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This will be chapter 11 of the Gabumon's Love series... its just starting to
get really good.. What will happen next?? Will Veemon make a move on
Agumon.? Would Armadillomon make a move on Gabumon.. Is there ANOTHER
digimon in this circle of love and lies??.. chapter 11

Long Forgotten Embrace
BY: Gabumon_Lover

Agumon walks to the lake, with his head swimming in thought. The skies are
clear, and the gentle embrace of the wind sweeps the grass and combs the
trees. The reflection of the blue skies on the clear water was a beautiful
sight to see... if only Agumon could only remember why. in his heart, Agumon
knew he once had a meaningful past, a past to which he shared, with a
significant other. He had a good idea who it was, but he felt no love for
him; he felt as if they only just met, and technically.. They did.

("The way he looked at me when I found myself sitting in the middle of the
re-creation stand... His hug, his tight embrace, and soft whimper as he felt
my skin.
But who is this digimon.? And who were the others as well.. Tai
told me I once knew them too.. But I remember nothing.") Agumon was lost in
a world of thought, a never-ending conflict that fought like a battle day
and night..

"Should I love him. Should I try... Should I bother."

These thoughts made Agumon very depressed. and the others can tell. He no
longer had any appetite, even for digi-sugar canes, and the things that once
made Agumon... Agumon, was now obsolete; replaced with a sigh as he looks
away staring at the ground. Gabumon remained concealed from his sight, he
knew if he let himself be seen by Agumon nothing will come of it but more
sadness followed by a

"Oh.. What's your name again?"

Many times Agumon finds himself being talked to by Veemon, their
conversation would always start by,

"It's ok buddy ill try my best to help get your memories back."

And numerous times Agumon would be hugged or touched by Veemon in ways that
makes him. very uncomfortable, but Veemon told him he loved to do that kind
of stuff before he lost his memory; and so without arguing with the one that
seems to know more about his past than he did himself, he gives in to
Veemon's awkward requests and touches. Along with the love Agumon and
Gabumon once shared, the files Titled "SEX" has also been deleted from his
memory. That's the main reason why Agumon feels so weird when Veemon tells
him to do things against his wishes.. Not only are they against his wishes,
but he didn't know how to do them as well!.

Gabumon on the other hand has it completely differently. He still remembers
the love he and Agumon shared, and still remembers the definition of sex,
and its many wonders, as well as its follies. Yet finds HIMSELF being
repeatedly attempted to be seduced by Armadillomon.
He knew he shouldn't but
the voice in the back of his head always tells him that Agumon will never
return and he will forever be lost. Data cannot be restored once it is

"Im sorry about Agumon" Armadillomon begins as he watches Gabumon sitting in
front of the fire with a single tear on his left cheek. Getting no response,
Armadillomon rubs his head with his paws unable to think of what to do next.

"errrr.ummmm so, do you want to talk about anything?." Asked armadillomon,
as he sat down fairly close to Gabumon.

"....He's never coming back... is he" whispered Gabumon, finally breaking
that awkward silence. Armadillomon knew that once information is gone... its
gone; but he couldn't lie to him, Armadillomon loved him enough to know.

"...no" he said finally. Gabumon broke down into tears, this was rather hard
for armadillomon to watch, and he couldn't believe what he was going to say

".well, maybe.*sigh. maybe you and Agumon can start all over again.. Think
of this as a fresh start. after what happened between you two because of
Veemon and I, your relationship was rather.. Un-pure. But now that this has
happened, it may be the chance to rebuild what has been lost. Like Cody
always tells me,

"When a bone is broken, it heals back up twice as strong!" and I believe
that. Gabumon looked into Armadillomon's eyes, he couldn't believe he had
just said that. He knew Armadillomon was after him for a long time and the
feeling he had for him was much more than just mutual friends. This meant a
lot to Gabumon,

"Do you really think it's going to work?" he asked with just a little lack
in good faith.

"Well, ok, think of it this way; do you believe that you and agumon were
meant to be together?" replied Armadillomon

"Yes, of course we were." Answered Gabumon

"Ok, then no matter what, you and agumon were meant to be together. do you
think a loss of data is a big enough tragedy to stop fate from doing its

Gabumon was stunned. He had never heard Armadillomon talk with such wisdom
before. He felt it being some sort of attraction, Agumon was cute, but he
lacked this sense of knowledge. Gabumon decided that those words of wisdom
shall not go. unrewarded.
Armadillomon was soon about to speak once again, in his mind he knew that
this was the time to shut up; but in his heart the voices of love tells him
to at least say that he loved Gabumon.

"Gabumon.. I need to tell you something, I mmf." He was cut off by the warm
touch of Gabumon's lips (do digi-dog's have lips?) He couldn't believe what
was happening, what he sought after this whole time was right in front of
him.. And he was being kissed by it! Armadillomon was being gagged as
Gabumon searched his mouth with his long tongue, the passion in the kiss was
a little more lust than love but that suited Armadillomon very well. Gabumon
broke the kiss and looked into Armadillomon's eyes,

(he's kinda cute) thought Gabumon as he put his paw on Armadillomon's cheek
and gave him another kiss.

"W..Wow..what was that for?" asked Armadillomon as he held onto Gabumon's
paw with his claws.

"I know you have been after me for a long time. and since Agumon doesn't
know who I am yet, I can give you just one night of what you've been
dreaming about ever since you started to like me." Explained Gabumon

"...Is a kiss.. All I get"? Asked Armadillomon with a blush, trying his best
to hint towards a little deeper passion than just a kiss.
Gabumon caught
this right away, he knew what he wanted, but he also knew what he was going
to get.

".Nope" he replied as they interlocked in another kiss. Gabumon was very
good with his paws now, even thought armadillomon wasn't Agumon at all he
still knew the structure of the male digimon body pretty well. As they
kissed Gabumon pushed him on his side. Since Armadillomon could not stand on
two feet he had to lay on his side for easier access for Gabumon to do his
share. Armadillomon closed his eyes and rolled them up as he was soon lost
in an ecstasy of Gabumon's skillful rubs and smooth gliding on his rough

"oh!. Mmmm" Armadillomon moaned as gabumon continued his work, feeling him
down as he continued his work southwards with his body. Gabumon took a long
look at his new lover, studying his body. He stopped at Armadillomon's pouch
noticing that it was a bit.. Full.

"Heh. at least I know I still have the touch." Said Gabumon

"Let me help you with that.." he finished as Gabumon slipped a finger inside
the pouch, rubbing on Armadillomon's member feeling its sleek texture, and
its new sensation. He pressed down on the concealment allowing proper space
required for Armadillomon to fully extend. Armadillomon moaned as his
erection was being brushed by the night air, Gabumon licked his hard chest
using his tongue to feel the crevasses of his natural armor. His wet organ
glided down to his stomach, and made one last journey to Armadillomon's
hardened member.

(It's not Agumon, but its almost as good) Thought Gabumon as he licked the
base of Armadillomon's penis, the slight saltiness from Armadillomon's eager
sweat made the experience even better.

(Oh my God... Its really happening...) Thought Armadillomon the moment he
felt the warm softness of Gabumon's mouth touch his cock he knew that this
was it. Even though its only once and its out of friendship he loved every
moment. He sighed with pleasure as Gabumon sucked on the tip, and slowly
took the entire length into his mouth. Armadillomon's discreet size was good
for Gabumon to take. not like agumon. He sucked harder as Armadillomon
bucked his hips to this wonderful feeling that invigorated him beyond the
limits. Armadillomon tries to lick the sky as his body shutters to every
wave of pleasure he receives as Gabumon rubs the tip of his member against
the back of his fleshy throat, while sucking at the base of his shaft.
Armadillomon twitches as he furthers into his orgasm, grabbing onto
Gabumon's ears as he humps his mouth, he lets out moans of heavenly wonder.
Armadillomon presses himself into Gabumon as much as he could, savoring
every moment of this wonderful pleasure as he cums down Gabumon's throat.

Tasting Armadillomon on his tongue he sucks until he stops his climax, and
removes Armadillomon's member from his mouth. Gabumon coughs as he chokes on
the pale liquid still entrapped in his mouth, it spews onto Armadillomon's
chest and leaks downwards dripping off his limp dick. Gabumon was
embarrassed of this action and will not be taken for a fool. Armadillomon
puts his paws behind Gabumon's neck and pulls him towards his chest. The
scent of Armadillomon's essence was intoxicating, Gabumon wasted no time as
he licked the semen off of Armadillomon's chest, and worked his way down to
his pouch. Seeing that some has leaked into his pouch, Gabumon quickly
enters his tongue into the concealment and sucks whatever he could still
save down his throat.

Both digimon worn from this practice of love lay on the grass staring into
the stars. Armadillomon glances at Gabumon admiring his talent in love

"Thanks." he said

"So will you try to get agumon back again"?

".Yes" replies Gabumon now looking at Armadillomon

"That was only once.. Don't expect it to come anytime soon ever again.

"I understand.." Said Armadillomon a bit disappointed but still. very happy
that he got the chance to make love with the one he cared for most. Gabumon
soon fell asleep like he always did after sex. Armadillomon watches this
wonderful being as he too drifts off into a deep slumber.. But not before
this thought.

(Only once for you.) a gentle snicker was all that was heard before he fell

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