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“She Comes” by Ghost Boy. Chapter 2 in my series, “Dark World”.



Clouds abruptly pushed by the haze of the sun, as the once sunny blue sky instantly filled with darkness and signs of rain. People in the streets fled into their homes as rain plummeted from the sky. Even the ones who stayed outside, not very long anyway, did not notice certain droplets burn holes in trees, signs, and flags.

Not many people were lodged at the OdaibaHospital. The rooms were bare except a few. One, crowded compared to the others, was composed with 4 on lookers and a sleeping Bishounen. Two stood by the doors. One, a short girl with a brown hair in a ponytail, a green shirt, and khakis cried silently into the others arms. The other, a tall blonde boy with blue jeans and a green jacket covering a blue t-shirt, held her in his arms, stroking her hair and whispering mixed words of ‘shhh’ and ‘he’ll wake up…’

The third boy was standing in the corner, his eyes closed, not making any moves besides the usual straightening of his glasses. The last one was an older woman, her clothing a skewed, a mix of skimpy clothing and a hulking black overcoat used to cover her.

The sleeping Bishounen, a black haired kid with red sunglasses leaning on his bedside table. Even when the intercom blared the news that anyone who was in the building now had to stay over night because of weather conditions, not one of them moved from their positions.

A startled yell, then a raise of a voice, stirred the saddened group. The mother snapped out of her daze to look over at the bed, seeing her son rose out from his bed, holding his head and feeling the patch over his right eye. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, his muscles bulging a bit from the angle, and his newly developed scars littered the view of his chest.

“Conner!” she gasped, a look of extreme relief spread across her face. He turned his face towards her. “M-mom?” Conner looked at her, then to the corner where Joe sat, pushing his glasses up, but still giving him his natural glare. Conner looked at the satisfied look on Joe’s face before looking at the door, seeing Rika, looking at him with a look of pure excited bliss. It did not occur to him that he didn’t know the boy behind her.

“What the…?” he asked, taking in his surroundings. All of the white… the steady beeps of his heart monitor… the smell of a sterile… he figured he was in the hospital.

“Conner, we thought you would never wake.” His mother said, looking down at him from her chair. “What happened? Why am I in the Hospital? Why does my whole body hurt?” the question swam through his head and came out one by one through his lips.

His mother looked slightly embarrassed as she stuttered slightly to answer, but Rika interrupted, tears still rolling down her soft cheeks.

“You walked into the school all beat up,” she said, her lip quivering slightly with her words. “You were cut in many places, and you were beat up pretty badly. You were… uh…” she stuttered a bit not looking as if she wanted to finish. “I was what?” he demanded, white flashes streaking past his mind as she spoke.

“You were covered in… liquids…” she was trying to say something but he didn’t understand what she was talking about. “Like blood?” he asked, a confused look melding with the pain as even faster flashes leapt through his mind.

She blushed a little harder, tears not rolling down her cheeks anymore, but building up. She mumbled her next words but they sunk down into his mind fast enough. He sat their stunned, his eyes as wide as quarters, and his mouth hung open. “Whose was it?” he asked a few minutes later, breaking the eerie silence.

Joe spoke up from the corner, taking off his glasses, cleaning them with the edge of his buttoned shirt. “We believe…” he paused, blinking, then put his glasses back on. “We know that the sperm found on you was… Ken’s.” he said. At the words, the unknown boy in the back smiled slightly, shaking his head back and forth.

“I really don’t believe that it was him, or that he was capable of such a thing,” he muttered, “but the evidence of his and your sperm on his shirt and pants accompanied by your blood, negated my point.”

He only stayed a moment longer, then walked out of the door, leaving the rest of them their to stare at where he had just been in another silence filled moment.

Rika walked over to Conner, grabbing him in a hug. Her tears still rolled down her face, flowing from her puffed up cheeks to his chest, and going down farther. “I see you soon.” She whispered in his ear before grabbing Joe by the collar and nearly throwing him out the door. She yelled at him while they walked down the corridor, the only audible words Conner heard was ‘too much information you heartless bastard!’

He smiled a bit, still unsure about how to feel. Ken was his friend. He was like a brother to him. A saint even. His… lover. He couldn’t fully grasp the concept of it, and his face showed the worry of his thoughts.

“Conner?” the voice called to him, pulling him out of his train of thought. He hadn’t even realized his mother was still there. “Ya?” he asked. “I’m supposed to take you home tonight, whether your awake or not. So, think you can walk?” Conner nodded his head slightly, and pushed the covers away from his legs.

He was thankful that he was wearing brand new black pants, seeing his old ones in the corner with holes and tears riddled through them. He looked over to his mother, who in turn handed him a tight black T-shirt and silver buttoned over shirt. He picked up his sunglasses from and almost put them on, but he realized that his head hurt too much for a change of color, so he pocketed them.

The drive home was a silent one, until Conner’s mind went to a question he hadn’t asked. “Mother?” he looked over to her, to see her eyes firmly planted on the road. “Huh?” she asked, her eyes still unmoving. “Where is Ken?” his mother face didn’t even move, but she did swerve the car past the one in front. “They found him about two blocks away, unconscious. He had two holes in the side of his neck, and he has been in a coma for as long as you’ve been, now longer.”

Conner stayed silent the rest of the way home. He wondered ‘did I do that? Did I retaliate against him while he was with me? Did I put him into that coma?’ he left his questions to haunt his sleep as he got from the car at his house. His mind strayed from those thoughts as now clearer images and feelings ran through his head.

             Conner remembered a lot of his torture now. The pain as ken dragged the knife down his arm, leaving a gigantic gash on his arm… the gentle caressing of his hands on his chest… then the slow inching of the lade piercing many different parts of his body… the intruding force and taste of Ken’s tongue… then pain of his thrusts into him… the taste of his blood…!

Conner stopped at this last one. How did he remember what his blood tasted like? Conner bust out from his room, a slight weakness overcoming him, and he dropped onto his knees in the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror; a new slight redness in his eyes glinted and faded from his pupils.

He looked into his reflection, panting and remembering everything he had seen. He took one last look before falling to his knees once more, a cold sweat developing on his body.

He strained once more to stand, using his hands as leverage and dragged himself back to his room, the slight light from his lamp burning his eyes. He landed with a soft ‘thump’ onto his bead, holding his hands over his eyes. He reached across his bed, turning the knob on his lamp and plunging his room into darkness.

Conner’s only fleeting thought before he blacked out was ‘I will meet her tomorrow.’



Conner walked in his normal black clothing down the street towards his school, his eyes down and mind deep in thought. His red sunglasses covered his eyes, now a pale green. Conner had woken and checked them in the mirror. He had no idea why his eyes were switching colors, but he was sure it was not normal. His other thoughts were of Ken. He wasn’t sure if he had been the one who could have bitten him, but the one thing that convinced him it couldn’t have been him was he didn’t have the pointed teeth to it with. He was blessed with no canines.

Conner was bumped out of his concentration as someone brushed passed him, pushing ever so slightly to the side. He saw the girl rush passed him, a look of terror on her face. She was wearing headphones and skates. She was a sickly pale, and her blue clothing didn’t help her in her surroundings.

Conner wondered why she was so scared, but was once again pushed aside, roughly this time, by a gang of three teens, two of which glinted a knife in their hands. Conner picked himself up off the wall he was pushed into, the slight stinging of his right arm where his biggest scar was. He saw them disappear into an alley a few blocks ahead. Conner just continued walking, going past the alley a few minutes later.

He noticed it was an enclosed one, as he watched three teens hold the girl down. A fourth, more malicious looking boy held a 7 inch knife in his hand and started to but into her suit, revealing her lacy braw. They only had removed half of the shirt before Conner walked into the alley, setting his bag down.

“Knock that off!” he said with a little anger in his voice. The four of them looked up at him, noticing finally he was there. “Leave her alone!” he shouted one more time, taking another step in the alley. The wind started to blow a bit harder as he spoke. Two of them stood up while the others two continued to hold her down.

“You say something punk?” the tallest one said, raising his knife a little, and his companion cracking his knuckles. The wind blew even harder than before, starting to blow paper and trash across the street behind them. Conner did not back down. “I said leave her alone!” he walked further into the alley. The two advanced as far as him, almost getting a few feet close to him. “Better leave or I may just use this on something other than this bitc…” he was cut off as a red eyed (no as in teary) Conner swung his fist, catching him straight in the jaw, sending him tumbling down.

The knife in his hands streaked as he fell, cutting through the fabric of Conner’s shirt. Conner looked down and pulled off his buttoned shirt, throwing it down on the ground with more force and anger than before. Conner looked up, just in time to see and dodge a fist from his foes partner. Conner ducked his head and raised his fist again, but not fast enough. He was tackled form behind by the first guy he punched.

Conner fell to the ground. He felt the strike to his ribs and someone kicking his gut. Then the weight on his back increased as the two struggled to hold him down. Conner caught a glimpse at the girl. She was exasperated. Her mouth had been taped shut, and her eyes pierced his. She was pleading softly for his help. Conner just looked back and watched his captors draw breath in ragged gasps. He had actually given them more of a struggle than he thought.

“Hey,” he called out to the other two, “lets do that bitch first, then maybe we’ll have a little fun with this little piece of shit.” He laughed as they nodded in agreement. Conner watched as the two captors removed her shirt, pulling it over her head. One pulled his knife from his pocket, raising it towards her chest, and slicing through the fabric.

The girls eyes widened as her growing breasts bounced into view. The rounded mounds took Conner’s breath away. He stared into them until they were absconded from view by the boys. The boy reached down, his rough hands rubbed her sensitive nipples. She moaned, yet shuddered at the same time. The breeze had now turned into a storm. The boy picked her off the ground, shoving her into the wall, taking her melons and kneading her breast, and bringing his lips down upon them.

Conner heard her curse under her breath, before he felt his stomach lurch. He grabbed his head, moaning in pain, and in a bazaar way, pleasure. His captors looked at him, and he blacked out.


Conner lifted himself off the ground, his head pounding and his stomach feeling as if he was covered in a thousand army ants. He found his shirt close by, and he picked it up. He looked to where the girl was. She looked exactly like she did when he blacked out, except she was in the corner of the alley, looking up at him, a frightened look upon her face. He looked quizzically at her. He started to notice however the bodies that lay around the alley.

Though they were strung out, every single one of the attackers was knocked out. Now Conner was really confused. He turned back to the girl. “What happened here?” he asked. “Y-y-you.” was the only answer she gave him. She noticed his eyes weren’t the same way as before…

“I… did… this?” he asked again, looking around between each pause. He really didn’t have time to take that in. He turned to her, looking back into her glazed eyes. “You really don’t remember how you beat any of these guys?” she asked looking at him in amazement. “No” she said shaking his head. “You annihilated them.” “Well…” he said awkwardly “My name’s Conner. What’s yours?” she stared at him a little longer before answering.

“My names Lily.” She finally said, though quickly covering her up, realizing she still hadn’t put on her clothes yet. He turned away blushing profusely. “S-sorry” he rambled. She didn’t say anything for another few minutes. “Why should you be?” he heard her ask. He turned to her and once again started to blush. She still hadn’t put on her clothes.

She stared into his eyes, like she was looking for something. “You know, when you were beating those guys up, your eyes were red.” He blinked, surprised to hear this. “Maybe, you should, um, well, put your clothes on?” he suggested. She threw her braw into the corner and slipped her shirt over her head, and her pants back onto her legs. “Well, now that I am done…” he turned to leave only to be caught by her. “Wait, I think you should have some kind of reward for this.” She said seductively. “Wait, no, you don’t have…” “I know, but I think I will anyway.”

Conner gasped as she pressed her body near his. Her hands went down to the developing lump in his pants. It pressed against the fabric, rubbing the head and sending a blocked surge of pleasure through his body. Her hand rubbed in circles, helping along in his gasps. Conner moaned softly and she smiled. Her hands went to his belt, undoing it without an effort. She undid his pants and pulled them down with the underwear.

She stared wide eyed as the 6 ½ inch cock was freed from it’s cloth prison. It throbbed madly, and it was pleasured slightly further by the breeze that seemed to come from nowhere. Her silky smooth hand enveloped mConner’s dick, caressing it slowly, pushing up and down. His breath increased slightly as the pleasure she gave him was immense. She seemed to have fun, her eyes never leaving his, and her squeezing a little harder than before.

She moved her left hand to his balls, cuffing them in her soft grasp. She fondled them tenderly, and he moaned her name, his breath becoming even more erratic. Her hand job increased in tempo as she started to pump fast and hard. Conner was getting close, and when she sensed this, she stopped. He looked back up at her. She smiled, and then lowered her head, taking a hold of his stiff cock into her mouth. She literally deep throated the cock as about two inches went down her throat. She even engulfed his nuts, and she started to bob her head up and down as she sucked on it. Conner grabbed the side of her head and started to hump her face, increasing the pleasure. Her tongue caressed the under side of his cock, licking the head down to the base, and still bobbing her head up and down, deep throating it entirely. Conner felt the his pleasure was nearing it’s end so his pace quickened, shoving into her mouth as fast as he could. The build up of pressure and pleasure broke, and his orgasm began.

She lifted her head so that only the head was in her mouth, sucking away and jacking the rest. His cum came in globs, filling her mouth up to the brim. She swallowed, and kept sucking, trying to get more out. The pleasure died away and Conner panted, sweat glistening over his body. She zipped his pants up and got up. She took something out of her pocket, and slipped it into his hands. “Thank you.” She said and walked off. Conner got up as it donned to him he would be late for school. The paper in his hand stopped him a few blocks away as he read it closely. It was her address and number!

Conner walked the stone path at the front of his school, not noticing a tree he walked by contained something that might have put his hair on end. A DarkRenamon sat in the tree, hiding from view, and watching the bishounen walk towards class. “He will be the one…” the DR said, before disappearing in a flash, leaving the school to it’s students.



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