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Ok this is my eighth chapter and this takes place 6 hours after the last one
"Tears and Pain"

Chapter 8
Truth Reveled

"ohhhh my head" said Tai as he came to.
"huh..?. AHHH! Flamedramon help! me.i..huh? cried Davis before he realized
that nothing was in sight but some dark green moss and his friends.
"how did we get here?" asked Izzy as he got up and brushed himself off. He
walked to his smashed computer and frowned.
"that's the third one ive lost in this world.. *sigh" he finished
"where's wargreymon?"
"where Flamedramon?" asked Tai and Davis in unison.
I don't know... you think." began joe
"NO! that's impossible.. ya that's impossible if they were then we wouldn't
be here right now." Snapped Tai at Joe for even hinting to the fact that
their Digimon might be dead.
"..im hungry" said tentomon and gomamon quickly nodded in agreement.
"Well lets go fine something to eat, we passed a river on our way to the
hill, maybe theirs some fish in their." Said Tai
"hey Joe"
"ya?" replied Joe
"take Gomamon with you and look for some fish will ya, Davis and I are going
to look for our Digimon, Izzy will you please build a fire for the fish,
Digimon cant digivolve on a empty stomach and I bet Wargreymon has already
dedigivolve into agumon again." Tai gave the commands and walked off toward
the rubble that once stood a hill.
"well no tai." Began Davis
" huh? Well no what?" said Tai
"well your Digimon might dedigivolve .but Flamedramon cant unless im within
his range, he has nowhere to store his digiegg." Said Davis
"hmmm good point, at least I know that agumon had someone to protect him
while he's in his rookie form. Lets go" they set off toward the hills in
search for their missing Digimon.

One hour later
Agumon woke up to the sight of Flamedramon. He was a little confused that he
was no longer Exveemon. Then he remembered that Exveemon only came because
of his energy surge from the dark spiral . Exveemon dedigivolved but
Flamedramon still has nowhere to store his egg.
"how are you?" asked Flamedramon a little embarrassed about what has
  "..im fine" replied the reptilian Digimon in a weak and low voice.
A tear rolled down agumons cheek. Then another. Agumon wept uncontrollably
and was soon comforted by the warm soft fur of Flamedramon.
"what's wrong" asked Flamedramon a little afraid of the answer, knowing what
it would be.
"..it.its gabumon.*sniff, we made a promise...a promise.." he began
"I love him so much but it seems like something forcing us not to be
together.. Nothing will ever be the same again. every time I kiss him.. Ill
know in my mind.."
"I wanted to save myself for only him... just him. one mistake after the
other.*sniff *sniff"
despite the fact that agumon was telling him the truth Flamedramon only felt
guiltiness and pain for what he had done.
Flamedramon wanted to speak but was quickly interrupted by the yelling of
two very familiar voices.
"Hey Agumon WHERE ARE YOU!!!!"
"Its Tai!" thought agumon
"Davis!" thought Flamedramon
they both ran out of the cave after wiping away all there tears and searched
for their tamers. The moment Flamedramon eyes hit Davis, Davis's D3 lit up
and Flamedramon de-digivolved back to veemon. The two rookie Digimon ran and
hugged their tamers with absolute joy that they had been found and that
there friends were ok. As they were hugging agumon look in front of him
where veemon stood and looked at him with a weird expression that made
veemon feel very strange and a little paranoid.
"will he tell the other?" he thought to himself
"...hmmm will they hate me?. with gabumon hate me... does agumon. hate. me?"
he pondered this until they had walked back to the cave they were resting
in. agumon had to be carried by tai because he was so weak from his.
"gee agumon you've never needed me to carry you before what's up with you?"
asked Tai
"...Ummmm.. I ... was.ummmmm hit by a triplex force after you guys had been
hit." And I just feel a little weak." He replied making his story sound as
plausible as he could.
"ok well just to let you know. you not getting fourths when we have dinner
anymore. you SO heavy!" said Tai Jokingly
the fire had been made by the time they returned to the campsite and the
fresh fish caught by joe and gomamon had been thrown on the so called grill
made by hard sticks they had found, and their meal was on their way. While
the fire was crackling agumon just sat their and wished for dear life that
gabumon was there. A little glitter was spotted on his eye by Tai because of
his tears building up.
"is something wrong?" asked Tai
"... no im just tired" replied Agumon
tai just looked at him and patted his digimons back as he turned away walked
back to izzy who was still trying to fix his computer. Veemon stood there,
still lost in deep ponder about that look he had received from agumon.. it
wasn't like any other look he had ever had before.. It was forgiveness...
Mixed with...*sigh ... absolute hatred. He started to walk up to agumon..
but when he got about half way.
"huh?. its my D3.. It's a e-mail from matt!" cried Izzy
agumons eyes instantly lit when he heard the sound of matts name. He wasn't
in love with him. But for him Matt=Gabumon.
"what does it say?" asked agumon eagerly
T.K, Cody and I have found and destroyed all the spires in this area there's
no more. but Gabumon was hurt.. Not much but enough to disable him from
walking for a while. he was hit by a strange energy that was fired by the
Kaisers Dragon. Please search for us by these coordinates. The girls are
fine. please hurry

"GABUMONS HURT!?" cried agumon
".ya we have to get a move on.. It still so lets get a move on. we
have about 2 days walk to get to these coordinates" said Izzy
"well then lets go.." said Tai
after the news about what had happened to gabumon veemon decided to keep his
big blue mouth shut for a while until agumon is less depressed.
"after all.. I WAS under the control of that damn spiral.." he thought to
himself to help him fell better about everthing. They packed up their stuff
and got a move on.

1 Day Later that night..

The camp fire was burning and thankfully they had something else to eat
other than fish. The area they were in was very plentiful with fruits. They
sat around the cap fire and Tai reassured Agumon that Gabumon will be fine
and that there's nothing to worry about. Tai always knew that Agumon and
Gabumon were good friends but he never knew they were lovers. Tai knew the
very first night he saw them have sex by the lake, Agumon wasn't very
skilled in walking without making a ton of noise even though he thinks he
was completely silent. Slow one by one the digidestined fell asleep by the
warm fire, they were only about 4 hours away from matt and the others but
they were just too tire to keep on going. Because Tentomon could fly they
sent him off 3 hours ago to find their friends and tell them that they would
be their by tomorrow noontime.
"...*sigh oh gabumon I should have never left your side." agumon was in a
world of thought. He was sitting alone by the entrance of the forest so
hopefully veemon would not find him. He didn't have anything against
veemon... but then again he hated him.. For what he did. but then again.. he
was under control. to technically it was the Digimon emperor that did this
to him. Excuses and more questions popped in and out of Agumons head. Veemon
knew where he was, but he was afraid to approach him.
"ok veemon you can do this. just go and say it.. Ok..???..ok" he thought to
himself before leaving Davis's side. He walked up to agumon who was staring
into the moon.
"*clears throat. umm agumon" he began agumon couldn't help but shiver to the
sound of his voice.
"look veemon I don't want to talk about it any more please just leav..."
"I LOVE YOU!!!..." veemon finally whimpered out
"I know im not suppose to ... with you and gabumon and all. but. I need
you.. I have these feelings for gatomon also. but." he couldn't finish.
Agumon stood there and stared at him he knew veemon, he knew that he
wouldn't say things he didn't mean.. He was being loved by two Digimon.. And
the truth was...
He loved them back... both of them.

The next day

"GABUMON!!!" agumon yelled as he ran to his lover giving him the biggest hug
matt has ever seen. Though he knew about them. but still he felt kind of
weird being around..homodigials.
"oh I missed you so much.." said agumon
"*sniff. I gots a bubu..." he smiled a goofy smile that made agumon laugh
even thogh he was teary. Matt and Tai told the others to leave the cave and
give them some "alone time"
"why?" asked Cody completely blind of what's going on
"ummmmm. oh just go" Tai didn't even want to explain.. Because truthfully he
didn't really understand himself.

They left. and the two lovers were completely alone...=)
"I missed you so much..how was your spire hunting?" asked gabumon
".it.. was good." Replied Agumon a little nervous
(ok just tell him... ya its ok it wasn't your fault and.. It wasn't his
fault either he was being controlled.. CONTROLLED!)
the same'ol happened we found the spires.. we destroyed them.. the
Digimon emperor came.. blew up the hill knocked friend unconscious ..and...
I was raped." He finished the last part really fast in hopes that gabumon
would miss it.
"?WHAT!?!?" Gabumons eyes were red with anger
"BY WHO!!!!.ILL ...ILL KILL HIM!!!!!"
"no please calm down... it was veemon in his Exveemon form.BUT! He was
controlled!!! C-O-N-T-R-O-L-L-E-D!.. He was hit by a dark spiral. because of
me.." agumon started to tear.
"but...but.. how was it your fault?" asked gabumon still enraged . but knew
what he meant he knew veemon wouldn't do this to him.. Not after they
explained everything to him and armadillomon.
"it..it hurt so much..*sniff he beat me and did things to me only .. Well
only.. you and I would do.." He gave him a little smile out of his sadness,
and gave him a kiss.
"....its good feeling your lips again...*smiles, do you want to know what
else I miss?" gabumon didn't need to say it a second time for agumon to get
the idea. Agumon held his lover head and gave him a passionate kiss that
could be toped by no one and by nothing. His lizard tongue searched gabumons
mouth, licking the sides and feeling his throat. Gabumon broke the kiss..
"WOW! We should be split apart more often if it gets you into a mood like
that." He said playfully. Gabumon felt agumons claws  fell him hard chest
and fingered his patterns, he traced the patterns on his chest and felt his
ruggedness. Gabumon closed his eyes to increase this wonderful feeling.
Agumon slid lower and grabed oin hard to gabumons hidden pouch and gave it a
tough squeeze that made gabumon jump.
"hey..." gabumon said as he was quickly silenced when agumon started to rub
him off.
He stuck a claw into his pouch and fondled with his soft member that quickly
removed itself from its concealment unlike agumon and many other types of
Digimon out there his dick doesn't turn hot when he hardening. it gets ice
cold. (well duh!)
Gabumons back was bruised but no damage was to be found. Agumon pressed his
stomach on gabumons back after he partially slid his pelt off. Gabumon
didn't mind this but still made him feel.. Naked. Agumon reached around
gabumon and grabbed his fully erect cock and started to jack him off.
Gabumon was in a world of pleasure, he pressed harder onto agumons body and
felt his hot dick rub on his back. Agumon licked gabumons neck nibbled his
shoulders. Agumon felt his lovers dick turn cold in his hands he knew he was
ready. Gabumon rubbed his sore back on agumons hot member to help sooth his
bruises. He felt he was ready to climax as he humped towards the motions of
agumons claws. He could hold it anymore as he cummed all over agumons hand,
his sub-zero digiseed rolled down agumons hands and dripped to the cave
floor. Agumon went around gabumon and faced him placing his dick on top of
gabumons. A little steam developed when the freezing cum on gabumons dick
touched agumons hot cock. Gabumon knew it was hit turn he licked agumons
chest and slid slowly down. He kissed agumons ball sac and licked his hot
dick from the bottom to the top. A small bit of precum was found on the tip
of agumons dick but was quickly swallowed by gabumon. He took the entire
length into his mouth and suck on it to his own pleasure. Agumon moaned each
time gabumon takes the dick out of his mouth until only the tip was left and
then shoves the entire thing back in. agumon bucked his hips to the momentum
of gabumons blowjob.  He sucked hard as he cuffed agumons balls and squeezed
it lightly causing agumon to shiver. Gabumon tasted the heat that was coming
out of agumons prick and increased the suction. Agumon let himself go into
gabumons mouth. After his.. Unpleasant time with Exveemon, he was a little
dry on cum. but who could blame him. Still he managed to release his normal
load. Gabumon tasted his reward and swallowed every last drop he could
muster out of agumon. Gabumon was ready for the next step. He pushed agumon
on the floor and spread his legs. Gabumon licked agumons feet and played
with his claws with his tongue. Agumon whimpered trying not to laugh because
it tickled so much. Gabumon moved up and lifted his tail out of the way to
expose his tailhole. He gave it a small lick, and entered his entire tongue
into him.  Agumon yelled in pain. That caused gabumon to stop immediately.
"what's wrong!!" he asked scared that he might have done something wrong.
"it.. Still hurts..." said agumon shamed that he could pleasure his love
until he fully heals up.
"well.. Then I guess we have to switch positions." Saying that he gabumon
got on all fours and pulled his tail out of the way with his teeth. His
yellow ring touched the cold air and made him shutter, he soon stopped when
he felt the hot tongue of agumon lick his hole and enter into him licking
the walls of his insides. Gabumon was fully lubricated. Agumon positioned
himself and circled his hot dick around gabumons entrance wetting it with
his sweat.
"ready?." he asked, gabumon returned with a nod. He bit his tail as agumon
pushed himself into him. He didn't might himself because of pain. but
absolute pleasure. Only 1/3 of agumon was in him when he stopped pushing.
Agumon started to hump entering a little more each time he went back in.
gabumon was being pumped to his delight, he hasn't had any for so long. and
matt didn't count.
"puny humans..hehehe" he thought to himself as agumon moved himself in and
out of gabumon. Humans never can match the size of a Digimon.. Never. Agumon
rammed gabumon harder each time, and in a different direction, hitting each
wall sticking his g-spot. Gabumon moaned and licks the air, he rocks his
body the opposite direction of agumons fucking. Gabumon felt his insides
turn hot as agumon was ready to cum one last time. Agumon licked his back
and sucked on his skin as he gave one last final thrust into gabumon
releasing himself into him. Gabumon felt hot seed coving him he wiggles his
tail in delight, and gives agumon a kiss while he pulled himself out.
*pant *pant *pant
"ill return the favor when I get better.." he looked at gabumon in a way
that tell him when he fully recovers, this would be nothing compared to what
he going to do to him.
Gabumon fell asleep in agumons arms, he was just about to dose off also when
a shadow caught his eye. As he turned around he saw nothing.
"must be the exhaustion."  He thought. He gave gabumon a little rub on his
pouch and kissed his stomach. He fell asleep in gabumons arms. Warm.
Secure.. Safe

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