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Now, onto the fic…




“Darkened State” by Ghost Boy. Part 1 in my series of “The Black World.” This fiction will be the only 3rd person point of view chapter.


A sky of clouds rages over Tokyo as the day rolled by. Many reports of crime and strange sightings were reported that day. The police station was filled to the rim with crooks, drug dealers, and homicidal maniacs. At the local hospital, many people had been checked from date violence, bullet wounds, and some with strange bite wounds on their necks.


But chaos of this was unheard of a few days before…


The school bell of the high school rang and kids of various ages walked to their first period class, while others stayed around, waiting for their second periods to start. None of them new the chaos that was happening just around the corner...


In a dark alley, just across the street from the school, a lone boy in black, gasped as his the boy he had just been hugging pulled a knife from his pocket. The boy was Conner Yamazaki, a junior at the high school.


Conner backed away from his boyfriend, pressing up against a wall, his body trembling and his eyes glassing over. The knife carrier called himself Ken Ichijouji. Ken quickly ran forward, pressing the edge of the knife to Conner’s throat, and covering his mouth with his other hand. Ken smirked as he noted the terror in his eyes.


“Scream or yell and I’ll gut you Conner.” He states plainly with a monotone voice. Conner just nods slightly.


Ken removes his hand from his mouth, and moves in, savoring the young dark haired bishounens lips with a kiss.


“He tastes better when he’s scared.” Ken thought, still holding the knife to his throat. Ken closed his eyes, moving his tongue into the young ones mouth, beckoning his tongue to join in. Conner just struggled a bit, closing his eyes to try to imagine he was long gone from this situation.


“Why is Ken doing this?” he thought. Conner whimpered a bit as Ken pulled away, sucking on the bottom of his lip. Ken’s hand reached down to his belt, the bulge in his uniform straining to get out. “Now the real fun begins…” he said to Conner.


The scene goes back to the high school as an hour passes, and the bell rings for a passing period. Conner walks passed some kids inside the school. They all stopped their talking and stared as he walked by. “What the…?” asks one of them, a complete look of shock on his face. He looked to the staring girl on his shoulders and then back to Conner.


His clothes were torn in many places; cuts and stains littered his body. His face carried a blue and black bruise, and he was holding his arm where a gigantic gash ran from his shoulder to the top of his wrist.


Conner walked passed the whispers of the group of kids, tears stinging his eyes and the pain in his shoulder overwhelming him more than any of his cuts and bruises.

“Oh, fuck…” he thought. “I never believed Ken… would do something like… like this.”


Conner got to the office door, pulling the handle with his uninjured arm, walking in to the office. An aid stood behind the main desk, talking on the phone. She looked up, seeing the boy in front of her desk.


“Help… me…” he gasped out before his legs gave way. The aid dropped her telephone and jumped up yelling for the Principal. The principal ran out of his office seeing Conner on the floor, breathing slowly and bleeding onto the tile surface. “Call an ambulance!” he said to the aid with extreme urgency.


20 minutes later Conner was on his way to the hospital, and detectives were scanning the area for a hint on what may have happened. They found Ken laying unconscious in an alley about two blocks away from the school. There were no slash marks on his uniform, but he had stains near his midsection, and two puncture wounds on his neck. Ken was in a coma, doctors new not why.


Across town, three dark figures stood on top a skyscraper, watching people walk across the streets. They didn’t even blink when a ghostly image of a spirit appeared next  to them.


“What have you seen, Bakemon?” asked the tallest one, a cape encircling it.


“Sir, I have seen the dark chosen, and made sure he won’t be coming with his friends, as per your request.”


Bakemon smiled as he looked upon the red eyed mon. “Good, now get back to my castle. I will… “need” you later.”  “Yes, master.” Replied the Bakemon, who disappeared a second later.


A woman’s voice spoke up a minute later. “I think a “party” will be in order. I heard of a rave on Friday, maybe we should have some fun.” The woman and the master smiled as they disappeared from the hill. A small, human like fox stood where they had been, looking up into the stars.


“I will find away to stop them.” She said, before disappearing as well, leaving the hill side to the bugs that chirped there.



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