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Gomamon slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He could see his fur was 
a mess, and so was Gabumon's who was sleeping soundly next to him. He looked 
on Gabumon's stomach and giggled as he saw Gabumon's cum from the night 
before, dried on, as well as his cum dried up on the ground. He gently shook 
Gabumon, who awoke with a smile on his face, "Morning my love," Gomamon 
said. Gabumon yawned and smiled back at Gomamon, "Good morning Gomamon." 
"Ready to go to the lake?" Gomamon asked, with a grin creeping across his 
face. Gabumon nodded, got up, and walked with Gomamon to where he said there 
was a lake the other night.

It didn't take long to walk there, and it was quiet on the way because both 
were kind of embarrased about what happened the other night. When they got 
to the lake, there was no one around. It was peaceful, and calm, and the 
only living creatures there other than the two digimon, were hundreds of 
fish which swam around in the lake. "I'll race ya!" Gomamon challenged the 
wolf digimon. Gabumon grinned and ran as fast as he could toward the water, 
with Gomamon close behind. Gabumon almost reached the water, when Gomamon 
shouted out in pain. Gabumon came to a quick halt and ran back to Gomamon, 
who was holding his flipper in pain. When he got to Gomamon, he was tackled, 
and Gomamon ran past him, laughing, and jumped in the water. Gabumon got up 
and wiped some dirt off his fur and smiled at Gomamon, "That wasn't fair you 
know!" Gomamon giggled and dived underwater, and surfaced with his fur very 
clean. Gabumon ran up to the shore, and jumped in, causing a huge splash in 
the water. Gomamon swam over to Gabumon, and started to wipe his back clean. 
He then turned Gabumon around and started to wash over his chest with his 
flipper, and then to his stomach.

When Gabumon was finished getting cleaned by Gomamon, they played around in 
the water for a while until they started to get hungry. Gabumon got out of 
the water and collected some twigs to make a fire, while Gomamon swam around 
and caught a few fish. Once Gomamon caught enough fish for both of them, he 
came back to land and saw Gabumon had already started a fire, and even had 
some berries collected, and placed on a small bowl-shaped leaf. Gomamon 
handed a fish to Gabumon, and took a fish in his flipper, and held the fish 
over the fire until it was cooked. Gomamon cut open his and Gabumon's fish 
and took out the really good meat, and split it between them, and threw the 
rest of the meat, and the bones into the fire.

After eating, Gomamon and Gabumon went back into the water and swam around. 
They were playing a game when Gabumon suddenly sank underwater. Gomamon 
noticed his friend sinking, and dove underwater to look for him. Gabumon was 
nowhere to be seen, so he swam over to where Gabumon was when he was pulled 
underwater. Gomamon noticed there was a strong current there, that seemed to 
drag him down, and to the far end of the lake. Gomamon didn't try to get 
away from the current, and actually followed it, hoping Gabumon would be 
where it ended up. The current led Gomamon to a smal underwater cave, and he 
looked around. It was very small, only large enough for about two or three 
rookie digimon, and it was very cold.

Gomamon looked around in the cave, and found a familiar digimon curled up 
next to a fire. "Gabumon!" he shouted, "You're safe!" Gabumon looked up and 
saw his friend there smiling at him, and got up to greet him with a tight 
hug. Gomamon returned the embrace, and looked around at the cave. The walls 
sparkled in the dim light, like they were full of diamonds, and the ground 
was smooth, and hard. Gomamon and Gabumon pulled away from eachother and 
Gomamon looked down at Gabumon's stomach, which still was a little dirty. 
Gomamon chuckled, and led Gabumon over to the water. "C'mere, you're stilll 
dirty Gabumon" he said. Gabumon got in the water where it ws shallow enough 
for him to stand without getting pulled in with the current.

Gomamon hopped in the water with Gabumon, and slowly ran his flippers 
across the part of his stomach that was still dirty. Gomamon heard a small 
sigh come from Gabumon and looked down and noticed that his digihood was 
poking out of it's sheathe. Gomamon looked up at Gabumon and giggled, 
"Getting a little excited I see..." he teased. Gabumon blushed, and looked 
away. Gomamon continued to clean Gabumon until his skin shined in the light, 
and his fur was as bright as ever. Gomamon looked down again, and saw 
Gabumon's member was at it's full length, and grinned. He pushed Gabumon 
down into a position where he was sitting in the water almost up to his 
shoulders. Gomamon kissed at Gabumon's neck, and then his chest, and on down 
until he was at Gabumon's full member, underwater. (A/N: Let's just saw 
Gomamon can breathe underwater for this fic...) Gomamon slowly opened his 
mouth and took in Gabumon's cock, along with water too. Gabumon moaned at 
the feel of this new sensation with water in Gomamon's mouth.

Gomamon swished the water around in his mouth, and he twirled his tongue 
around on Gabumon, who was moaning very loadly. Gomamon flicked his tongue 
back and forth on the most sensitive part of Gabumon's prick, which was now 
cold as ice, which meant Gabumon was around his second or third orgasm 
already. Gomamon pulled his mouth out over Gabumon's prick until only the 
head was in his mouth, and with on flipper, Gomamon grabbed Gabumon's shaft 
and started to stroke it up and down. Gomamon could haer Gabumon's cries of 
pleasure from underwater as he shot cum into Gomamon's mouth, almost 
freezing the water he still had inside. Gomamon greedily swallowed it all, 
and licked Gabumon's cock clean.

Gomamon surfaced, and saw Gabumon was panting, trying to catch his breath, 
and grinned, "Ready for round two?" Gomamon asked. Gabumon stared at him as 
his legs were lifted up by the seal digimon. Gomamon took some cum that was 
still on Gabumon's rapidly shrinking prick, and rubbed it on his own. He 
then positioned his cock in the entrance to Gabumon's ass, and jabbed 
inside. Gabumon let out a cry of pain as Gomamon's full member was forced 
inside of him. "I'll stop if you want me to Gabumon," Gomamon said, "Tell me 
if it hurts too much." Gabumon waited a second so he could get used to the 
feeling of Gomamon being inside of him, and wrapped his legs around 
Gomamon's waist, and signaled for him to continue. Gomamon started to thrust 
in and out of Gabumon, who's digihood was now back to it's full length. 
Gomamon took Gabumon's cock into his flipper, and slowly jerked it back and 

Gomamon was moaning in pleasure as he thrusted deeper and deeper into 
Gabumon. Both of them were in the water, which enhanced their enjoyment. 
Gabumon was close to his first orgasm, as Gomamon leaned over and kissed him 
on the lips. Gomamon was getting close to his orgasm when he pulled out of 
Gabumon, and stopped to catch his breath. He tried to calm his orgasm down, 
and make his experience last longer, and started to suck on Gabumon's frozen 
member again. This time, Gabumon positioned himself so that he was under 
Gomamon's digihood, and took it in his mouth. Gabumon was already into his 
third orgasm about the time he took Gomamon into his mouth. Gomamon was 
moaning through his lips, while Gabumon was moaning Gomamon's name through 
his. Gomamon was almost to orgasm and started to rock on Gabumon's head, and 
sucked on Gabumon even harder. Gabumon couldn't take it any longer, and shot 
his load into his lover's mouth, which triggered Gomamon to shoot into 
Gabumon's mouth, who swallowed it all.

Gomamon and Gabumon stopped to catch their breath and cleaned themselves up 
in the water until they were unsullied. They climbed back out of the water, 
and Gomamon curled up next to Gabumon, who was lying down next to the fire, 
and fell asleep with him.

That night, a strange digimon wound up in the cave, and saw the two digimon 
cuddled up together. "hmmm...they look like the perfect couple for my 
experiment." He said. He chanted some strange spell, and Gomamon and 
Gabumon's forms changed. The digimon looked at the digimon, first at 
Gomamon, who now had two long legs, and arms, with flippers, and a lot of 
hair instead of a mohawk. He was still covered in his fur. Gabumon now was 
wearing his fur all over his body instead of just on his back, and looked a 
lot like Gomamon did now, but instead of flippers, he had hands and feet, 
and he still had a horn sticking out of his head, but he now also had a lot 
of light blue hair. "Looks like my experiment works...let's see how these 
boys deal with their new digihumon bodies..." the digimon said before 

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