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This is chapter 4 of my series, Gabumons Love. This happens right after
chapter 3.

Unfound Shame
By: Gabumon_Lover

Agumon's heart jumped to his throat the moment he saw that Gabumon was
awake. He approached him, slowly afraid of  the fact that Gabumon might have
heard or seen him and Armadillomon. He felt the heat from the flames sooth
his body from the bitter cold of the lake water. As he sat down next to
Gabumon he notices that gabumon had been crying. Agumon took Gabumon's paw
gave it a little kiss, for comfort.

" what wrong?" Began Agumon trying to sound as calm as he can.
" I had a dream. and when I woke I wanted to fell and you by my side"
Replied Gabumon
"but you weren't here." he started to cry

Agumon felt Gabumons sorrow, he moved closer to him and gave him a warm hug.
"im sorry, ill never leave you again." Said agumon
"where were you?
At a time like this?" Gabumon said as he turned his head
revealing his red eyes from all the crying he had done.
Agumon was silent. "I...I...I was getting some water."
Before Gabumon could answer he heard a noise behind him.
"heh, heh, heh, heh," .it was veemon
" So Gabumon, finally found out huh?"  started veemon with a smile
"!!!!!!!" agumon froze as Gabumon just stared into the fire.
" wasn't. I didn't.please." said agumon
Gabumon turned his head away from the fire and looked deeply into Agumons
"its.ok" said Gabumon
"we share the same shame"
"what!?" Agumon said, with some anger building up from the inside. He didn't
know why he felt upset knowing that he did the same, but he just did.
"oh ya didn't I tell you" said Veemon with a evil smile
"we fucked, heh, isn't it ironic?"
"You!" agumon said walking towards Gabumon
"How can you... with him!" yelled Agumon
" Don't start that with me!" Gabumon said finally
" you really think im stupid?"
"that I never went looking for you when I woke?"
"that I didn't see who, I thought was the only mon for me"
"Fuking some Texas Digimon!!!!"
"was it good?" "huh?" "was it?" Gabumon was furious
" tell me was the love WE made not enough?"

"HAHAHAHA" a voice from the wood broke the fight
"well veemon it worked"  said Armadillomon as he walked out of the forest
still stained with some of Agumons cum on his hands.
He stuck his paw into his mouth and lick the paw clean of Agumons seed.
"mmmmm" said Armadillomon as he licked himself
"you did this to us?" Said agumon
Because I wanted you, very day I tried my best to impress you as Digmon,
but no. you had to go sleep with this furry dog!" said Armadillomon
" all I wanted was some love"
"is that too much to ask?"

"Please. I cant, I love Gabumon"
"and nothing can ever change that" said Agumon
Gabumons eyes lit with happiness
"he still loves me?" he thought to himself

"well Gabumon?" began Veemon "you know you liked it when you with me"
"what I gave you the other night was half of what I could really do." He

"I cant, if you really love me don't tell me to"
"I belong with agumon, I love him" said gabumon

Agumon and Gabumon stared at each other and hugged each other tightly
"never again.." said Gabumon with a low voice

"fine." if this is the way its going to be I cant do anything about it" said
Veemon. Armadillomon slightly agreed.
They walked away to Cody and Davis and laid down next to them.
Agumon and Gabumon walked into the forest, Gabumon was so happy of what
Agumon said earlier. "Agumon?" gabumon said
"ya?" replied agumon with a goofy smile
"im sorry, it should have never happened" he felt like crying but controlled

they walked silent for a while, and Agumon broke the silence. "sooo.. Was he
better than I was?"
Gabumon caught the little invite almost instantly
"I don't know, it was pretty close" said Gabumon playfully
" you better refresh my memory" said gabumon with a smile

" ill show you, this'll refresh your memory" with that said agumon slid his
tongue into Gabumons mouth and rubbed himself against Gabumons body.  He
licked the top of gabumons mouth and played with his tongue, Agumon slid one
of his claws into Gabumons pouch and started to rub his cock. Gabumon broke
the kiss and got on his knees, rubbed the outside of Agumons pouch with his
wet nose, and the new feeling quickly called Agumons member out of his
pouch. Gabumon Started to jack him off with one hand and rub his tail with
the other. Agumon tilted his head to the sky with his tongue hanging from
the side of his mouth. He was in complete comfort as he started to buck his
hips to the momentum of Gabumons handjob. Gabumon felt Agumons dick turn hot
in his hand, and quickly took the entire shaft into his mouth, agumon
expected to felt a light suck from Gabumon but received none. He looked down
to see what was keeping him, and saw that Gabumon was staring at his with
playful eyes. He only held the dick in his mouth but didn't suck. This was
driving Agumon Crazy!!! He was dieing to get his nuts off.
"*pant, Come on Gabumon don't do this to me" said Agumon disappointed but
still enjoying the feeling of Gabumons warm mouth around his member.
Gabumon decided that that was enough torture for one night, and started to
suck lightly on agumon. He moved his head front and back taking all of
agumon each time into his mouth. He licked the tip of agumons cock with his
dog-like tongue and felt that agumon was getting hot again. He increase the
suction, and the rocking of his head. Agumon moaned in pleasure as he shot
his load into Gabumons mouth. Some of his seed dripped out of Gabumons mouth
and landed on his paw. Agumon took himself out of Gabumons mouth and kneeled
on all fours, he stuck his tail up into the air showing Gabumon his tail
hole. Gabumon saw that Agumon was inviting him in and took the remaining cum
that was still on his paw and wiped it on Agumons entrance.   Gabumon then
licked the cum off of his love causing Agumon to shutter by the touch of
Gabumons warm tongue on his hole.  He positioned himself at Agumons entrance
and gave a slight push. Agumon felt himself being entered and shuttered
because of Gabumon cold cock. Gabumon began to hump Agumon Increasing the
speed and hardness of his thrusts each time. Agumon moaned as he was being
rammed by Gabumon and felt him turn ice cold inside of him.
Gabumon reached down and rubbed Agumons chest with one hand and jacked him
off with the other. Gabumon felt he was reaching his climax, licked the air
as he searching Agumons with his dick, his tightness was hugging his cock
making the experience more pleasurable. He gave one final ram into Agumon
and moaned as he shot his cum into him. Agumon felt his inside being covered
by Gabumons Sub-zero seed. Agumon shot his final load onto the ground
scorching the grass because of the temperature. Agumon fell with fatigue,
and felt Gabumon land on him with his dick still inside his hole. With the
last of Gabumons strength he pulled himself out of Agumon as his member
shrank back into its hidden pouch. Agumon gave Gabumon one final kiss and
licked his face.
"Well?? " said agumon panting like crazy
"You won by a land slide" said gabumon with his final breath
" that's what I thought" was the last time Gabumon heard before he fell
Agumon hugged his love, and cover himself with some of Gabumons pelt, his
warmness quickly put him to sleep. Under the stars they were once again
"Never again"

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