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Gabu's True Feelings
By: Gomamon Purewater

"Wow! Goma! Hey, Goma, Wake up!" a squeaky voice shouted in the sleeping 
humon's ear. Goma's eyes shot open, and stared at the creature that was 
talking to him. "Look at my body Goma! I have clothes like you and Gabu!" 
The creature said. "That's nice Pata..." Goma said before lying back down to 
doze off. "HEY!!!" Pata shouted, "STAY AWAKE!!!" Goma opened his eyes again, 
and growled, "C'mon Pata! I'm tired, and I need some sleep!" By now, Gabu 
was awake, and listening to Pata try and wake Goma up completely. He 
snickered softly, and walked behind Goma, and wrapped his arms around Goma's 
body, which caused him to stop arguing, and smile back at Gabu. Gabu 
giggled, "The only way that I can make you stop arguing that always works is 
this, isn't it Goma?" Goma laughed softly and nodded. Goma softly pressed 
his lips on Gabu's hand. Pata smiled, "Now that everyone's awake, lets find 
something to eat!" Gabu offered to go hunt for some food, and left Pata and 
Goma as he went off to search for some animals.

As soon as Gabu was out of sight, Goma jumped on Pata with an evil grin 
spreading across his face. Pata struggled, and got Goma off him, 
"Goma...about last night-" "I was great wasn't I?" Goma interrupted. 
"Actually...what happened last night should'nt have happened Goma..." Goma 
frowned and sat down next to Pata, who slowly sat up. "W...what do you mean 
Pata?" Pata lowered his head and sighed, "I mean that, I was just a little 
curious, and never was attracted to you, or Gabu. In fact, Biyomon and I 
have actually been together for a while..."

There was a long silence. Goma was hurt inside, but tried not to show it. 
He masked his disappointment with anger. Pata was afraid of what Goma might 
do, seeing that he was upset, but didn't speak a word. Things were silent 
until Gabu came back to find the two sitting away form eachother without 
talking. Pretending that everything was fine, Pata stood up and smiled at 
Gabu, "Find anything Gabu?" Gabu shook his head and smiled at Pata, then at 
Goma, who was still pretty upset. "Goma, I saw a river about a ten minute 
walk north of here," Gabu said, "Would you like to try catching some fish 
there?" Goma stood up and stormed off north, and shouted as he walked off, 
"Fine, anything to get away from Pata!" Gabu turned to Pata, who now looked 
upset, "What happened Pata?" Pata sat down with his back against a large 
tree, "...I can't say..."

Meanwhile, Goma arrived at the river Gabu told him about. He reached it in 
about three minutes since he was running as fast as he could. Tons of fish 
were jumping out of the water and Goma couldn't believe what he saw. He 
crouched down next to the water, shoved his flipper into the water, and 
pulled out two fish! He did the same thing again, but with two flippers, and 
pulled out five fish! Goma caught another fish, and ate it raw. He built a 
large fire next to the water, and gutted the fish, and set them over the 
fire to cook.

Back at camp, Gabu was looking at Pata, who still didn't want to talk. Gabu 
grinned at a thought that popped into his head, and pounced on Pata. Pata 
was shocked as Gabu quickly took off both of their shirts. "Gabu! What are 
you doing!?" He shouted. "If you don't want to tell me what's bothering 
you...I'll get it out of you one way or another!" Gabu said. Pata blushed 
when Gabu tore off the rest of their clothing, leaving both of them nude. 
Pata's tool was a full five inches from the excitement, and Gabu was at six 
inches. Pata shivered in pleasure as Gabu placed his warm, moist mouth over 
his young digicock. Pata leaned his head back against the tree, and closed 
his eyes. Gabu twirled his tongue around Pata's tool, and bobbed up and 
down, slowly, then quickening, and slowling down again. Whenever Gabu slowed 
down his speed, Pata went nuts! Soon, Pata was shouting Gabu's name, loud 
enough that Gabu was sure the whole Digiworld could hear. Pata shot a large 
load of digicum into Gabu's mouth, who swallowed it greedily.

Back at the river, Goma had just finished cooking the fish. He put them in 
a moist package made from water plants to keep it fresh and started to head 
back to camp. He took his time on the way back, since now he was calmed down 
more, and not really in any hurry to see Pata again.

Gabu licked the last bit of digicum off Pata's rapidly shrinking prick, and 
licked his lips, "Now are you ready to tell me what's wrong Pata?" Pata 
grinned at Gabu, and pushed him to the ground, "It wouldn't be fair if I got 
some attention, and you didn't, now would it?" Gabu moaned as Pata worked 
his soft, furry paws over Gabu's digiprick. He jerked up fast, but slowly 
ran his paws down Gabu's shaft. Gabu leaned back and moaned louder as Pata 
licked his cock with his rouch tongue, which caused Gabu's first orgasm. 
Now, Pata was horny again, and fully erect. He slowly moved up Gabu's body 
and started to kiss his with passion burning inside him. He took his own 
digihood, and Gabu's in his paw, and started to rub both of them at the same 
time, right next to eachother. Gabu whispered softly into Pata's ear, 
"This...is a new *pant* feeling Pata..." Pata nodded, and pressed his lips 
against Gabu's again, and started to pump even faster. Gabu was now moving 
his hips in rhythm with Pata's hand, and Pata knew this was a sign Gabu 
would shoot his digiseed at any time. Pata broke away from Gabu and turned 
around and offered his cock to Gabu, who took it into his mouth. Pata moaned 
and continued to move both paws up and down Gabu's ice cold shaft. Pata 
could tell Gabu was a second away from shooting his load, and wrapped his 
hot lips over Gabu's icy cock, which caused Gabu to shoot in an instant, 
moaning loudly. Gabu's orgasm reacted with Pata, who shot right after Gabu. 
They licked eachother clean, and lied down together next to the tree, 
without bothering to put their clothes back on.

Goma soon arrived, but was out of sight behind a bush, and dropped the fish 
he was carrying when he saw the two digihumon's naked next to eachother 
against the tree. "So, what were you going to tell me?" Gabu asked, as he 
grinned at Pata. Pata grinned back, but then started to frown, "Well, I told 
Goma that what happened last night meant nothing to me, and that I was 
really attracted to Biyomon." Gabu looked at Pata, and slowly backed away, 
"Oh...I...I didn't know about you and Biyomon..." Pata grabbed Gabu's arm 
softly, "No! It's not like that!" Gabu sat back down and put his arm around 
Pata's shoulder. "I..." Pata started, "I'm really in love with you, and I 
didn't want to hurt Goma, so I lied to him." Pata frowned, and lowered his 
head in shame. "Well Pata..." Gabu said as he wrapped his arms completely 
around him, "I love you too..." Pata looked up, surprised, "Really? But what 
about Goma?" Gabu's friendly smile faded, "Well... I-" Goma jumped out of 
his hiding spot with tears in his eye, "I thought you loved me Gabu!" Gabu 
stood up, and started to throw some clothes on, "Goma!!" Goma ran off into 
the forest, sobbing. Pata stood up, and looked at Gabu, "Oh...Gabu, I'm 
sorry I caused this. I never should've said anything." "It's not your fault 
Pata, but we can talk about this later, I need to find Goma before he does 
something foolish. Tell the others that we'll be back in a minute if they 
ask." Pata nodded, and Gabu ran off after Goma, following his scent.

When Gabu found Goma, he was standing on a cliff by a waterfall next to the 
river he was at earlier. Gabu took a few steps closer to Goma, "Goma..." 
Goma turned around. His eyes were red, and tears soaked the fur under his 
eyes. "Leave me alone Gabu." Gabu stepped closer to Goma, who slowly walked 
further back, "Please Goma, I need to talk to you. You don't understand..." 
Goma was now angered, "What is there I don't understand Gabu!? You love 
Pata! You said so yourself, and you probably never loved me!!" "Goma, 
please..." Gabu said, as he walked further toward Goma. Goma again, stepped 
further back, and was now against the edge of the cliff. He turned around 
and saw the water flowed off the edge of the cliff and crashed down a long 
ways down. Goma's eyes were now soaked with new tears, "What reason is there 
for me to live if the one I love never loved me..." "Goma, Jyou needs you 
for protection...and I need you. What you said about me never loving you 
isn't true, because I did, and still do love you." "You do not!" Goma choked 
out between sobs, "Please, if you do love me, do me a favor Gabu..." Gabu 
nodded. "Please tell Jyou...that I'm sorry." Goma spoke, in a tone that was 
void of any emotion, as he slowly backed away, and jumped off the cliff. 
"NO!!!!!" Gabu yelled as he dived for the edge of the cliff, and tried to 
grab Goma's arm, but it was too late, and Goma was already too far for him 
to reach. If the impact on the water didn't kill Goma, then the currect 

Sobbing, Gabu kneeled at the cliff for hours. It was starting to get dark 
before he stopped crying for the loss of his friend, and love, and started 
to head back to camp. When he got to camp, no one noticed that he was there, 
except Jyou. He explained to Jyou what had happened. "It's all my fault 
Jyou...I'm so sorry." Gabu said. Jyou comforted Gabu with a hug, "It's okay 
Gabu...It wasn't your fault." Jyou choked up when he talked, but Gabu didn't 
notice. Gabu cried on Jyou's shoulder, who was trying to be reliable, and 
there for his friends when they needed him. "I...I'm sorry Jyou, but I need 
to be alone now. I'm going to sleep. Again, I'm sorry for what happened. 
Jyou nodded as Gabu slowly walked over to a tree and lied down and fell 

The morning when Gabu awoke, he rubbed his eyes, and looked at his arm. 
'I'm normal again!' Gabumon thought to himself as he noticed his body was 
how it was normally. He looked around and saw that everyone was sleeping 
peacefully, and noticed that Pata was now Patamon again and Goma was in his 
original form of Gomamon, and still alive. Gabumon breathed a sigh of relief 
as he saw that Gomamon was safe. 'So it was all a dream. What happened 
between me and Gomamon will never happen...or will it? Do I really love him? 
Or is that just something my mind made up in my sleep?' Gabumon asked 
himself in his head. Gabumon shrugged, and lied down, and fell back asleep.

As soon as Gabumon drifted back off into his slumber, a strange cloaked 
digimon appeared in the shadows. "Yes Gabumon," he whispered to himself, "It 
was all a dream, but it could be reality if you wanted it to be..." The 
figure cackled softly, and vanished into the darkness of the shadows.

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