing his lips against 

Goma and Gabu kissed for what seemed like a few minutes, and probably was. 
Goma pushed Gabu onto his back, and pulled off his boxers, revealing a six 
inch, fully erect cock. Gabu's cheeks flushed with a shade of crimson as a 
gentle breeze tickled him. Goma slowly wrapped his lips around Gabu's cock, 
and started to softly lick in random places along his shaft, causing Gabu to 
yelp quietly in delight. Goma swirled his tongue around the head of Gabu's 
prick, which caused a fire to burn deep within Gabu's body. Gabu was halfway 
through his first orgasm when he pushed Goma back. Goma was confused and 
asked, "What? Am I doing something wrong Gabu?" Gabu shook his head, and 
jumped at Goma. He pushed Goma on his back, and wrapped his hands around 
Goma's boxers, and pulled them off in one quick motion, to show a large, six 
inch tool, standing to attention. Gabu grinned, "It's bigger then last 
time." Goma blushed, and soon let out a sigh as Gabu wrapped his hands 
around Goma's cock and started to move his soft hands up and down Goma's 
shaft. Goma was panting, and loving this attention, until Gabu stopped, 
"Wh...why'd you stop...Gabu?" he asked. Gabu perked his ear up, "I hear 
something..." Goma listened too, and heard something as well. It sounded 
like a faint squeaking noise. The noise was coming from behind the tree Gabu 
was lying against.

Goma and Gabu peered around the tree and was a furry orange digimon, slowly 
pulling on his own four inch cock with his eyes closed, slowly moaning the 
names Gabu and Goma. At the same time, both Goma and Gabu yelled, 
"Patamon!!" which startled the young digimon, who's eyes shot open, as he 
looked around. Patamon blushed deeply, and tried to escape Goma and Gabu's 
gaze, but failed. "What were you doing?" Gabu asked. "He was fantisizing 
about us!" Goma answered. Gabu looked at Goma, "I know that, I just wanted 
to hear it come out of his mouth." Goma sneered at Gabu, "Well, if you knew, 
why'd you ask," he said, completely ignoring what Gabu just told him. Gabu 
shaked his head, and slowly picked up Patamon. "So? You like watching us, 
Patamon?" Patamon turned away from Gabu's face. "Answer me Patamon!" Gabu 
commanded. Patamon nodded. "And you were getting off on it too?" Goma asked. 
Patamon nodded again. "You know what we're going to do about this?" Gabu 
asked. Patamon was shaking in fear that they would tell the group or 
something worse as he shook his head. "If you want to...we'll let you join 
us, just this once." Gabu said. Patamon looked into Gabu's eyes quickly, 
"You will?" "We will?" Goma asked at almost the same time. Gabu nodded and 
stared hungrily at Patamon's small cock. He slowly put Patamon on the 
ground, and started to suck on his prick. Goma crawled in front of Gabu's 
head and placed his still erect cock in front of Patamon's mouth.

Patamon hesitated for a second, after all, Goma may be too large for him to 
fit in his mouth. Patamon first took an inch into his mouth, which was all 
he thought he could take. Goma slowly pushed in more, until Patamon started 
to gag. Patamon's gagging made Goma pull out of his mouth, and check to see 
if he was alright. Gabu then stopped sucking on Patamon's member, and backed 
away. He got on his knees as Goma slowly slid into Gabu's ass. Gabu squirmed 
a little, but soon got used to it. "Your turn Patamon," Goma said. Patamon 
was a little confused, but Goma picked Patamon up and guided him to his ass. 
Patamon didn't hesitate, and started to thrust into Goma fast and hard. Goma 
grinned, and took Gabu's cock in his flipper and started to slowly rub him 
as he thrusted into him at a slow pace.

The three digimon were soon moving as one, and Gabu was already to his 
second orgasm. Patamon shouted his name as he shot his seed deep inside 
Goma. He collapsed on Goma's back, but Goma and Gabu weren't finished. Goma 
was sweating, and grunting as he pounded deeper and deeper inside Gabu, and 
his flipper was now moving across Gabu's member at lightning fast speed. 
Gabu groaned as he reached his final orgasm, which set off Goma, who shot 
his load into Gabu. The three were panting, trying to regain normal 
breathing, and soon pulled away from eachother. A large puddle of digicum 
was formed next to the tree. Goma was still very horny, and grabbed Patamon, 
and started to suck on his rapidly shrinking tool, which regained full 
hardness in seconds. Patamon was once again moaning Goma's name, and it took 
only a few seconds before he shot his second load into Goma's mouth. Goma 
grinned at Patamon as he cleaned his cock up. Patamon looked like he was 
about to fall asleep, but Goma had other plans.

Goma put Patamon down in front of his full six inch cock, and didn't have 
to tell Patamon what he wanted. Patamon slowly took an inch of Goma into his 
mouth, and slowly, took another inch in. Goma moaned, as Patamon took more 
and more into his mouth, controlling his gag reflex, he soon took all of 
Goma into his mouth and down his throat. He soon worked around Goma's large 
shaft in his mouth with his rough tongue, which caused Goma to shout 
Patamon's name in pleasure. Goma soon reached his orgasm, and his cum poured 
down Patamon's throat. Patamon slowly pulled Goma out of his mouth, and 
smiled up at him. Goma was now very relieved, and VERY tired. He and Gabu 
put their clothes back on, and found a place to sleep for the night, cuddled 
up together. Patamon cleaned up a little, and cuddled near Goma, and heard 
him whisper, "Can't wait until next time Patamon..." Patamon smiled and 
closed his eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

That night, when everyone was asleep, human and digimon, a strange figure 
appeared into the night. He stared at Patamon for a second and a grin spread 
across his face. "Now that that rodent with wings was with my specimen, he 
too will become one of my experiments." Patamon soon started to glow, and 
his form shifted from a flying pot-roast, to a human-like digimon, much like 
Gabu and Goma. He was like a human with a body covered in fur, which was 
orange everywhere except on his chest and belly, which wasz white. His hair 
was blond, and reached his eyes. His ears were still large, and looked much 
like wings, and his arms and legs were longer, and had the same little paws 
on them. The figure whispered a spell, and Pata was covered in clothing, 
much like Gabu and Goma, except this time, he wore yellow shorts and a 
yellow jacket. The figure laughed slightly and disappeared into the night.

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