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Gomamon's Love
By: Gomamon_PureWater

Gomamon woke up in the middle of the night. He looked around and everyone 
was sleeping soundly, and the fire was still bright and warm. He got up and 
walked in the forest to a stream. He took a small sip of the fresh stream 
water, and splashed a little water in his face to wake up. He walked back to 
camp and found his best friend was gone, and so was Mimi. 'He may be my best 
friend...' Gomamon thought, 'but he better not be putting moves on my girl!' 
Gomamon waddled over to where Joe and Mimi were sleeping and found 
footprints, exactly what he was looking for. He followed the footprints 
until he was too tired to walk another step. He lied down next to a tree, 
and fell asleep.

"Mimi...um...well...what I'm trying to say is..." Gomamon started. "I love 
you Gomamon!" Mimi shouted and picked him up and embraced him. "Uh...yeah," 
Gomamon blushed, "That's what I was gonna say...I mean! I love you Mimi, not 
me..." Mimi giggled and kissed Gomamon. Gomamon's cheeks flushed with a deep 
crimson, and returned the kiss. Suddenly Joe appeared out of nowhere and 
took Gomamon out of Mimi's arms and threw him over his shoulder, and took 
Mimi's hand and walked off with Mimi clutching to his arm. Gomamon looked up 
and saw his love walking off with his best friend and started to sob, 
"Mimi...please don't leave!" he yelled, but Mimi was too far away to hear.

Gomamon tried to stop the tears from flowing out of his eyes, but failed. 
He picked himself up and tried walking back to camp. Stopping every few 
minutes to wipe the tears off of his face. He finally got back to camp and 
found only a few of the digimon were there, and the digidestined were gone. 
Gatomon was sleeping next to the fire, purring softly, and Agumon was 
sitting next to the fire, staring lovingly at Gatomon. Biyomon and Gabumon 
were holding eachother next to the fire. Gomamon knew Biyomon and Gabumon 
weren't holding eachother for warmth. Gomamon was still upset and lied down 
next to the fire and closed his eyes, and tried to stop crying. The three 
other digimon that were awake decided to leave Gomamon alone, and eventually 
Biyomon fell asleep cuddled up to Gabumon. Gabumon was concerned about his 
friend, Gomamon, and slowly lifted Biyomon's head off him, and gently put 
her down next on a soft patch of grass. Gabumon got up and walked over to 
his friend and sat down next to him and placed an arm on Gomamon's shoulder, 
"What's the matter Gomamon? You've been upset all night." Gomamon slightly 
opened his eyes, which were now red from crying, and his cheeks were stained 
with tears. "It's none of your business!" Gomamon snapped. Agumon snickered, 
"Sounds like he was dumped." Gomamon shot a sharp glare at Agumon and 
snapped at him, "Looks like I'm not the only one!" By now, Biyomon was 
awakened by the shouting, but stayed down, and no one noticed she was awake.

"What are you talking about Gomamon?" Agumon asked, "My relationship with 
Gatomon is going fine." Gomamon got up and grinned at Agumon. "Oh, I'm not 
talking about you and Gatomon..." Agumon looked nervously at Gomamon, 
"Wh...what do you mean then?" Gomamon walked closer to Agumon, still 
grinning, "I saw you and Gabumon a few nights ago...You were in the woods 
making out with more passion then you and Gatomon ever had. By the looks of 
it, you two seem to have split up." Agumon laughed nervously and looked at 
Gomamon, "I...I don't know what you're talking about..." Gomamon rolled his 
eyes, "Sure, you better explain to Gatomon, not me," he said as he pointed 
to behind Agumon at a very angry cat. Gatomon stormed off into the forest, 
and Agumon followed, trying to get her to stop and listen to him.

Gabumon walked up to Gomamon, and glared at him, "That wasn't very nice 
Gomamon!" Gomamon looked up at Gabumon and grinned, "You know it's true 
though," Gabumon blushed with the glare still on his face, "How did you 
know?" "Well I--" Gomamon started before Biyomon shot up and screamed, "I 
thought he was just lying, but it's true isn't it Gabumon!?" Gabumon quickly 
turned to face Biyomon, and shamefully nodded, knowing that a lie would make 
things worse, especially if she found out he lied. Biymon flew off into the 
forest with tear-filled eyes, and Gabumon followed closely behind. Gomamon 
grinned and lied down closing his eyes, "Well, now I don't feel so bad about 
losing Mimi..." Gomamon slowly drifted off to sleep.

Gomamon woke up to feel someone shaking him violently. His eyes shot open 
to find a terrified Biyomon looking back at him. "Gomamon! Please help me 
find Gabumon! I can't find him!" "Why should I?" Gomamon asked. Biyomon's 
eyes filled with anger as she spoke, "Because if it wasn't for YOU, he 
wouldn't have gotten lost!" Gomamon got up, "Fine...what happened?" Biyimon 
sat down, "Well, he was right behind me, but I sprinted ahead so I could be 
alone, and after a while, I looked back and he wasn't following me." "Don't 
worry too much Biyomon. He can digivolve if he gets in trouble." Biyomon 
shook Gomamon who was trying to go back to sleep. "Matt isn't around! 
Remember? He can't digivolve without the digivice and still be strong enough 
to fight! And even if he could, without the Crest of Friendship, Gabumon can 
only digivolve to Garurumon!" Gomamon started to worry, but tried not to let 
Biyomon notice. "Okay, lets split up and see if we can find him then." 
Biyomon nodded and flied off in one direction, and Gomamon went in another.

Gomamon looked for a few hours, and couldn't find Gabumon. His body was 
sore from walking so much, but he didn't stop. He kept walking and was 
getting close to losing hope. 'Oh Gabumon, please be alive...I wouldn't be 
able to live knowing it's my fault you were killed. I...I love you...' His 
own thoughts made him slightly blush. He kept looking and was about ready to 
head back when he saw a familiar footprint on the ground. "Gabumon! That's 
Gabumon's footprint!" Gomamon shouted. He followed the footprints and 
noticed they weren't normal footprints. It looked like Gabumon was running 
when he made these. Gomamon shrugged it off, 'Maybe he was just trying to 
catch up to Biyomon by running,' He thought, trying to not get worried. He 
walked a little further, and his eyes widened as he noticed something 
alongside the footprints. A red liquid was next to the footprints. It was 
blood! 'Still wet and warm, Gabumon must be close by!' Gomamon thought. He 
started to run and soon came upon a familiar form lying on the ground. He 
rushed to get by it and looked into his eyes. It was Gabumon, and he was in 
pain, and was going to be deleted soon. Gabumon opened his eyes to see 
Gomamon looking into his, and forced a smile.

Gomamon was holding back tears now, and wrapped his flippers around 
Gabumon's neck, "Oh Gabumon! I'm so sorry!" he shouted. "I..It's okay 
Gomamon...It's not your faul--" "Yes it is! I made Biyomon mad at you, and 
it's my fault that you got hurt! I...I'm so sorry!" Gabumon slowly wrapped 
his arms around his friend, who was now sobbing, letting his hot tears flow 
down his cheeks. "G...Gabumon, I need to tell you something..." Gomamon 
whispered. "I'm listening Gomamon..." Gabumon replied. Gomamon wiped the 
tears from his eyes, and pushed away from Gabumon. "I...love you Gabumon. 
I'm sorry for what I did," Gomamon held his head in shame. Gabumon raised 
himself up and licked Gomamon on the cheek, which caused him to look right 
up into Gabumon's eyes. "I love you too Gomamon..." Gabumon said. Gomamon 
and Gabumon joined in a final embrace, as Gabumon started to fade away. "I 
will always love you Gomamon..." He said before he faded out of view. 
Gomamon's eys welled up with tears, and lets them pour out instead of 
holding them back. He closed his eyes, and collapsed on the ground where 
Gabumon was lying, and cried against a tree. "Gabumon! I love you!" He 
shouted out into the night.

Gomamon awoke to Gabumon shaking his shoulder. Gomamon's eyes met with 
Gabumon's 'It must've been a dream' Gomamon thought. "Are you okay my 
friend?" Gabumon asked. "I heard someone talking when I woke up, and I 
walked until I found you, you seem to talk in your sleep a lot." Gomamon 
looked at Gabumon, afraid that Gabumon may have heard all he said in his 
dream, "Did...did you listen to what I was...saying?" he asked. Gabumon 
nodded. "Then you know?" Gomamon questioned again. Again, Gabumon nodded. 
Gomamon frowned and started to walk off, ashamed of himself for what he had 
admitted in his sleep. He felt the soft touch of Gabumon's hand on his 
shoulder. "Wait a second Gomamon...you never gave me a chance to respond to 
what you said." Gomamon ignored Gabumon, thinking he would be mad with him, 
and continued walking away. "Gomamon...I love you too!" Gomamon perked up 
and turned around. Gabumon was smiling at him and ran toward him, and 
grasped him in a large hug. Gomamon was shocked when he felt Gabumon's lips 
touch his own, and soon closed his eyes, and returned the kiss, which grew 
stronger, and more passionate. After a few minutes, Gomamon and Gabumon 
broke away tried to catch their breath. They softly kissed eachother on the 
lips and lied down next to a tree, holding eachother and soon falling 

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